Pass the Puck: Hip Check #1
Pass the Puck: Hip Check #1

So, welcome. I have been on a hiatus with Pass the Puck because I was struggling to find a way to make it better for you the listener. I wanted to bring you more content while also bringing a fun and exciting hockey podcast to Vavel's fans.

And I believe I have done that.

There will be no name change, but there will be a schedule change. Every Tuesday and Thursday I will release a "hip check" episode recapping what happened in hockey and talking about what I want to talk about. But, don't worry, we will still have the longer episode every or every other weekend.

You may ask, what is a "hip check" episode? Well, it is a quick, fun 30-45 episode that will be just me talking hockey and anything that I wanna talk about relating to hockey.

On this week's episode, I recap Round 2 of the NHL playoffs and give my predictions for the Conference Finals.

I hope you do bare with me as I learn new things about podcasting and how to use my recording technology.

Without further ado, the first Hip Check! Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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