Highlights: F1 Austrian GP qualifying
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10:13 AMa year ago

Thank you!

Thank you very much for joining us during the qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix 2021.
10:11 AMa year ago


1  Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing1:03.720  


2  Lando NORRIS McLaren+0.048  


3  Sergio PEREZ Red Bull Racing+0.270  


4  Lewis HAMILTON Mercedes+0.294  


5  Valtteri BOTTAS Mercedes+0.329  


6  Pierre GASLY AlphaTauri+0.387  


7  Yuki TSUNODA AlphaTauri+0.553  


8  Sebastian VETTEL Aston Martin+0.850  


9  George RUSSELL Williams+0.871  


10  Lance STROLL Aston Martin+0.898  


11  Carlos SAINZ Ferrari- -  


12  Charles LECLERC Ferrari- -  


13  Daniel RICCIARDO McLaren- -  


14  Fernando ALONSO Alpine- -  


15  Antonio GIOVINAZZI Alfa Romeo Racing- -  


16  Kimi RÄIKKÖNEN Alfa Romeo Racing- -  


17  Esteban OCON Alpine- -  


18  Nicholas LATIFI Williams- -  


19  Mick SCHUMACHER Haas F1 Team- -  


20  Nikita MAZEPIN Haas F1 Team- -

10:10 AMa year ago

First three places

1 Verstappen, 2 Norris, 3 Pérez


10:07 AMa year ago

Lando Norris: The driver of the day

The McLaren driver qualified second in qualifying. He will start on the front row of the race.
10:04 AMa year ago


With a time of 1:03.720 the Red Bull driver takes Pole Position again in Austria
9:58 AMa year ago

Q3 2:40

1  Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing1:03.720  


2  Lando NORRIS McLaren+0.238  


3  Lewis HAMILTON Mercedes+0.294  


4  Valtteri BOTTAS Mercedes+0.329  


5  Sergio PEREZ Red Bull Racing+0.498  


6  Pierre GASLY AlphaTauri+0.769  


7  Sebastian VETTEL Aston Martin+0.860  


8  Yuki TSUNODA AlphaTauri+0.922  


9  Lance STROLL Aston Martin+1.700  


10  George RUSSELL Williams - -

9:55 AMa year ago

Q3 6:09

Max Vertappen sets the fastest lap with 1:03.927
9:49 AMa year ago

Q3 begins!

The time has come to define the first five positions
9:42 AMa year ago

Q2 ends!

The eliminated are:






9:39 AMa year ago

Q2 1:48

Ferrari tries to improve its times.

Leclerc and Sainz use the medium tires.

9:35 AMa year ago

Q2 5:00

For now, the eliminated are:





9:34 AMa year ago

Q2 7:00

Max Verstappen records a time of 1:04.208


9:32 AMa year ago

Q2 9:03

Hamilton, Vertappen, Perez, Norris, Bottas, Sainz, Leclerc and Ricciardo use the medium tires.
9:29 AMa year ago

Q2 11:34

Sergio Perez sets the fastest lap with 1:04.554


9:26 AMa year ago

Q2 begins!

The ten remaining drivers take to the track
9:20 AMa year ago

Q1 ends!

The eliminated are:






9:16 AMa year ago

Q1 2:34

For now the eliminated drivers are:






9:13 AMa year ago

Q1 7:39

George Russell sets a time of +0.906 over Verstappen's 1:04.249
9:09 AMa year ago

Q1 10:32

Verstappen is the fastest with 1:04.249
9:03 AMa year ago

Classification begins!

The Haas team is the first to take to the track
8:50 AMa year ago

The fastest

8:37 AMa year ago

Third practice classification

8:22 AMa year ago

Hamilton renews with Mercedes until 2023!

The news of the day came from Lewis Hamilton, who renewed his contract with Mercedes until 2023.


6:14 AMa year ago

What time is for the 2021 Austrian Grand Prix Qualifying of Formula 1 in each country?

United States, 8:00 ET. ESPN


México, 08:00 STAR Action/FOX Sports

Colombia, 08:00 STAR Action/ESPN

Perú, 08:00 STAR Action/ESPN

Ecuador, 08:00 STAR Action/ESPN

Panamá, 08:00 STAR Action/ESPN

Venezuela, 09:00 STAR Action/ESPN

Bolivia, 09:00 STAR Action/ESPN

Paraguay, 09:00 STAR Action/ESPN

Chile, 09:00 STAR Action/FOX Sports/ESPN

Argentina, 10:00 STAR Action/ESPN

Uruguay,10:00 STAR Action/ESPN

6:09 AMa year ago

Track limits

The marshals will pay special attention to turn 10 where the track limit will be, just before the main straight.
The Red Bull Ring repeats its appearance in the 2021 season.
6:04 AMa year ago

Available tyres

5:59 AMa year ago

Max Verstappen, for one more pole position

After emerging victorious at the Styrian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen is the overwhelming favorite to take Pole Position for the ninth race of the 2021 season.
5:54 AMa year ago

Pole Position Winner of the Austrian Grand Prix 2020

The last Pole Position winner at the Austrian Grand Prix was Valtteri Bottas, who turned in a strong qualifying performance in 2020 with a time of 1:04.111 in Q1, 1:03.015 in Q2 and 1:02.939 in Q3.
5:49 AMa year ago

Second practice classification

5:44 AMa year ago

First practice classification

5:39 AMa year ago

Red Bull Ring

The Austrian Red Bull Ring circuit will host the ninth race of the 2021 Formula 1 season. The total length of the circuit is 4.318 kilometers. The track features 10 corners and three DRS zones.

5:34 AMa year ago


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