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Fulham exchange passes, calm the game and let time pass.
11:56 AM14 days ago


Smith got carded.
11:51 AM14 days ago


Game approaches the final stretch. Fulham have the advantage, but play defense the entire second half.
11:49 AM14 days ago


Full pressure from Bournemouth at this point in the match. Fulham have the advantage and defend themselves as best they can.
11:34 AM14 days ago


Bournemouth presses, looks for the second goal and occupies the offensive zone of the pitch.
11:29 AM14 days ago


Bournemouth look for the second goal and expose themselves at the beginning of the final stage.
11:24 AM14 days ago


QUICK ANSWER! In a Brazilian play, Willian found a pass for Rodrigo Muniz and the ex-Flamengo center forward sent it into the back of the goal.
11:19 AM14 days ago


THERE'S A GAME! Bournemouth scored the first goal at the start of the second half. Senesi received a pass from center forward Solanke and sent it into the back of the net.
11:14 AM14 days ago


11:09 AM14 days ago


11:04 AM14 days ago


Fulham exchange passes in the final stretch.
10:59 AM14 days ago


In a move with speed, Rodrigo Muniz received a pass inside the area from Decordava-Reid and sent it into the back of the goal.
10:54 AM14 days ago


Fulham retreats, with only three shots taken at the start of the match.
10:49 AM14 days ago


Bournemouth presses in the final stretch of the first half and occupies the offensive space.
10:44 AM14 days ago


Bournemouth leaves the offensive field, is able to step forward more easily and the game gains more pace.
10:39 AM14 days ago


Bournemouth can do little in the offensive field in the match. Team defends itself from the first minutes.
10:34 AM14 days ago


Fulham starts stronger, exchanges passes in attack and continues in search of the second goal.
10:29 AM14 days ago


ALREADY? Fulham opened the scoring quickly through Decordava-Reid early in the first half to take the lead.
10:24 AM14 days ago


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In sports, emotion is the fuel that fuels fans' passion and drives athletes. Each match is a whirlwind of feelings: the joy of scoring in football, the tension in crucial moments of a tennis game, the adrenaline of overtaking in a race. Unexpected victories generate euphoria, exciting defeats bring valuable lessons. Fans experience a rollercoaster of emotions, cheering with every move. For competitors, emotion can be an ally or an obstacle, requiring control and focus. In all cases, it is this emotion that transforms sporting events into memorable and passionate experiences. It won't be long before the confrontation begins.
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Photo: Disclosure/Fulham
Photo: Disclosure/Fulham
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Bournemouth have had a mixed performance in their recent games, showing a mix of wins, draws and defeats. In their last Premier League match, they drew 1-1 with West Ham. Previously, they achieved an important victory in the FA Cup against QPR, with a score of 3-2. However, they suffered a defeat to Tottenham However, the team recovered with victories over Nottingham, Manchester United, Crystal Palace and Sheffield United, particularly the convincing victory over Manchester United 3-0. However, they suffered It was a heavy defeat to Manchester City 6-1. Despite this, Bournemouth showed resilience by achieving victories against Swansea and Southampton. The team has demonstrated the ability to compete in different scenarios, although it still faces challenges on its Premier League journey.
9:34 AM14 days ago


Fulham has had a very consistent performance in its last few games, especially in the Premier League. In the last fifteen matches, the team recorded nine wins, three draws and three defeats, showing good form and the ability to compete with different opponents. The significant victories over teams like West Ham, Nottingham and Wolverhampton stand out, highlighting Fulham's potential to score goals and dominate the game. However, there were some disappointing defeats, such as to Chelsea and Arsenal, indicating areas where the team still needs to improve. Furthermore, Fulham had a mixed performance in the FA Cup and EFL Cup, with one win, one draw and one defeat in each competition. Overall, Fulham appear to be in good form, with positive results that have contributed to their position in the Premier League table and shown the strength of the team under the current manager.
9:29 AM14 days ago


Craven Cottage is a football stadium located in London, England, home to Fulham Football Club. Built in 1896, the stadium has a current capacity of around 19,000 spectators. Originally used for sports such as boat racing, cycling and even swimming. At the same location, Craven Cottage became exclusively dedicated to football in 1896, when Fulham FC moved there. The stadium has received several renovations over the years to improve its infrastructure and comfort for fans. Its picturesque location along the River Thames provides a unique gaming atmosphere. Craven Cottage has witnessed memorable moments in English football throughout its history, including Premier League and FA Cup games. With its traditional atmosphere and historic charm, the stadium continues to be an iconic destination for football fans across the world.
9:24 AM14 days ago


In direct confrontations between Fulham and Bournemouth, the rivalry has been marked by balance over the years. In the last ten meetings, there were alternating results, with both teams achieving wins and draws. However, Bournemouth appear to have had the slight edge recently, winning two of their last three Premier League clashes. The record also shows a variety of results, from tight draws to close draws. more convincing victories, reflecting the unpredictability of these clashes. Both teams demonstrated the ability to score goals, although they also suffered defeats by significant scores on some occasions. Based on these head-to-head matches, the next game between Fulham and Bournemouth promises to be tight and unpredictable, with both teams looking to win to secure a more favorable position in the league table.
9:19 AM14 days ago


In the last 14 games, Bournemouth have demonstrated a varied performance, with five wins, four draws and five defeats. Overall, the team appears to be in a period of mixed results, alternating between convincing victories and some heavy defeats, such as the 6-1 defeat against Manchester City. However, the team also had some impressive results, such as the 5-0 victory over Swansea in the FA Cup. Despite some difficulties, Bournemouth showed resilience by winning important victories away from home, such as against Manchester United and Crystal Palace. However, the 4-0 defeat to Liverpool and the 1-1 draw with Nottingham highlight areas that need to be worked on for greater consistency and competitiveness.
9:14 AM14 days ago


Fulham has presented an irregular performance in the last few Premier League games. In the last ten matches, they have won two wins, five draws and three defeats. Despite recording convincing victories against teams such as West Ham and Nottingham, the team has also suffered some significant defeats, such as to Arsenal and Newcastle. Defensive performance has been a point of concern, with the team conceding goals in practically every recent game. However, the ability to score goals has been a strength, with emphasis on victories by impressive scores. Fulham needs to find greater defensive consistency to compete more effectively in the league and avoid unfavorable results.
9:09 AM14 days ago

The game will be played at Craven Cottage

The Fulham vs Bournemouth game will be played at Craven Cottage, with a capacity at 25.700 people.
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