Goals and Highlights: Monterrey vs Santos: LIVE Stream Online and Results (1-1)
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9:09 PM4 months ago

Thank you!

Thank you for following the Monterrey vs Santos quarterfinal of the Guard1anes 2021 tournament.
9:08 PM4 months ago

Gol Santos 1-1

9:08 PM4 months ago

To the semifinals

Santos beats Monterrey 3-2 on aggregate to reach the Liga MX semifinals.
9:07 PM4 months ago

End game

Monterrey 1-1 Santos.
9:06 PM4 months ago


Funes Mori's cross is fouled by Acevedo.
9:02 PM4 months ago


Santos goal.

Prieto scores the agonizing goal after the goalkeeper's rebound 1-1.

9:01 PM4 months ago


Six more minutes are added.
8:59 PM4 months ago


Janssen's shot from half distance goes slightly over the top.
8:58 PM4 months ago


Ocejo's half turn and the ball goes wide.
8:56 PM4 months ago


Muñoz was offside when it looked like a push inside the area.
8:54 PM4 months ago


Santos changes

Prieto and Muñoz come in.

Aguirre and Preciado leave.

8:52 PM4 months ago


Dorlan's free kick to the hands of Acevedo in a completely low attempt.
8:49 PM4 months ago


Valdés' free kick goes over the top of the goal.
8:48 PM4 months ago


Pabón brings down Ocejo and Santos will have a direct free kick.
8:46 PM4 months ago


Funes Mori is also cautioned.
8:45 PM4 months ago


Meza leaves and Pabón enters. Monterrey makes a change.
8:45 PM4 months ago


Gallardo is also painted yellow for complaining.
8:44 PM4 months ago


Félix Torres receives the yellow card.
8:43 PM4 months ago


Ocejo's cross was blocked by Medina in front of his own goal with a great sweep.
8:42 PM4 months ago


Gorriarán is replaced by Ocejo. Santos substitution.
8:40 PM4 months ago


Monterrey offside, Janssen is flagged for offside.
8:38 PM4 months ago


A cross that goes to Gonzalez and inside the six-yard box is blocked by the defense.
8:37 PM4 months ago


Two defensive crosses and Monterrey was saved from a goal and even a possible own goal.
8:36 PM4 months ago


Janssen's shot from inside the box hits the net from the outside.
8:33 PM4 months ago


Janssen presses and forces the rebound that hits him and the ball goes out to the goalkeeper's hands.
8:32 PM4 months ago


Ortiz leaves and Kranevitter enters. Monterrey substitution.
8:31 PM4 months ago


Dangerous cross by Campos that goes through the whole area and nobody finishes it.
8:28 PM4 months ago


Change in Santos. Isijara is replaced by Ibarguen.
8:26 PM4 months ago


There is NO penalty after Gallardo's alleged handball.
8:24 PM4 months ago


The referee is going to check a possible handball by Gallardo in the area.
8:21 PM4 months ago


Ortiz crosses to deflect the ball and give away a corner kick.
8:18 PM4 months ago


Yellow for Ortiz for bringing down Preciado at midfield.
8:15 PM4 months ago


Second half begins: Monterrey 1-0 Santos.
8:13 PM4 months ago

They are back

The teams return to the field on the verge of the halftime whistle.
8:07 PM4 months ago

Monterrey 1-0 Santos.

8:02 PM4 months ago

Half time

Monterrey 1-0 Santos.
7:57 PM4 months ago


Medina enters and Montes leaves in a forced substitution.

Two more minutes are added.

7:52 PM4 months ago


Montes is left lying on the field and could come on as a substitute.
7:47 PM4 months ago


Another rebound that Sanchez hits and hits the defense.
7:42 PM4 months ago


Meza's cross to the far post is barely deflected by Janssen and the ball goes wide.
7:37 PM4 months ago


Center that easily reaches Acevedo's location.
7:32 PM4 months ago

Goal Monterrey 1-0

7:27 PM4 months ago


Foul on Valdés in the midfield.
7:22 PM4 months ago


Coach Almada has been cautioned.
7:17 PM4 months ago


Monterrey goal.

Maxi Meza takes advantage of the rebound and makes it 1-0.

7:12 PM4 months ago


González's long-range left-footed shot was deflected to a corner by Acevedo.
7:07 PM4 months ago


Gonzalez comes out for the ball and is knocked down by Aguirre when the ball was in the air inside the area.
7:02 PM4 months ago


Preciado drove the ball, but when it was time to reach the area he lost possession and was disarmed.
6:57 PM4 months ago


Meza's left-footed shot, without power, lands in the goalkeeper's hands.
6:52 PM4 months ago


Torres brings down Rodríguez and gives away a direct free kick.
6:47 PM4 months ago


Janssen's shot was saved by Acevedo and sent the ball wide.
6:42 PM4 months ago


González's handball and Monterrey's offense is cut off.
6:37 PM4 months ago


Funes Mori's half-volley from outside the box goes into the stands.
6:32 PM4 months ago


Dangerous cross from Valdés is blocked by the Monterrey defense inside the six-yard box.
6:27 PM4 months ago


Funes Mori's deflected right-footed shot easily reaches Acevedo's hands.
6:22 PM4 months ago


Santos came out with a lot of nerves and Monterrey took the ball in the first few minutes.
6:17 PM4 months ago


The match begins at the BBVA.
6:12 PM4 months ago

The teams take the field

The Liga MX protocol is now being played.
6:07 PM4 months ago

Santos ends training

6:02 PM4 months ago

Weather conditions

29 degrees Celcius and 62% humidity is what it will be this afternoon at BBVA.
5:57 PM4 months ago

All set in the Santos dressing room

5:52 PM4 months ago

To minutes

We are minutes away from the start of the game. Don't miss the minute by minute
5:47 PM4 months ago

They will be supporting

The Monterrey fans were more than ready to support their team.

5:42 PM4 months ago

The support of Monterrey's fans

5:37 PM4 months ago

The player to follow

5:32 PM4 months ago

Pre-game color

5:27 PM4 months ago

Santos substitutes

5:22 PM4 months ago

The locals have come back

Puebla beat Atlas 1-0 and Cruz Azul beat Toluca 3-1, so Monterrey will be looking for its third comeback in the group stage.
5:17 PM4 months ago

Suffered away from home

Santos won only one of eight away games, finding fortune only against Tijuana, beating them 1-0.
5:12 PM4 months ago

Good locality

Monterrey won five of nine home games, four of which were by one goal and only against San Luis was by 2-0.
5:07 PM4 months ago

The support of Santos fans

5:02 PM4 months ago

XI Santos

Acevedo; Torres, Dória, Cervantes, Orrantia; Valdez, Gorriarán, Isijara, Campos; Aguirre, Preciado.
4:57 PM4 months ago

XI Rayados

González; Montes, Gallardo, Sánchez, Layún; Meza, Ortiz, González, Rodríguez; Funes Mori, Janssen.
4:52 PM4 months ago

Santos arrived a few moments ago at BBVA

4:47 PM4 months ago

This is what Monterrey's dressing room looks like

4:42 PM4 months ago

Monterrey has arrived

4:37 PM4 months ago

What does Santos need?

Santos needs a win or a tie by any score; if it loses, it must be by a goal difference of 3-2 or more.
4:32 PM4 months ago

What does Monterrey need?

Monterrey needs to win 1-0 or 2-1, if it concedes two goals from the visitor it will be obliged to win by a two-goal difference.
4:27 PM4 months ago

We start

Rayados de Monterrey, like yesterday's teams, will be looking for a comeback at home when they host Santos Laguna. We begin our coverage.
4:22 PM4 months ago

Tune in here

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Rayados Monterrey vs Santos Laguna match.
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First game

With goals from Eduardo Aguirre and Ayrton Preciado, Santos turned around the first leg and defeated Monterrey by a score of 2-1.

4:12 PM4 months ago

How to watch Rayados Monterrey vs Santos Laguna Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options is: FOX Deportes.

If you want to directly stream it: Streaming services.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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Key player Santos

In recent weeks Eduardo Aguirre has won the starting lineup due to his love affair with the goal, as he was in the first leg, and he could be a determining player for the last 90 minutes.

4:02 PM4 months ago

Key player Monterrey

Although he has had wet powder, the Argentine Rogelio Funes Mori is an important player in the offense who could define the tie at any moment.

3:57 PM4 months ago

Referee for Rayados Monterrey vs Santos Laguna

The referee for Rayados Monterrey vs Santos Laguna will be Cesar Arturo Ramos Palazuelos.
3:52 PM4 months ago

Last lineup Santos

Acevedo; Orrrantia, Flores, Dória, Campos; Gorriarán, Cervantes, Otero, Valdés, Preciado; Aguirre.
3:47 PM4 months ago

Last lineup Monterrey

González; Gallardo, Mora, Sánchez, Montes, Layún; González, Ortiz, Rodríguez; Meza, Janssen.
3:42 PM4 months ago

Santos: be solid in defense

Santos was one of the worst visitors and in view of the offensive inertia that the rival will have, they will have to be careful not to leave spaces in the lower zone.
3:37 PM4 months ago

Monterrey: to pull out all the stops

Monterrey will have to take advantage of its locale and its people to look for the turnaround and continue with the dream of winning another title.
3:32 PM4 months ago

Kick-off time

The Rayados Monterrey vs Santos Laguna match will be played at the stadium BBVA, in Nuevo Leon. The kick-off is scheduled at 8pm ET.
3:27 PM4 months ago

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