New York Yankees (8) - (5) Boston Red Sox Live Result and MLB Scores MLB 2015
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The Yankees visit the Toronto Blue Jays from Monday to Wednesday, and the Red Sox host the Tampa Bay Rays.

Joe Kelly is the loser. He pitched 4 2/3, allowing five earned runs on nine hits. He walked none and struck out three. He allowed one home run.

Andrew Miller gets the sabe, and he is now 10 for 10. He did not make it easy, though, as Boston had a chance to win it with a grand slam. 

The winner is Adam Warren, who pitches 5 2/3 innings, allowing four earned runs on four hits. He walked two ands truck out two.

The Red Sox made it exciting in the ninth, but they come up short. The final score is New York 8, Boston 5.

LINE DRIVE to center field, and Ellsbury is right there to pull it in. That ends the inning and the game. Yankees win 8-5.

Miller has thrown 30 pitches, and it is 2 and 2 on Big Papi.

E-5 is the scoring, and David Ortiz represents the winning run with the bases loaded and two outs. The Yankees should have ended the game, but the error keeps it alive.

Ground ball to the left side, Headley bobbles it and throws it off line. Teixeira stops it but came off the bag. All runners are safe.

Pedroia hits with runners at first and second and two outs. He is a Red Sox icon. He is 1 for 4 tonight. Big Papi waits on deck!

Betts checks his swing and draws ball four. That brings up the tying run in Dustin Pedroia with two outs.

Mookie Betts is 1 for 4 and represents Boston's last hope. He runs the count full. Criag will run on the pitch.

Swihart takes strike three for Out #2.

Allen Craig pinch hit for Daniel Nava and drew the walk. Blake Swihart is up with one out and a man on first.

Swing and a miss for strike three and Out #1. 

Xander Bogaerts comes up with a man on and nobody out.

BALL FOUR puts the lead-off man on. That is NOT the way to start the inning.

Correction: Pinch hitter Allen Craig hits right-handed against the left-handed Miller.

Miller has a 0.00 ERA and 0.57 WHIP with 21 strikeouts and nine saves in 12 1/3 innings pitched.

Bottom 9: The Yankees will go for the sweep with their closer Andrew Miller. He will face Nava, Bogaerts, and Swihart with the top of the order to follow if anyone gets on without a double play.

Full count, runners will go. -- Ground ball to Dustin Pedroia to end the inning. Andrew Miller will make his way in to go for the save. Bottom of the ninth coming up with the Yankees leading 8-5.

Gardner is 2 for 5, HR, 3 RBI. The Red Sox bullpen is getting busy as Hinojosa cannot find the strike zone. Tommy Lane is up.

Ball four to Ellsbury will load the bases. That is the third walk issued by Hinojosa. The bases are loaded for Brett Gardner. 2 outs.

Ellsbury has another chance at his first five-hit game.

Ball four to Gregorius brings up the red-hot Jacoby Ellsbury, who is 4 for 4 plus a hit-by-pitch.

Didi Gregorius keeps fouling off the 3-2 pitch. Headley is on the move with each pitch.

Drew flies high and fairly deep to Betts in center for Out #2. He is 0 for 5 and now hitting .155.

Drew bats with a man on and one out.

Headley is hit by the pitch. The ball just grazed his jersey. The umpire did not see any intent, so even though both benches were warned an inning ago, nothing happens here.

Andrew Miller is in the bullpen for the Yankees. He is 9 for 9 in saves and has not allowed a run yet this season.

Strike three called, and Young is out on three pitches. 1 away for Chase Headley.

Chris Young is hitting .317 with 12 RBI. Hinojosa is still in for Boston.

Due up in the top of the ninth: Chris Young (1st at bat), Chase Headley (2 for 4), Stephen Drew (0 for 4)

Napoli grounds to short on the first pitch, and the Yankees turn two to end the inning. 1 hit, no runs in the eight. We go to the ninth -- 8-5 Yankees.

Wilson's line reads 2/3 IP, 1 H, 1 K.

Napoli hit the big three-run bomb in the sixth that pulled the Red Sox to within three runs. They started the sixth inning down 8-0.

Pitching Change: David Carpenter replaces Justin Wilson.

Strike three right down the middle. Sandoval knew it and just walked right back to the dugout. 1 out for Mike Napoli.

Sandoval hits right-handed against the lefty Wilson.

Pablo Sandoval (1 for 3, RBI, R). Dellin Betances is not available for the Yankees, but Andrew Miller is.

Smacked single into center field, and the Red Sox have the lead-off man abaord in the eighth.

David Carpenter is back up in the Yankees bullpen. Wilson is still on the mound.

Ramirez (1 for 2, HP) leads it off. 

Bottom 8: Due up for Boston are Ramirez, Sandoval, and Napoli.

High, DEEP fly to right, but it stays in the yard for Daniel Nava just in front of the warning track. That ends the inning. The Yankees leave the bases loaded and do not score. Bottom of the eight coming up: Yankees 8, Red Sox 5.

Ball four to Teixeira will load the bases with two outs for Brian McCann who has 10 career grand slams.

Gardner steals second base.

Hinojosa strikes out A-Rod for a successful debut hitter. 2 outs for Mark Teixeira.

Chris Young has replaced Carlos Beltran in the field, and he will hit after Brian McCann.

Hinojosa, wearing #94, is making his Major League debut, facing Alex Rodriguez ( 1 for 4) as his first hitter.

Mujica's line: 2 1/3 IP, 1 H, 1 K, 1 HB. He is responsible for the two runners on base.

Pitching Change: Dalier Hinojosa replaces Edward Mujica.

Gardner shoots it into right for a hit. Ellsbury keeps on running all the way to third. Runners at the corners with one out for Alex Rodriguez.

Gardner hits with a man on and one out.

Both benches were warned, but no one came out of the dugouts.

Mujica DRILLS Ellsbury in the hip in apparent retaliation for Hanley Ramirez's hit in the sixth. Mujica threw inside the entire at bat.

Jacoby Ellsbury is hitting .351 after going 4 for 4 so far tonight. Will this be his first five-hit game?

Gregorius leads off. He flies it to shallow right center, and Betts rushes in to make the play for the first out.

Top 8: Due up for New York are Gregorius (1 for 3), Ellsbury (4 for 4), and Gardner (1 for 4).

Ortiz lines the first pitch to Brett Gardner in left to retire the side. Three up, three down for Boston in the seventh. After seven complete, the Yankees lead 8-5.

Justin Wilson is making his 13th appearance. He is 1-0 with a 3.52 ERA.

The final line on Rogers reads 1 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 1 K, 1 HR. Aces are wild. 

Pitching change: Justin Wilson will replace Esmil Rogers.

Pedroia lines very hard to Ellsbury in center field for Out #2. He smacked that one.

Pedroia is 1 for 3 with a run scored.

Mookie Betts grounds out to shortstop Didi Gregorius for the first out.

Bottom 7: Due up for Boston are Betts, Pedroia, and Ortiz. The Red Sox scored five in the sixth, and they are looking to do more damage in the seventh.

Technical difficulties, but we are now back. Chase Headley strikes out swinging. Stephen Drew flies out to center to retire the side. 1-2-3 go the Yankees in the seventh, but they still lead 8-5. 

Beltran pops up the first pitch for Out #1.

Top 7: Yankees have BeltranHeadley, and Drew due up.

Check swing, and he went around. The Red Sox got FIVE in the sixth to make it a ball game. After six, the Yankees lead 8-5. Mike Napoli had the big blow, a three-run home run.

Two on, two outs for Blake Swihart. He now represents the tying run after Boston trailed 8-0 at the start of the inning. The Red Sox have batted around as Swihart led off the inning.

A little roller less than halfway up the third base line gives Rogers trouble, and Bogaerts beats it out for an infield hit. 

Xander Bogaerts is up, and David Carpenter is in the bullpen for the Yankees. 

Daniel Nava draws the walk, and the Red Sox are still going. They have scored five runs after the first two hitters were out.

Ramirez and Sandoval score ahead of Napoli on the home run.

Mike Napoli: HIGH FLY BALL to left field, and it is.... GONE! A three-run home run that just made it into the Monster seats, and the Red Sox have pulled it to with three at 8-5. 

Rogers has a 2.20 ERA in 16 1.3 innings pitched. 

Adam Warren's line: 5 2/3 IP, 4 H, 2 ER (so far), 2 BB, 2 K. He is resoinsible for two men on. -- Make that 4 ER as two score on the home run from Napoli (see above).

Joe Girardi will get Warren and bring in Esmil Rogers.

LINE DRIVE into left for the RBI single. Ortiz scores to make it 8-2. Ramirez stops at second, and Sandoval is at first.

Ramirez stared down Warren but nothing came of it. Pablo Sabdoval is up next. Warren has now thrown 100 pitches. 

Warren hits Ramirez on the left hand with the pitch to put runners at first and second with one out.

Warren is making only his eighth Big-League start, and he has not pitched six innings in any of the first seven.

Warren has thrown 94 pitches, promptiung Esmil Rogers to start warming up. Hanley Ramirez is now up.

Ortiz knocks one off the left-field wall. Pedroia was running on the pitch, so he scores without a play. RBI double for Ortiz, and the Red Sox are on the board (8-1). 

Line drive base hit to left for Dustin Pedroia. That's the second Boston hit and base runner tonight. 2 out, one on for David Ortiz.

Betts pops foul to first, and Teixeira makes the catch for Out #2.

Swihart flies to the left-center-field gap, but Brett Gardner makes the catch on the run for the first out. Well hit, but Boston just does not have much luck so far.

Adam Warren has hit the corners all night long. He is not giving the Red Sox much chance to square it up.

B6: Red Sox will send up Swihart, Betts, and Pedroia. Betts has the only Red Sox hit to this point.

Brian McCann flies out easily to Ramirez in left. Bottom of the sixth coming up with the Yankees leading 8-0.

Teixeira grounds out to Mike Napoli at first for Out #2.

A-Rod drills it deeep, but Nava tracks it down on the warning track.

A-Rod will face Mujica with no outs and the bases empty.

Line on Breslow: 0 IP, 3 H, 3 ER, 1 HR.

Pitching change: Edward Mujica replaces Craig Breslow.

After fouling off some 1-2 pitches, Brett Gardner DRILLS a three-run home run into the Boston bullpen! The Yankees now lead 8-0!

Line drive into left field for base hit #4! Gregorius to second, Ellsbury at first for Brett Gardner.

Ellsbury is 3 for 3 with a run scored.

Line drive single into center for Gregorius. The Yankees get the lead-off man aboard in the sixth. Meeting on the mound as Ellsbury steps in.

Craig Breslow is the new Boston pitcher. Ross allowed one hit and got one man out.

Didi Gregorius is 0 for 2 and hitting .214 as he leads off the sixth.

Top 6: Due up for the Bronx Bombers are Gregorius, Ellsbury, and Gardner.

Xander Bogaerts pops foul, and Brian McCann grabs it on the right side. After five complete, the Yankees still hold a 5-0 lead.

HARD one-hopper right at Stephen Drew. He goes 4-6-3 for the double play to clear the bases. That ball was SMOKED! Tough luck for Nava.

Napoli draws the lead-off walk. Daniel Nava will have a man on with nobody out.

Napoli is hitting .158 as he leads off the fifth.

Bottom 5: Red Sox have Napoli, Nava, and Bogaerts due up.

Drew hits an easy fly ball to Betts in center to end the inning. Yankees get two hits but no runs. After 4 1/2, the Yankees lead 5-0.

Headley is 1 for 2. Beltran is off on the 302 pitch. Singled up the middle for a hit, but Beltran returns to second. Two outs, two on for Stephen Drew (0 for 2, .162).

Lefty Robbie Ross (4.35 ERA in 10 appearances - 10 1/3 innings) is now on the mound. Chase Headley now bats right-handed.

Final line on Kelly: 4 2/3 IP, 9 H, 5 ER, 0 BB, 3 K. He is responsible for Beltran at first base.

Pitching change: Robbie Ross will replace Joe Kelly.

Nava appeared to give up on that play, and Pedroia could not reach it.

Beltran pops it up, but it drops between Pedroia and Nava in short right for a base hit. At this rate, Beltran will take them any way he can get them. The Yankees have a manon with two outs.

Carlos Beltran is 1 for 2. He is now hitting .189.

LONG drive into the triangle in center field, about 400 feet, but Mookie Betts makes it look easy for Out #2.

1 out for Brian McCann, who drove in two with a double in his last at bat.

Swing and a miss for strike three. He now has 15 K;s on the season as well.

Teixeira has 17 hits, and 14 of them are for extra bases. Low average but plenty of production.

Let's repeat: In the top of the fifth, New York will send up TeixeiraMcCann, and Beltran.

3-0 swing and a ground ball to Gregorius at short NOW the inning is over without a run. 5-0 Yankees.

Pablo Sandoval steps in. Mike Napoli is on deck, and it looks like a pitch-around to Sandoval.

Adam Warren now has to warm up again after sitting down for four minutes. The television feed went to commercial and announced the challenge after the return. 

SAFE! Ramirez beats the throw. The Yankees return to the field. Ramirezis on first, and Betts is at third with two outs. 

Wait... Boston is challenging the out call at first base. It is going to be close. 

In the top of the fifth, New York will send up Teixeira, McCann, and Beltran.

Ground ball to Didi Gregorius. He goes 6-4-3 to complete the double play and end the threat. One hit, one walk, but no runs for Boston in the fourth. The Yankees still lead 5-0.

Ball four to Ortiz, who had a terrific at bat. Runners at first and second with one out for Hanley Ramirez (.278).

Ortiz is now fouling off some 3-2 pitches. Hanley Ramirez waits on deck.

After tonight, the Yankees travel to Toronto, and the Red Sox stay home to host Tampa Bay.

Ortiz is 0 for 1 and hitting just .247 on the season.

Hard and right at the knees for an unhittable pitch.

Strike three swing at a good hard fastball from Warren. 1 away for David Ortiz

LONG at bat for Pedroia, who is fouling off a number of 3-2 pitches.

Boston can score runs in bunches, so do not count this team out just yet.

Can the Red Sox get something started now? They have the leadoff man at second with Dustin Pedroia (.287) at the plate. Big Papi waits on deck.

Betts saved two runs with that great catch, and now he lines one off the wall for a double and Boston's first base runner. 

Due up for Boston in the bottom of the fourth: Betts, Pedroia, and Ortiz.

Line drive in to left center, and Mookie Betts makes a brilliant running grab to end the inning. A-Rod bids for two RBI, but Betts denies him. We go to the bottom of the fourth with the Yankees leading 5-0.

Gardner steals secind on a pitch in the dirt -- no throw. 2-0 to Rodriguez, who will look fastball.

Wild pick-off attempt, and Napoli saves a run from scoring. Action in the Red Sox bullpen.

Rodriguez hits with runeers at the corners and two outs.

Gardner bounces it to Napoli, who cannot handle it. Everyone is safe. Ellsbury to third and Gardner at first. E-3 is the official scoring on the play.

All five Yankees runs have scored with two outs.

A wild pitch lets Ellsbury advance to second, so no stolen base necessary now. 1-1 is the count on Gardner.

Ellsbury has five steals in his last five games. Two throws to first from Kelly before he makes a pitch.

Base hit into right for Ellsbury, now 3 for 3. Gardner steps in with A-Rod on deck.

Ellsbury is 2 for 2 with a run scored. He is now hitting .344. He has stolen 9 bases and scored 18 runs.

Gregorius follows suit with a groundout to Pedroia. Two down, bases for Ellsbury, the former Red Sox center fielder.

Drew grounds weakly to Pedroia for Out #1.

Stephen Drew saved the perfect game with that play to end the third. He leads off the fourth.

Top 4, and the Yankees will send up Drew, Gregorius, and Ellsbury.

Swihart flirts with a hit, but Stephen Drew runs it down and gets the out at first. Three perfect innings for Adam Warren. After three, the Yankees lead 5-0.

Blake Swihart is playing his second Major League game. Ryan Hanigan is out until the All-Star break with a fractured wrist.

Xander Bogaerts swings and missed for strike three. He chased one way down below the zone. 2 Away.

Hard grounder to Gregorius at short. Easy out at first. 1 down.

Daniel Nava leads off the bottom of the third. He is 6 for 11, 1 HR, off Adam Warren.

Top 4: Red Sox have Nava (.154), Bogaerts (.263), and Swihart (1 for 3) due up. 

Chase Headley is 1 for 1. He takes strike three, another pitch that looked well inside, but Kelly got the call. We go to the bottom of the third with New York leading 5-0.

Carlos Beltran rips it down the right-field line, scoring McCann. Beltran is in with a stand-up double 5-0 Yankees!

Remember that Boston has the highest ERA in the Majors coming into toady's play, and Kelly has now allowed four earned runs in 2 2/3 innings. 

Lined into the right-centerfield gap will drive in both Ellsbury and Rodriguez to give the Yankees a 4-0 lead! McCann stops at second with a two-run double.

Kelly and McCann both keep stepping out, and McCann is fouling off good fastballs.

Another huge baseball rivalry for the next three days as the Cubs visit the Cardinals Monday through Wednesday. St. Louis has MLB's best record at 18-6.

McCann runs the count full. He had a 3-1 fastball but could not catch up wit it.

Two out, two on for Brian McCann (0 for 1, .247, 2 HR, 13 RBI)

High pop fly to Bogaerts at shortstop. He makes the catch in short left field for the second out.

Teixeira runs the count full, and then Swihart visits the mound. Kelly is thrwoing bullets but is having a little trouble locating.

Hard base hit right up the middle for Rodriguez. Ellsbury stops at second. Two on, one out for Teixeira, who homered in the first with a man on. He went to the opposite field over the Big Green Monster.

Joe Kelly is throwing in the upper 90s very consistently.

A-Rod is 0 for 1. He is looking for HR #661 to PASS Wille Mays for fourth place on the all-time list/.

Gardner takes strike three, and he did NOT like that call. It looked well inside.

Many foul balls extending the at bat. 0-2 is the count.

Gardner is 13 for his last 38 (.342). He is 0 for 1.

Ellsbury is 1 for 1. Make that 2 for 2 with a looping liner into left field. He is 17 for his last 38 (.447).

Top of the order for the Yankees in the third: Ellsbury, Gardner, Rodriguez.

Napoli chops yet another one to Gregorius at short to end the inning. Another perfect inning for Warren, who leads 2-0 after two.

Mike Napoli (.160, 1 HR, 4 RBI) steps in with two outs and the bases empty.

Panda grounds out up the middle. Drew makes the play for Out #2. Drew had him playing up the middle.

Pablo Sandoval digs in. Panda is hitting a robust .329. He is 10 for his last 19.

Ramirez pops up softly to Drew at second base for the first out.

Hanley Ramirez is WHITE HOT : .281, 10 HR, and 22 RBI!

In the bottom of the second, Boston will send up Ramirez, Sandoval, and Napoli.

Gregorius (.221) grounds out to Pedroia at second base to end the inning. One hit but no runs. We go to the bottom of the second with the Yankees leading 2-0.

Drew bounces it to the right side. Kelly comes off the mound to get the out at first, but Headley advances to second. Two outs.

Headley lines the first pitch into left field for a base hit. 1 on, 1 out for Drew.

Chase Headley comes in at .239.

Beltran chops it to shortstop (must be a theme), and Bogaerts makes the play to first for Out #1.

Carlos Beltran: .181, 8 RBI.

Top 2: Yankees will send up Beltran, Headley, and Drew.

Here is another chopper to short, but with the shift on, it is Chase Headley who makes the play to retire the side. Nothing doing for Boston in the first, so after 1, it is 2-0 Yankees.

Forget the speedup rules. Ortiz keeps a foot in the box and does his routine, including the clap.

Ortiz is hitting .250 with 4 HR and 11 RBI. 

Pedroia also chops it to short. This is a much closer play, but Gregorius throws him out. 2 down for Big Papi.

Pedroia is hitting a very solid .290 with 11 RBI.

Betts chops it to short, and Didi Geregorius makes the easy play to first. 1 Out.

Betts steps in, hitting .221. Adam Warren is on the mound for the Yankees. 

Bottom 1: The Red Sox will start off with Betts, Pedroia, and Ortiz.

McCann pops out to Bogaerts at shortstop to retire the side. The Yankees get two runs on two hits, including Teixeira's home run. After a half inning, the Yankees lead 2-0.

Brian McCann is up with two outs, two in, and the bases empty.

TEX: High fly to deep left and OVER THE MONSTER for a two-run bomb. Gardner scores, and the Yankees take the early lead, 2-0!

Mark Teixeira is hitting .200. Gardner is still at first.

Rodriguez pops out to right fielder Daniel Nava for Out #2.

Gardner grounds to the pitcher Kelly, who gets the out at second. Bogaerts snagged a wild throw to keep order. 1 out, Gardner at first for Alex Rodriguez (.243). 

Ellsbury leads off with a base hit to right field. 1 on, 0 out for Brett Gardner.

Ellsbury steps in hitting .323.

Due up for New York to lead off the game: Ellsbury, Gardner, Rodriguez.

Five minutes to game time!

The Red Sox, meanwhile, simply need better starting pitching. Kelly needs to keep Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury off the bases in front of the power that Mark Texieira, Rodriguez, and Chase Headley can provide, and he cannot give in with fastballs too often. If he can stay ahead in the count, he will have a better time adhering to these tasks. The offense has done its job for the most part, but the rotation has not. 

Keys to the game:

The Yankees will have to get a lead to their bullpen. With the way Boston has pitched so far, that could be a very easy task. Betances and Miller anchor the second-best bullpen in baseball, so if Joe Girardi can get six or seven solid innings from Warren, then the Yankees could complete the sweep of this weekend’s series.

The Yankees’ starting lineup

1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Brett Gardner, LF
3. Alex Rodriguez, DH
4. Mark Teixeira, 1B
5. Brian McCann, C
6. Carlos Beltran, RF
7. Chase Headley, 3B
8. Stephen Drew, 2B
9. Didi Gregorius, SS

The Red Sox' starting lineup: 

1. Mookie Betts, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. David Ortiz, DH
4. Hanley Ramirez, LF
5. Pablo Sandoval, 3B
6. Mike Napoli, 1B
7. Daniel Nava, RF
8. Xander Bogaerts, SS
9. Blake Swihart, C

Yankees starting pitcher

The Yankees will send Adam Warren (1-1, 4.35) to the mound. The right-hander has allowed 10 earned runs on 21 hits (2 HR) in 20 2/3 innings in four starts. Warren has respectable 1.40 WHIP, but his April 22 start (five hits, four walks in 5 2/3 innings) added to that total. His last time out, Warren allowed one earned run on five hits in 5 2/3 innings in getting no decision against the Rays on April 27.

Red Sox’ starting pitcher

Joe Kelly (1-0, 4.94 ERA) starts for the Red Sox. He has made four starts so far on the season, allowing 13 earned runs on 18 hits in 23 2/3 innings pitched. He has a high WHIP at 1.10 thanks to some good control, and the league has hit just .207 off him. Two rough outings of 10 runs in 11 innings have raised his ERA, which can rise fast in April. In his last time out, Kelly allowed five earned runs on five hits in six innings to the Toronto Blue Jays on April 27.

Boston’s Hanley Ramirez signed a mega deal with the team this past offseason, and he is showing the world why he received such a lucrative contract. Already, Ramirez has 22 RBI, which leads the team by far and is second in the American League (third in the Majors). He is also hitting .281, and his 10 home runs is second in the Major Leagues

All eyes are still on Yankees designated hitter, Alex Rodriguez. Friday night, A-Rod pinch hit in the top of the eighth, and the result was historic. Rodriguez tied MLB legend Willie Mays for fourth place on the all-time home run list with #660. The home run will forever remain controversial due to Rodriguez’s PED use and 2014 season-long suspension, but MLB recognizes all of his home runs, so the feat stands. Will tonight’s game turn historic as A-Rod hits #661? We will see very soon.

Boston starters are dead last in the all of baseball with a 5.52 ERA. Considering that the Yankees have scored 4.83 runs per game, that match-up appears to favor the Bronx Bombers, who are showing the world that they are not too old and injured after all. 

The Yankees pitching staff is third in the American League in ERA at 3.13. Most of that success comes from the bullpen, which boats a second-ranked 1.64 ERA. Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances have still not allowed a single run in 27 combined innings, and Miller is a perfect 9 for 9 in save opportunities. 

Following this three-game series, which concludes tonight, the Red Sox and Yankees will next meet in Yankee Stadium from July 10-12 heading into the All-Star break. The next series in Fenway Park will occur from August 4-6.

Meanwhile, Boston started off red hot: 7-3 in their first 10 games. However, they have dropped 9 of 14 since -- including the first two games of this weekend series. The Red Sox are just 1-4 so far on the season series, which still has 13 more games following tonight’s.

After a 3-6 start, the Yankees have gone an a Yankee-like 12-3 run since April 17. They have done so against some formidable teams as well: Tigers, Rays, Orioles, Mets, and Red Sox

The season is still in its early stages, and the cliché “anything can happen” holds true. Will these teams finish in the order in which they currently sit? We will see in approximately five more months. 

The Major League Baseball season has entered May, and the American League Eastern Division is already looking like it will remain tight all season long. Entering play on Sunday, May 3, the New York Yankees (15-9) – surprisingly in many eyes -- hold a two-game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays while the Boston Red Sox (12-12) – also surprisingly in many eyes – sit in third place three games behind.