Score New York Mets - Kansas City Royals in 2015 World Series Game 1(5-4)

Score New York Mets - Kansas City Royals in 2015 World Series Game 1(5-4)

Karl Capen
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Thank you for joing me here for this 5+ hour World Series Game 1! This series looks to be a instant classic. Stay tuned with VAVEL USA for all your World Series news and results. I am Karl Capen, wishing you a goodnight and a goodmorning

Final: Kansas City Royals defeat the New York Mets 5-4 in 14 innings

Bottom of 14th (0 Outs) - Hosmer hits a deep fly ball that is far enough for Cain to come trotting home with the game winning run! Wow! What a game!

Bottom of 14th (0 Outs) - Mets intentionally walk Lorenzo Cain to load up the bases and allow there to be a force at home plate. Hosmer comes to the plate

Bottom of 14th (0 Outs) - Zobrist with his third base hit of the night right down that first base line again! Cain moves to 3rd on the basehit. Winning run 90 feet away with nobody out

Bottom of 14th (0 Outs) - Cain hits a sharp ground ball that Wright can't handle at 3B. Cain on first to leadoff the inning

Bottom of the 14th Inning

Top of 14th (2 Outs) - Murphy pops one up on the infield. Escobar grabs it and away we go to the bottom of the inning. Can the Royals end it here?

Top of 14th (1 Out) - Wright gives one a ride to deep left field, but not deep enough. Two outs

Top of 14th (o Outs) - Granderson grounds out sharply to Hosmer to begin the 14th

End of the 14th Inning

Bottom of 13th (2 Outs) - PAULO ORLANDO! Grounds out to Flores at SS and we are heading to the 14th inning here in Kansas City

Bottom of 13th (1 Out) - Colon fools Gordon on an offspeed pitch. Gordon is out at 1B, Moose moves up to 2B on the out.

Bottom of 13th (0 Outs) - Perez pops it up to Flores in shallow center on the first pitch. Moose still at 1B

Bottom of 13th (0 Outs) - Moustakas leads off the inning with a single into CF! Royals are in buisness to begin the 13th

Bottom of the 13th Inning

Top of 13th (2 Outs) - Kirk pops out to Moustakas in foul territory and Flores is left stranded at 1B

*Pitch hitter - Kirk Nieuwenhuis replaces Michael Cuddyer

Top of 13th (2 Outs) - Flores works a two-out walk after a great at-bat

Top of 13th (1 Out) - Young strikes out Lagares with a pitch in the dirt. Perez throws down to 1B to complete the out

Top of 13th (0 Outs) - d'Arnaud grounds out to Escobar and the Game 4 starter Chris Young has retired all four batters he's faced

End of the 12th Inning

Bottom of 12th (2 Outs) - Dyson flies out to Lagares and Colon gets himself out of the bases loaded jam to move us to the 13th inning

Bottom of 12th (2 Outs) - Mets choose now to walk Eric Hosmer brining up Jarrod Dyson with the bases loaded and two outs!

Bottom of 12th (1 Out) - Cain hits a slow ground ball to Duda. Cain out at 1B, Zobrist moves to 2B, and Orlando moves up to 3B.

Bottom of 12th (1 Out) - Mets choose to intentionally walk Ben Zobrist to set up the double-play possibiliy

Bottom of 12th (0 Outs) - Escobar puts down a perfect sac bunt to move the winning run Orlando to 2B with one out

Bottom of 12th (0 Outs) - Paulo Orlando hits a slow chopper down to Wright and he races down the line to lead off the inning with an infield single

*Pitching change - Bartolo Colon replaces Jon Niese

Bottom of the 12th Inning

Top of 12th (2 Outs) - And Chris Young comes in and strikes out the side against the Mets now! Still tied

Top of 12th (1 Out) - Chris Young strikes out Cespedes with a breaking ball in the dirt for the second out

Top of 12th (0 Outs) - Murphy has a swinging strike three and the ball bounces off the backstop right back to Perez who throws Murphy out at 1B

*Pitching change - Chris Young replaces Ryan Madson

End of the 11th Inning

Bottom of 11th (2 Outs) - What a job Niese has done in relief! He strikes out Gordon to send us into the 12th inning. What a start to the World Series

Bottom of 11th (2 Outs) - Perez hits a hard ground ball that bounces off the 3B bag for a two-out infield single

Bottom of 11th (1 Out) - Moustakas hits a soft ground ball right to Wright and Niese has himself a couple quick outs in the 11th

Bottom of 11th (o Outs) - Curtis Granderson makes a great leaping grab on a line drive into RF to rob Dyson of an extra base hit

Bottom of the 11th Inning

Top of 11th (2 Outs) - Madson gets another big strikeout as he gets Wright swinging on the changeup

Top of 11th (2 Outs) - Madson seems to pitch around Granderson who walks on 5 pitches. That brings up David Wright who has hit the ball hard his last two times to the plate

Top of 11th (1 Out) - Madson strikes out Cuddyer who now has strike out in all three of his at bats

Top of 11th (0 Outs) - Wilmer Flores drops down another bunt right to the pitcher and is thrown out at 1B. Lagares moves down to 2B with one out

Top of 11th (0 Outs) - Juan Lagares drops down a great bunt to lead off the inning with a base hit!

*Pitching change - Ryan Madson replaces Wade Davis

End of the 10th Inning

Bottom of 10th (2 Outs) - And happy birthday Jonathon Niese! He gets the Royals to go down 1-2-3 with two strikeouts to send this one deeper into the night

Bottom of 10th (1 Out) - And Niese gets Cain swinging on some high heat for the second out!

Bottom of 10th (0 Outs) - Zobrist pops out to Duda to begin the bottom of the 10th for the Royals

*Pitching change - Jon Niese replaces Jeurys Familia

Bottom of the 10th Inning

Top of 10th (2 Outs) - d'Arnaud goes down swinging and Wade Davis strikes out the side in the 10th. Royals can walk off here in the bottom half of the inning

Top of 10th (1 Out) - Davis gets another strikeout on Duda with that cutter. Absolutley filthy

Top of 10th (o Outs) - Cespedes strikes out to Wade Davis on a nasty cutter inside

*Pitching change - Wade Davis replaces Luke Hochevar

End of the 9th Inning

Bottom of 9th (2 Outs) - Escobar hits one off the end of the bat to Duda who takes it himself and we are heading to EXTRA INNINGS in Game 1

Bottom of 9th (1 Out) - Orlando flies one out to Lagares and we are one out away from heading into extra innings

Bottom of 9th (1 Out) - Alex Gordon with a home run off from Familia to deep center field and we are tied once again!

Bottom of 9th (0 Outs) -  Flores makes the routine play to 1B and the Mets are two outs away from taking Game 1 of the World Series

Bottom of the 9th Inning

Top of 9th (2 Outs) - Daniel Murphy flies the next pitch to shallow left centerfield and we head to the bottom of the 9th with the Mets up by 1 run

Top of 9th (1 Out) - With Murphy batting, Wright steals second base. The Mets continue to stay aggressive on the base paths. Play is under review. Play is overtuned and Wright is called out

Top of 9th (1 Out) - Wright with another single through the left side of the infield

Top of 9th (0 Outs) - Granderson flies one out to Gordon for the first out in the 9th

*Pitching change - Luke Hochevar replaces Kelvin Herrera

End of the 8th Inning

Bottom of 8th (2 Outs) - Mike Moustakas grounds one to Flores at SS and he throws him out to end the inning! Mets hold onto their lead, 4-3

*Pinch runner - Jarrod Dyson replaces Kendrys Morales

*Pitching change - Jeurys Familia replaces Tyler Clippard

Bottom of 8th (2 Outs) - Morales walks on a 3-2 changeup in the dirt. Zobrist advanced to 3B on a passed ball. Runners on the corners with two outs

Bottom of 8th (1 Out) - AND another strikeout by Clippard to get Hosmer swinging and Zobrist is still stranded on 2B

Bottom of 8th (0 Outs) - Clippard gets Cain to strikeout on a high fastball for a HUGE first out

Bottom of 8th (0 Outs) - Ben Zobrist once again hits a lead off double on the first pitch

*Pitching change: Tyler Clippard replaces Addison Reed

Bottom of the 8th Inning

Top of 8th (2 Outs) - Cuddyer chases a pitch out of the zone and is thrown out by Perez at 1B. But the Mets take the lead on Hosmer's error, 4-3

Top of 8th (2 Outs) - Wilmer Flores hits a chopping ground ball to Hosmer at 1B who gets eaten up by the second hop and the ball rolls into RF. Lagares scores from 2B on the play

Top of 8th (2 Outs) - With Flores up at bat, Lagares steals second base putting him into scoring position with two outs

Top of 8th (2 Outs) - Lagares drills a line drive single to CF and what an at-bat by him! Fighting off many tough pitches by Herrera

Top of 8th (1 Out) - d'Arnaud flies one into CF that is easily played by Cain

Top of 8th (0 Outs) - Lucas Duda strikes out on a 3-2 pitch to begin the 8th

End of the 7th Inning

Bottom of 7th (2 Outs) - Escobar chases a high 2-1 fastball and pops it out to Wright to end the 7th inning

Bottom of 7th (1 Out) - Rios pops the ball high into foul territory and Duda has just enough room to make the catch

Bottom of 7th (0 Outs) - Alex Gordon leads off the bottom half of the 7th with a fly ball to RF

Matt Harvey's final line: 6.0 IP, 5 H, 3 ER, 2 BB, 2 SO

*Pitching change - Addison Reed replaces Matt Harvey

Bottom of the 7th Inning

Top of 7th (2 Outs) - Cespedes gives one a ride to left field but it finds Gordon's glove for the final out

Top of 7th (2 Outs) - Murphy with a line drive single to CF and the Mets have two on with two outs with Cespedes coming to the plate

Top of 7th (2 Outs) - Wright takes a 3-1 fastball through the left side for a two out single

*Pitching change - Kelvin Herrera replaces Danny Duffy

Top of 7th (1 Out) - Granderson just gets under one and flies it out to shallow RF

Top of 7th (0 Out) - Cuddyer takes a 3-2 pitch right down the middle for the backwards K

*Pinch hitter - Michael Cuddyer comes in as the DH for Kelly Johnson

Volquez's final line: 6.0 IP, 6 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 3 SO

*Pitching change - Danny Duffy comes on to replace Edinson Volquez

End of the 6th Inning

Bottom of 6th (2 Outs) - Salvador Perez hits one deep to right cetner field but not deep enough as Lagares is able to get it on the warning track

Bottom of 6th (2 Outs) - Moustakas singles one into right center field and we are back where we started, all tied up at 3!

Bottom of 6th (1 Out) - Harvey stabs and makes a nice play on a chopper back to him. Morales out at first, Cain holds at 2nd

Bottom of 6th (1 Out) - With Morales batting, Cain steals second base to get into scoring position

Bottom of 6th (0 Outs) - Hosmer hits a sac fly to Lagares in CF and the Royals cut into the Mets lead, 3-2 now

Bottom of 6th (0 Outs) - Cain gets a base hit the other way to right field and the Royals have runners on the corners with nobody out

Bottom of 6th (0 Outs) - Ben Zobrist swings at the first pitch and laces a lead off double down the right field line

*Defenisve change for the Mets - Juan Lagares enters the game into CF. Cespedes to LF. Conforto out

Bottom of the 6th Inning

Top of 6th (2 Outs) - Moustakas with SWEEEET diving stop to his right to rob Flores of a hit and possibly the Mets of another run

Top of 6th (1 Out) - Michael Conforto hits a fly ball to Gordon in LF just deep enough to score Cespedes on the sac fly from 3rd base. Mets lead 3-1

Top of 6th (0 Outs) - Volquez gets d'Arnaud looking for a huge out number one with runners still on the corners

Top of 6th (0 Outs) - Duda hits a ground ball almost in the same spot through the shift that tips off from Moustakas' glove into right field. Cesepdes moves from 1st to 3rd on the play

Top of 6th (0 Outs) - Cespedes grounds one up the middle just out of reach of Escobar for a leadoff single

End of the 5th Inning

Bottom of 5th (2 Outs) - Wilmer Flores flashes the leather on a nice back hand and strong throw to get the speedy Escobar out at 1st

Bottom of 5th (1 Out) - Rios just gets under one with a fly ball out to Conforto in left

Bottom of 5th (0 Out) - Harvey gets his second strikeout of the game on Gordon to begin the bottom half of the inning

Bottom of the 5th Inning

Top of 5th (2 Outs) - Daniel Murphy also grounds out to Zobrist at 2B to end the Mets half of the 5th

Top of 5th (1 Out) - David Wright grounds out to 2B on the first pitch for the second out

Top of 5th (1 out) - Granderson takes a 1-2 pitch into the right field stands for a solo home run! Mets take the lead, 2-1

Top of 5th (0 Outs) - Escobar makes a nice play once again on a ground ball from Johnson

End of the 4th Inning

Bottom of 4th (2 Outs) - David Wright makes a nice leaping catch at 3B to rob Perez of extra bases to end the inning

Bottom of 4th (1 Out) - Moustakas wacks a deep fly ball to RF but Granderson is there to get the out

It actually is the MLB International broadcast. FOX is still down for technical difficulties

It seems the FOX coverage has returned after they have stopped play. Harvey struck out Morales for the 1st out before the delay

Apologize for the delay but it seems the FOX coverage to the game has lost connection. We will resume as soon as possible

Bottom of the 4th Inning

Top of 4th (2 Outs) - Flores grounds out to Escobar at SS but not before the Mets get even on d'Arnaud's RBI single

Kansas City trainers out checking on catcher Salvador Perez after taking a foul tip off from the right hand

Top of 4th (1 Out) - Conforto pops out to Moustakas in foul territory. Two outs for the Mets with runners on 1st and 2nd

Top of 4th (1 Out) - d'Arnaud hits an infield single to tie the game! Moustakas dives and makes a nice stop but the ball pops out of his glove

Top of 4th (1 Out) - Duda smacks one through the shift for a single. Murphy advances from 1st to 3rd on the play

Top of 4th (0 Outs) - Cespedes swings at the first pitch from Volquez and pops it out to Zobrist at 2B

Top of 4th (0 Outs) - Daniel Murphy lines a bullet into CF and the Mets have their first hit of the game with no outs in the 4th

End of the 3rd Inning

Bottom of 3rd (2 Outs) - Hosmer hits a slow grounder up the middle and Flores makes a nice play to get him out at first

Bottom of 3rd (1 Out) - Cain flies out to Granderson in RF and Harvey is looking for his first 1-2-3 inning of the night

Bottom of 3rd (0 Outs) - Ben Zobrist pops out  to Flores to begin the bottom of the 3rd

Bottom of the 3rd Inning

Top of 3rd (2 Outs) - Volquez strikes out Wright looking on a breaking ball and the Mets strand two

Top of 3rd (2 Outs) - Granderson walks on four pitches and that brings up the Mets captain David Wright

Top of 3rd (2 Outs) - Volquez on an 0-2 pitch hits Kelly Johnson on the leg giving the Mets their first baserunner of the night

Top of 3rd (1 Out) - Wilmer Flores lines a sinking line drive to Gordon in LF and another nice play gives Volquez a chance at a quick inning

Top of 3rd (0 Out) - Conforto slaps one down to 1st and Hosmer makes a nice diving stop and flip to Volquez covering the base

End of the 2nd Inning

Bottom of 2nd (2 Outs) - Escobar grounds out to Wright at 3B and Harvey gets himself out the jam with no damage done

Bottom of 2nd (1 Out) - Alex Rios flies one out to CF on the first pitch

Bottom of 2nd (1 Out) - Harvey walks Alex Gordon and there are two on with one out for the Royals

Bottom of 2nd (1 Out) - Salvador Perez down 0-2 in the count lines one into right field for a one out single

Bottom of 2nd (0 Outs) - Moustakas is up there first pitch swinging and flies out to Conforto in LF

Bottom of the 2nd Inning

Top of 2nd (2 Outs) - Travis d'Arnaud pops one up to Zobrist at 2nd and Volquez has himself six straight outs

Top of 2nd (1 Out) - Duda hits a slow ground ball to Moustakas in the shift and there are two quick outs

Top of 2nd (0 Outs) - Cespedes leads off the 2nd for the Mets and chops one down to 3rd. Thrown out by a half of step

End of the 1st Inning

Bottom of 1st (2 Outs) - Morales chops a ground ball to Duda at first base to end the inning, but not before Escobar started it off with a bang

Bottom of 1st (2 Outs) - Eric Hosmer walks on five pitches

Bottom of 1st (1 Out) - Lorenzo Cain also hits one to Cespedes in CF and he carrols this one for the second out

Bottom of 1st (0 Outs) - Ben Zobrist flies out to center field

Bottom of 1st (o Outs) - Alcides Escobar leads off the game with an inside-the-park home run! The ball hit off Cespedes glove but they don't score it an error

Bottom of the 1st Inning

Top of 1st (2 Outs) - Volquez strikeouts the red-hot Daniel Murphy to end the first inning. Have the Royals figured him out? We'll see

Top of 1st (1 Out) - David Wright flies out to Alex Rios in right field and Volquez has himself two quick outs

Top of 1st (0 Outs) - Curtis Granderson flys out to left field to begin the World Series

Top of the 1st Inning

Minutes away from first pitch of Game 1 of the 111th edition of the World Series! Mets - Royals. It's game time

Wow. Hector Gomez on Twitter just announced that Royals' starting pitcher, Edinson Volquez, dad has just recently passed away. Don't know if he has heard the news but awful, awful news.

World Series prediction time! Who do you guys have? Post your predictions on Twitter @Capen316 and I will make sure to retweet you and possibly even include you here!

15% chance of rain at first pitch. Still drizzling a bit in Kansas City but MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said not too long ago that Game 1 will start on time. Just about 30 minutes away from first pitch.

Forcast for tonight's game does have a threat of rain, though it does not seem the threat will be high enough to cause any cancellation. We will keep you posted here at VAVEL USA with everything surrounding Game 1 of the World Series leading up to first pitch scheduled at 8:07 PM EST

Tonight's pitching matchup will be Matt Harvey (2-0, 2.84 ERA) for the Mets against Edinson Volquez (1-2, 4.32 ERA) for the Royals.

Royals lineup for Game 1: Alicdes Escobar (R) SS, Ben Zobrist (S) 2B, Lorenzo Cain (R) CF, Eric Hosmer (L) 1B, Kendrys Morales (S) DH, Mike Moustakas (L) 3B, Salvador Perez (R) C, Alex Gordon (L) LF, Alex Rios (R) RF

Mets lineup for Game 1: Curtis Granderson (L) RF, David Wright (R) 3B, Daniel Murphy (L) 2B, Yoenis Cespedes (R) CF, Lucas Duda (L) 1B, Travis d'Arnaud (R) C, Michael Conforto (L) LF, Wilmer Flores (R) SS, Kelly Johnson (L) DH

The Royals added INF Raul Mondesi Jr. to their roster today. Mondesi has never seen a game above Double-A and could be the first player ever to make his MLB debut in the World Series.

Juan Uribe has been cleared to play for the Mets and will replace Matt Reynolds. This means that Kelly Johnson will be the only capable backup for Wilmer Flores at SS.

In finalizing their rosters for the World Series, both the New York Mets and Kansas City Royals made interesting moves earlier today.

This series has the potential to be an instant classic. Neither team has won a World Series for a few decades, Mets in 1986 and Royals in 1985. Who will take Game 1 and have the early upper hand? Stay tuned with VAVEL USA to found out.

It was announced Monday that Kelly Johnson will be the DH for Game 1 for the New York Mets.

Collins on Monday showed no concern over Cespedes and his shoulder. “He feels great. He feels fine. He’s ready to go.”

The Mets biggest midseason acquisition, Yoenis Cespedes, is still not feeling 100% in his left shoulder that caused him to leave Game 4 of the NLCS early. In an interview with ESPN Deportes on sunday Cespedes said, “I feel much better. I’m not 100 percent, but I know I’ll be ready for Tuesday.”

This is the Mets first Fall Classic appearance since 2000 when they lost to the Yankees in five games. The oldest manager in the MLB, Terry Collins, has waited a long time for this moment. “It’s a special moment for me after all these years when this has been your whole life, to finally get to the ultimate series, that every person who’s ever been in this game wants to get to,” Collins said following the series clinching win against the Cubs last Thursday. “I’m going to enjoy it.”

This is the Royals second consecutive World Series appearance. Last season they shocked the baseball world with their postseason run, eventually losing to the San Francisco Giants in seven games. Yost commented on this return to the Fall Classic after clinching the ALCS saying, “Last year, we were happy to be there. This year, we expected to be here.”

To add even more great narrative to a potentially competitive series, you have the Mets who pitching staff who ranked third in the NL in strikeouts this season against the Royals who had the fewest strikeouts of any team in the AL.

Talking about hitters who are on a tear, the Mets 2B Daniel Murphy is on another planet. He has homered in six straight postseason games, which is a MLB postseason record, is batting .421 all together in the playoffs this year. Good chance we will see him batting 3rd in the lineup in front of Cespedes again tonight in Game 1.

Yost commented on this contact hitting persona Kansas City has come to have by saying, “Putting the ball in play allows us to use our athleticism. We don’t swing for home runs, we’re more of a gap team.”

ALCS MVP, and leadoff hitter, Alcides Escobar has been on a tear this postseason, batting .386, and was a main reason the Royals averaged 4.47 runs per game this year. He is the perfect example of the contact hitting team the Royals are.

The last game Volquez pitched was in Game 4 of the ALCS. He went five innings giving up five earned runs on three hits, but he walked four.

The Royals starter in Game 1 will be Edinson Volquez who has been nothing short of fantastic in some starts this postseason, and other times has struggled.

Terry Collins said Harvey left no doubt in his response when asked if he was ready for this challenge. "That's the only guy I know.” Collins told the media on Harvey. “I know his persona's something else, but that's the only guy I know."

The man in Game 1 determined to bring that average down for the Mets is Matt Harvey, who is pitching for the first time since that dominating performance against the Chicago Cubs.

The Mets pitchers threw more 95 mph and up pitches than any team in the league. The Royals are hitting .284 against pitches that are 95 mph and up.  

Everybody knows about the Mets power pitching, but the Kansas City Royals are not worried about that. “We do tend to do well against power pitchers,” Royals manager Ned Yost told the media. “It’s our ability to put it in play.”

Juan Lagares won the CF Gold Glove in 2014 but he hasn’t poised the same threat with his arm in 2015. With that said, he still is the quickest outfielder to the ball the Mets have, and even though Conforto has looked much better than scouting reports suggested with his defense, he still has a long way to go. Will be interesting to see how Mets’ manager Terry Collins sets it up in Game 1.

Cespedes has already voiced a strong opinion against being only a DH, so that leaves either Lagares in CF with Cespedes in LF while Conforto is the DH, or Cespedes in CF with Conforto in LF and Lagares as the DH.

This means the Mets, who represent the National League, will need to incorporate a DH into their lineup. The way they set-up their DH will also determine what the OF alignment looks like. It is certain that Curtis Granderson will be in RF, but where will Yoenis Cespedes, Juan Lagares, and Michael Conforto play?

With the American League taking the All-Star Game back in July, 6-3, the Royals will have home-field advantage throughout the World Series. Game 1 Tuesday night and Game 2 Wednesday night will be at Kaufman Stadium in Kansas City.

Hello everybody and welcome to VAVEL USA’s exclusive live commentary of World Series Game 1 between the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals. My name is Karl Capen and I will be here all day giving you updates along with play-by-play of all the action. Both teams are starving for a championship so sit-down, grab some food, and enjoy the game!