Score Los Angeles Dodgers 2-0 Chicago Cubs in 2017 MLB

Score Los Angeles Dodgers 2-0 Chicago Cubs in 2017 MLB

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Did you know?: This is the first time since May 31, 2016 that the Cubs have been shutout at home. Last time it happened it was also against the Dodgers.

Player of the Game: Andrew Toles- Toles went 2-5 at the plate tonight and had the game winning homerun in the first inning only three pitches into tonights contest. 

FINAL: Dodgers Cubs WP: B.McCarthy (2-0) LP: J.Lackey (1-1)

Bottom 9th- Addison Russell flys out to left fielder Andrew Toles to end the game.

Bottom 9th- Rizzo steals second

Bottom 9th- Ben Zobrist pops up behind homeplate, Grandal catches the ball for the second out.

Bottom 9th- Anthony Rizzo gets on with a base hit single to center field.

Bottom 9th- Kris Bryant lines out to left fielder Andrew Toles for the first out of the inning 

Bottom 9th- Cubs trying to avoid being shutout at Wrigley Field. The last time they were held scoreless at home was May 31, 2016 against the Dodgers. 

Bottom 9th- Kenley Jansen enters the game for the Dodgers.

Top 9th- Justin Grimm  gets Corey Seager to end the top half. Due up for the Cubs is Bryant, Rizzo and Zobrist. 

Top 9th- Andrew Toles reaches second base on a drop third strike. Contreras tosses the ball to first base for a seemigly routine play however the ball gets aways from Rizzo. Utley scores giving the Dodgers a 2-0 lead. Rondon leaves the game after rolling his ankle, Justin Grimm enters the game as his replacement.

Top 9th- Rondon sends down Van Slyke. Due up is Andrew Toles. 

Top 9th- Puig flys out. One out here in the top half of the inning. Due up Scott Van Slyke.

Top 9th- Rondon walks Utley to start the 9th. Due up Yasiel Puig who is 1-3 tonight.

Top 9th- pitching change here for the Cubs, they bring in Hector Rondon to finish the night for the Cubs.

Bottom 8th- Schwarber goes down swinging. We go to the ninth inning, Dodger still lead 1-0.

Bottom 8th- pitching change for the Dodgers. They bring in Luis Avilan.

Bottom 8th- Jon Jay works a full count but fails to reach base. Goes down looking. Two outs now here in the 8th inning, Kyle Schwarber due up.

Bottom 8th- Jon Jay now at the plate for the Cubs. Almora on second base with one out. 

Bottom 8th- Albert Almora in to pitch hit for Mike Montgomery. Almora advances to second base on an E6. 

Bottom 8th- Wilson Contreras strikes out to start the 8th for the Cubs.

Top 8th- Montgomery escapes the inning without giving up a run. Justin Turner grounds into a double play retiring the side for the Dodgers. 

Top 8th- Mike Montgomery loads the bases as he walks the batter. Justin Turner comes to the plate, pinch hitting for Joc Pederson. 

Top 8th- Runners on first and second for the Dodgers. Cubs pitching coach Chris Bosio heads out to the mound to talk to pitcher Mike Montgomery. 

Top 8th- Montgomery has walked Forsythe and now has given up a single to Gonzalez to start the 8th. 

Top 8th- Montgomery walks Forsythe, runner at first now with one out and Adrian Gonzalez is at the plate.

Top 8th- Seager pops out to shortstop Addison Russell. One out here in the top of the 8th, Logan Forsythe due up next.

Top 8th- Corey Seager leads off the 8th for the Dodgers

Bottom 7th- Inning over 

Bottom 7th- Russell grounds out to second basemen Chase Utley. Two outs now in the inning. Jason Heyward now at the plate. 

Bottom 7th- We've got more action in the Cubs bullpen. Koji Uehara is up and throwing.

Bottom 7th- Zobrist goes down swinging. Addison Russell now at the plate.

Bottom 7th- Ben Zobrist leads off the bottom half, Cubs still scoreless here. 

Bottom 7th- Ross Stripling enters the game for the Dodgers, taking over for starter Brandon McCarthy.

Top 7th- Toles grounds out to Mike Montgomery. Montgomery throws to Rizzo for the third out of the inning. We head to the stretch at Wrigley Field. 

Top 7th- Thompson strikes out, two outs now in the inning. Andrew Toles now at the plate for the Dodgers.

Top 7th- Trayce Thompson now at the plate for the Dodgers. Trayce is the younger brother of NBA star Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors. 

Top 7th- Montgomery enters the game for the Cubs. Lackey leaves after pitching 6 innings. 

Bottom 6th- After further review, Bryant is called out. Inning over. Dodgers still out in front 1-0 as we head to the 7th inning. 

Bottom 6th- Bryant steals secondbase, Dodgers skipper Dave Roberts looks like he will challenge the call. The question is if the glove touched Bryant or not. 

Bottom 6th- Hector Rondon now joins Montgomery in the bullpen

Bottom 6th- Anthony Rizzo belts a ball to deep center, with the help of the wind outfielder Joc Pederson is able to make the catch. Two outs now in the bottom half of the 6th. 

Bottom 6th- Bryant gets walked, with runners now on Anthony Rizzo will look to get the Cubs on the board here with an RBI.

Bottom 6th- Schwarber works the count full, then goes down on strikes. Kris Bryant due up for the Cubs. One out here in the bottom half of the 6th.

Bottom 6th- Cubs still have not recorded an extra base hit this evening 

Bottom 6th- Kyle Schwarber pops up down the third base side, Forsythe has no play on the ball as it goes foul. Schwarber trying to get the Cubs on the board tonight. 

Top 6th- Utley grounds out to second basemen Ben Zobrist. Zobrist tosses to first to end the inning. 

Top 6th- Pederson works a full count and gets called out on strikes after showing up the home plate umpire. Lackey now has 10Ks in the game. Utley due up next for the Dodgers.

Top 6th- Yasmani Grandal leads off the inning for the Dodgers, he flys out. One out here in the 6th. We have action in the Cubs bullpen as well, Mike Montgomery is up and throwing.

Bottom 5th- McCarthy goes back to back on strikeouts, this time getting Jon Jay. Inning over, Dodgers still leading off the lead off homerun by Toles in the first inning. 

Bottom 5th- Lackey goes down looking on a fastball right down the middle. Two outs now, Jon Jay coming to the plate. 

Bottom 5th- Heyward steals on McCarthy, Lackey still at the plate with one out.

Bottom 5th- Wilson Contreras trying to get something started here with runners on base. He belts one to deep left field, sending Andrew Toles all the way to the ivy where he makes the catch. Heyward is stranded at first. John Lackey is at the plate now. 

Bottom 5th- Jason Heyward continues his hot start to the season as he gets on with a single. So far this season Heyward is hitting .292.

Top 5th- Adrian Gonzalez grounds out to shortstop Addison Russell ending the top half of the inning. 

Top 5th- Logan Forsythe comes to the plate and sees five pitches from Lackey, he grounds out to third basemen Kris Bryant  for the second out of the inning. 

Bottom 4th- Russell flys out to left fielder Andrew Toles. Inning over, we head to the fifth inning at Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL with the Dodgers leading the Cubs 1-0

Bottom 4th- Ben Zobrist grounds out into a 1-6-3 double play, Addison Russell due up next. 

Bottom 4th- Rizzo leads off the inning with a single on a 3-2 pitch. Ben Zobrist due up next. 

Top 4th- Toles flys out to Kyle Schwarber in left field. Inning over, we head to the bottom of the 4th with the Dodger leading 1-0.

Top 4th- McCarthy works a full count and gets walked by Lackey. Andrew Toles now at the dish for the Dodgers, Toles led the game off with a homerun in the first inning giving the Dodgers their lone run in this game. The deciding run in this game as of right now. 

Top 4th- Down goes Puig on strikes, Lackey is starting to get his stuff together here. Right now he's at 73 pitches in the game. 

Top 4th- John Lackey sends down Chase Utley for the second time tonight. Due up, Yasiel Puig.

Bottom 3rd- Nothing doing for the Cubs through three innings of play. Bryant flys out to right bringing the inning to a close and stranding runners on first and second. 

Bottom 3rd- Schwarber gets walked advancing Jay to second and bringing Kris Bryant to the plate. Cubs Dodgers 1

Bottom 3rd- Jay hits into a single turned double after Contreras gets caught in a pickle between second and third. Two outs now in the bottom half with Kyle Schwarber now at the dish. 

Bottom 3rd- Lackey grounds out, Contreras advances safely to second base. New Cub, Jon Jay at the plate now for the Cubs.

Bottom 3rd- Wilson Contreras gets on to start the inning for the Cubs. Contreras lays down the bunt and arrives safe at first. 

Top 3rd- Lackey gets out of the top half of the third inning getting Pederson to fly out to Russell

Top 3rd- Lackey strikes out Grandal, bringing Pederson to the plate 

Bottom 2nd- Heyward grounds out to end the inning. Cubs Dodgers 1  as we head into the third inning here at the friendly confines. 

Bottom 2nd- Addison Russell grounds out into a 4-6-3 double play. Jason Heyward coming to the plate, Cubs look dead out there. Need something to kickstart this offense. 

Bottom 2nd- Zobrist singles into centerfield, Addison Russell coming to the plate for the Cubs

Bottom 2nd- World Series MVP Ben Zobrist leads off the bottom half of the second inning for the Cubs

Top 2nd- Inning over as Rizzo catches a pop up. Los Angeles leaves runnerss stranded again. 

Top 2nd- John Lackey struggling here tonight, be prepared to see some early action in the bullpen for the Cubs

Top 2nd- Andrew Toles gets on again, now 2-2 on the night. Runners now at second and first with no outs here in the top half of the second inning. Corey Seager is at the plate right now.

Top 2nd- Top of the order is up again for the Dodgers 

Top 2nd- Rizzo trys to barehand a bunt attempt that goes foul. 

Top 2nd- Yasiel Puig leads off the inning with a single, back to back innings where the lead off man has reached for the Dodgers. 

Bottom 1st- Rizzo grounds out to a double play. Inning over, Dodgers lead 1-0 as we head to the second inning at beautiful Wrigley Field 

Bottom 1st- Bryant walks, Anthony Rizzo now at the plate. Rizzo's last at bat at Wrigley Field was the walk off single in the 9th innning on Mondays home opener. 

Bottom 1st- Kyle Schwarber works a 3-2 count then goes down swinging on pitch 6. 1 out in the inning with the NL MVP Kris Bryant at the plate. 

Bottom 1st- Leading off for the Cubs is left fielder Kyle Schwarber

Top 1st- Lackey sends down Utley ending the top half of the first with 1-0 Dodger lead off the leadoff Andrew Toles homerun to rightfield. 

Top 1st- Lackey walks Pederson bring Chase Utley to the plate with the bases now loaded. Cubs trying to get out of this inning with only one run to start the contest. Lackey already has thrown 31 pitches. 

Top 1st- Joc Pederson at the plate for the Dodgers  two outs now in the inning with runners still stranded. 

Top 1st- Lackey gets Gonzalez on strikes. With one out now, runners still on first and second with Grandal at the plate. 

Top 1st- Lackeys 3-2 pitch to Logan Forsythe falls outside the strike zone, Forsythe takes first on a walk. Dodgers with runners on first and second with no outs and Adrian Gonzalez is at the dish. 

Top 1st- John Lackey gives up only his fourth career home run against the Dodgers

Top 1st- The scoring starts three pitches in, Andrew Toles drills a ball to the right field bleachers and the Dodgers are up 1-0 to start. Corey Seager up next.  

We are underway from the friendly confines, Andrew Toles to lead off for the Dodgers.

Players are taking the field and baseball is going to be played. Vibe and energy in the stadium right now is unreal.

Throwing out the first pitch for tonights game is fan favorite David Ross. Ross took a red eye flight to be at Wrigley Field for the ring ceremony. Ross is a contestent on this years Dancing with the Stars and he said he couldnt miss this night. 

The Cubs championship rings are currently being handed out to the front office executives and players from the 2016 World Series Championship team. The ring was designed by Minneota based jewelery company, Jostens. The ring features 108 diamonds representing the 108 year championship drought, the longest in American sports history.

In a few moments, we will share the latest information of Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs live score. Do not miss a detail of the game with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL.

The Dodgers starting lineup 

1. Andrew Toles, LF
2. Corey Seager, SS
3. Logan Forsythe, 3B
4. Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
5. Yasmani Grandal, C
6. Joc Pederson, CF
7. Chase Utley, 2B
8. Yasiel Puig, RF
9. Bradnon McCarthy, P

The Cubs starting lineup

1. Kyle Schwarber, LF
2. Kris Bryant, 3B
3. Anthony Rizzo, 1B
4. Ben Zobrist, 2B
5. Addison Russell, SS
6. Jason Heyward, RF
7. Wilson Contreras, C
8. John Lackey, P
9. Jon Jay, CF

What you must know about the Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher:

Brandon McCarthy looks to spoil the Cubs World Series ring celebration as he takes the mound for Los Angeles. McCarthy got off to a good start in 2017, picking up the win against the San Diego Padres in his first outing on the year. A 33 years of age, McCarthy went 6 innings giving up only 2 hits on 4 runs while walking on and striking out two. McCarthy has faced the Cubs three times so far in his career, two of the three time where starts. He currently as a 2.19 ERA through 12.1 innings pitched against Chicago.

What you must know about the Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher:

John Lackey will make his second start of the year, Lackey debuted against the St. Louis Cardinals back on April 6th. A game where he went 6 innings, allowed three earned runs, struck out 7 and walked 2. Tonight will be Lackeys first regular season start against the Los Angeles Dodgers as a member of the Cubs. Lackey is 6-3 overall against the Dodgers in his career during the regular season with a 1.75 ERA. Last time Lackey saw the Dodgers was in game 4 of the 2016 NLCS, a start in which he propelled the Cubs to a 10-2 win. 

What you must know about the Chicago Cubs starting pitcher:

The Dodgers will follow this series which ends tomorrow with a  six game home stand beginning April 14 against the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Colorado Rockies then come to town after the D-Backs depart for a short two game series which concludes the six game home stand. 

Following tonight’s game, the Cubs will finish off the series against the Dodgers tomorrow afternoon. The Cubs will then square off against NL Central foe the Pittsburgh Pirates on Friday, Saturday and on Easter Sunday. After the series against Pittsburgh concludes, the Cubs will wrap up the 9 game home stand in a series against the Milwaukee Brewers before hitting the road to Cincinnati to take on the Reds

The 2017 season has started out a bit rough for the Dodgers, coming into tonight’s game with a 4-4 record on the year. Los Angeles opened the year at home against the Padres, taking the first game in fashion, defeating San Diego by a final score of 14-3; a promising start to a potential championship year. The Dodgers would drop on game to the Padres but wound up taking the series 3-1. Next stop for Los Angeles was the Rockies, the trip to Colorado served to be a disappointment as they dropped two out of three games putting them at 4-3 on the year heading into this weeks series against the defending champions. 

The Los Angeles Dodgers come into tonight’s game dreading yet another ceremonial event before first pitch, the Cubs players and staff are slated to receive their World Series rings before the game. The Dodgers sat through Monday nights banner raising ceremony and now tonight they’ll have to sit through the ring ceremony. The honoring events of the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs, is frustrating to say the least for the Dodgers team given the fact that their 2016 postseason run ended on this very field.

The Chicago Cubs are off to another great start this season, coming into this series against the Los Angeles Dodgers that started back on Monday with a 4-2 record on the year. The Cubs had no problem defending their crown in their first game back at Wrigley Field since game 5 of the 2016 World Series, Chicago came out poised and ready for action in Monday nights series opener. A night they raised four championship banners to honor the teams three World Series Championships and their 1945 and 2016 NL Championships. The Cubs would end up taking the series opener in walk-off fashion, when Cubs all-star first basemen Anthony Rizzo had a walk-off single in the bottom of the ninth off of Dodger pitcher Kenley Jansen, giving Chicago the 3-2 win.