Highlights: Dodgers 4 - 3 Mets in MLB


7:27 PM2 years ago


7:24 PM2 years ago

9 Up

Jansen closes perfectly for Dodgers to end game 4-3
7:17 PM2 years ago

9 Up

Turner's error at second base allows Pillar to safe
7:11 PM2 years ago

8 Down

Lugo ends eighth with three outs for Ddodgers, Mets look to turn it around in top of ninth
7:02 PM2 years ago

8 Up

Knebel allows Villar to reach first, but gets the third out off Mazeika
6:38 PM2 years ago

7 Up

Pete Alonso hits home run and drives in two runs for Mets
6:27 PM2 years ago

6 Down

Familia gets the third out to send the Dodgers home with no more runs on their score.
6:19 PM2 years ago

6 Down

Beaty puts in fourth for Dodgers and they continue with full house
6:11 PM2 years ago

6 Down

Dodgers put the house on the Mets
6:05 PM2 years ago

6 Down

Castro replaces Hill on the mound in the top of the sixth in the bottom of the sixth.
6:03 PM2 years ago

6 Down

Villar's hit to left field, but Pujols catches Sisco's contact and ends the fifth for the Mets.
5:51 PM2 years ago

5 Down

With two outs the Dodgers get Trae Turner on first base.
5:49 PM2 years ago

5 Down

Bellinger opens the fifth and strikes out in the first
5:45 PM2 years ago

5 Up

Scherzer gets third out before Mets get the runs
5:43 PM2 years ago

5 Up

Conforto consigue un pleno, con dos outs los Mets buscan darle la vuelta al marcador
5:40 PM2 years ago

5 Up

Pete Alonso settles in at first and Conforto comes to the batter's box.
5:34 PM2 years ago

5 Up

Unstoppable for McNeil, who gets the second
5:32 PM2 years ago

5 Up

Nimmo capitalizes first run for Mets in fifth inning
5:24 PM2 years ago

4 Down

Chris Taylor connects for Angelinos' third homer to extend the lead
5:21 PM2 years ago

4 Down

Pollock reaches second base but Hill gets the second out before Seager
5:14 PM2 years ago

4 Up

Davis grounded to second and the Mets had two outs in the top of the fourth inning
5:12 PM2 years ago

3 Baja

Dodgers don't move the scoreboard and walk away with their two-run lead
4:57 PM2 years ago

3 Up

Mets go blank against Scherzer's pitching
4:56 PM2 years ago

3 Up

Nimmo steals second base. Mets stay with two outs
4:53 PM2 years ago

3 Up

Nimmo singles to first base for the Mets, but Scherzer gets the second out off McNeil
4:45 PM2 years ago

2 Down

Although Will Smitch hit a hit and moved to first, his teammates failed to produce runs and the Dodgers went scoreless in this episode.
4:36 PM2 years ago

2 Up

Scherzer finishes Mets' second episode intact, slate unchanged
4:36 PM2 years ago

2 Up

Davis bunts and hits an unstoppable grounder to first base
4:24 PM2 years ago

1 Down

Rich Hill gets the out for Muncy but A.J. Pullock also gets a homerun in his first at-bat and the Dodgers are now 2-0.
4:19 PM2 years ago

1 Down

¡Home run! Trae Turner conecta el cuadrangular en su primer turno al bateo y los Dodgers se adelantan 1-0
4:17 PM2 years ago

1 Up

Although the Mets connected on a hit by Nimmo and got second base, Scherzer got all three outs to end the top of the first.
4:08 PM2 years ago


Max Scherzer starts on the mound for the Dodgers
3:46 PM2 years ago

Ddogers art

Part of the launch of the City Connect team included the creation of murals around Dodger Stadium, here is a sample of some of them
3:43 PM2 years ago

HBD Drury

Mets celebrate third baseman Brandon Drury's birthday today
3:40 PM2 years ago

Photo with the trophy

This afternoon, Los Angeles fans can gather at Lynwood's Plaza Mexico to purchase City Connect merchandise and have their picture taken with the World Series trophy.
3:31 PM2 years ago

Mets starting list

Brandon Nimmo
Jeff McNeil
Pete Alonso
Michel Conforto
J.D Davis
Dominic Smith
Jonatha Villar
C.Chance Sisco
P Rich Hill
3:26 PM2 years ago

Dodgers starting lineup

Trea Turner
Max Muncy
Albert Pujol
AJ Pollock
Corey Seager
Chris Taylor
Will Smith
Cody Bellinger
Max Scherzer
3:21 PM2 years ago

We will begin shortly

In a few minutes, game three of this series between the Dodgers and the Mets begins, a series that the Angelenos have been able to take advantage of as a home game. In yesterday's game, the Mets came very close to tying the game.
3:16 PM2 years ago

Dodgers vs Mets

3:11 PM2 years ago

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New player for Mets

The Mets announced that the club has claimed right-hander Heath Hembree off Cincinnati's waiver list to create room for him on the 40-man roster. The New York Islanders moved Jacob deGrom to the 60-day injured list.
2:56 PM2 years ago

To bullpen

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts talked about the possibility of sending Kershaw to the bullpen upon his return from injury "I think it would be a contingent thing to put him back in the rotation soon because of the way things have been going. I don't want to say no to him but if he becomes a monster out of the bullpen to pitch two or three innings, that would be fine."
2:51 PM2 years ago


On the other side, New York has tried to squeeze the Dodgers but has failed to steal a win in the first two games, but the Mets don't want to leave LA without a victory.
2:46 PM2 years ago


The Dodgers continue to look for more wins in order to continue their pursuit of San Francisco to become the wild card in the National League West division.
2:41 PM2 years ago

Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium is a baseball stadium located in the city of nearby Elysian Park in Los Angeles in the U.S. state of California.

It is the largest capacity baseball stadium in the United States with 56,000 spectators. It is also the third longest-lived stadium in the Major Leagues, only surpassed by Fenway Park in Boston built in 1911 and Wrigley Field in Chicago built in 1914.

In 1958 the Los Angeles Dodgers stole 352 hectares in the Chavez Ravine area, thus beginning construction of the stadium. In the meantime, the team had to play in the Memorial Coliseum. It was the second stadium to be built only with private investment after Yankee Stadium and the last one until the construction of AT&T Park.


2:36 PM2 years ago

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