Highlights of the fight: Julio César Chávez vs Jorge Travieso Arce, 2020 Box
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Thank you

Thank you for following the broadcast of the fights between the Naughty Maple vs. Chavez and Mario Cazares vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.
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Once again in the cards Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. lost with everything and controversy of the referee
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Technical decision by accidental headbutt. By split decision Mario Cázares won with results of 55-56, 59-54 and 57-56
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They are checking if Chavez' cut was accidental or caused by a coup
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Sixth round

Cazares's opera that hurt Chavez Jr., although later it seems that there was a clash of heads that caused a short in Chavez's eyebrow, who can no longer continue
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Fifth round

Nothing for anyone. An even round, although with greater effectiveness of the blows by Cázares. With this, half of the fight has been completed
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fourth round

Both fighters already have wounds on their faces, highlighting the cut of Cázares in the eyebrow.

The referee stopped the fight at times to indicate no more dirty punches.

Chávez's legs are starting to stick out and, therefore, less mobility in the ring, although in the end Chávez pulled a couple of forehands that connected to Cázares and hurt him

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Third round

Mario has taken the initiative in the face of a Chavez who is beginning to be cornered, however, the fight continues to be dirty and personal, any neglect by anyone could end in a knockout
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2nd round

The fight was cut short and Cázares dropped an illegal head-butt on Chávez Jr. for which a point was deducted. In the last seconds, both of them dropped an accurate punch
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1er round

Chavez Jr. tried to take the lead in the fight despite the fact that Cazares came out hungry for blood, but none of the blows caused any damage. Mario was patient and took his distance in the first minutes
11:58 PM2 years ago
The presenter at this moment makes the presentation of Mario Cázarez and the son of the legend, Julio César Chávez Jr.
11:56 PM2 years ago
With a video presentation, Chávez Jr. returns to the ring to add a new victory to his career
11:54 PM2 years ago
Cázares enters the quadrilateral; now Chávez Jr.
11:53 PM2 years ago
We are minutes away from the stellar fight of Mexicans in the return of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. against Mario Cazares
11:50 PM2 years ago
Chavez and Arce have already promised a fourth fight, we will see in the following months if it takes place
11:48 PM2 years ago
We are minutes away from seeing the return of Chávez Jr. against a Cázarez, who has already won it once against Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez
11:44 PM2 years ago
Arce told Chávez that whatever fights he wants can go on.

Next comes the fight of Chávez Jr. vs. Cázares

11:43 PM2 years ago
This is the recognition that Mexico and the world gives to the greatest of all, Julio Cesar Chavez, said Sulaiman
11:42 PM2 years ago
Arce hands over his belt to Chávez in a great act of respect and professionalism
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4to round

The fight was over, but both fighters were still scoring goals left and right, and for the last 15 seconds they did so.

Great fight that both fighters offered

11:34 PM2 years ago

3er round

Although Arce came out a little more relaxed, Chávez insisted that he throw punches and he started to do so to make the fight more dynamic.

Chávez's legs were bent with a double Arce combination that almost brought him to the canvas. 

In the end, Arce kicks Chavez and the fight is on, even though it is over.

11:31 PM2 years ago

2do round

At times Chavez let go of his left hand to hang it on the Naughty's mask, who also got angry and answered the champion with a pair of jabs
11:27 PM2 years ago

1er round

The few people who are there have supported the Naughty, who has thrown more blows before a more tied up Chavez that has cost him in the physical aspect
11:24 PM2 years ago
At this moment they present with great emotion Chavez and the Naughty before this fight
11:22 PM2 years ago

Everything is ready

This is the star fight, the fight three between Chavez and Travieso Arce
11:21 PM2 years ago
It should be noted that for this fight will only be four rounds and will have protection
11:19 PM2 years ago
The hymn of Mexico is currently being sung by Frida Guzmán
11:18 PM2 years ago
The "Travieso" Maple had already jumped into the ring a few moments ago
11:17 PM2 years ago

Appears in the ring

Julio Cesar Chavez is already in the ring for tonight's fight
11:07 PM2 years ago
The star fight of the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez is coming
11:01 PM2 years ago
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. fight is coming Father and son are ready to enter
10:52 PM2 years ago
In only three rounds Yamileth Mercado knocked out Irasema Rayas to win
10:48 PM2 years ago
The Travieso One declares himself ready for tonight's fight. He promised to defeat the legendary Chávez
10:41 PM2 years ago

This Friday's billboard

The billboard for tonight will be:

Misael Gracia vs. Jose Alejandro Burgos, super flyweights (already ended in a draw).

Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. vs. Julio Arce, exhibition

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Mario Abel Cazares, light heavyweights

Yamileth Mercado vs. Irasema Rayas, featherweights

Bryan Flores vs. Carlos Encinas, middleweights

Karim Arce vs. David Martino, super bantamweights

Jose Luis Castillo Romero vs. Misael Isai Ponce Galaz, featherweights

10:31 PM2 years ago

The first result

The first fight already happened and it was with a Solomonic draw between Burgos and Misael Gracia
10:26 PM2 years ago
Such was the weight for the fight of Chávez Jr. against Cázares, the fight prior to the starring role
10:16 PM2 years ago
Several users have reported failures in the streaming service that will pass the fight live through Mexico. The billboard has already started
10:09 PM2 years ago
This will be the belt that will be given tonight to Julio Cesar Chavez for his great career
10:07 PM2 years ago

Relive the second fight

9:56 PM2 years ago

Relive the first fight

This was the first fight between Chávez and Arce, what did you think of the quality in spite of being already retired? 

9:50 PM2 years ago
In addition to the stellar fight, it is striking to see Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.'s performance against Mario Cazares
9:36 PM2 years ago
Julio Cesar Chavez was champion in three different divisions: Super Feather, Lightweight, and Super Lightweight
9:28 PM2 years ago
The "Travieso" not only got national titles, but also international ones, highlighting the following:

WBA Fedecentro Minimal Weight Champion

WBO NABO Minimalist Champion

WBC Latino bantamweight champion

FIB International Super Flyweight Champion

9:15 PM2 years ago
For his part, the Travieso finished his great career with 61 victories (46 knock-outs), seven losses and two draws
9:11 PM2 years ago
The record with which Julio César Chávez ended his career is impressive:

107 victories (86 knockouts), 6 defeats and 2 draws

9:07 PM2 years ago
Even though it is an exhibition fight with the purpose of raising funds, Chávez and Travieso Arce seek not to lose and to give a good exhibition.
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We started

Great boxing evening we will have tonight, which will end with the stellar fight between Julio Cesar Chavez and Jorge Travieso Arce
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Tune in here

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Last fights

This will be their third fight in less than a year. It is worth remembering that the first one was in November 2019 to help former world champion José Luis Castillo financially for an operation on his son. And the second, which took place in March 2020, in Hermosillo, raised funds for children and youth.

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How to watch Julio César Chávez vs Jorge “Travieso” Arce LiveTV and Stream

It will not be broadcast on television

If you want to directly stream it: DAZN

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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Check out

Within the extensive billboard the sons of Chávez will be fighting. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (51-4-1, 33 KO's), will fight in 10 rounds in semi-full weight against Mario Cazares (12-0-0, 5 KO's).

In addition, there will be the fights: Yamileth "Yeimi" Mercado (15-2-0, 4 ko's) will fight in featherweight at eight rounds against Irasema "Güera" Rayas (8-6-1, 4 ko's); the nephew of "Travieso", Karim Arce (16-0-2, 7 ko's), will collide in bantamweight against David "Choko" Martino (10-8-0, 7 ko's); José Luis Castillo Jr. (17-3-0, 7 ko's) will face Erik Robles (9-1-0, 5 ko's) in 6 rounds in Lightweight and Ernesto "Tanque Maravilla" Beltrán, will fight against Edgar Jair Amaral, in four rounds in Fullweight.

5:21 AM2 years ago

Good cause

The proceeds will be donated to Julio Cesar Chavez's clinic for people in alcohol and drug rehabilitation; in addition, the "Travieso" will donate his share to people with limited resources.
5:16 AM2 years ago


The fight will be the last on the billboard and will be four three-minute rounds, using masks for protection, just like the past fights. It will take place in a private hotel in Tijuana behind closed doors.
5:11 AM2 years ago

Arce heated up the fight

The day the fight was confirmed, the "Travieso" published on his social networks: "You old fart, hold on. Now I'm going for it all. You are the biggest idol in all of Mexico and with the public you feel supported. But here, behind closed doors, I'm going to give you a good fit," he said.
5:06 AM2 years ago

Great recognition

Before the fight, the World Boxing Council (WBC) will give Chavez the Otomi belt, as a tribute to the career of the best fighter in the history of Mexico.
5:01 AM2 years ago

Chavez: to endorse his superiority

In spite of his age and the fact that he is an exhibitionist with masks, Chávez has shown himself on a great level where he has delivered blows to the Naughty. Although he admitted that the preparation has been difficult for him.

"Nobody gave a peso for me, they ask me how I did. I did it, you know what with; with eggs in the morning, eggs in the afternoon and eggs at night, besides a recovery program", he pointed out.

4:56 AM2 years ago

Start time

The Chávez vs Arce fight will take place at the Hotel in Tijuana. The start is scheduled at 9 pm ET.
4:51 AM2 years ago

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