Summary and highlights of the exhibition fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul Box 2021
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11:53 PM6 days ago

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Here are the most important moments of the fight.

11:42 PM6 days ago

Fight is over!

Logan Paul stood for the agreed 8 rounds, because the fight was not sanctioned by the Florida Boxing Commission and there were no judges, there is no official winner. The fight could only be won by knockout.
11:35 PM6 days ago

Round 8

The last episode. The boxers come to tie up as in the last rounds. Floyd Mayweather does not dare to take the lead and Logan Paul holds the agreed 8 episodes without a knockout.
11:30 PM6 days ago

Round 7

The bell rings for the seventh episode. Three minutes left in the fight and Logan Paul contains the experienced boxer in a good way.
11:27 PM6 days ago

Round 6

Mayweather takes the initiative to go forward, Paul lands a couple of Jabs and the boxers connect in an exchange of punches at the end of the episode.
11:24 PM6 days ago

Round 5

Logan Paul struggles with arm and leg movement, Mayweather makes the chase from corner to corner, Paul tries to hold back punches.
11:20 PM6 days ago

Round 4

The influencer, visibly exhausted, endures an episode where the 44-year-old fighter completely dominates him.
11:19 PM6 days ago

Round 3

Floyd tried to apply the same dose on the ropes but Logan was able to get away with it.Floyd tried to apply the same dose on the ropes but Logan was able to get away and tries to pressure 'Money' with his corpulence.
11:11 PM6 days ago

Round 2

The boxers take advantage of this chapter to measure their opponents, Mayweather tightens on the defensive and is the candidate to win this round.
11:09 PM6 days ago

Round 1

Logan Paul corners Mayweather at the last minute and connects with a series of punches that end up in his opponent's gloves
11:04 PM6 days ago

The fight is on!

11:01 PM6 days ago

'Money' Show

Floyd Mayweather makes his triumphant entrance to the stage accompanied by Migos.
10:54 PM6 days ago

On the ring

Logan Paul makes his introduction, including a Pokemon card hanging from his neck. The challenger is the first to enter the ring.
10:50 PM6 days ago

Paul is ready

YouTuber Logan Paul readying the details seconds before going on stage.
10:42 PM6 days ago

We are minutes away from starts!

In a few moments the stellar fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul will start, stay tuned for more information
10:37 PM6 days ago

Last one

Badou Jacks knocks out Dervin Colina in the last preliminary bout before the Mayweather vs. Paul Logan fight, Badou Jacks knocks out Dervin Colina for the win
10:32 PM6 days ago

Arias Victory

In the penultimate preliminary fight, Luis Arias wins by split decision over Jarrett Hurd.
10:27 PM6 days ago

'Money' Mayweather

The fighter is choosing the gloves with which he will return to the ring after his retirement.
10:22 PM6 days ago

Before the event

Preliminary fight between influencer Chad Johnson and Brian Maxwell ends, Maxwell wins by knockout.
10:17 PM6 days ago

Jersey for Paul

In the same way as his rival, Logan Paul also received his Miami kit
10:12 PM6 days ago

Dolphins present

The Miami Dolphins, whose home is Hard Rock Stadium, welcomed the fighters with a team jersey.
10:07 PM6 days ago

No luck

In his only professional experience, Paul lost to KSI and this fight will be his first exhibition bout at 26 years of age.
10:02 PM6 days ago

He is undefeated

It is worth remembering that Mayweather is undefeated and has defeated eight Mexican fighters, the last one being Saúl Canelo Álvarez.
9:57 PM6 days ago

Last fight

Floyd hasn't fought since August 2017 in exhibition fight when he had no major problems beating Connor McGregor.
9:52 PM6 days ago

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How to watch Mayweather vs Paul in TV and Stream

If you want to watch the fight Mayweather vs Paul on TV, your options is: ESPN, TUDN or Azteca Deportes.

If you want to directly stream it: Azteca Deportes and TUDN app.

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

9:42 PM6 days ago

Logan Paul

The youtuber has created a lot of controversy after challenging a character of the stature of Mayweather, his record at 0-1. Fight that disputed against an also influencer.
9:37 PM6 days ago

Floyd Mayweather

The experienced boxer and polymath maintains a 50-0 record as a professional, a mark that makes him one of the best of all time.
9:32 PM6 days ago


Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul (8 rounds) Badou Jack vs. Dervin Colina (10 rounds), Jarrett Hurd vs. Luis Arias(10 rounds),Chad Johnson vs. Brian Maxwell(4 rounds)
9:27 PM6 days ago


The vast difference between the two boxers lies not only in the experience of each. Mayweather is 44 years old while Paul is younger with 26 years, in terms of weight the Youtuber weighs 199 pounds, the legend of pugilism is around 150 lbs.
9:22 PM6 days ago


Although much has been criticized about the difference between the fighters, the winner will be pocketing $100 million.
9:17 PM6 days ago


Boxers will wear 10 oz. gloves and will not wear head protection. The fight will be 8 rounds of 3 minutes each, there will be no judges and K.O.'s are allowed.
9:12 PM6 days ago


This fight will have no official validity because it is not sanctioned by the Florida State Boxing Commission, so no official winner will be announced.
9:07 PM6 days ago

Start of fight

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul match will be played at the Hard Rock Stadium, in Miami, Florida. The start of fight is scheduled at 20:00pm ET.
9:02 PM6 days ago


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