Goals and Highlights: Netherlands 3-1 Argentina  in Women's Olympic Hockey Final
Netherlands vs Great Britain at the Olympic Games // Source: Great Britain Hockey Team


7:30 AMa month ago


The Netherlands takes gold in women's field hockey, Argentina takes silver. Third place went to Great Britain. That's all for today, until next time. Stay tuned on VAVEL.
7:28 AMa month ago

End of the match

The final was completed at the Oi Hockey Stadium, the Netherlands defeated Argentina 3-1 and was proclaimed Olympic women's field hockey champion.
7:24 AMa month ago

This is going to end

Nothing happened in this last quarter, the Netherlands will be proclaimed Olympic champion. Argentina will take the silver.
7:11 AMa month ago

48'| Gorzelany had it

Argentina's player shot from a penalty corner but the Dutch goalkeeper cleared it. Argentina has had three penalty corners in a row to score, but failed to do so. The score is still 3-1.
7:07 AMa month ago

Fifteen minutes to go

At the start of the last quarter, Argentina has fifteen minutes left to score two goals, the same minutes as the Netherlands to become Olympic champions.
7:05 AMa month ago

End of the third quarter

At the end of the third quarter, the Netherlands could have scored in the only clear chance of this quarter. Still 3-1 on the scoreboard.
7:00 AMa month ago

40'| Belén Succi saves

The Netherlands could have sealed the game, what a shot Verschoor took, but Belén cleared the ball, saving the fourth goal. Still 3-1 on the scoreboard.
6:53 AMa month ago

Second half kicks off

The second half of this highly entertaining final begins. The Netherlands are leading Argentina by two goals, but will Retegui's team be able to come back?
6:46 AMa month ago


The first half ended with the scoreboard 3-1 in favor of the Netherlands. In this second quarter the Dutch have been superior to Retegui's team, who have managed to close the gap in the last play of the second quarter.
6:41 AMa month ago

30'| Argentina goal

With seconds left in the second quarter, Argentina scored through Gorzelany from a penalty corner. They cut the deficit to 3-1.
6:38 AMa month ago

29'| Van Maasakker's goal

Third goal for the Netherlands, third goal from a penalty corner. Van Maasakker scores again, bringing his team closer to gold. Netherlands 3-0 Argentina.
6:34 AMa month ago

26'| Van Maasakker's goal

The Netherlands scored the second goal, after another penalty-corner, in an unfortunate play for the Argentinians. The goal was scored by Van Maasakker. Annan's team increased the lead to two goals.
6:30 AMa month ago

23' Netherlands goal

The Dutch took the lead after two penalty corners, thanks to Van Geffen goal from a penalty corner. Annan's team was coming a lot until the ball went in. 1-0 to the Netherlands.
6:25 AMa month ago

19' | The Netherlands have had it

The Dutch could have scored through Verschoor who shot but Succi saved. Annan's team is attacking a lot and is close to scoring.
6:21 AMa month ago

Second quarter begins

The last quarter begins before the break, the Dutch are down by one due to Stam's suspension.
6:19 AMa month ago

First quarter ends

The Dutch deserved a little more, but Retegui's team is well positioned on the pitch. The score is still 0-0.
6:13 AMa month ago

11'| Argentina's first move

Argentina gives the first warning to the Netherlands through newcomer Micaela Retegui. The pressure is up for the Argentinians. The score is still 0-0.
6:09 AMa month ago

5'| Dutch player's shot hits the crossbar

Good play by the Dutch who have started very strong, Van Maasakker shot and that shot hit the post. Argentina is saved from the first goal.
6:07 AMa month ago

The final begins

The final between the Netherlands and Argentina starts at the Oi Hockey Stadium, the Dutch start attacking, who will take the gold?
5:59 AMa month ago

Argentina's line-up

For his part, Retegui will start the final with the following eleven: Succi; Gorzelany, Raposo and Barrionuevo; Toccalino, Alonso, Moccia, Sauze and Trinchinetti; Merino and Granatto.
5:53 AMa month ago

Netherlands lineup

The eleven players selected by Netherlands coach Annan to start are: Koning; Stam, Sanders and Van Maasakker; De Waard, Keetels, Van Geffen and De Goede; Matla, Welten and Verschoor.
5:49 AMa month ago

Fifteen minutes to go

There is nothing left for the women's field field hockey final to start. The Netherlands and Argentina will fight for the gold. Let's take a look at the lineups.
10:31 PMa month ago

The fight for the bronze medal

The bronze medal will be disputed between Great Britain and India at 10.00 local time at the Oi Hockey Stadium.
10:26 PMa month ago

Where will it be televised?

The match can be seen on Claro Sports, on Marca Claro's YouTube channel for Latin America, and on Eurosport.
10:21 PMa month ago

Hours and Location

The match will be played on August 6 at 19:00 local time (12:00 Spanish time) at the Oi Hockey Stadium.
10:16 PMa month ago

Opponents they have faced (Argentina)

As for the Argentines, they have had to face Australia, Spain, New Zealand, China and Japan in group B, in the quarterfinals against Germany and in the semis against India.
10:11 PMa month ago

Rivals they have faced (Netherlands)

During this competition, the Dutch have faced Germany, Great Britain, India, Ireland and South Africa in group A, New Zealand in the quarterfinals and Great Britain in the semifinals.
10:06 PMa month ago

Photo of Argentina

Argentina field hockey celebration at the Olympic Games // Source: Argentina Hockey National Team
Argentina field hockey celebration at the Olympic Games // Source: Argentina Hockey National Team
10:01 PMa month ago

Argentina's last match

In the last match "Las Leonas" defeated India 1-2, after coming back from Kaur's 0-1. Argentina's goals were scored by captain Barrionuevo.
9:56 PMa month ago

Photo by Netherlands

Netherlands women's field hockey at the Olympic Games // Source: Netherlands Hockey National Team
Netherlands women's field hockey at the Olympic Games // Source: Netherlands Hockey National Team
9:51 PMa month ago

Netherlands' last meeting

In the previous semifinal match, the Dutch beat Great Britain by a resounding 5-1, thanks to goals from Keetels, Veerschoor, Matla and a brace from Albers.
9:46 PMa month ago

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