Touchdowns and Highlights: Green Bay Packers 23-10 Minnesota Vikings in Monday Night Football


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Final from Minneapolis

From all of us here at, my name is Ben Bitter, and it's been a pleasure live blogging the game with you! Catch more action on
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Minnesota's Playoff Scenario

Minnesota is looking like they will be the 6 seed, and could end up traveling to Green Bay again in the Wild Card game
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Kirk Cousins is now 0-9 in primetime games.
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Aaron Rodgers: Winning is always beautiful

Rodgers, in his post-game interview with ESPN, was complimentary of the defense, thinks the run game plays a big factor, wants to have teams come to Green Bay. 
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Green Bay has top seed ambitions

Green Bay is eligible for either the 1, 2, or 3 seed in the NFC playoffs. 


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Minnesota without key weapons

Eric Kendricks left the game late in the first half, and the Vikings were without their star running back Dalvin Cook. 

If there is anything to be happy about if your a Vikings fan, its that you were without a key identity piece on offense. 

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Green Bay Key Stats

Aaron Rodgers - 26/40 - 216 YDs - 1 INT

Aaron Jones - 154 Rushing Yards, 2 TDs

Davante Adams - 13 Rec, 116 Yards, 


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Minnesota Key Stats

Kirk Cousins 16/31 - 123 YDS - 1 TD

Minnesota RB's - 56 Rushing Yards

Forced 3 Turnovers


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Green Bay's Defense was Dominant

Green Bay surrender only seven first-downs tonight. 

ZaDarius Smith sacked Kirk Cousins 3.5 times, while the defense as a whole registered 5. 

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Green Bay improves to 12-3

Minnesota falls to 10-5

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Green Bay is guaranteed a home game in the playoffs and currently sit in the #2 spot in the NFC playoffs. 
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Minnesota Vikings 10

Green Bay Packers 23

The Green Bay Packers are the NFC North Champions 

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Q4 - 1:50

There was dancing in the backfield by Kirk Cousins, but his pass ultimately is deflected. 

Vikings turn over on downs, the Packers will take over, and will take the NFC North Championship. 

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ZaDarius Smith picked up his 3.5 sack tonight. He has already proved that his contract was not a fluke, but tonight is extra emphasis of it. 
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Minnesota Vikings 10

Green Bay Packers 23

Minnesota can't get anything going. 

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Q4 - 2:35

Minnesota gets a good return out to near the 35.

A penalty on the play adds 10 more yards to the Viking field position. 

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Q4 - 3:20

Jones cuts it back, met by the Vikings defense. It's 4th Down for the Packers and they will wisely bring out JK Scott. 
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Minnesota has 144 yards of Offense. 

Without those two quick scores, how would we be talking about this game? 

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Q4 - 3:25


Minnesota uses their final timeout. 

They need a stop to have any chance at coming back. 

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Packers are going to be hammering Jones and Williams to get this game over.

Aaron Jones has 150 yards tonight. 

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Ervin catches it at GB 22. They'll take over looking to run this game out. 
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Q4 - 3:41

Cousins incomplete to Theilen. 

Vikings will elect to punt down two scores. 

Fans are imploring Zimmer to go for it.

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Q4 - 4:07


Minnesota is at midfield and has a 2nd and 24. 

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A 50-yard TD is negated by a holding penalty on offense. 

Huge blow for Minnesota. They were grooving and got a break in a small gap in the coverage. 

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Q4 - 4:30

The Smith Brothers, ZaDarius and Preston, stop the bleeding for the Packers, getting the defense's 4th sack of the night. 
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Check down again to Abdullah. The Vikings are finding something that works.
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Q4 - 5:15

Cousins finds Abdullah, and they are able to move the chains.

There is life in the Vikings offense.

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Minnesota starts on their own 25. 

Cousins immediately fires his pass into the dirt to his receiver. Abdullah appears to have gotten his hands underneath him. 

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11:02 PMa year ago
Crosby misses the PAT.

Minnesota Vikings 10

Green Bay Packers 23

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That's Jones' second score tonight, and the longest run from scrimmage this year.


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Q4 - 5:55


Did I mention Aaron Jones was slippery?

Aaron joins bolts down the sideline 56-yards for a touchdown.

10:59 PMa year ago
He's been targeted 16 times, and has 13 catches. 

Is an NFL Top 5 Receiver even a question anymore? 

10:59 PMa year ago
Adams has eclipsed 100 receiving yards tonight. 
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Q4 - 6:54

Aaron Rodgers with a deep throw to Davante Adams for 18 yards. 

The trust between these two is on display right now. 

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Q4 - 7:50

Vikings stopped. Colquitt punts 56 yards to the Green Bay 15. 
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Q4 - 9:06

Packers set up a 3rd down situation for the Vikings
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Minnesota set to begin at their own 38. 
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Q4 - 10:24

The Vikings get their stop.

Rodgers is sacked in the backfield for the third time tonight.

Green Bay set to punt. 

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Q4 - 10:28


Minnesota Vikings 10

Green Bay Packers 17

Packers avoided a false start penalty with the timeout. 

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Q4 - 11:10

Jones unable to bounce it outside, another third-down for the Packers. 
10:46 PMa year ago

Q4 - 11:50

Vikings starting to press more on Adams and the Receivers.

They had been playing soft up until this point.

10:45 PMa year ago
Zimmer does not blitz, Allen Lazard cuts through the middle and moves the chains. 

Missed opportunity for the Vikings. 

10:45 PMa year ago

Q4 - 13:20

Jones stuffed for no gain on 2nd down, putting the Packers in 3rd and 4. 

Davante Adams is up to 11 receptions. 

10:44 PMa year ago
The Vikings have been on the field almost double the time Green Bay has. Almost essential that they get off quickly, for their own sake. 
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Q4 - 14:14

Vikings burn a timeout, bring on Colquitt to punt.

Ervin pinned at the GB 9.

10:41 PMa year ago
Vikings try a running play with Adam Thielen and fall short. 

4th and 1 for the Vikings at midfield. 

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Vikings have a 3rd and 3. 
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Minnesota Vikings 10

Green Bay Packers 17

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Q3 - 1:26

Cousins with a checkdown to Rudolph. They move the chains. 

Vikings need to get their best players involved. 

10:36 PMa year ago
Minnesota will start at their own 25. 
10:35 PMa year ago
Time of Possession is going to prove to be a huge stat at the end of this game.



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Packers cash in on the Vikings lone turnover so far. 
10:33 PMa year ago

Rodgers finds his receiver in the endzone. Packers up 7.

Minnesota Vikings 10

Green Bay Packers 17


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Q3 - 2:03


The NFL's Rushing Touchdown Leader finds the endzone again.

Aaron Jones with a huge run to set up a score.

The Packers will go for 2. 

10:31 PMa year ago

Q3 - 2:45

Marques Valdes-Scandling with an easy catch, another six yards, and the Packers are closing in on the goal line. 
10:30 PMa year ago
Aaron Jones is so slippery when running the ball. He gets another gain for nine yards. 
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Q3 - 4:13

Rodgers gets it out quickly to Adams, they gain 6 yards, and they are still moving down the field. 
10:29 PMa year ago

Q3 - 4:50

3rd and 1 coming up for the Packers
10:27 PMa year ago

Q3 - 6:23

Green Bay picks up its 16th First Down. 
10:26 PMa year ago
Green Bay starts on the 47-yard line. 
10:26 PMa year ago
That was Cousins' sixth interception on the year. He was targetting Diggs, but threw it into double coverage. 
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Q3 - 7:16


Kirk Cousins took a shot deep, Kevin King took it away.

King returned the ball to the GB 45.

Big swing play for the Packers. 

10:22 PMa year ago

Q3 - 7:46

Ameer Abdullah moving the chains for the Vikings, now on the GB 46. 
10:22 PMa year ago

Q3 - 9:10

3rd and 15 for the Vikings, 25 yard gain for Diggs and the Vikings. 

Huge play, and absolutely what they needed.

Their last first down had been the Diggs TD in the 1st Quarter. 

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Q3 - 9:35

Guess who? ZaDarius Smith gets to the quarterback again.

The Vikings have had trouble preventing the Packers tonight. 

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10:18 PMa year ago
The sack that set up 3rd and 18.

Absolute drive stopper by the Vikings.


10:17 PMa year ago
Mike Hughes calls for a fair catch at the MN 23. Vikings will take over. 
10:16 PMa year ago

Q3 - 9:56

Jake Kumerow can't hold onto the pass. Packers set to punt. 

Rodgers is 1/10 on 10+ yard throws 

10:15 PMa year ago

Q3 - 10:38

Rodgers thrown down on a sack. Vikings now have two on the night and set up another 3rd down for the Packers. 
10:14 PMa year ago

Q3 - 11:57

Aaron Jones, helped by a "wham" block, gains 15 yards, and what appeared to be a stalled drive is now bearing fruit for Green Bay. 
10:13 PMa year ago

Q3 - 12:41

Rodgers finds Lazard for 9 yards. 

Emerging as Green Bay's #2 Wide Receiver tonight. 

10:12 PMa year ago

Q3 - 12:47

A short run and a missed deep shot down the field puts Green Bay in 3rd and 6 backed up in their own territory. 
10:08 PMa year ago

Q3 - 13:44


Cousins overthrows the slant to Diggs. Vikings set to punt, Tyler Ervin set to receive.

Ervin muffed the punt, but recovers at his own 13 to give Green Bay the ball again. 

10:07 PMa year ago

Q3 - 14:20

Vikings are faced with another 3rd down. Mike Boone has had hardly any room to run this evening. 
10:06 PMa year ago
Mike Zimmer wants Cousins to get the ball out quicker, and play a bit faster. 
10:06 PMa year ago
Minnesota will start at their own 25. 
10:05 PMa year ago


Green Bay will Kickoff. 
10:05 PMa year ago


Aaron Rodgers: 18/30 - 156 Yards - 1 INT

Aaron Jones: 45 Yards

Davante Adams: 9 Rec - 86 Yards

10:04 PMa year ago


Kirk Cousins: 4/12 - 40 yards - 1 TD

Mike Boone: 27 yards rushing



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9:53 PMa year ago

9:53 PMa year ago
Minnesota has two first downs in this game, yet leads going into the half and will receive the kick to start of the 2nd half. 
9:53 PMa year ago


Minnesota Vikings 10

Green Bay Packers 9 

9:52 PMa year ago

Q2 - 0:03


Mason Crosby chips in a 19-yarder, and a numb taste is starting to fill Packer fan's mouths. 

Minnesota Vikings 10

Green Bay Packers 9

9:51 PMa year ago


Rodgers just a hair behind Davante Adams on a near touchdown pass. 


9:50 PMa year ago
Aaron Rodgers tries to shift over Jamaal Williams in the backfield, and the play clock gets away from him.

Green Bay burns their last timeout. 

9:49 PMa year ago

Q2 - 0:07

Jamaal Williams is forced out at the 2-yard line.

Packers still have a time out to use, so the Packers have options

9:48 PMa year ago
Adams gets inside the 10.
9:48 PMa year ago
Ball is on the Minnesota 15.

Packers have managed this well.

9:47 PMa year ago

Q2 - 0:16

Jamaal Williams with a screen catch, gaining 11 yards. 

Packers work their way back up to the line, and Davant Adams catches and dances down the sideline for another 12 yards. 

9:46 PMa year ago
The play was a fumble, but Green Bay's Allison recovered the ball. 

Green Bay restarts at Minnesota's 39. 

9:44 PMa year ago

The play is being reviewed by officials.

There sure seems like there is green between Graham's foot and the out-of-bounds line. 

9:43 PMa year ago

Q2 - 0:43

Jimmy Graham picks up a huge 18-yard catch.

Minnesota's Hughes knocks the ball out just as Graham is heading to the sidelines.

9:41 PMa year ago
Ervin catches, kneels, and the Packers will take over at midfield. 55 seconds for Aaron Rodgers to work with. 2 Timeouts as well. 
9:41 PMa year ago

Q2 - 1:01


Tramon Williams undercuts Laquon Treadwell's route, nearly intercepts the ball at the MN 10. 

Minnesota has two first downs in this first half. 

9:40 PMa year ago
3rd and 5 for the Vikings, not hurrying. 
9:40 PMa year ago
ZaDarius Smith has been living in the Minnesota backfield. 


9:38 PMa year ago
Minnesota takes over on their own 10-yard line. 
9:38 PMa year ago

Q2 - 1:51

On a 3rd and 9, Rodgers in serious duress and has to throw it away. Green Bay punt upcoming. 
9:37 PMa year ago
Eric Kendricks, the man who forced both fumbles this game, is now questionable to return with a quad injury. 
9:36 PMa year ago

Vikings third turnover


9:35 PMa year ago
Green Bay has turned it over three times, and still have a chance to take the lead going into halftime.

You can't ask for a much better situation than that. 

9:34 PMa year ago
Packers have a 2nd and 9 upcoming. 
9:33 PMa year ago


Minnesota Vikings 10

Green Bay Packers 6

9:32 PMa year ago
Green Bay's defense is keeping them in this one. 
9:32 PMa year ago

Q2 - 2:37


Vikings call up a double-move play, Cousins massively overthrows Thielen. 

Vikings relinquish great field positioning to the Packers. 


9:31 PMa year ago

Q2 - 2:42


Vikings attempt the Philly Special, but Stefon Diggs outthrows Kirk Cousins.

Vikings remain on the field for 4th down. 

9:30 PMa year ago
That's the 29th turnover for the Vikings, and the third tonight.

Turnovers truly are the difference tonight. 

9:29 PMa year ago

Q2 - 4:07


Davante Adams with a huge reception, appears to make a football move, and Harrison Smith knocks it out. Minnesota will take over at midfield.

9:26 PMa year ago

Q2 - 4:52


Minnesota punts the ball to Tyler Ervin, who returns it to the GB 35.

Green Bay defense stepping up. 

9:24 PMa year ago

Q2 - 6:21

ZaDarius Smith gets his 11th sack of the year, putting the Vikings in a lengthy third-down situation. 
9:22 PMa year ago
Minnesota starts at their own 25. 
9:22 PMa year ago

9:21 PMa year ago

9:20 PMa year ago
Minnesota Vikings 10

Green Bay Packers 6

9:20 PMa year ago

Q2 - 7:00


Mason Crosby drills a 33-yard field goal.

A lengthy Packer drive that ends on a batted ball. 

Green Bay must be feeling disappointed heading back to the sidelines. 

9:19 PMa year ago

Q2 - 7:05

On the 12th play of the Packer Drive, Rodgers takes a shot at the endzone, but Alexander bats it down. 

FG attempt upcoming. 

9:16 PMa year ago

Q2 - 9:08

Another quick out to Adams for 8 yards. Green Bay has been knifing through the defense, already up to the MN 25. 
9:15 PMa year ago

Q2 - 9:56

Quick out to Aaron Jones, and he finds the yellow line. Green Bay keeps on driving. 
9:14 PMa year ago
Davante with 3 receptions for 40 yards so far. 
9:14 PMa year ago

Q2 - 11:08

Davante Adams grabs a quick WR Screen for 11 yards. 
9:13 PMa year ago
Referees did deem the pass incomplete. Back to a 3rd and 1 for the Packers at their own 45. 
9:11 PMa year ago
Good catch by the Vikings, the Packers were just about ready to spike the ball and nullify any chance at reviewing the play. 
9:11 PMa year ago

Q2 - 11:14


Minnesota is challenging the ruling that Allen Lazard caught the ball. 

Looks like Lazard had a bobble at the end that will negate the big gain. 


9:10 PMa year ago

Q2 - 11:14

Aaron Rodgers with a strike to Allen Lazard. 19 yard gain. Aaron Jones running the ball well too. 
9:08 PMa year ago

Q2 -12:50

A pitch to Aaron Jones gets a first down for the Packers. 
9:07 PMa year ago
Green Bay starts at their own 25. 
9:07 PMa year ago

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9:04 PMa year ago

9:04 PMa year ago

Q2 - 13:33


A fade route by Stefon Diggs, a huge throw by Kirk Cousins over Jaire Alexander. Two turnovers by the Packers in their own territory, 10 points for the home team.

Minnesota Vikings 10

Green Bay Packers 3

9:02 PMa year ago
Currently, the Packers are answering the call again. They've stuffed the Minnesota run plays and have forced a 3rd and 5 at GB 23. 
9:02 PMa year ago
Rodgers had not thrown an interception in 278 pass attempts. 
9:02 PMa year ago
Harris is now tied for the league lead in interceptions.
9:01 PMa year ago

Q2 - 15:00


Aaron Rodgers is picked off for the third time this year, and Anthony Harris gets the honor of doing it. 

8:59 PMa year ago

8:58 PMa year ago

8:58 PMa year ago


Minnesota Vikings 3

Green Bay Packers 3 


Both defenses have come out to play this evening. 

8:56 PMa year ago

Q1 - 0:27

Green Bay starts at their 36. 
8:55 PMa year ago
Go Pack Go chants are starting to form here in Minnesota


8:55 PMa year ago

Q1 - 0:37


Kyle Rudolph doesn't turn his head for Kirk Cousins pass, but he also missed his checkdown. 

8:53 PMa year ago
ZaDarius Smith meets Mike Boone in the backfield to worsen Minnesota's position. 
8:53 PMa year ago
Scratch that - Vikings have a false start and will start at the 20. 
8:52 PMa year ago
Vikings will start at their 25.
8:52 PMa year ago
Crosby is 44/49 in FGs in his career against the Minnesota Vikings. 
8:49 PMa year ago

Q1 - 2:01


Mason Crosby hits a 42-yard Field Goal to tie the game up.

Minnesota Vikings 3

Green Bay Packers 3 

8:48 PMa year ago
Aaron Jones bobbles a check down that would have certainly hit the line to gain. Throw was a bit behind 
8:48 PMa year ago

Q1 - 2:09

3rd and 3 for the Packers closing in on the redzone. 
8:46 PMa year ago

Q1 - 3:20

Play action for Aaron Rodgers, and he finds Davante Adams for another first down. Rhodes on Adams in something the Packers want. 
8:45 PMa year ago
Williams churns for rushes of 8 yards and 2 yards to keep the Packers moving. They are on the 42 yard line. 
8:44 PMa year ago

Q1 - 5:30

Allen Lazard captures the 15 yard reception. Moving the chains for the Green and Gold. 
8:43 PMa year ago
Neither Quarterback has a pass attempt longer than 5 yards tonight. 
8:41 PMa year ago
What do you think. Pass Interference or a clean play?


8:40 PMa year ago

Q1 - 6:09

Packers grab a fair catch. They'll take over. 
8:40 PMa year ago
Everyone on the Minnesota sideline is demanding for a flag on the throw down the sideline to Thielen. Blanket coverage by Kevin King for the Packers. 
8:39 PMa year ago

Q1 - 6:15


Minnesota uses its first timeout. Play clock was running down on Cousins, trying to draw the Packers into something they didn't like. 

8:36 PMa year ago

Q1 - 7:32

Cousins dumps it to Diggs after escaping a rapidly collapsing pocket. First Down for the Vikings. 
8:35 PMa year ago
Lowry, active again on the roster, knocks down a Cousins pass attempt.
8:33 PMa year ago

8:31 PMa year ago

Q1 - 8:37

On 3rd and 9, Rodgers takes a shot, but his Wide Receiver isn't looking. JK Scott on to punt. Pins Minnesota on the 8. 
8:30 PMa year ago
Harrison Smith blows up the run play just as ESPN is talking about him. Is he listening to plays or the broadcast?


8:29 PMa year ago

Q1 - 10:30

A shallow cross for Davante Adams results in an 18 yard gain for the Packers. They've broken into Viking territory. 
8:27 PMa year ago

Q1 - 11:35

Aaron Rodgers finds Allen Lazard for a big third-down conversion.
8:26 PMa year ago
Jamaal Williams gets the tap pass from Rodgers to start the new Packer drive. They start at the 25
8:23 PMa year ago

Q1 - 13:11


Minnesota gets on the board first, capitalizing on great field position.

Dan Bailey knocks in a 25-yard FG

Minnesota Vikings 3

Green Bay Packers 0

8:22 PMa year ago

Q1 - 13:14


Kirk Cousins misses an out route to his receiver. The Packers defense comes up huge to halt the Viking momentum.

8:20 PMa year ago
1st and Goal for the Vikings 
8:19 PMa year ago
Barr and Kendricks already doing plenty of damage for the Vikings.
8:19 PMa year ago

Q1 - 14:00


Aaron Jones catches a pass from Aaron Rodgers, the Vikings pick it up and return it to within the 10 yard-line of the Packers. Play is under review to determine if the Vikings were touched down.

8:16 PMa year ago


The Green Bay Packers will receive 
8:02 PMa year ago
It's going to be mentioned all night, but here it goes again:

Kirk Cousins owns an 0-8 record on Monday Night Football. 

7:59 PMa year ago

Minnesota is going with one RB

With Mattison not playing, Mike Boone will be the lone ball carrier in tonight's game. 
7:53 PMa year ago

LaFleur complimentative of the opposition

LaFleur notes that the Vikings are, "in all three phases, one of the best teams in the National Football League."

And on US Bank Stadium noise: "Definitely a disadvantage from an offensive use a silent count. Everybody's reacting to the snap of the football...more than anybody, it hurts the offensive linemen."


7:49 PMa year ago

Green Bay Packers Inactives

Dean Lowry is ACTIVE for the Packers. Rookie TE Jace Sternberger is INACTIVE for the Packers.


7:48 PMa year ago

Minnesota Vikings Inactives

As we expected: Dalvin Cook will be sitting this one out. 


7:47 PMa year ago

Rodgers is ready


6:38 PMa year ago

Green Bay and Minnesota battled Week 2 of this season

6:36 PMa year ago
5:30 PMa year ago
Packers Cornerback Jaire Alexander shares his thoughts before a division matchup against the Vikings:


5:29 PMa year ago

Davante Adams doesn't care where he is playing

Some thoughts from Packer's star wideout before tonight's matchup:


5:27 PMa year ago

5:26 PMa year ago

Green Bay wants to hit Adams in the Redzone

In 1-on-1 situations, Rodgers likes his chances with Adams on the outside. However, this means that Aaron Jones, the league leader in rushing touchdowns, does not touch the ball. 

Ben Fennell's Film Analysis below:


5:17 PMa year ago

Green Bay arrives at US Bank Stadium

The Packers have arrived for tonight's Monday Night Showdown. 


7:57 PMa year ago previews Monday Night Football

I previewed tonight's matchup here on 
7:56 PMa year ago

Don't miss a second of the action!

Do not miss one single detail of the game with's Live Updates and Commentaries. Follow along with us for all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Monday Night Football matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings!
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The Packers are still vying for the NFC's #1 Seed

If the Packers can continue to take care of business, and see Seattle take care of the 49ers, the NFC playoffs will run through Lambeau Field, an advantage that could prove especially fruitful come late January. 


7:52 PMa year ago

Michael Boone with a huge opportunity tonight

With the news that Dalvin Cook will be out, Mike Boone will be the primary recipient of backfield touches. Last week, Boone had plenty of success, rushing for 56 yards and 2 touchdowns. Look for Boone to have ample opportunity to prove his worth, and the Vikings will desperately need him to.


7:48 PMa year ago

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings Game Preview

7:47 PMa year ago

Green Bay Packers: Team Update

Green Bay sits at 11-3 and in control of the division. As of late, the team has been "winning ugly", but to Aaron Rodgers and the gang, a win is a win, no matter how it looks on television. 

"We've got to clean some stuff up, but I wouldn't mind winning ugly all the way to the Super Bowl." Rodgers told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. 


7:43 PMa year ago

Minnesota Vikings: Team Update

The big news out of Eagan, Minnesota this week was that Dalvin Cook will be OUT for the matchup. Cook has been one of the most leagues most effective rushers since he entered the league. 

The Evolution of Minnesota's offense has been the biggest change since the teams faced off in Week 2. Kirk Cousins has emerged as a top playmaker and the Wide Receiving Core is finally finding its groove. 



7:33 PMa year ago

The NFC North is essentially on the line

Both the Vikings and Packers have clinched a playoff spot, all that is left to determine is who will be the winner and who will get the coveted home playoff game. 

Kirk Cousins leads the charge for the Vikings, putting up a sneaky elite season at QB and will need to be every bit as efficient as for the Vikings to come up with a victory at home.

Matt LaFleur and the Packers come into Minnesota as the current division leader, and with some help from Week 16 play, are still in contention for a first-round playoff bye. They have everything to play for in this one. 

7:23 PMa year ago

How to watch Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings Live TV and Stream Services

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: ESPN

If you want to stream it directly: NFL Game Pass, The NFL App,

If you want to watch it on the internet, ​​​​​​​VAVEL USA is your best option!

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Kickoff is set for 8:15 ET / 7:15 CT

The Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings game will be played at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kickoff is scheduled for 8:15 ET / 7:15 CT
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Welcome to's Live Coverage of Monday Night Football: Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings

My name is Ben Bitter and I'll be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, roster updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.