Cleveland Browns Win Shootout against the Dallas Cowboys 49-38
ARLINGTON, TEXAS - OCTOBER 04: Baker Mayfield #6 of the Cleveland Browns celebrates a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys in the second quarter at AT&T Stadium on October 04, 2020 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

 The Cleveland Browns come out the big winners of a 49-38 shootout against the Dallas Cowboys.

Denzel Ward intercepted Dak Prescott with two minutes to play as he looks to get the Cowboys back into the game as Dallas trailed 49-38 at AT&T Stadium in Dallas.

It was a homecoming worth seeing as Baker Mayfield and Miles Garrett who both grew up in Texas ensured the Browns move to 3-1 with the victory.

Garrett dominated defensively causing one of the crucial turnovers with a strip-sack on Prescott which started the Browns on a 34 point unanswered rampage.

First Quarter

A busy first quarter for the two sides as 21 points are scored. The Browns striking first after a quick Cowboys three and out.

A trick play between Browns quarterback Baker MayfieldJarvis Landry finds the showman Odell Beckham Jr open for a 37-yard touchdown thrown by Beckham's college teammate and close friend Landry. 7-0 Browns.

The Cowboys use the ground game to start themselves up before letting Prescott cook and fire a 43-yard dart to the rookie Ceede Lamb for Lamb's first touchdown of his NFL career. Two touchdowns within the first 6 minutes.

Prescott threads a beautiful ball in between the Browns' defensive backs and hits Amari Cooper putting the Cowboys up 14-7.

The Browns look angry and played like it more trickery came from them with Beckham coming out of the backfield and converting a second and eight.

 The problems continue for the Browns as Chubb hobbled off the field looking to be in pain. Its confirmed by the end of the half Chubb would miss the rest of the game with the injury.

 The first quarter does manage end on a positive note when Mayfield fires a 16-yard pass to Beckham, a monster opening for the superstar.

Second Quarter

The tide has turned in the second quarter with the Browns scoring 24 straight points.

Mayfield finishes off his first-quarter drive to make it 14-14 with a four-yard bolt to Beckham for the superstar's second score of the game.

The Cowboys then cough the ball up after a strip-sack by Miles Garrett his third strip-sack of the season.

The Browns known for having a top tier one-two punch in the running back room and with Chubb out Kareem Hunt is leading the line, and the 2018 lead NFL rusher picks up 22 yards in consecutive plays to put Mayfield and the Browns offense on the one-yard line. No mistakes from number six as he put it on Austin Hooper for a one-yard touchdown 21-14 Browns.

Ezekiel Elliot fumbles the ball, Andrew Sendejo punching it loose for a second consecutive turnover for the Cowboys.

Off the fumble recovery, the Browns using their depth in the backfield with the second year running back D’ernest Johnson for a 28-yard run. One more rushing play by Johnson sets up Hunt to run a two-yard touchdown. The Browns have now scored 20 unanswered points. Talk about taking your opportunities. 28-14

The Cowboys come out and rack up some serious yardage with the highlight play being a 17-yard pass to Michael Gallup for his first grab of the game. But it is the Browns defense forcing the pressure by making Prescott go long and missing targets.

Full two-minute drill to try and score some points before the half as the Browns would get the ball back beginning in the third quarter. The Browns go into field-goal territory with a minute left and use all three timeouts to try and get six points instead of three. It does not happen, and Coady Parkey kicks a 37- field goal 31-14 Browns score.

Third Quarter

The Browns with the ball, go marching down the field the ground game cooking, with Hunt, Dontrell Hillard setting up the 14 yards run for Hunt to score his second touchdown of the game. 38-14 Cleveland has scored 31 unanswered points.

The Cowboys cannot do anything and go three and out twice. Cleveland comes in and kicks a field goal. Parkey kicking it from 34-yards to put the Browns up 41—14.

Massive game for Cleveland

Fourth Quarter

Beginning of the fourth the Cowboys march down the field and Tony Pollard converts a two-yard touchdown

The two-point conversion is good, it is 41-22.

The Cowboys get the ball back 8.22 to go.

Dalton Shultz comes down on a 32-yard throw from Prescott for the touchdown. The two-point conversion is good, Prescott walks it in. The Cowboys are coming back here. 41-30 Browns needed a score and did not get it. The worse thing they took off the clock fifteen seconds.

Prescott needs a touchdown a successful onside kick (remember week one we have seen this before) and another field goal.

Copper with as huge run goes down to the 20-yard line four minutes left for the Cowboys. Prescott runs it himself to get into the endzone, and on the very next play Lamb with his second touchdown of the day tops off an 11 play 78-yard 2-minute-15-second drive.

Cooper will score the two-point conversion. It is 41-38. 3.42 left.

The Cowboys have scored 24 points in eight minutes.

The Browns get the ball back, poor kick-off from the Cowboys leaves it on the 50- yard line. More trickery opts from the Browns as Mayfield flicks it Beckham Jr and he runs it in for a 50-yard touchdown. All Browns fans can give a sigh of relief.

Extra point is blocked by a cowboy who is offside, and the ball is deemed live the browns convert for a two-point conversion. It is 11 points again.  49-38 Cleveland

Prescott drives down the field again to set a first and goal and getting 500 yards of offense in total. Hoping to score Prescott is picked off by Denzel Ward.

Game Over. The Browns move to 3-1. The Cowboys move to 1-3  

Game Facts


  • Baker Mayfield: 19/30 165 yards 2 touchdowns 0 interceptions
  • Dak Prescott: 41/58     502 Yards 4 touchdowns 1 interception


  • D’ernest Johnson 95 Yards 11 Carries 0 touchdowns
  • Odell Beckham Jr 73 yards 2 Carries 1 touchdown
  • Kareem Hunt 71 Yards 11 Carries 2 touchdowns
  • Ezekiel Elliot 54 Yards 12 Carries 0 touchdowns


  • Amari Cooper 134 yards 12 receptions 1 touchdown
  • Ceedee Lamb 79 yard 5 receptions 2 touchdowns
  • Odell Beckham Jr 81 Yards 5 receptions 2 touchdowns
  • Jarvis Landry 48 Yards 5 receptions 0 touchdowns

Cleveland will look to continue the momentum as they go to Indianapolis and Dallas needs to pick themselves up luckily they travel to New York to play the Giants.