Touchdowns and Highlights: Cowboys 7-17 Broncos in NFL Preseason
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Thank you for following the Cowboys-Broncos game.
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4Q 01:04

Knee to the ground and the Broncos seal their victory.
12:01 AM2 months ago

4Q 01:54

The Dallas QB is caught and the game is over.
12:00 AM2 months ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
11:56 PM2 months ago

4Q 03:30

Three and out for Denver, to clear.
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4Q 04:56


Fehoko with the reception in the diagonals to finally put a number on the board.

11:43 PM2 months ago

4Q 05:01

Dallas faces a 4&10 on the opponent's 12-yard line, will analyze the situation.
11:40 PM2 months ago

4Q 05:51

Screen pass that works and Dallas is already in the red zone.
11:38 PM2 months ago

4Q 06:37

Benucci with the completed pass to the opponent's 35-yard line.
11:37 PM2 months ago

4Q 07:46

A Benucci pass and pass interference have put Dallas already near midfield.
11:30 PM2 months ago

4Q 10:46

Despite the good position, the Broncos went backwards and ended up clearing.
11:22 PM2 months ago

4Q 14:44

Benucci with the deep and incomplete delivery. Dallas to clear again.
11:17 PM2 months ago

3Q 00:00

End of third quarter. Broncos 17-0 Coowboys.
11:08 PM2 months ago

3Q 03:58

Rypien and the Broncos play for it on fourth down, but the delivery is bad and almost intercepted. They leave empty-handed.
11:05 PM2 months ago

3Q 05:10

Screen pass play and the Broncos now have first and goal, now under Rypien's command.
11:00 PM2 months ago

3Q 09:03

Rudeza to the passer and Denver is already in rival territory, passing the midfield.
10:59 PM2 months ago

3Q 09:37

Virgil with the reception to move the chains to midfield.
10:54 PM2 months ago

3Q 10:21

Henderson with the reception to move the chains, although there was a penalty and it will be third down again.
10:47 PM2 months ago

3Q 13:56

Three and out for the Denver offense. To clear.
10:46 PM2 months ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Denver on the offensive.
10:31 PM2 months ago

2Q 00:00


McManus now scores three more points before halftime.

10:30 PM2 months ago

2Q 00:00

McManus with the long field goal that misses it, although he did call a field goal out of bounds.
10:28 PM2 months ago

2Q 00:03

Johnson pass complete and they will attempt a long field goal.
10:27 PM2 months ago

2Q 00:11

Hilton with the reception and manages to get off the field. Denver is already halfway down the field.
10:26 PM2 months ago

2Q 00:34

Johnson gets off the mark and throws the pass to move the chains and get out of the zone.
10:22 PM2 months ago

2Q 01:10

Dallas' offense remains out of sync and in 4&21 they will have to clear.
10:17 PM2 months ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
10:15 PM2 months ago

2Q 04:04

Rush with the pass complete to the 36-yard line to move the chains.
10:09 PM2 months ago

2Q 05:24


Hilton goes up and makes the reception despite defensive tagging for the second touchdown of the game.

10:06 PM2 months ago

2Q 07:57

Tomlinson with the reception and Denver is already in field goal range.
10:05 PM2 months ago

2Q 08:58

Personal foul for hitting the kicker and Denver advances almost to midfield.
10:00 PM2 months ago

2Q 10:36

Little or no Dallas and three and out, to clear.
9:56 PM2 months ago

2Q 12:34

Ferguson with the reception to move the chains for Dallas.
9:56 PM2 months ago


9:53 PM2 months ago

2Q 12:28


Johnson connects with Williams in the end zone to open the scoring 7-0.

9:51 PM2 months ago

2Q 13:53

Johnson's bomb and despite pass interference it is first and goal.
9:48 PM2 months ago

2Q 14:54

Incomplete pass, Golbert can't make the reception and Denver will start at midfield.
9:46 PM2 months ago

End of first quarter

Cowboys 0-0 Broncos.
9:44 PM2 months ago

1Q 00:32

Rush has to play it and runs, but is stopped before the line.
9:41 PM2 months ago

1Q 03:00

The Broncos took a gamble in the fourth, but were unable to move the chains.
9:39 PM2 months ago

1Q 03:07

Screen pass that Bush releases and it will be fourth down.
9:38 PM2 months ago

1Q 04:45

Jonhson with the completed pass after the controversy and Denver moves the chains.
9:33 PM2 months ago

1Q 05:56

Rush with the pass on fourth down and fumbles Lock's interception.
9:31 PM2 months ago

1Q 08:24

Rush's pass down the middle and Dallas with first and ten, already in rival territory.
9:28 PM2 months ago

1Q 10:06

Defensive pass interference and Dallas moves the chains for the first time, albeit for a penalty.
9:24 PM2 months ago

1Q 10:09

Jonhson with the incomplete delivery and Denver to clear from midfield.
9:22 PM2 months ago

1Q 11:09

The Cowboys had intercepted, but a defensive holding nullifies the handoff.
9:20 PM2 months ago

1Q 11:26

Once again, the Dallas offense is not working after three plays and the ball is turned over.
9:15 PM2 months ago

1Q 12:20

Johnson with the incomplete pass and likewise Denver to clear.
9:12 PM2 months ago

1Q 13:59

Rush con el pase incompleto y no hubo castigo, por lo que tres y fuera Dallas, a despejar.
9:06 PM2 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game between Cowboys and Broncos begins. Dallas on offense.
8:53 PM2 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the Cowboys-Broncos preseason game.
8:50 PM2 months ago

He knows that

Wilson stated in the warm-up that there is no better day than game day.
8:45 PM2 months ago

Good atmosphere

The Cowboys with a good atmosphere on the field in search of a victory in this debut.
8:40 PM2 months ago

Upcoming Cowboys games

While the Cowboys will visit the Chargers and host the Seahawks in preseason, their home opener will be on September 11 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
8:35 PM2 months ago

Next Broncos games

The Broncos will visit the Bills and then host the Vikings before making their regular season debut at the home of the Seattle Seahawks.
8:30 PM2 months ago

The promising duo

Prescott with Lamb in the backfield in a promising duo, although neither will play tonight.
8:25 PM2 months ago

They jump to warm up

Led by Russell Wilson, the Broncos have taken the field.
8:20 PM2 months ago

A lot of illusion

Denver fans have high expectations for the start of the regular season because they think that now, with this roster, they are ready to fight anyone.
8:15 PM2 months ago

Bronze dominance

The Broncos have won the last seven regular season games against the Cowboys, so they have had a clear dominance against the Cowboys, who have won the Vince Lombardi Trophy five times.
8:10 PM2 months ago


Great game to close the NFL slate this Saturday with the Dallas Cowboys visiting the Denver Broncos. We begin with the coverage of the Day 1 game of the NFL preseason through VAVEL.
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What time is Dallas Cowboys vs Denver Broncos match for 2022 NFL Preseason Game 2022?

This is the start time of the game Dallas Cowboys vs Denver Broncos of August 13th in several countries:

Argentina: 11:00 PM on NFL Network and NFL Game Pass

Bolivia: 10:00 PM on NFL Network and NFL Game Pass

Brazil: 11:00 PM on NFL Network and NFL Game Pass

Chile: 11:00 PM on NFL Network and NFL Game Pass

Colombia: 9:00 PM on NFL Network and NFL Game Pass

Ecuador: 9:00 PM on NFL Network and NFL Game Pass

United States (ET): 10:00 PM on NFL Network and NFL +

Spain: 4:00 AM

Mexico: 9:00 PM on NFL Network and NFL Game Pass

Paraguay: 11:00 PM on NFL Network and NFL Game Pass

Peru: 9:00 PM on NFL Network and NFL Game Pass

Uruguay: 11:00 PM on NFL Network and NFL Game Pass

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Background Dallas Cowboys vs Denver Broncos

The Broncos have a clear dominance against the Cowboys in regular season games by winning the last seven in a row and have not lost since 1995 when they played as visitors.

Denver Broncos 30-16 Dallas Cowboys, 2021

Dallas Cowboys 17-42 Denver Broncos. 2017

Denver Broncos 51-48 Dallas Cowboys, 2013

Dallas Cowboys 10-17 Denver Broncos. 2009

Denver Broncos 24-21 Dallas Cowboys, 2005

Image; USA Today
Image; USA Today
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Key Player Denver Broncos

Eyes will be on Russell Wilson, who had threatened to leave Seattle for lack of offensive line; now that he has it, the support of the fans and a big contract, we will see if he can adapt to the altitude and to his new franchise.
7:45 PM2 months ago

Key player Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott comes from one of his best campaigns as a professional by completing 68% of the shipments, for 4,449 yards, 37 touchdowns, although he must take care of the issue of interceptions as he recorded 10 in 2021 (all these numbers in regular season).
7:40 PM2 months ago

Denver Broncos: renovation

In the last seasons that they have not qualified for the Playoffs it seemed that the Denver Broncos only needed to have a good quarterback to be back in the competition for the tight AFC West division and it seems that now they do have one after the arrival of Russell Wilson, so the communication and understanding with his new teammates will be key for the future. The other preseason games for the Colorado team will be at the home of the Buffalo Bills and they will host the Minnesota Vikings, before opening the season as visitors against the Seattle Seahawks.
7:35 PM2 months ago

Dallas Cowboys: on a mission to reach the Super Bowl

The Dallas Cowboys after reaching the Playoffs and once again being eliminated in the first round, now by the San Francisco 49ers, hope that this season will be the good one, where they start as favorites in the NFC East and led once again by quarterback Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, who must improve due to the upcoming new contract. In the following weeks they will visit the Los Angeles Chargers and host the Seattle Seahawks, before their regular season opener at the home of Tom Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
7:30 PM2 months ago

The Kick-off

The Dallas Cowboys vs Denver Broncos match will be played at the Empower Field at Mile High Stadium, in Denver, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 21:00 pm ET.
7:25 PM2 months ago

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