Highlights: Minnesota Vikings 20-26 Las Vegas Raiders in NFL Preseason 2022
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Final Score

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Game is Over

The game ends, thanks for joining us in the broadcast of the game Minnesota Vikings 20-26 Las Vegas Raiders, we are waiting for you at VAVEL for more broadcasts.
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4Q | 2:00

There is a 2 minute break.
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4Q | 3:44

TOUCHDOWN! Albert Wilson with the reception to get his second touchdown of the game. The Greg Joseph extra is good.
6:56 PM2 months ago

Third one!

Brittain Brown with the carry to get 6 more points for the locals:
6:53 PM2 months ago

4Q | 6:38

FIELD GOAL! Daniel Carlson gets 3 more points for the Raiders with a 57-yard field goal
6:45 PM2 months ago

4Q | 10:01

Important dominance of the Raiders defense to prevent any early response from the Vikings and return the ball to their offense.
6:39 PM2 months ago

4Q | 13:41

TOUCH DOWN! Brittain Brown with the run and another Raiders touchdown.
6:34 PM2 months ago

4Q | 15:00

The last period begins.
6:33 PM2 months ago

Bye to the third

The third quarter ends with a 3-point lead for the Raiders.
6:32 PM2 months ago

The Vikings responds!

Pass shotgun from Kellen Mod to Albert Wilson for the Vikings to get their first touchdown of the game:
6:29 PM2 months ago

3Q | 1:50

The Raiders get back into the game, inching forward trying to increase the lead before the end of the third quarter.
6:25 PM2 months ago

Once again!

DJ Turner with the reception and the getaway close to the band for the Raiders' second touchdown:
6:22 PM2 months ago

3Q | 6:24

TOUCHDOWN! Short pass to Albert Wilson for the Vikings to respond and cut the difference to 3 points. The Greg Joseph extra is good.
6:15 PM2 months ago

Raiders hit first!

Jarrett Stidham with the feint to put the first score of the game:
6:11 PM2 months ago

3Q | 9:21

TOUCHDOWN! DJ Turner receives a pass inside the box and scores for the Raiders.
6:05 PM2 months ago

3Q | 15:00

The third quarter begins.
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We go into the break with a 4-point lead for the Raiders.
5:40 PM2 months ago

2Q | 1:32

FIELD GOAL! Greg Joseph makes another field goal, this time from 23 yards.
5:27 PM2 months ago

2Q | 4:59

The game continues with significant pressure from the Vikings, the visiting team seeks to tie the game.
5:13 PM2 months ago

2Q | 8:00

FIELD GOAL! Greg Joseph gets the first 3 points for the Vikings.
5:09 PM2 months ago

2Q | 9:48

The Vikings playing better offense trying to get into the game, they get into the red zone looking to score.
5:00 PM2 months ago

2Q | 14:52

TOUCHDOWN! Jarrett Stidham feint to open a hole in the defense and score for the Raiders. Daniel Carlson's extra point is good.
4:59 PM2 months ago

2Q | 15:00

The second quarter begins.
4:56 PM2 months ago

End of the first

The first quarter ends, a 3-point lead for the Raiders.
4:51 PM2 months ago

1Q | 3:09

Very good job by the Raiders defense, allowing very little progress by the Vikings.
4:42 PM2 months ago

1Q | 5:31

FIELD GOAL! Daniel Carlson adds the first 3 points of the game with a 23-yard field goal.
4:36 PM2 months ago

1Q | 9:15

First offensive attempts by both teams, the score continues without points.
4:28 PM2 months ago

1Q | 15:00

Kick off the game at Allegiant Stadium.
4:27 PM2 months ago

About to start

We are just minutes away from the start of the game presentation and previous NFL protocols.
4:13 PM2 months ago

Warming up!

The Vikings are making the final preparations to start the game:
4:09 PM2 months ago

Getting ready!

The Raiders appear on the field of play for the final warm-up before the game:
4:05 PM2 months ago

Injury Report

These are the players who will not see action today:
Raiders: Micah Kiser, Dillon Stoner, Bilal Nichols, Trayvon Mullen Jr. and Johnathan Hankins.
Vikings: Ryan Connelly and Blake Proehl.
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Clete Blakeman will be the central referee in this duel between Titans and Ravens in week 1 of the NFL Preseason.
3:57 PM2 months ago

Here are the Vikings!

Visitors are already on the premises of Allegiant Stadium for today's debut:
3:52 PM2 months ago

Here are the Raiders!

The Raiders are already home for this afternoon's matchup:
3:47 PM2 months ago

Last duel!

The last meeting between the two teams was in week 4 of the 2019 season when those led by Kirk Cousins outscored the Raiders by a score of 34-14. Derek Carr outscored Cousins in total yardage but Cousins was unable to score points with his offense and they were razed by the Vikings.
3:42 PM2 months ago

Face to face

A good meeting between both teams awaits us, here we share the latest results of both teams.
Photo: ESPN
Photo: ESPN
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Here we go!

We're just under an hour before the Vikings-Raiders game kicks off at Allegiant Stadium. Both teams will go out in search of victory. Who will make it? Follow our coverage on VAVEL to find out.
3:32 PM2 months ago

Stay with us to follow this game!

In a few moments we will share the latest information on the Vikings vs Raiders, in addition to the events that arise from Allegiant Stadium. Do not miss any details of the match with minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.
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Where to watch the game?

We remind you that the game will be broadcast on television by NFL Network and in streaming through the NFL League Pass.
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL is your best option.
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Derek Carr, a must see player!

The Las Vegas quarterback faces a new season with the aim of maintaining his great performance, last season was the best for him and his numbers show it with 4,804 yards on offense, 23 touchdown passes and 14 intersections. The team entered as one of the wildcard participants but failed to advance to the next round. Derek Carr's goal is for the team to improve in all offensive aspects and try to improve all their numbers from last season so that Las Vegas can go much further.
Photo: Raiders
Photo: Raiders
3:17 PM2 months ago

How does the Raiders get here?

The Las Vegas team continues its path in the preseason, after getting its first victory against the Jaguars by a score of 27-11. They finished last season in second place in the American Conference West with a record of 10 wins and 7 losses. With this, the Raiders qualified for the Wildcards round where they were eliminated by the Bengals with a score of 26 to 19. The objective of this campaign is to fight the Chiefs for the direct ticket to the divisional round and to be able to compete for a spot in Superbowl LVII. Dereck Carr, Josh Jacobs and Hunter Renfrow will be in charge of making the Raiders' offense one of the deadliest and they will rely heavily on the work of Yannick Ngakoue and Denzel Perryman to avoid taking points against.
3:12 PM2 months ago

Kirk Cousins, a must see player!

The Vikings quarterback begins a new season, after having had a very successful 2021, which culminated with 4,221 yards on offense, 33 touchdown passes and 7 interceptions. With these numbers, Cousins was considered for the 2022 ProBowl and made his team one of the most interesting to watch. However, the Vikings' great offense was overshadowed by the team's poor defense, which despite having the ninth best quarterback of the season, they failed to get into the postseason. The quarterback's connection to Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson will be critical to having a good year.
Photo: Vikings
Photo: Vikings
3:07 PM2 months ago

How does the Vikings arrive?

The Minnesota team did not have the best of seasons, this one was mostly negative despite finishing second in the NFC North with a negative record of 8 wins and 9 losses. The team was alternating between victories and defeats very often in the season, when it seemed that they came out of the losing streak, they fell again. The team's problem was focused on the defense, this was one of the worst, averaging 24 points against per game, meaning that despite the great offense they had, the team received somersaults and lost in the final moments or in extra time . The defense this season will be handled by Eric Kendricks, Anthony Barr and DJ Wonnum, so it is expected to be a better year.
3:02 PM2 months ago

Where's the game?

The Allegiant Stadium located in the city of Kansas City will host this duel between two teams that seek to advance to the final of the American Conference. This stadium has a capacity for 65,000 fans and was inaugurated in 2020.
Photo: NFL
Photo: NFL
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Good dayย to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the game between Minnesota Vikings vs. Las Vegas Raiders, corresponding to the duel of Week 1 of the 2022ย NFL Preseason. The match will take place at Allegiant Stadium at 4:25 p.m.