Highlights: Denver Broncos 15-42 Buffalo Bills in NFL preseason
Photo: Publicity/Buffalo Bills.


3:01 PM7 months ago


26/08 - Panthers x Bills

27/08 - Broncos x Vilkings.

2:59 PM7 months ago


Broncos 15-42 Bills.
2:49 PM7 months ago


Rypien found Subert on the right and gained six more yards for the Broncos.
2:44 PM7 months ago


Another great move between Ryplen and Virgil. 19 more yards.
2:43 PM7 months ago


What a move! Rypien hit a pass to Virgil on the right, who advanced 20 yards to the Broncos.
2:40 PM7 months ago


McManus converted the field goal.
2:39 PM7 months ago


Saubert scored the Broncos' first touchdown of the game.
2:20 PM7 months ago


Broncos 9-42 Bills.
2:19 PM7 months ago


Bass converted the extra point.
2:18 PM7 months ago


Johnson charged down the left, broke tackles, and advanced eight more yards for the touchdown.
2:14 PM7 months ago


30 more yards. Bills near the endzone.
2:11 PM7 months ago


Fast forward! Blackshear broke the tackles and advanced 25 yards. The Bills' offensive campaign already has 36 yards.
2:07 PM7 months ago


McManus hit a field goal from the 55-yard line.
2:03 PM7 months ago


Shepherd caught Rypien's pass and advanced 28 yards to the Broncos. Offensive Campaign is already 34 yards forward.
1:57 PM7 months ago


Bass confirmed the extra point. Follows 100% in kicks.
1:56 PM7 months ago


Johnson advanced two yards and confirmed another touchdown for the Bills. What a massacre.
1:55 PM7 months ago


70 yards covered by the Bills who made it to the endzone line.
1:54 PM7 months ago


WHAT ADVANCE. Blackshear caught on the left and advanced another 19 yards.
1:51 PM7 months ago


Bills started the third period offensively. In three downs, he gained 29 yards.
1:35 PM7 months ago


Broncos 6-28 Bills.
1:35 PM7 months ago


Bass converteu e segue 100% nos field goals.
1:34 PM7 months ago


Haword received a pass and scored another touchdown for the Bills, who are controlling the game.
1:31 PM7 months ago


WHAT A PLAY! Keenum hit a big pass to Shakir, who advanced 25 yards to the Bills.
1:29 PM7 months ago


Two penalties followed and the Bills retreated 15 yards.
1:24 PM7 months ago


ADVANCE AND ADVANCE! Keenum one more pass down the left and nine more yards gained. Bills campaign goes for 43 yards.
1:16 PM7 months ago


Hardy caught Johnson's pass and gained five yards for the Broncos. Come punt over there.
1:13 PM7 months ago


Bass converted the extra point and maintains 100%.
1:12 PM7 months ago


Moss at the one-yard line, advanced and scored another touchdwon for the Bills.
1:12 PM7 months ago


Great pass from Keenum to Cook and 12 more yards.
1:06 PM7 months ago


Moss ran through the middle and took 11 more yards for the Bills approaching the endzone.
1:06 PM7 months ago


WHAT A PLAY! Keenun hit a pass to Shakir and the Bills advanced another 22 yards. Complete play is already 55 yards forward.
1:03 PM7 months ago


Cook went down the left and advanced 19 yards to the Bills.
12:59 PM7 months ago


McManus hit a field goal from the 43-yard line and scored another three points for the Broncos.
12:54 PM7 months ago


Scott charged down the right, left the mark talking to itself, and advanced eight yards to the Broncos.
12:50 PM7 months ago


Bass converted the extra point.
12:49 PM7 months ago


Moss charged down the right, broke the tackle and scored a touchdown for the Bills.
12:47 PM7 months ago


Moss caught on the left and advanced six yards to the Bills.
12:42 PM7 months ago


Broncos 3-7 Bills.
12:41 PM7 months ago


ADVANCE! Singletary ran down the left for 14 more yards.
12:40 PM7 months ago


Keenum hit a 26-yard pass to Diggs. The Bills' offensive campaign already has a 45-yard lead.
12:35 PM7 months ago


Johnson attempted the pass to Washington, but the pass came out incomplete. Comes punt at the 41-yd-line.
12:28 PM7 months ago


Bass converted the extra point and scored another extra point for the Bills.
12:27 PM7 months ago


Allen hit a pass to Davis, who scored the first touchdown of the game.
12:26 PM7 months ago


Allen hit a pass to Diggs from the right. Seven more yards forward.
12:25 PM7 months ago


Singletary advanced at least and gained 18 more yards for the Bills. Campaign that has already advanced 28 yards.
12:20 PM7 months ago


McManus hit a field goal from the 33-yard line and scored the first points of the game. Broncos in front.
12:18 PM7 months ago


Johnson hit a pass to Williams. Broncos advanced five more yards.
12:10 PM7 months ago


It's NFL preseason at VAVEL.
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Denver Broncos!

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Buffalo Bills!

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Tune in here Buffalo Bills vsDenver Broncos live score

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Recent history

In the last three games between the two teams, the Bills won every game. In 2017 for 26 to 16, in 2019 for 20 to 3 and in 2020 for 48 to 19.
8:22 PM7 months ago

Speak up, Ken Dorsey!

“I think youê kind of saw a little bit of the old Zack in terms of the physicality," Bills OC Ken Dorsey said when  talking to the media this week. "As the first playthrough of the game, he is; hitting that thing downhill, lowering his shoulder, gaining hard yards (five) in a physical run. And then he comes back later in the game and he cuts a lap and jumps there; out, make a guy miss and extend a race that he might not be able to do last year. É exciting to see the health factor coming back.”

“I was not released to camp untill; the day before camp started last year, so é something I've never had before, an ankle injury like that," he said. "So it was different, it was hard to manage." Our coach did a good job of making me feel at least ready to go each week, but youê You know I feel a lot better and I was able to make this thing a lot stronger and feel a lot more confident in the offseason.''


“He isá in good shape, isá focused – your focus is on where it needs to be, it seems," Sean McDermott said during his post-game press session. “I was impressed with his production and the small amount of shipments, é of course, but what he did when he got the ball in his hands was impressive, both in the running and in the passing game, which é good to see. So I think it started off well and again I think it goes back à way he worked in the offseason.”

8:17 PM7 months ago

How does the Buffalo Bills arrive?

The Bills also debuted with victory in the preseason. The team beat the Indianapolis Colts 27-24 at home. The team has a good recent history. In the last 10 games, there were seven wins and three losses, one of them for the Kansa City Chiefs in the playoffs, in which the overall elimination was last season.
8:12 PM7 months ago

Speak, Nathaniel Hackett!

"É about our team," Hackett said. "Our team and only our team. The & only time this will affectá the kind of things we do é during the season."

"We are still working on it," Hackett said. "You know my philosophy: [The preseason é about] risk-reward... In the end, I want to do what é right for the team."

“He always wants to be there," said offensive coordinator Justin Outten. "Youê saw him warming up [against Dallas]. He loves this game, he loves this team. Any opportunity he can get on the white line, é a privilege. He realizes that every time youê put on a helmet youê doesn't know what will happen on the next move. He really loves his game, and é that's what we love about him. But yeah, we're not going to do that."

"It was "great to see the defense going after that," Hackett commented. "For the first two periods, it was all defense. I was a defensive coach and after that I went back to attack. The defense is á playing very well and the attack has to intensify. That wasn't good enough. They didn't do well. There were some mental errors, there were some blocks lost, there were some falls and all that sort of thing. It wasn't just one guy, it was a combination of them all."

"Reality é that they have to work with these things," Hackett said. "It happens. Youê saw this in the last game when we started slow on offense but the best thing was they stuck together and we were able to recover and score three units in a row. This is part of the process. They have to learn these things."

8:07 PM7 months ago

Interview with Ejiro Evero!

This Friday, the Denver Broncos released an interview by Aric DiLalla with Ejiro Evero, who é Defensive Team Coordinator.

Aric DiLalla: What impressed you most about Justin Simmons in your short time with him untilé now?

Ejiro Evero: "He é just an extreme professional. All the physical features are very obvious and it is very obvious. a smart guy, but é the consistency day after day. He é professional. He knows how to prepare. He does the work off the field, in the classroom, taking care of his body. Just a true professional. When youê has the marriage between that and his athleticism and high character, it really shows."

AD: How much of Pat Surtain II do you? had seen before arriving here? How much did youê did you notice him leaving the draft?

EE: "I definitely studied him coming out of the closet and had a lot of love for him. I thought he would be a good player. But I didn't think he would be this good. It's been really cool to watch him, and I really believe he could be a top notch guy."

AD: Youê been close to Aqib Talib, youê been close to Jalen Ramsey. Does he have that kind of potential to be a guy in this class?

EE: "Yes, it does. He does. But the biggest thing for him é just keep working day after day and keep getting better and let these things happen the way they do."

AD: This defense last year was the third in the scoring defense, but there were a few times where it was 'double but not break'. Which é the key to getting the quick stops – the three and deletions – and retrieve the ball for the attack?

EE: "I think we have to make sure that we are doing a good job working together with the attack. We're not going to worry too much about stats, but it's about affecting the game in terms of turnovers and affecting the quarterback and doing the things that we need to do to win each game. Each game will be different. There will be some games where we need to control the attack. There will be some games where, hey, we're going to have to give up a point less. Let's not worry about numbers and just think 'Hey, how can we affect the game and how can we work with offense and special teams to win these games?'"

AD: Youê spoke when he first arrived here about his philosophy regarding à pressure. Which é your philosophy, and does it vary slightly from other people running a similar scheme?

EE: "No, not really. A lot of it is, um, you have to look at it from the quarterback's point of view é the most important position in the field. If youê wants to succeed as a defense and youê you want to succeed in any game, youê it has to affect the quarterback. We're lucky that we have some guys who are blessed and are good players and can rush the quarterback individually, but whatever the cost, whatever you want. have to do to affect the quarterback, because most guys in this league, if youê don't be pressured and give them time, they will succeed. This will be our focal point”.

AD: As a former undrafted player in this league, you're a player. do you have a crush on these guys on this team and hope they get that chance?

EE: "Youê have a notion of how é It's hard, because the guys who are drafted and some of the veterans are going to have a lot of reps. These guys are going to have to do it with fewer reps, which é very, very difficult. É That's why I feel like guys who make teams like undrafted players or low-round draft picks, they're really special, because they have to learn a lot over the neck without having those cool reps. ;sic. a weakness for them, but this é just the nature of the beast."

AD: Turning the focus to you, what do you want? I wish Broncos fans knew about you. off the field or about whom youê é as a person?

EE: "Family first. I know Coach [Nathaniel] Hackett preaches this, but this é really true to who I am. My wife Natalie, my son Flint [and] my son Pierce are the most important people to me. Many of my good friends, I consider them family. This é the most important. I enjoy playing football and spending time with my loved ones".

AD: I read that youê was born in Colchester, England. Youê returned to the London area since then?

EE: "I really played there; - this will be my sixth time this year. I went back a little. I went a few other times just traveling. [I] went to Colchester once for the hospital I was born in, so that was cool."

AD: Youê and Coach Hackett are very close. How do you know? and Nathaniel developed this friendship that started in college?

EE: "We lived together for three years and became very close, and then we played football together [at UC Davis]. We had many similar interests. We are very different in terms of personality, but many of our fundamental beliefs are very similar. We've always kept in touch. He é just someone that I have - even beyond the football stuff - a lot of respect. Only the human being he é. He é just an admirable person and a person people should that é what I've always respected in him."

AD: Was he a good roommate?

EE: "Oh, yes. He'd probably say I wasn't."

AD: Youê would you have believed back then that you would be training together and leading an NFL team?

EE: "No, not necessarily. But I always believed that we would be very close and we would always spend a lot of time together. Even when we lived on opposite sides of the country, we always visited and spent time together and got to know each other's children. It's been cool."

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How does the Denver Broncos arrive?

The Broncos won in their preseason opener. They defeated the Dallas Cowboys at home by 17 to 7. Therefore, breaking a negative streak since the úlast season that alreadyá lasted five games.


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The pre-season has already is á rolling and goes iné the 28th of this month. The teams make the final preparations for the start of the season.

Photo: Publicity/Buffalo Bills.
Photo: Publicity/Buffalo Bills.
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The match will be played at Bills Stadium

The Buffalo Bills vs Denver Broncos match will be played at the Bills Stadium with a capacity of 71.608 people.
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