Highlights and Touchdowns: Vikings 28-25 Saints in NFL
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11:48 AM6 months ago

In this way, the Saints were unable to tie the game.

11:36 AM6 months ago


Thank you for following the broadcast of the game from London between Vikings and Saints.
11:31 AM6 months ago


11:26 AM6 months ago

4Q 00:00

Lutz misses the 61-yard field goal by hitting the post and the Saints go on to lose.
11:21 AM6 months ago

4Q 00:24


Joseph 28-yard field goal on the game's final drive.

11:16 AM6 months ago

4Q 01:37

Cousins' bomb to Jefferson to get into the point zone.
11:11 AM6 months ago

4Q 01:38

Cook with the reception and manages to move the chains. The Vikings want a field goal to win.
11:06 AM6 months ago

4Q 01:51


Lutz and 60 yards connects on the far field goal to tie the game 25-25.

11:01 AM6 months ago

4Q 01:56

Two-minute break where the Saints will face a fourth down.
10:56 AM6 months ago


10:51 AM6 months ago

4Q 04:15


Minnesota surprises with Jefferson's 3-yard carry, but misses the field goal and the difference is only 3.

10:46 AM6 months ago

4Q 04:20

Defensive pass interference and the Vikings will have first and goal.
10:41 AM6 months ago

2Q 08:42

Holding defensively and the Vikings have first and ten.
10:36 AM6 months ago


10:31 AM6 months ago

4Q 09:29


Hill with the personal carry and the Saints, with greater effectiveness, turned the game around.

10:26 AM6 months ago

4Q 12:28

Hill with the personal carry and the Saints are already in rival territory looking for the turnaround.
10:21 AM6 months ago

4Q 14:14


Joseph with the 46-yard field goal to extend the lead.

10:16 AM6 months ago


10:11 AM6 months ago

3Q 02:00

Surprise play where kicker Wright finds J.Nailor for first and ten.
10:06 AM6 months ago

3Q 02:15

Cousins short pass and it will be fourth down for the Vikings.
10:01 AM6 months ago


9:56 AM6 months ago

3Q 03:47


Murray, based on the strength in his legs, enters the diagonals for the touchdown to tighten the scoreboard.

9:51 AM6 months ago

3Q 05:13

Callway with the long, deep reception to put the Saints in the red zone.
9:46 AM6 months ago

3Q 06:27

Dalton singles to fourth and completes the delivery for first and ten.
9:41 AM6 months ago

3Q 06:51

Dalton with the delivery that is deflected by defensive back Peterson and it will be fourth down for the Saints and clear.
9:36 AM6 months ago

3Q 08:28

Dalton connects with Callaway and the Saints get first and ten.
9:31 AM6 months ago

3Q 09:23


Joseph now from 24 yards out doesn't miss and the lead is now 9 points.

9:26 AM6 months ago

3Q 09:59

Short pass by Cousins and the Vikings can't score from 7.
9:21 AM6 months ago

3Q 11:43

Big play and Jefferson puts the ball on the opponent's 3 yard line. First and goal.
9:16 AM6 months ago

3Q 11:56

Error on the kick return and fumble recovered by the Vikings in the opponent's field.
9:11 AM6 months ago

3Q 12:08

Cousins with the incomplete delivery and the Vikings to clear.
9:06 AM6 months ago

3Q 13:35

Three and nothing for the Saints who will have to clear quickly.
9:01 AM6 months ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins. Saints on the offensive.
8:56 AM6 months ago


8:51 AM6 months ago

2Q 00:00

FG VIKINGS. Joseph with another field goal, now a 36-yarder, to extend the lead before halftime.
8:46 AM6 months ago

2Q 00:56

Dalton is caught and stripped of the ball, which is recovered by the Vikings inside the opponent's 30-yard line.
8:41 AM6 months ago

2Q 01:04


From 28 yards out Joseph connects on the field goal to retake the lead 10-7.

8:36 AM6 months ago

2Q 01:07

Bluff play but Cousins does not complete to his receiver, fourth down.
8:31 AM6 months ago

2Q 01:53

Two-minute break. Minnesota with first and ten in the red zone.
8:26 AM6 months ago

2Q 02:48

Thielen with the reception on third down to keep the Purple offense alive.
8:21 AM6 months ago

2Q 04:27

Dalton connects with Landry, but the delivery falls short and the Saints clear from deep.
8:16 AM6 months ago

2Q 06:43

Cousins is pressured and again caught. Vikings to clear.
8:11 AM6 months ago

2Q 08:20

Thielen with the reception for the Vikings' first-and-10 at their 43-yard line.
8:06 AM6 months ago


8:01 AM6 months ago

2Q 08:57


Dalton finds Olave in the promised zone and the game was tied 7-7.

7:56 AM6 months ago

2Q 10:45

Ingram with the carry and has first and goal for the Saints.
7:51 AM6 months ago

2Q 12:30

Jackson dives and makes a catch to set up inside the opponent's 25-yard line.
7:46 AM6 months ago

2Q 12:41

Dalton's 36-yard pass and first and ten for the Saints.
7:41 AM6 months ago

2Q 14:19

Hill with a carry and the Saints finally move the chains in the game.
7:36 AM6 months ago


7:31 AM6 months ago

1Q 00:10

Kirk Cousins fumbles and Matthew intercepts him for the first handoff of the game.
7:26 AM6 months ago

1Q 01:44

Pressure arrives and Andy Dalton is caught. The Saints clear from deep.
7:21 AM6 months ago

1Q 03:08

Cousins has been caught on third down and Vikings to clear.
7:16 AM6 months ago

1Q 05:04

Cousins with the deep delivery to get near midfield and make it 1-and-10.
7:11 AM6 months ago

1Q 05:52

Dalton with the short pass and the Saints after three plays to clear.
7:06 AM6 months ago


7:01 AM6 months ago

1Q 08:12


Mattison, on a screen pass play, takes advantage of the blockers and enters the diagonals for the 7-0 lead.

6:56 AM6 months ago

1Q 09:43

Cook makes the reception and the Vikings have first and goal.
6:51 AM6 months ago

1Q 11:13

Offside at the defensive end and the Vikings with first and 10 at the opponent's 27-yard line.
6:46 AM6 months ago

1Q 13:47

Smith with 10 more yards and Minnesota gets first and ten.
6:41 AM6 months ago

1Q 14:50

Jefferson with the 10-yard reception and they already move the chains quickly.
6:36 AM6 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Vikings on the offensive.
6:31 AM6 months ago

Minutes away

In a few minutes the action will be kicking off from the United Kingdom between Vikings and Saints.
6:26 AM6 months ago

The headline

Former Cincinnati and Dallas QB Andy Dalton will be tasked with taking the controls of the Saints' offense this Sunday.
6:21 AM6 months ago

Upcoming Saints games

While New Orleans will have the next games:

Vs Seahawks

Vs Bengals

At Cardianals

6:16 AM6 months ago

Upcoming Vikings games

Minnesota will have the following games after London.

Vs Bears

At Dolphins

Vs Cardinals

6:11 AM6 months ago

Purple fans

Minnesota, despite playing administratively as an away team and in London, has fans and here are the fans who have made their presence felt in the UK.
6:06 AM6 months ago

Injury report

These are the Vikings players who will not see action this afternoon in London.
6:01 AM6 months ago

Spectacular uniform

For this game, the Saints will wear their rush uniform in white, but it will be marked by the use of a black helmet, the first time they will do so this season.
5:56 AM6 months ago

Many casualties

The New Orleans Saints announced a few hours ago multiple offensive losses involving their backbone such as QB Jameis Winston, RB Alvin Kamara and WR Michael Thomas.
5:51 AM6 months ago

Doubts on the offensive

Despite coming in with a 2-1 record, the Vikings in recent games have left doubts on offense, especially with Kirk Cousins, who has not fully convinced his fans.
5:46 AM6 months ago


This Sunday the NFL starts with its international games and everything will kick off from London when the Minnesota Vikings take on the New Orleans Saints. We start with the coverage of the game through VAVEL.
5:41 AM6 months ago

Tune in here Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints Live Score in NFL Season Game 2022

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What time is Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints match for 2022 NFL Season Game?

This is the start time of the game Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints of October 2nd in several countries:

Where and how to watch Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints online live NFL Season 2022

This is the kickoff time for the Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints game on October 2 in various countries:

Argentina: 10:30 AM on NFL Game Pass and NFL Network

Bolivia: 9:30 AM on NFL Game Pass and NFL Network

Brazil: 10:30 AM on NFL Game Pass and NFL Network

Chile: 10:30 AM on NFL Game Pass and NFL Network

Colombia: 8:30 AM on NFL Game Pass and NFL Network

Ecuador: 8:30 AM on NFL Game Pass and NFL Network

United States (ET): 9:30 AM on NFL Network and NFL +

Spain: 3:30 AM on NFL Game Pass and NFL Network

Mexico: 8:30 AM on NFL Game Pass and NFL Network

Paraguay: 10:30 AM on NFL Game Pass and NFL Network

Peru: 8:30 AM on NFL Game Pass and NFL Network

Uruguay: 10:30 AM on NFL Game Pass and NFL Network

5:31 AM6 months ago

Background Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints

The Vikings have a clear dominance in the series with a record of 23 wins and 13 losses and have won three of the last five games. This will be their first game outside the United States.

Minnesota Vikings 33-52 New Orleans Saints, 2020

Minnesota Vikings 26-20 New Orleans Saints, 2020 (Playoffs)

New Orleans Saints 30-20 Minnesota Vikings, 2018

New Orleans Saints 28-29 Minnesota Vikings, 2018 (Playoffs)

New Orleans Saints 19-29 Minnesota Vikings, 2017

5:26 AM6 months ago

Key Player New Orleans Saints

After missing the game against the Buccaneers, running back Alvin Kamara was back against the Panthers, but it was of little use to avoid the loss where he has not even surpassed 70 yards on the ground and should take a much more prominent role to help Jamies Winston in the air game.
5:21 AM6 months ago

Key player Minnesota Vikings

Despite being in the institution for several years, the reality is that Kirk Cousins is not convincing and with the doubt whether Dalvin Cook will be there or not, he will have to shoulder the team and will have to take care of the ball, as he is usually a QB with many interceptions.
Image: ESPN
Image: ESPN
5:16 AM6 months ago

New Orleans Saints: to be forceful

One of the problems for the New Orleans Saints is that they have lost fumbles and have not been able to be convincing in the first three games, which is why in all of them they have had to come from behind to try to come back and, although in one they could, in the others they could not and that has cost them the defeats.
5:11 AM6 months ago

Minnesota Vikings: adjusting on both sides of the ball

Despite coming into this game with a record of two wins and one loss, including last Sunday's dramatic win at home against the Detroit Lions, the Minnesota Vikings have to adjust on both sides of the ball, as the offense at times does not walk and the defense concedes a lot of yards, although in the decisive moments they have performed up to the task.
5:06 AM6 months ago

International Series

With the game between the Vikings and the Saints, the activity of the NFL international games in this 2022 NFL campaign officially opens, which will include games in England, the first one in Germany and will close in Mexico City in November.
5:01 AM6 months ago

The Kick-off

The Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints match will be played at the Northumberland Development Project Stadium, in Londres, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 09:30 am ET.
4:56 AM6 months ago

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