Highlights and Touchdowns: Cowboys 28-31 Packers in NFL
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7:59 PM21 days ago

The winning field goal

7:57 PM21 days ago


Thank you for following the retransmission of the game between the Cowboys and Packers of the NFL.


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7:55 PM21 days ago

OT 03:52

FG PACKERS Crosby with the 28-yard field goal to seal the victory.
7:52 PM21 days ago

OT 04:34

Lazard with the reception up to the 18-yard line. The Packers are already in the red zone.


7:50 PM21 days ago

OT 06:15

Dallas plays it at fourth and Prescott doesn't connect with Pollard.


7:49 PM21 days ago

OT 06:21

Alexander covers Lamb and is sketchy. Fourth down.


7:45 PM21 days ago

OT 07:29

Pollard takes advantage of the blocks and achieves the first and ten.


7:43 PM21 days ago

OT 09:22

Lamb with the reception and Dallas already close to midfield.


7:40 PM21 days ago

OT 10:00

Extra time begins. Cowboys on offense.


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7:31 PM21 days ago

4Q 00:22

Rodgers with the incomplete pass and Green Bay to clear.


7:26 PM21 days ago

4Q 01:49

Prescott made a mistake and it's an incomplete pass. Dallas to clear.


7:21 PM21 days ago


7:16 PM21 days ago

4Q 02:00

Two minute break.


7:11 PM21 days ago

4Q 02:29


Watson with the touchdown reception and has tied the game 28-28.

7:06 PM21 days ago

4Q 03:09

Dillon with the short run and it's first and goal.


7:01 PM21 days ago

4Q 04:34

Jones turns around and manages to move the chains. There is a loose ball at the end that he recovers.


6:56 PM21 days ago

4Q 06:15

Dillon takes advantage of the gap in the center and reaches midfield.


6:51 PM21 days ago

4Q 07:37

Watson with the short reception and moves the chains.


6:46 PM21 days ago

4Q 09:13

Prescott is pressured and throws incomplete. Fourth down and clear.


6:41 PM21 days ago

4Q 12:25

Gallup with the reception after the defense pressured Prescott.


6:36 PM21 days ago


6:31 PM21 days ago

4Q 13:23


Rodgers plays it in fourth and finds Watson, who escapes to the diagonals for 28-21.

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6:21 PM21 days ago

3Q 00:47

Rodgers runs and manages to move the chains.


6:16 PM21 days ago


6:11 PM21 days ago

2Q 03:17


Lamb with the reception in the end zone to extend the lead 28-14.

6:06 PM21 days ago

3Q 03:31

Lamb with the midfield reception to move the chains.


6:01 PM21 days ago

3Q 06:18

Williams knocks Rodgers down and the Packers punt.


5:56 PM21 days ago


5:51 PM21 days ago

3Q 7:14


Pollard with the 13-yard touchdown run down the middle

5:46 PM21 days ago

3Q 07:55

From Prescott to Lamb and Dallas is in the red zone.


5:41 PM21 days ago

3Q 09:22

On the kick return there is a loose ball and Dallas recovers the ball.


5:36 PM21 days ago

3Q 09:11

Brown with the short reception and Dallas will turn over possession.


5:31 PM21 days ago

3Q 10:54

Bombshell for Watson and the pass is incomplete.


5:26 PM21 days ago

3Q 13:01

Watkins with the 23-yard reception to move the chains to midfield.


5:21 PM21 days ago


5:16 PM21 days ago

2Q 00:08


Schultz with the 5-yard reception to tie the game at 14 before halftime.

5:11 PM21 days ago

2Q 01:23

Lamb with the reception and Dallas is already at midfield.


5:06 PM21 days ago


5:01 PM21 days ago

2Q 01:42


Aaron Jones takes the band and escapes to the diagonals to turn it around.

4:56 PM21 days ago

2Q 01:54

Diggs with the defensive holding and Green Bay has first down.


4:51 PM21 days ago

2Q 02:00

Two minute break.


4:46 PM21 days ago

2Q 02:20

Prescott is intercepted and Green Bay is already in the rival field.


4:41 PM21 days ago

2Q 02:49

Prescott with the carry on fourth down and by inches is first down.


4:36 PM21 days ago


4:31 PM21 days ago

2Q 04:54


Rodgers' arm came up and he hit Watson from 54 yards to tie the game 7-7.

4:26 PM21 days ago

2Q 06:57

Prescott makes a mistake and is intercepted in the red zone.


4:21 PM21 days ago

2Q 08:15

Rodgers ground ball and Dallas will have the ball in the red zone.


4:16 PM21 days ago


4:11 PM21 days ago

2Q 09:52


Lamb with the touchdown reception and the score opens 7-0.

4:06 PM21 days ago

2Q 13:23

Prescott with the personal carry for the first and ten when she was fourth.


4:01 PM21 days ago


3:56 PM21 days ago

1Q 00:28

Prescott with the short run for first down.


3:51 PM21 days ago

1Q 04:26

Jones with the run that loses yards and the Packers to punt.


3:46 PM21 days ago

1Q 06:34

Jones with the 17-yard run to get close to midfield.


3:41 PM21 days ago

1Q 07:48

Jones with the carry to move the chains.


3:36 PM21 days ago

1Q 08:45

Prescott with the incomplete shipment and Dallas to clear.


3:31 PM22 days ago

1Q 09:48

Crosby misses the 54-yard field goal and the Packers leave empty-handed


3:26 PM22 days ago

1Q 09:33

Watson with the incomplete pass and it will be fourth down. to clear


3:21 PM22 days ago

1Q 10:40

Jones with the carry and they move the chains.


3:16 PM22 days ago

1Q 12:48

Jones with the carry and gets pushed off the field. First and ten.


3:11 PM22 days ago

1Q 14:44

Prescott with the short pass and Dallas to clear.


3:06 PM22 days ago

1Q 15:00

Starts the game. Dallas on offense.


3:01 PM22 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the Cowboys-Packers game.


2:56 PM22 days ago

Good atmosphere

There is great optimism in Dallas that they can achieve a good result this afternoon:
2:51 PM22 days ago


A controversial play originated here with Dez Bryant's postseason non-reception.
2:46 PM22 days ago

The current MVP

Aaron Rodgers is the league's reigning MVP and will be relied upon to turn the scoring around.
2:41 PM22 days ago

Packers Casualties

These are the Green Bay players who will not see action this Sunday:

22 CB Shemar Jean-Charles

51 LB Krys Barnes

59 LB De'Vondre Campbell

63 OL Rasheed Walker

78 OL Luke Tenuta

87 WR Romeo Doubs

99 DL Jonathan Ford

2:36 PM22 days ago

Absent Dallas

These are the players who will not see participation for the Cowboys:

- LB Jabril Cox

- QB Will Grier

- RB Ezekiel Elliott

- CB Nahshon Wright

- S Markquese Bell

- LB Anthony Barr

- DE Chauncey Golston

2:31 PM22 days ago

Afternoon Billboard

These are the games for this afternoon scheduled by the NFL:

Cowboys vs Packers

Cardinals vs Rams

Colts vs Raiders

2:26 PM22 days ago

To raise

Aaron Rodgers declared in midweek that he hopes to turn the campaign around and start with that from this Sunday, will he succeed?
2:21 PM22 days ago


The Cowboys are five-point favorites to win as visitors, remembering that they are coming off their bye week and are runner-up in the NFC East.
2:16 PM22 days ago


The Dallas Cowboys are looking for a win at Lambeau Field against the struggling Green Bay Packers. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the NFL game.
2:11 PM22 days ago

Tune in here Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers Live Score in NFL Season Game 2022

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers match for the 2022 NFL Season Game on Week 10 on VAVEL US.
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What time is Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers match for 2022 NFL Season Game?

This is the start time of the game Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers of November 13th in several countries:

Argentina: 6:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

Bolivia: 5:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

Brazil: 6:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

Chile: 6:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

Colombia: 4:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

Ecuador: 4:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

United States (ET): 4:25 PM on Fox Sports and NFL +

Spain: 10:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

Mexico: 3:25 PM on NFL Game Pass, Channel 5 and ViX

Paraguay: 6:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

Peru: 4:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

Uruguay: 6:25 PM on NFL Game Pass

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Last games Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers

The all-time series has been very even, including some postseason games, where the Packers have the edge with 20 wins to 17 losses and have won four of the last five meetings.

Green Bay Packers 34-24 Dallas Cowboys, 2019 Season

Green Bay Packers 35-31 Dallas Cowboys, 2017 season

Green Bay Packers 34-31 Dallas Cowboys, 2017 season (Playoffs)

Dallas Cowboys 30-16 Green Bay Packers, 2016 season

Dallas Cowboys 7-28 Green Bay Packers, 2015 season

1:56 PM22 days ago

Key player Green Bay Packers

If there is a team that relies almost 100 percent on their quarterback it is the Packers with Aaron Rodgers who, after having two straight seasons being the MVP, it seems that the veteran years are starting to take their toll on No. 12, who has made mistakes he didn't used to make before. So far in 2022 he has completed 64.7 percent of his completions for 2,091 yards, 14 touchdowns and seven interceptions. Only in 2008 and 2011 during his first few years did he throw more than 11 interceptions, so he could set a mark but for the worse at the rate he's going.
Foto: AP
Image: AP
1:51 PM22 days ago

Key player Dallas Cowboys

Although he is not the starter, there has been much discussion in recent weeks that Tony Pollard should do it because he has a better statistical record than Ezekiel Elliott, as he has carried the ball 81 times, for 506 yards, 6.2 is his average every time he runs and he has five touchdowns.
1:46 PM22 days ago

Green Bay Packers: avoiding losses

The Green Bay Packers have five losses in a row and beyond the fact that the defense on some occasions has not been able to contain the opponents, the problems have been on offense where Aaron Rodgers cannot find his receivers and that has caused many interceptions, as in the game against the Lions, and they must return to their ground game scheme where they have forgotten both Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon.
1:41 PM22 days ago

The return home

It should be noted that Mike McCarthy will return to Lamebau Field for the first time after leaving the Packers four years ago, so he will try to do it with the right foot in what was his home for many years and where he won a Super Bowl.
1:36 PM22 days ago

Dallas Cowboys: fine-tuning details

The Dallas Cowboys had their bye week, which should have helped them to fine tune details with Dak Prescott after his return to the offense, where he has not done badly at all. The Texans are second in the NFC East division with a record of 6 wins and two losses, two games behind the Eagles, so they cannot afford to lose in a complicated customs.
1:31 PM22 days ago

The Kick-off

The Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers match will be played at the Lambeau Field, in Green Bay, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 16:25 pm ET.
1:26 PM22 days ago

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