Highlights and Touchdowns: Bengals 27-10 Bills in NFL Playoffs
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6:05 PM15 days ago

This was the Bengals' last TD

6:03 PM15 days ago


Thank you for following the broadcast of the Bills-Bengals NFL Divisional Round game.
5:58 PM15 days ago


5:53 PM15 days ago

4Q 01:02

Allen with the interception and Cincinnati signs the away win.
5:48 PM15 days ago

4Q 01:18

Singlatery with the reception over the midfield for 1st and 10.
5:43 PM15 days ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
5:38 PM15 days ago

4Q 03:16

Perine with the carry that falls short and will have to be cleared.
5:33 PM15 days ago

4Q 05:35

Mixon with the 3-yard carry and another first and 10.
5:28 PM15 days ago

4Q 07:08

Perine with the carry for first and 10 and the Bills have run out of timeouts.
5:23 PM15 days ago

4Q 07:23

Allen throws the pass on fourth down and it is incomplete. They go away empty-handed and almost defeated.
5:18 PM15 days ago

4Q 10:12

The play is reviewed and it is determined that Allen's pass was incomplete and not a fumble.
5:13 PM15 days ago

4Q 11:12

Knox with the reception all the way to the opponent's 40-yard line.
5:08 PM15 days ago

4Q 11:22


McPherson with the 20-yard field goal to extend the lead to 3 possessions apart.

5:03 PM15 days ago

4Q 12:00

Mixon with the carry on third and goal coming up short.
4:58 PM15 days ago

4Q 12:48

Defensive pass interference and the Bengals will have first and 10 on opponent's field.
4:53 PM15 days ago

4Q 14:11

Mixon with short carry and have first and 10.
4:48 PM15 days ago


4:43 PM15 days ago

3Q 00:11

Allen with the deep pass, but incomplete and Bills to clear.
4:38 PM15 days ago


4:33 PM15 days ago

3Q 01:17


Mixon with the 1-yard carry for the touchdown that was reviewed by the officials.

4:28 PM15 days ago

3Q 02:51

Mixon turns the corner and they're already at the 5-yard line.
4:23 PM15 days ago

3Q 05:19

Hurst with the reception that takes away a defensive back and moves the chains.
4:18 PM15 days ago

3Q 05:48

Higgins with the 11-yard reception to set up inside the opponent's 40-yard line.
4:13 PM15 days ago

3Q 07:07

Burrow with the 7-yard carry to get the chains moving.
4:08 PM15 days ago

3Q 07:25


Bass 25-yard field goal to close the gap.

4:03 PM15 days ago

3Q 07:35

Allen with the pass pumped up and it will be fourth down.
3:58 PM15 days ago

3Q 09:50

Beasley with the 11-yard reception for the first and goal.
3:53 PM15 days ago

3Q 10:34

Allen with the carry on third down and overshoots the mark for another first and 10.
3:48 PM15 days ago

3Q 13:12

Singletary with the carry and the Bills are in the opponent's backfield.
3:43 PM15 days ago

3Q 14:08

Diggs with a first-and-10 reception to his 38-yard
3:38 PM15 days ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Bills on the offensive
3:33 PM15 days ago


3:28 PM15 days ago

2Q 00:02

Burrow with the carry all the way to the opponent's field.
3:23 PM15 days ago

2Q 00:40

Perine with 10-yard reception for another first and 10.
3:18 PM15 days ago

2Q 00:47

Allen with incomplete pass on third down and Bills to clear.
3:13 PM15 days ago

2Q 01:05

Davis with the reception between two and Buffalo is already in the opponent's backfield.
3:08 PM15 days ago

2Q 01:11

Knox with first and 10 receiving and leaves the field.
3:03 PM15 days ago

2Q 01:49


McPherson 29-yard field goal for a 10-point lead.

2:58 PM15 days ago

2Q 01:51

The play is reviewed and reversed, resulting in an incomplete pass.
2:53 PM15 days ago

2Q 01:51


Chase with the reception despite the defensive back's coverage, where he puts both feet in for the touchdown.

2:48 PM15 days ago

2q 02:00

Two-minute pause
2:43 PM15 days ago

2Q 02:39

Chase with the reception and the Bengals have first and goal.
2:38 PM15 days ago

2Q 05:24

Hurst with the 18-yard reception to set up in the opponent's backfield.
2:33 PM15 days ago

2Q 06:30

Hurts with reception right on the mark to move the chains.
2:28 PM15 days ago

2Q 07:27


Allen's carry on third and goal to break the game deadlock.

2:23 PM15 days ago

2Q 09:23

Shakir with the 22-yard reception to set up in the end zone.
2:18 PM15 days ago

2Q 10:50

Allen with personal carry in fourth to move the chains.
2:13 PM15 days ago

2Q 12:50

Beasley with a 30-yard reception to set up the best offense of the day.
2:08 PM15 days ago

2Q 14:50

Diggs with reception to move the chains.
2:03 PM15 days ago


1:58 PM15 days ago

1Q 00:49

Burrow stopped on third down and the Bengals to clear.
1:53 PM15 days ago

1Q 01:50

Irwin with the 14-yard reception to move the chains.
1:48 PM15 days ago

1Q 02:18

Allen with the incomplete pass and the Bills to clear.
1:43 PM15 days ago


1:38 PM15 days ago

1Q 03:47


Hurst with the reception all alone in the diagonal zone to increase the difference.

1:33 PM15 days ago

1Q 05:05

Out of bounds by the Bills and they give away first and ten in their red zone.
1:28 PM15 days ago

1Q 08:05

Another Mixon carry and the Bengals move the chains.
1:23 PM15 days ago

1Q 08:56

Mixon with the 16-yard carry to close to midfield.
1:18 PM15 days ago

1Q 10:12

Bad and incomplete pass by Allen on third down and Bills to clear.
1:13 PM15 days ago


1:08 PM15 days ago

1Q 11:40


Burrow finds Chase on a 28-yard connection to open the scoring.

1:03 PM15 days ago

1Q 13:15

Mixon with another 10-yard carry to move the chains.
12:58 PM15 days ago

1Q 14:18

Mixon with the short haul to move the chains on a field that continues to snow.
12:53 PM15 days ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Bengals on offense.
12:48 PM15 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kickoff between the Bills and Bengals in the NFL Divisional Round.
12:43 PM15 days ago


Today there will be snow and the Bills will be more than motivated to pull out the victory.
12:38 PM15 days ago

Two large

Previous Respect and greeting between QBs Josh Allen and Joe Burrow
12:33 PM15 days ago

Bengals Casualties

These are the Cincinnati players who will not see action today:

25 HB Chris Evans

33 CB Tre Flowers

65 G Alex Cappa

73 OT Jonah Williams

82 TE Nick Bowers

93 DE Jeff Gunter

97 DT Jay Tufele

12:28 PM15 days ago

Bills absences

These are the Bills players who will not see action today:
12:23 PM15 days ago

Combined points

Combined, about 48.5 points are expected, which would represent a win for Buffalo by a score of 27 to 21.
12:18 PM15 days ago

The favorite

According to the latest oddsmakers' report in Las Vegas, the Bills are 6-point favorites on Sunday.
12:13 PM15 days ago

For the AFC Final

No matter what happens the Bengals or Bills will play the Chiefs as visitors, however, if Buffalo advances to the Conference Finals the game will be played in Atlanta after that suspended game.
12:08 PM15 days ago

Some casualties

It is worth noting that for this game the Bengals could suffer from having absences on the offensive line and we will see how they make up for those losses for today's game.
12:03 PM15 days ago


A ticket to the American Conference Finals is being sought and this Saturday there will be a great game when the Cincinnati Bengals visit the Buffalo Bills. We begin with the coverage of the game through VAVEL.
11:58 AM15 days ago

Tune in here Cincinnati Bengals vs Buffalo Bills Live Score in NFL Playoffs 2023

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What time is Cincinnati Bengals vs Buffalo Bills match for NFL Playoffs 2023?

This is the start time of the game Cincinnati Bengals vs Buffalo Bills of January 21st in several countries:

Argentina: 5:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Bolivia: 4:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Brazil: 5:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Chile: 5:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Colombia: 3:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Ecuador: 3:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

United States (ET): 3:00 PM on NFL Game Pass and FOX Sports

Spain: 9:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Mexico: 2:00 PM on NFL Game Pass, TUDN, ViX, ESPN and Star Plus

Paraguay: 6:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Peru: 4:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

Uruguay: 6:00 PM on NFL Game Pass

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Last games Cincinnati Bengals vs Buffalo Bills

The Bills lead the all-time series against the Bengals with a record of 17 wins to 15 losses, highlighting that Cincinnati has won three of the last five meetings.

Cincinnati Bengals 17-21 Buffalo Bills, 2019 season.

Buffalo Bills 16-20 Cincinnati Bengals, 2017 season

Buffalo Bills 16-12 Cincinnati Bengals, 2016 season

Cincinnati Bengals 34-21 Buffalo Bills, 2015 season

Cincinnati Bengals 27-34 Buffalo Bills, 2013 season (overtime).

11:43 AM15 days ago

Key player Buffalo Bills

After several seasons that have fallen by the wayside, Josh Allen knows he has a great opportunity to transcend and make a difference on the field to return the Bills to the Super Bowl and that this will probably be his last home game of the season, a situation that he must take advantage of to get the victory in front of his fans.
11:38 AM15 days ago

Key player Cincinnati Bengals

Although he missed some games of the regular season due to injury, Ja'Marr Chase totaled more than a thousand yards and is Joe Burrow's main weapon in the aerial game, being one of the best receivers in the league due to his speed and height that can cause severe headaches for the opposing defense this Sunday.
Image: Bengals
11:33 AM15 days ago

Buffalo Bills: Avoid the losses

The Buffalo Bills also suffered in their first Playoff game when they defeated the Miami Dolphins by only three points, remembering that Josh Allen did not have a good game because he suffered two interceptions that ended in points against, a situation that against the Bengals they cannot afford and will have to be more cautious with the blitzes and establish the ground game to have a better control of the game.
11:28 AM15 days ago

Cincinnati Bengals: provide protection

The Cincinnati Bengals suffered more than enough to advance to this round, remembering that they barely defeated the Baltimore Ravens 24-17, where they had many problems both to protect Joe Burrow and to establish the ground game, a situation that they will have to adjust to keep Josh Allen as far away from the field as possible.
11:23 AM15 days ago

Fate wanted this game

It is important to remember that all the regular season games were played on time and on time, except for the clash between Bills and Bengals due to the cardiac arrest suffered by Damar Hamlin in the middle of the field, which almost cost him his life. A few weeks later, these two teams will face each other for a berth in the American Conference Finals.
11:18 AM15 days ago

The Kick-off

The Cincinnati Bengals vs Buffalo Bills match will be played at the Highmark Stadium, in Buffalo, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 15:00 pm ET.
11:13 AM15 days ago

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