Trade deadline scenario: McDavid to Toronto?
How would Connor McDavid look in a Maple Leafs' uniform? | (Photo:

It is the time of the season where trade rumors fly like pucks on a goalie.

But, Connor McDavid?


Here's the prospective trade

McDavid to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

William Nylander, Mitch Marner, and Morgan Rielly to the Edmonton Oilers.

The theory here is that McDavid is getting tired of not winning a Stanley Cup (which is probably true) or even competing to the level of making the playoffs. They have only made the playoffs one year in the McDavid era.

As of this writing, the Oilers are staying above water (or ice) trailing for the last wild card spot by just two points.

Yet, many experts say with the best player on the planet, shouldn't they be doing better?

More realistic trade scenario

The above mentioned trade would not work with the salaries needing to be closer. The Oilers may need to also give up Darnell Nurse ($3.2M) AND Zack Kassian ($1.95M) to make such a prospective deal even fly.

This would bring the two teams within striking distance ($2.25M) of salary cap requirements to allow the league to approve it.

The $12.5 million question is would such a trade help both teams?

It could.

The Oilers would of course lose the BEST player in the NHL but would also be gaining a future star in Nylander and a proven scorer in Marner. Adding in Reilly to replace Nurse is an added incentive.

Both teams need to fortify their defenses and this particular dream trade seems to do that.

The other speculation is can you imagine McDavid in the best market in the NHL? Toronto is THE place to display his talents much better than Edmonton. Toronto is the place for McDavid to spread the NHL's message much like another star who wore #99.

The other issue is would the Toronto Maple Leafs be an unstoppable force with Auston Matthews, John Tavares and Connor McDavid being in their lineup?

I'd say YES!

What other team could put two of the best centers in the NHL on the same team? Would McDavid be the first-line center or would Matthews be the one to take that spot?

So many NHL teams can only wish to have a problem like that.

Comparing statistics

Connor McDavid - 27-G, 40-A 1.52 PPG Games-44

William Nylander - 1-G, 2-A 0.19 PPG Games-16

Mitch Marner - 17-G, 41-A 1.32 PPG Games-44

Morgan Rielly - 13-G, 33-A 1.05 PPG Games-44

Darnell Nurse - 6-G, 16-A .49 PPG Games-45

Zack Kassian - 2-G, 3-A .14 PPG Games-42

On paper that seems to even out pretty well as far as each team's offensive stats go.

Toronto - 35-G, 59-A = 94 points

Edmonton - 31-G, 76-A = 107 points

Many trades may appear feasible on paper but then things like salaries and no movement clauses kick in ruining all the fun.

There will be some trades done before the trade deadline next month, but this one lies in the fantasies of all those who wish to be armchair general managers.

I gave that up a long time ago!

Is this trade scenario too much to even have a remote possibility of happening? Many factors are taken into trades. Do you think this one has a shot at happening? Let us know in the comments section below.