Summary and highlights of the Spanish Grand Prix 2023 in F1
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Thank you all.

Thank you all for joining us in this intense race with an exciting finish, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. See you all again!
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Top 10 of the Spanish Grand Prix

These were the drivers who scored points in the Spanish Grand Prix
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🏁 Lap 66/66

The last lap is approaching Sergio Pé rez, but it will not be enough for him to reach Rusell 
10:26 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 62/66

Five-second penalty that will go out of points;
10:24 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 60/66

Sergio Pérez has the fastest lap and is in fourth position ahead of Carlos Sainz 
10:17 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 53/66

Checo Pérez overtakes Carlos Sainz  and places fourth 
10:14 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 51/66

Fernando Alonso overtakes Ocon and is already seventh, while Checo Pé rez comes out behind Carlos Sainz 
10:09 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 48/66

Fernando Alonso overtakes Zhou and the Spaniard moves up to ninth;
10:04 AM4 months ago

This is how Rusell's overtaking went


10:04 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 45/66

Stop of Fernando Alonso who leaves behind Zhou 
10:00 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 42/66

For Carlos Sainz and leaves in front of Stroll in sixth position, Checo Pérez is already fourth 
9:51 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 35/66

Rusell overtakes Carlos Sainz and both Mercedes are already in podium positions;
9:49 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 34/66

Sergio Péz overtakes Tsunoda and Ocon, Mexican in sixth position 
9:47 AM4 months ago

Lewis Hamilton's overtaking


9:45 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 30/66

Sergio Pérez overtakes Fernando Alonso  and the Mexican is placed eighth 
9:40 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 28/66

Lewis Hamilton overtakes Carlos Sainz, the Mercedes driver takes second place;
9:35 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 26/66

Rusell stops and exits behind Stroll in fifth position;
9:30 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 25/66

Lewis Hamilton stops and starts behind Carlos Sainz, the Mercedes driver less than three seconds behind the Ferrari driver 
9:25 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 23/66

Gasly overtaking Nyck de Vries, the Alpine driver is in 14th position;
9:20 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 21/66

Fernando Alonso overtakes Zhou, the Spanish driver is placed ninth;
9:15 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 20/66

Fernando Alonso and Gasly stop, the Spaniard exits behind the Chinese driver;
9:10 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 19/66

Carlos Sainz overtakes Gasly and moves into sixth position;
9:05 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 17/66

Charles Leclerc passes Carlos Sainz and the driver of Monaco to put soft and leaves 18º
9:00 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 16/66

Stop of Carlos Sainz who leaves behind his teammate, Charles Leclerc 
8:55 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 15/66

Stop of Lance Stroll, who puts soft and comes out twelfth;
8:50 AM4 months ago

🏁  Vuelta 14/66

Ocon's stop lap, the Alpine driver starts in 13th position;
8:45 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 10/66

Checo Pérez overtakes Zhou Chinese driver throws an undercast to Fernando Alonso
8:40 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 8/66

Lewis Hamilton overtakes Lance Stroll and the British driver is placed in third position;
8:35 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 7/66

Rusell overtakes Fernando Alonso and is placed in sixth position the Mercedes 
8:30 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 6/66

Sergio Pérez is placed ninth after overtaking Hulkenberg 
8:25 AM4 months ago

The start of the Spanish Grand Prix was like this


8:20 AM4 months ago

🏁 Lap 2/66

Norris stops, while Rusell squeezes Carlos Sainz 
8:15 AM4 months ago


Verstappen keeps the position despite the attack of Carlos Sainz and has gone a touch between Norris and Lewis Hamilton 
8:10 AM4 months ago

Warm-up lap begins

All choose medium tires except the two Red Bull drivers, Checo Pérez and Max Verstappen, and Sargent 
8:05 AM4 months ago

Charles Leclerc

The Monaco driver crashed out of Saturday's Spanish Grand Prix outside of Q1, something that hasn't happened since 2019 at the Monaco Grand Prix


8:00 AM4 months ago

Special race for Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz

Both Spanish drivers are racing today at home and will have the support of the public. Carlos Sainz will start from second position, while Fernando Alonso will be eighth.
7:55 AM4 months ago

Shock for George Russell

The Mercedes driver went into the gravel on his way to the grid
7:50 AM4 months ago

We remind you of the grid positions

Finally Charles Leclerc and Sargent will start from pit lane as they have made last minute changes.
7:45 AM4 months ago

Numerous soccer spectators at the Grand Prix of Spain

Neymar, Lenglent, Laporte, Joao Felix, Mbappe and Dembele among others are at the Spanish Grand Prix as luxury spectators.


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In a few moments the Grand Prix of Spain will start, both the preview and the minute by minute of the race can be followed here on VAVEL 
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Stay tuned to follow the Grand Prix of Spain

In a few moments we will share with you the live preview of the Spanish Grand Prix, as well as the latest information from the Montmelo Circuit. Don't miss any detail of the race with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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How to watch the Formula 1 race at the Spanish Grand Prix?

If you want to watch the Spanish Grand Prix live on television, your option is ESPN.

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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What time is the Formula 1 race at the Spanish Grand Prix?

This is the start time of the race in several countries:
Argentina: 8:00 AM

Bolivia: 8:00 AM

Brazil: 9:00 AM

Chile: 8:00 AM

Colombia: 7:00 AM

Ecuador 7:00 AM


Spain: 3:00 PM

Mexico: 7:00 AM

Paraguay: 8:00 AM

Peru: 8:00 AM

Uruguay: 8:00 AM

Venezuela: 8:00 AM

England: 13:00 AM

Australia: 22:00 AM

India: 17:30 AM

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Another pole position for Max Verstappen and four more this season

The Dutch driver was the fastest in qualifying, after a chaotic qualifying. With Charles Leclerc out in Q1, Checo Perez and Rusell in Q2 and Fernando Alonso with a badly damaged flat-bottom who only had one attempt in Q3. Finally Max Verstappen took pole, his fourth of the year and the 24th of his career, followed by Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris. 

The Red Bull driver commented after taking pole: "The car was very good, although qualifying was complicated by the weather. As the track got better and better, the car went smoothly. I love coming to Barcelona, the fans are very enthusiastic about the engine".

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
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Spanish Grand Prix standings

1. Max Verstappen (1:12.272)
2. Carlos Sainz 
3. Lando Norris
4. Lewis Hamilton
5. Lance Stroll
6. Esteban Ocon
7. Nico Hulkenberg
8. Fernando Alonso 
9. Oscar Piastri                                                               
 10. Pierre Gasly
11. Sergio Pérez
12. George Russell
13. Guanyu Zhou
14. Nick De Vries
15. Yuki Tsunoda
16. Valterri Bottas
17. Kevin Magnussen
18. Alexander Albon
19. Charles Leclerc
20. Logan Sargeant
7:10 AM4 months ago

Checo Perez, out of Q3 for the second time in a row

The Mexican driver has been left out of Q3 in qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix and will start from the eleventh position. It already happened to him in the last Grand Prix in Monaco where he did not pass Q1 after an accident in the first minutes of qualifying. Checo explained his accident afterwards to the media: 

"My last attempt in qualifying I made a mistake and went off in 5. I was able to make an attempt but the tires were very hot. It was very wet in the wash and on the outside".

7:05 AM4 months ago

Results of Checo Perez in the Spanish Grand Prix

Mexican Checo Pérez has not won on any occasion in this Grand Prix, last year he came close where he finished second and achieved his best result in the city of Barcelona. Since 2017 a fourth position with Sahara Force India F1 Team 
7:00 AM4 months ago

These are the last ones at the Spanish Grand Prix

The Grand Prix of Spain has been held in Barcelona since 1991;

1991: Nigen Mansell

1992: Nigen Mansell

1993: Alain Prost

1994: Damon Hill

1995: Michael Schumacher

1996: Michael Schumacher

1997: Jacques Villeneuve

1998:  Mika Häkkinen

1999: Mika Häkkinen

2000:  Mika Häkkinen

2001:  Michael Schumacher 

2002:  Michael Schumacher 

2003:  Michael Schumacher 

2004:  Michael Schumacher 

2005: Kimi Räikkönen

2006: Fernando Alonso

2007: Felipe Massa

2008: Kimi Räikkönen

2009: Jenson Button

2010: Mark Webber

2011: Sebastian Vettel

2012: Pastor Maldonado

2013: Fernando Alonso

2014: Lewis Hamilton

2015: Nico Rosberg

2016: Max Verstappen

2017:  Lewis Hamilton 

2018:  Lewis Hamilton 

2019:  Lewis Hamilton 

2020:  Lewis Hamilton 

2021:  Lewis Hamilton 

2022: Max Verstappen

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The race will be held at the Circuit de Montmeló, located in the Grand Prix of Barcelona. It was inaugurated in September 1991 and has a capacity for 140,700 spectators. The length is 4'675 kilometers and has 16 curves.
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Eighth meeting of the year

Another race in Europe, this time in the city of Barcelona, before the drivers head to North America for the Canadian Grand Prix. After the Monaco Grand Prix where Checo Pérez had a fantastic race. Verstappen leads the world championship with 39 points ahead of Mexican Sergio Pérez 
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