VAVEL USA Exclusive With Real Salt Lake Midfielder Luis Gil
Luis Gil steps onto the field prior to Sunday's match. Brandon Farris - VAVEL USA

Following Sunday’s last match for Real Salt Lake VAVEL USA Photojournalist Brandon Farris was able to catch up with US Men’s National Team and Real Salt Lake midfielder Luis Gil for an exclusive interview about the offseason and his thoughts on the game along with the new #DecisionDay format.

VAVEL USA (VU): How do you feel the team performed in a game where you had nothing on the line to play for?

Luis Gil (LG): We knew from the beginning that Seattle was going to come out flying and we had a mindset of how we were going to come out but didn't execute. The second half was much better though.

VU: What did it mean to you that Seattle felt the need to have someone to the caliber of Clint Dempsey mark you on corner kicks and what's it like to play on the same field as him, a fellow national teammate?

LG: I was just doing my job and he was too. I don't think it meant too much, just played the game. It's amazing to be on the same field as him. You can just see how on a different level he is. And you kind of learn from it even though I'm playing against him.

VU: In the first half it seemed you played a little further back, in the second half you appeared to be more forward. Was there a change at halftime and what was the message from the coaching staff?

LG: Well that's what my position is. To be a little deeper. Obviously we were down three at half so second half I wanted to bring something to the game and obviously getting forward is where I'm most comfortable at.

VU: What did it mean for you to get a goal in the last match of the year?

LG: It's been an up and down year for the team and me as well. It's been tough to deal with. Wish I could have got into a better rhythm, but it all comes down to consistency and getting games in.

VU: As the offseason sets in, how do you prepare for 2016 and any word on time with the first team USMNT?

LG: Hopefully I get the opportunity to get in with the first team USMNT, that's always my goal. I'm definitely going to still be working hard on the offseason.

VU: What was your take on this new format from MLS with #DecisionDay?

LG: It was awesome. So many great games and excitement throughout the league.