Score Chile vs Colombia in Copa America Centenario Semifinal (2-0)
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Thanks for joining me for this everlasting match. Sadly, it's now time for me to do what security is doing to our fourth pitch invader of the evening, and say goodbye. I've been Liam McMahon, goodbye for now. 

90+5' James drives the free kick right into the wall before committing a foul in an effort to win the ball back. That is the final act of the match. 

90+4' Moreno earns a late free kick for Colombia. Probably the last act of the match here. 

90+3' Still not back underway. 

90+2' There was a third pitch invader, and he delayed the restart. 

90+1' We've got another pitch invader, this one wearing a James shirt. More laughs for the crowd, as he fell twice and two stewards went over as well. He went down after a tackle that'd make the Chicago Bears proud. 

90' James with a horrible tackle on Aranguiz to earn a yellow. Carlos Bacca got a yellow for the fracas moments ago. Four more minutes. 

89' Puch went down in a heap which prompted a coming together of nearly everyone on the field. 

88' Mark Gonzalez enters for Eduardo Vargas for Chile. 

87' Zapata just took out Alexis in the box, but somehow a penalty wasn't given. The latest in a long line of questionable refereeing decisions this evening.

86' Chile has really done a good job in this second half of just managing the game. 

85' Nothing comes from the free kick, but Francisco Silva does enter the book for a cynical challenge on James. 

84' Bad foul conceded by Martinez. Dangerous free kick coming for Chile here. 

83' Colombia is penalized for a foul throw. Don't see that everyday. 

81' Perez took aim from distance and laced the ball well over the bar.

80' Carlos Bacca replaces Juan Cuadrado before a Colombia corner, which is dealt with. Looked like they should have had another, but they also shouldn't have had one in the first place.

78' Puch picks up a yellow card for a bad challenge on Moreno. 

77' 55,423 announced as this evening's attendance. 

76' Looks like Colombia has just run out of ideas. 

75' Substitution for Chile now, as Jose Pedro Fuenzalida is replaced by Edson Puch. 

74' If Colombia does somehow manage to come back, Chile is going to rue all their missed opportunities in the second half. 

73' Substitution for Colombia as Sebastian Perez replaces Frank Fabra. 

72' Terrific defending from Isla to cut out a dangerous ball into the box. Up the other end, Chile went very close to getting behind again. 

71' Great defending from James up the other end as he blocked an Alexis shot that looked destined for the side netting out for a corner.

70' James with a hit from distance that Bravo spilled. However, he managed to get on the ball before a Colombian could. That's a let off for Chile. 

68' There's a ball boy in trouble somewhere. Fun in the pool that this pitch has become with two balls on there. 

67' Zapata picked up the ball deep and chose to embark on a rare attacking foray. He managed to get into the box before slicing a shot high and wide. 

66' Fuenzalida got forward again before whipping in a brilliant cross. It was met by the head of Pulgar, who forced a fantastic save from Ospina. Colombia still in it. 

64' Cuadrado darts through the midfield before being brought down by Beausejour who gets a yellow. 

63' Alexis nearly set Beausejour in there, but his pass was just under hit. 

62' Cuadrado whipped a great ball into the box that was well dealt with. 

61' Really dangerous break from Colombia almost leads to a chance. They have the speed to keep threatening, even down to 10 men. 

59' Colombia has now switched to what appears a 4-3-2 formation in defense and a 2-3-4 in attack. 

57' There's the second yellow for Carlos Sanchez for a silly foul in Chile's defensive third. He's staying around to argue, but he's gone. 

55' Cuadrado went down after a terrific piece of skill, but no foul was given. A questionable decision. 

54' As dangerous as they look going forward, Colombia looks just as porous at the back. 

53' Vargas got in behind again, but Chile couldn't find the final ball. 

52' Chile still looks really composed. 

51' Colombia looks more potent on the attack now.

50' Great work by Sanchez eventually leads to a Beausejour cross being blocked out for a corner. 

49' Fabra sliced a shot well wide after slipping in the water.

48'  Vargas is flagged offside in the Colombian box. 

47'  Torres went down after a heavy challenge in the box. Looked a penalty, nothing given. 

46' Both teams just looking to feel their way back into the match now. 

Marlos Moreno has come on for Edwin Cardona for Colombia.

Ball is at the center circle. Here we go. 

Just minutes from starting up again here. Let's hope this game still has some semblance of a rhythm to it. 

The surface will play a role in this second half. Still quite wet, a few small puddles camera may not pick up. Ball will skid like crazy.

Whole Chile team already has their warm-up tops off. Ready to finish this one. 

Whole Colombian team out there warming up, while it's only the starting XI out there for Chile. 

As is Colombia. 

Chile has come back out and is warming up. 

Impressive how many fans waited through this delay.

My guess is we'll get back underway around 11:30 PM ET.

Fox has, once again, changed the projected start time. It is now 11:20 PM ET.

There's an Irish flag hanging over the advertising board now. Someone clearly enjoyed their victory at the Euros this afternoon. 

Fox Sports now saying play will restart closer to 11 PM ET. 

Every run from the grounds crew is greeted with raucous cheering. 

Big message on the scoreboard now saying "PLAY WILL RESUME SHORTLY."

Diario Deports saying that we're going to start up again at 10:30 CT. 

Univision now reporting that the second half of the match will take place this evening. 

People filtering back to their seats now. 

Little bit of crowd noise now, cheering on those raking the pitch. 

Hearing there will be a formal pitch inspection at 9:30, a decision on whether or not to keep playing tonight will be made by 10. 

We've got people in suits out for a walkabout on the pitch to determine its state. Rain has slowed down considerably. 

Hearing the match will restart in about an hour. 

And now they're being recalled to the concourses. 

Fans are being let back out towards their seats. Wonderful.

Pitch has taken on a lot of water, but the rain has slowed down somewhat.

And the televisions are back on, just in time to see Argentina's opener against the US from last night. Again. 

The televisions in the press box have lost their signal. That's a good sign. Let's hope the wifi isn't next. 

Wonder what the chances are of a chorus of "Will Grigg's on Fire" breaking out in the press box. We're not supposed to cheer, but that didn't stop the Chilean press after either goal. 

Kind of wish I was down in a concourse right now, I'm certain it's getting musical down there. 

Fox now saying we'll start again at 9:30 PM CT. I'm hearing the deadline to restart tonight is 11 PM CT. Meanwhile, the rain is coming down in sheets so thick you can scarcely see across the field.

Fox Sports 1, which previously said play would start up again at 8:30 PM CT, then said it would start at 8:45 PM CT, is now saying we'll get back underway at 9:15 PM CT. I'll let that speak for itself in regards to Fox's accuracy. 

Many are asking when the match is going to start. However, the real question to be asking is who hung the Tunisian flag over the wall in the lower bowl. 

As my VAVEL colleagues just said, that was the best run we've seen on the pitch tonight. First time the men in red have really had to defend. Too bad most of them can't tackle. 

We now have an idiot on the field, running around shirtless. That's a moment he'll never forget. He juked out three security personnel and then tried to climb back into the stands before being wrestled to the ground. He'll never forget that moment. Largely because he won't go to another match for years. 

The rain has hit us now, and it is absolutely pouring down around Soldier Field. 

An announcement just went over the loudspeaker telling people to leave their seats, and promising that "the game will not start until the storm has passed." That's meant for the fella in the Pibe Valderrama wig who hasn't left his seat.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning has been issued for Cook and DuPage counties until 10:41 PM ET, 9:41 PM CT. For those of you that can't do match, that means we're under this warning for the next hour and a half. 

Now the movement of people under cover has gotten serious, as they've started forcing people out of their seats and towards cover. This is fun. 

A massive thunderclap brought a cheer from the crowd. And made people start moving up the aisles quicker.

We just saw some lightning. Hope people actually heed the advice of the stewards and take cover, there are plenty still in their seats. It's a lightning storm right now, some loud thunder.

There's a very forbidding image of bright orange weather bands on the radar they're putting on the jumbotron at the moment. We may be here awhile. 

Here's hoping the match isn't delayed at all. 

A warning is suddenly flashing up on the scoreboard, saying that "DANGEROUS WEATHER IS APPROACHING. SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY."

45+4' And there is halftime. Fantastic match thus far.

45+3' A cross from Arias manages to pick out James 20 yards out from goal but his volley is screwed wide. Meanwhile, Alexis enters the book.

45+2'  Both teams look quite tired. Not a surprise given the thrilling pace the first half has been played at.

45+1'  A Sanchez effort from distance forces Bravo into a good save. Can't believe Colombia hasn't scored yet. 

45' More pressure from Colombia. Three more minutes coming. 

44'  Great work from Beausejour creates space from a cross which is cleared well by Zapata. He's had a good game. 

43' Vargas goes down after some strong defending from Zapata, but the referee is unmoved. Didn't look a penalty.

41' Sanchez enters the book after a poor tackle. 

40' For all of the terrific attacking moves from Chile, they've been forced into some last ditch defending as well. 

39' Colombia monopolizing possession, looking to get back into the match. 

38' It really is a lovely night for football. Great temperature, perfect setting, cracking atmosphere. The game has lived up to all of that thus far.

36' Chile manage to deal with James' delivery.

35' Colombia with a dangerous set piece coming...

33' A brilliant through ball sets Arias in on goal. Bravo charges, and Arias looked to chip it over him, but the keeper saved.

32' Vargas is flagged for offside. Feels like we'll have another goal any minute. 

31' Colombia look so dangerous when they combine down the wings. Meanwhile, a nice interchange leads to James firing just wide from distance, which raises the decibel level again. 

29' Erick Pulgar on now to replace the injured Hernandez. At the other end, Vargas forces Ospina into more good goalkeeping. 

28' Hernandez down again. Ouch. More Colombia chants. 

27' Hernandez is back on. Tough fella.

25' Hernandez down and receiving treatment after being sandwiched. Ouch. He's being taken off on a stretcher, substitution imminent. 

24' It should have been 2-1! A fantastic pass sent Martinez in on goal, but he couldn't finish. Should have tucked that away. To be fair, it was a good save from Bravo. 

22' A rousing "Co-lom-bia" chant rings around the yellow-tinged stadium. It is a decidedly pro-Colombian crowd. 

21' Cuadrado penalized for a hand ball after a lovely rabona cross. Incredible cross.

19' Fuenzalida forces another good clearance after a dangerous cross. He and Alexis look so threatening.

18' He's back up, and play gets underway once more. 

17' Claudio Bravo down now, and receiving treatment after taking a shot while collecting a cross. 

16' Cuadrado now giving Chile fits with a dangerous spurt down the right wing to win a corner that La Roja manages to deal with. 

15' Alexis has clearly been given a free role, and boy is he enjoying it. He picked the ball up on the right wing and proceeded to beat two players off the dribble before forcing a save from Ospina from an acute angle. Nothing comes from the ensuing corner.

12' The Chilean journalist sitting in front of me absolutely loved that goal. 

11' 2-0 to Chile! Now it's Fuenzalida getting on the score sheet, though the credit for the goal belongs to Alexis. He collected the ball and bamboozled Zapata before rifling a shot off the post. Fuenzalida only had to slot the rebound home into an empty net.

10' Brilliant ball bent into the box by Cuadrado, but no one on the receiving end. 

9' Fuenzalida made another brilliant run down the right wing only to see his cross cut out well. Chile look so dangerous right now. 

7' GOAL CHILE! And it's a goal for Aranguiz! Dreadful defending from Colombia. Fuenzalida flew forward up the right wing before whipping a cross into the back post. There, Juan Cuadrado attempted to clear the ball only to send it back into the mixer. Aranguiz had the simplest of tap-ins.

5' Colombia not finding it easy to get out of their own half, but a foul relieves the pressure. 

4' Chile comes forward dangerously but can't find a final ball. Colombia unable to break quickly. 

3' It's chippy early on, a number of silly fouls given away. 

2' Martinez with an early foray forward to win a corner. The service is to the back post, where Zapata is penalized for a hand ball. Free kick to Chile. 

1' And we're off

Both teams huddle on the edge of the center circle, and we're just about to start.

Teams are in the tunnel, and they're about to head onto the pitch.

It's almost time to get underway in this highly anticipated match. Get excited.

Soldier Field is pretty empty tonight, but at least the fans are supplying some color. 

The only big surprise here is that Colombia has decided not to start Carlos Bacca. Apart from that, the only big name missing is Arturo Vidal, who is, of course, suspended.

Colombia starting XI: Ospina; Zapata, Arias, Fabra, Murillo; Rodriguez, Sanchez, Cardona, Torres Cuadrado; Martinez

Chile starting XI: Bravo; Isla, Silva, Fuenzalida, Jara, Beausejour; Hernandez, Medel, Aranguiz; Sanchez, Vargas

It would have been all but impossible for Colombia to look as impressive as Chile did. However, Los Cafeteros were only able to scrape into the semifinals after surviving a penalty shootout against Peru. The game was a battle for 90 minutes, with each side looking dangerous but unable to conjure up a final ball. Peru came close to finding a winner in stoppage time before goalkeeper David Ospina kept the match scoreless. The keeper went on to play the hero of the shootout as well, making a brilliant save as his side were victorious 4-2 from the spot. 

While Sanchez was sublime in that match, the headlines were written by the tournament's leading scorer, Eduardo Vargas. The man with fantastic odds to win the Golden Boot entered the Mexico match with two goals to his name in the tournament, the same number as he had with Hoffenheim in league play in Germany this season. He walked out of Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, with four goals on the night and six in the tournament.

Sanchez was truly fantastic in Chile's 7-0 shellacking of Mexico in Saturday night's quarterfinal match. He had a goal and an assist during a match for the ages. It's hard to put into words just how incredible that game was to watch--though it didn't have the same gravity as Brazil's 7-1 mauling at the hands of Germany in the 2014 World Cup Semifinal, viewers were left with a similar sense of disbelief. Many had marked Mexico down as potential tournament winners, and they had looked absolutely superb throughout the group stage. However, they came up against a terrific team playing a nearly perfect game. 

Without Vidal in the lineup, even more pressure than normal will rest on Sanchez's shoulders. However, if anyone can bear it, it is the mercurial winger. He, along with Rodriguez, Argentina's Lionel Messi and the United States's Clint Dempsey is on the short list to be Player of the Tournament. 

Though Sanchez is always Chile manager Juan Antonio Pizzi's main man, tonight he may really feel the weight of the world is on his shoulders. The heartbeat of this Chile team is midfield maestro Arturo Vidal, of Bayern Munich. Vidal, the only man who can challenge Paul Pogba for the title of "Best box-to-box midfielder in the world," is crucial to La Roja's success. However, after picking up his second yellow card of the tournament in Chile's 7-0 rout of Mexico in the quarterfinals, Vidal has been suspended for this evening's encounter. He's all but irreplaceable. 

Meanwhile, the other big draw in tonight's encounter is the best player at Arsenal, who finished second last year in the Barclays Premier League. The winger, previously with Barcelona, has become manager Arsene Winger's go-to match winner. Unsurprisingly, that is the role he plays for his nation as well. Sanchez is unintimidated. Additionally, he's been fantastic in this tournament, registering three goals and two assists.

It's rare that two of the finest attackers in the world square off against each other, but that is exactly what we have on our hands here today. Rodriguez, who was the breakout star at the World Cup two years ago, parlayed that into a move to Real Madrid. Though he has struggled to nail down a permanent place in the starting XI for Los Blancos, he's still one of the world's finest players. He's been terrific so far for Colombia in the Copa America Centenario, scoring in their first two matches and scoring a vital penalty during their shootout defeat of Peru in the quarterfinal. 

This is set to be one of the most watchable games of this tournament. Though the match between Chile and Argentina back in the group stage probably wins the award for most star power on display in a single match, this one is a close second. It picks up that plaudit solely because of two men: James Rodriguez and Alexis Sanchez

Though this tournament has seen its fair share of twists and turns, back when it all kicked off few would have been surprised to learn that Chile and Colombia would be squaring off in a semifinal at this tournament. Though each of these sides has only won the Copa America once (Colombia in 2001, Chile in 2015), they're two of the finest teams in the Americas. Both put in strong showings two summers ago at the World Cup in Brazil and boast bonafide superstars in their teams. 

Hello and welcome to VAVEL USA's live coverage of this evening's Copa America Centenario semifinal between Colombia and Chile from Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. My name is Liam McMahon, and I am absolutely thrilled to be bringing this match to you live from the press box staring at the Chicago skyline. We've still got quite a ways to go until we kick off on the shore of Lake Michigan, so please sit back, relax, and let me walk you through the build up to this one.