Goals and Highlights: Correcaminos 1-0 Tampico Madero, 2020 Ascenso MX


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9:37 PM6 days ago

9:37 PM6 days ago


It's over. There was no more Correcamino wins as a local.
9:22 PM6 days ago


Time-consuming stop play.
9:19 PM6 days ago


The 90 minutes are up. They add 5 minutes.
9:18 PM6 days ago


Noe Maya sends a shot into the hands of the local goal.
9:16 PM6 days ago


UAT dies on the line in the attack. Taking care of the lead is critical.
9:15 PM6 days ago



Dante Osorio comes out
Enter Emmanuel Loeschbor

Diego de Buen comes out
Enter Javier Orozco 

9:09 PM6 days ago


Jose Juan Garcia is going to be expelled. Scorer of the goal. 
9:04 PM6 days ago


Red card for Correcaminos player. 
9:01 PM6 days ago


Discriminatory act. Announce the local sound. 
9:00 PM6 days ago


GOAL! Correcaminos makes the first header.
8:54 PM6 days ago

8:53 PM6 days ago

Change Correcaminos; Enter Alvarado, Exit Sigales.
8:52 PM6 days ago


Atilano blew a golden opportunity. 
8:44 PM6 days ago


Correcaminos change; Peña leaves, Atilano enters
8:42 PM6 days ago


Danger play that wastes the visit. 
8:35 PM6 days ago

The last 45 minutes will be played.
8:32 PM6 days ago

Game locked in Tamaulipas
8:25 PM6 days ago


The hobby of Tamaulipas already plays its part. Phone lights go on on Marte R Gomez. 
8:11 PM6 days ago


 Correcaminos is closer to scoring.
8:05 PM6 days ago


NEAR! Aim that goes over the arch. 
8:00 PM6 days ago


Osorio makes a play that delivers for the visit. 
7:59 PM6 days ago


Shot deflected, close to the premises. 
7:51 PM6 days ago

That's the way to live the Correcaminos vs. Tampico.


7:50 PM6 days ago


Foul for Tampico Madero player.
7:47 PM6 days ago

Yellow card for Mena. 
7:44 PM6 days ago

FRAGA! He's already saved the Correcaminos cadre. He sent in the corner kick on a downward bound play. 
7:44 PM6 days ago

Roadrunner tries but the defense of the visit is attentive. 
7:42 PM6 days ago

Corner shot that safely circled the local area.
7:39 PM6 days ago

Ball stays in midfield. 
7:37 PM6 days ago

The game is on! 
Both teams are going on the offensive. 
7:33 PM6 days ago


Roadrunner and Tampico for pride. 

7:31 PM6 days ago


Great entrance in the Marte R Gómez Stadium

7:28 PM6 days ago


XI Correcaminos|Fraga, Jiménez, Riestra, Valadéz, García, Maya, Rentería, Peña, Mena, Sigales y Osorio.
7:13 PM6 days ago


XI Tampico| Jiménez, Aguirre, De Buen, Ortega, Ocejo, López, Denilson, González, Ronaldo y Escobar
7:08 PM6 days ago

7:03 PM6 days ago


UAT | Carlos Peña is the most experienced man in the eleven of the feathered ones and he will look for that to weigh so that the Correcaminos's picture goes out with a positive result. 
7:00 PM6 days ago


Tampico | Diego de Buen is a player who is looking for revenge after his time in the first division and after having an important step by several teams in the MX League. He has become one of the referents of the Port. 
6:57 PM6 days ago


The last three matches between the two teams have the following sum; Roadrunner two wins and one draw. While the UAT in the history of classics have won 15 times, by ten of Tampico and 9 draws. 
6:55 PM6 days ago


In addition to being the first "Jueves de Ascenso MX" at the Marte R Gómez Stadium, modifications were made to it so that it would look great today. 


5:53 PM6 days ago

In the 34th edition of the Clásico Tamaulipeco, Tampico and Correcaminos played out a goalless draw in the south of the state, while the last time they faced each other on "Marte R. Gómez", Correcaminos won 3-1 with goals from Edison Toloza, Néstor Breintenbruch and Omar Tejeda.
5:47 PM6 days ago

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11:56 AM6 days ago

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11:54 AM6 days ago

Correcaminos Last Lineup

Fraga, Riestra, Valadéz, Martínez, García, Maya, Rentería, González, Mena, Alvarado, Osorio
11:50 AM6 days ago

Tampico's Last Lineup

Jiménez, González, Aguirre, Escobar, García, De Buen, Ortega, Ávila, Villa, Ocejo and Prieto.
11:37 AM6 days ago


Central Referee Correcaminos vs Tampico ; will be Adalid Maganda assisted by Jesús Soto and Pedro Ramírez de líneas. Fourth Official will be Edgar Morales.
11:24 AM6 days ago


The Clásico de Tamaulipas in its 35th edition will have good attendance because it is common that for that meeting the tickets are sold out, adding now the good step that both sets have looking for the championship. 

11:19 AM6 days ago


The day before the press conference, Correcaminos strategist Roberto Hernandez , before the game said that passions have no reason to run high and hopes for a duel without violence on Mars R Gomez. 
11:11 AM6 days ago


Those from the capital of Tamaulipas have a quota of 6 goals produced on the three dates, while the number of goals received has the same amount as scored.
11:05 AM6 days ago


Tampico Madero throughout the tournament has a total of four goals, while the goals they received are a total of 3. In this game they will try to leave their goal at zero and annihilate their opponent.
11:02 AM6 days ago

The renewed Roadrunner does not want to miss the opportunity to continue climbing the ladder and will be looking for success. The feathered ones come from being defeated 4-0 by the Mineros de Zacatecas team as visitors, while at home the last performance was won 3-2 by the Cafetaleros team in a closed match. 
10:55 AM6 days ago

Tampico Madero's team comes from winning in a game that was bumpy due to repeated fouls to Atlante's team by a score of 2-1, while their last visit defeated the Black Lions with two goals. 
10:50 AM6 days ago

It's been a long time since both teams were at the top of the table on the eve of a Clásico Tamaulipeco, regularly one was at the top and the other came to the match with the slogan to win it and get back on track. 
10:46 AM6 days ago

The Correcaminos and Tampico team will play this game in the field of the Marte R Gómez Stadium, located in the capital city of Ciudad Victoria, which has a capacity for more than 18 thousand people. The time of the dispute will be at 8:30 p.m. (CDMX Time)
10:41 AM6 days ago

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