Goals and Highlights: Atlanta United 3-0 Motagua, 2020 CONCACAF Champions League
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10:59 PM9 months ago


10:55 PM9 months ago
Tomorrow, Atlanta United will meet their quarter-final opponents. Which will come out of the playoff between America and FC Communications.
10:54 PM9 months ago


The game is over in the United States. Atlanta United defeats Motagua 3-0, 4-1 on aggregate, to advance to the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Champions League.
10:53 PM9 months ago


Shot inside the area by Luis Fernando who goes off course.
10:52 PM9 months ago


Add two minutes.
10:51 PM9 months ago

Atlanta United Video Goal

Gonzalo Martinez scored his second goal of the night.
10:50 PM9 months ago


Change from Atlanta United. Hyndman out, Adams in.
10:47 PM9 months ago

83' Atlanta United Goal

Reckless goalkeeper's foul on Josef Martinez. The referee lets the play run by the law of advantage and without goalkeeper, Gonzalo Martinez scores the goal.
10:44 PM9 months ago


Half a turn inside the Moreira area and the Atlanta defense takes the shot.
10:43 PM9 months ago


First change of Atlanta United. Luis Fernando enters, Jake Mulraney leaves.
10:38 PM9 months ago


Because of Motagua's desperation, the Hondurans have dedicated themselves to kicking Atlanta United players.
10:33 PM9 months ago

Atlanta United Video Goal

Atlanta United is sentencing the playoffs with a score by Josef Martinez.
10:30 PM9 months ago


Last change of Motagua. Rubilio Castillo enters, Mayorquín leaves.
10:28 PM9 months ago


Walter Martinez gave notice within seconds of entering the court.
10:27 PM9 months ago


Change of Motagua. Martinez enters and Felix Crisanto leaves.
10:24 PM9 months ago

60' Atlanta United Goal

Josef Martínez receives the ball inside the area and before the goalkeeper leaves, the Venezuelan forward scores the second goal of the night.
10:22 PM9 months ago


Klusener's header goes over the top of Brad Guzan's goal.
10:20 PM9 months ago


Change of Motagua. Matías Galvaliz leaves, Gonzalo Klusener enters.
10:15 PM9 months ago


Free shot by Ezequiel Barco that he performs underneath the goal, but he cuts off the goalkeeper of Motagua.
10:10 PM9 months ago


Counterpunch from Atlanta United. Barco assists Josef Martinez, but his shot goes off the side of the goal.
10:07 PM9 months ago


The second half starts at Fifth Third Bank Stadium.
9:53 PM9 months ago


The first half is over. Atlanta United beats Motagua 1-0 so far.
9:51 PM9 months ago

Atlanta United Video Goal

Gonzalo Martinez was able to finish the play after a great combination with Josef Martinez.


9:47 PM9 months ago

40' Atlante United Goal

Great combination between the two Martinez and ends up scoring Gonzalo with a cross.
9:44 PM9 months ago


Josef Martinez enters the area, shoots, and back Rougier cuts.
9:41 PM9 months ago


Joseph Martinez assists Gonzalo Martinez from outside the area, but the attempt is very crossed from Motagua's goal.
9:36 PM9 months ago


Ezequiel Barco receives a great filtered pass from Martinez. Barco shoots from outside the area and the attempt goes sideways.
9:36 PM9 months ago


New clearance by Montes, now he took out Gonzalo Martinez's shot.
9:35 PM9 months ago


Individual play by Joseph Martinez, he shoots, but defender Montes deflects the attempt.
9:25 PM9 months ago


Head shot by Joseph Martinez going sideways.
9:23 PM9 months ago


Attempt from outside the area by Mayorquín who leaves without goal direction.
9:21 PM9 months ago


Ezequiel Barco's shot inside the box, but Marcelo Santos' sweep saves Atlanta United's goal.
9:17 PM9 months ago


Free kick by Gonzalo Martinez that goes above the goal.
9:12 PM9 months ago


Center by Gonzalo Martinez looking for the second post, but can't find any of his teammates for the shot.
9:09 PM9 months ago


Ezequiel Barco's centre, but Joseph Martinez is unable to finish off with a great start from goalkeeper Rougier.
9:05 PM9 months ago


The game starts at Fifth Bank Stadium. Atlanta United and Motagua looking for a ticket to the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Champions League.
9:00 PM9 months ago
Atlanta United and Motagua are already on the field for the CONCACAF Champions League protocol ceremony.
8:49 PM9 months ago
Great atmosphere from Atlanta United fans looking to see their team advance to the next round of the CONCACAF Champions League.


8:38 PM9 months ago

Lineup Motagua

8:38 PM9 months ago

Lineup Atlanta United

8:35 PM9 months ago
The stadium pitch is in good condition for tonight's match.
8:33 PM9 months ago
A few minutes ago, this was Atlanta United's arrival at home for this match in the CONCACAF Champions League.

8:24 PM9 months ago
Little by little, the Motagua fans are beginning to make their presence felt at Third Bank Stadium.
8:22 PM9 months ago
We begin with the coverage of the return game between Atlanta United and Motagua.
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Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Atlanta United vs Motagua match.
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Motagua Key Player

Rubilio Castillo, forward from Motagua. Given the Honduran team's need to score goals, it will be key for Castillo to be forceful about his scoring options. In addition to his forcefulness, the speed he has can be critical in damaging Atlanta's defense.
Photo:  AS USA
Photo: AS USA
2:23 AM9 months ago

Atlanta United Key Player

Gonzalo Martinez, Atlanta United midfielder. He's the different man on the U.S. team. He has a unique talent and will be the man to give him a break in the tightest moments of the game. His intelligence in making filtered passes and collecting free kicks can make all the difference on the night.
Photo: AS USA
Photo: AS USA
2:20 AM9 months ago

Motagua last lineup

J. Rougier; M. Pereira, M. Santos, F. Crisanto, O. Elvir; H. Castellanos, M. Galaviz, K. López, R. Mayorquín; R. Moreira, R. Castillo.
2:18 AM9 months ago

Atlanta United last lineup

B. Guzan; F. Meza, F. Escobar, A. Walks, M. Adams; E. Hyndman, E. Remedi, J. Larentowicz; E. Barco, G. Martínez, J. Martínez.
2:16 AM9 months ago


For tonight's game, the central referee will be: Keylor Herrera Villalobos.
2:12 AM9 months ago

Motagua, for the miracle in the United States

Dreaming doesn't cost anything and the team coached by Diego Vasquez will be looking to make a splash against one of the candidates to go the furthest in the tournament. Motagua could not take advantage of the condition as local and only tied against Atlanta. With the criterion of visiting goal, at least must go to score a goal at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in order to aspire to advance to the next round.
Photo: Futbolete
Photo: Futbolete
2:09 AM9 months ago

Atlanta, to finish the series

The red-and-black team has everything in its favor to advance to the next round of the continental championship. They made their mission in Honduras by being able to score the away goal in their 1-1 draw with Motagua. Now at home they will have to keep their cool to dominate the game and reach the next round of the tournament.
Photo: La Tribuna
Photo: La Tribuna
2:06 AM9 months ago

Kick-off time 8pm ET

The Atlanta United vs Motagua match will be played at the Fifth Third Bank Stadium, in Atlanta, USA. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:00pm ET.
2:01 AM9 months ago
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