Genoa vs Juventus: Goals and Highlights from Juventus' 3-1 victory over Genoa. 


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Juventus extend their lead over Lazio at the top of the table to four points!

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Full Time - Genoa 1-3

Juventus take all three points after a fantastic second half display, with three wonderful goals from Juventus.
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Genoa are attempting to put the pressure on Juventus and find a way through in the final stages of the game but it is too little too late.
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Four minutes have been added on. But Juventus look like they are coming away with all three points.
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Higuain looks to wrap the game up but his shot is an easy one for the goalkeeper to save.
5:32 PMa year ago


A very poor back pass by Ramsey is well dealt with by Szczensy who slides and knocks the ball away from the on-coming Pinamonti.
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Juventus once again give the ball away on the half-way line and it sends all of the Genoa players forward on the counter-attack. But a good tackle from Ramsey stops the danger.
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83| Substitution - Juventus

OFF - Rabiot

ON - Matuidi

OFF- Dybala

ON - Olivieri

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The game looked over when Costa put Juventus 3-0 up but Pinamonti's goal has just injected a bit of energy in the Genoa players and they are hunting the ball down with a purpose now.
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The keeper comes and collects the ball straight from the corner.
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Dybala's free kick is goal bound but the wall does its job and flicks the ball over for a corner.
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79| Yellow Card - Genoa

Masiello sticks his leg out and brings down Bentancur. A good opportunity for Juventus.
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That was the first goal Juventus have conceded since the return of football.
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77| Substitution - Genoa

ON - Pandev

OFF - Cassata 

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76| GOALLLL Genoa

The ball is crossed in and finds its way though three Juventus defenders to Pinamonti who is waiting at the back post and he fires the shot into the back of the net... comeback on?
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Sanabria with Genoa's best chance of the game. His effort from distance is saved for a corner.
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74| Substitution - Genoa

OFF - Sturaro

ON - Biraschi

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74| Substitution - Juventus

ON - Ramsey

ON - Higuain

OFF - Pjanic

OFF - Ronaldo 

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72| GOALLLLLLL Juventus

Another exceptional goal in today's game... this time Douglas Costa curls the ball into the far top corner and the goalkeeper has absolutely no chance of saving the goal. 
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69| Yellow Card - Genoa

Cassata is shown a yellow card after his elbow catches the Juventus player whilst challenging for a ball in the air.
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A good block by Romero in the Genoa box. Bentancur fires a low cross into the box, hoping to find a waiting Ronaldo but it is well defended.
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65| Substitution - Juventus

ON - Costa

OFF - Bernardeschi

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As soon as they get the ball into Juventus' half they are immediately dis-possessed. Juventus are being very patient with their build-up.
5:09 PMa year ago


Genoa are currently enjoying a couple of minutes of possession but they cannot get the ball out of their own half.
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61| Substitution - Genoa

ON - Biraschi

OFF - Ghiglione

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Watch Ronaldo's Rocket

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Watch Dybala's Goal

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58| Yellow Card - Genoa

Genoa captain, Sturaro picks up a yellow card after his arm strikes Bernardeshi's face.
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55| GOALLLLLLLL Juventus

WOW!!! What a goal by Ronaldo. Juventus counter quickly with the ball and Ronaldo fires the ball straight into the top corner from 25/30 yards out. The goalkeeper had no chance saving his shot. 
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A great ball into the box by Cuadrado finds the head of Bernardeschi but his header is a poor one and goes wide of the near post.
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49| GOALLLLL Juventus

A goal that has been coming for a long time now. Patient build-up play by Juve. Dybala picks the ball up outside the box and his excellent dribbling were on show and he curls the ball into the bottom corner!
4:51 PMa year ago


Interesting to see Genoa have brought both of their players who received a yellow card in the first half. Genoa have the most red cards in Serie A this season. The Genoa manager clearly sees the importance of having all 11 players on the pitch!
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Second Half is Underway

The referee gets us back underway!
4:50 PMa year ago

Substitution - Genoa

ON - Lerager

ON - Sanabria

OFF - Schöne

OFF - Favilli

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Genoa  24% - 76% Juventus


Genoa 0-8 Juventus 

Shots on Target 

Genoa 0-3 Juventus 

4:34 PMa year ago

Half Time - Genoa 0-0 Juventus

Juventus have had the majority of possession but have nothing to show for their work!
4:33 PMa year ago

45| Yellow Card - Juventus

Bonucci is shown a yellow card after challenging for the ball from behind and going through Favilli.
4:30 PMa year ago


From one end to the other. Dybala's ball through to Ronaldo leads to a powerful shot but the keeper palms the ball away.
4:29 PMa year ago


The corner is headed clear but straight to Genoa, but their second attempt is cleared and Cuadrado is fouled.
4:29 PMa year ago


Genoa have started to show their attacking ability and a cross from out-wide his headed out for a corner by Bonucci.
4:28 PMa year ago


A great ball by Behrami through to Favilli who just drags his shot wide of the post. But the linesman was holding his flag up. 
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A fantastic ball cross to the back post by Bentancur finds the head of Rabiot but he could not generate enough power in his header to trouble the Genoa goalkeeper.
4:21 PMa year ago


Wonderful build-up play by Juventus is ruined after Danilo over-hits his cross. Danilo made a great overlapping run but was unable to control his power.
4:20 PMa year ago

32| Yellow Card - Genoa

Schöne is shown a yellow card after he brought down Rabiot. He will miss Genoa's next match against Udinese.
4:18 PMa year ago


Favilli's heavy touch leads him to commit a late challenge on De Ligt and is probably lucky to escape another yellow card. That tackle is his last warning.
4:15 PMa year ago


Good-play by Bernardeschi, as his run from the wing takes him all the way to the six-yard box but the keeper does well to stop any danger.
4:13 PMa year ago


The first time Genoa have been in Juventus' final third in the last ten minutes but Pinamonti attempts to cross the ball but his effort goes behind for a goal-kick.
4:11 PMa year ago


Juventus play the ball along the floor into the box but is is very well defended by the Genoa defence.
4:11 PMa year ago


Another shooting chance for Ronaldo, which he takes. Lovely play by Rabiot in the lead-up to the shot, which results in a corner.
4:08 PMa year ago


It is clear that Genoa are playing with five at the back. But they more-or-less have all eleven players behind the ball at the moment. As soon as Juventus lose the ball they are instantly on the hunt for the ball.
4:06 PMa year ago


It is one-way traffic at the moment, with Juventus pinning Genoa in their own half.
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4:04 PMa year ago


Ronaldo once again tries another curler from a very long way out. But Perin makes a comfortable save once again. Genoa will be somewhat happy to allow Ronaldo and co. to have shots from as far out as possible.
4:01 PMa year ago


Within a matter of seconds, VAR rules no penalty and the game resumes.
4:01 PMa year ago


The corner comes in and there are big appeals from Juventus as De Ligt is down on the ground following a push. VAR are looking at the situation.
4:00 PMa year ago


Perin is called into action once again following a long-range strike from Ronaldo. The Genoa keeper makes an agile save out for a corner.
3:59 PMa year ago


Bernardeschi fires a low shot at the Genoa keeper from 25 yards out but he makes a comfortable save but Juventus are back in possession.
3:58 PMa year ago


Juventus break forward and the ball lands at Dybala's feet, who charges forward with the ball but only has eyes for goal. His shot is blocked and goes out for a throw-in.
3:57 PMa year ago


Ronaldo is brought down following a run down the line with the ball. Juventus take the free-kick quickly but instantly lose possession.
3:54 PMa year ago

6| Yellow Card - Genoa

Favilli is shown a yellow card after a front-sliding tackle on Juventus captain, Bonucci. 
3:53 PMa year ago


The corner is poor and is cleared by the first man but Genoa's counter-attack comes to nothing and Juventus have safe possession.
3:52 PMa year ago


Juventus break quickly and Dybala's shot takes a deflection and goes out for a corner.
3:52 PMa year ago


No chances for either team so far. There is a very fast tempo to the game which is a great watch. The question will be if Genoa can keep the pace up!
3:48 PMa year ago


A hectic first few seconds into the game, with both sides putting in good strong challenges!
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We are underway 
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Almost time for kick-off

Less than 5 minutes away from kick-off so do not go anywhere!!!
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Super-Sub Pandev?

Among the players currently in Serie A, Genoa striker, Pandev is the one who has scored the most goals against Juventus in the competition (six)!! Could this be Genoa's secret weapon, in stealing some points?
3:21 PMa year ago

Enjoy Dybala's Hat-trick

3:18 PMa year ago

Chiellini and Buffon 2021!!

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Lazio winning at the moment

Elsewhere in Serie A, second-place Lazio are currently 2-1 up against Torino; meaning that the points difference between Lazio and Juventus is only three points. With the sides set to play each other in a few weeks time, tonight's game is a must-win for Juventus!
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Past form suggests Genoa not out of the fight tonight

The previous four meetings between the sides in the league have resulted in: 1 Genoa win / 2 Juventus wins / 1 draw. Does the form suggest that Genoa cannot be completely wrote off or will Juventus storm to victory again?
3:05 PMa year ago

Watch the highlights from the previous fixture between the sides!

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Genoa Starting XI

2:56 PMa year ago

Juventus Players Arriving

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Juventus Starting XI

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Team News Coming Shortly

We will deliver the team news as soon as it is announced!
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Good afternoon and welcome to VAVEL's live coverage of the 2020 Serie A clash between Genoa and Juventus!
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Genoa: Predicted Line-Up

Perin; Zapata, Romero, Soumaoro; Biraschi, Sturaro, Falque, Schone, Barreca; Pandev, Destro
3:42 PMa year ago

Juventus: Predicted Line-Up

Szczesny; Cuadrado, De Ligt, Bonucci, Matuidi; Bentancur, Pjanic, Ramsey; Bernardeschi, Ronaldo, Dybala
3:42 PMa year ago

Genoa: Team News

Midfielder, Ivan Radovanovic is set to miss this game due to a serious knee injury. Genoa also have their own problems at left-back as Domenico Criscito will miss this game due to a tendon problem. Antonio Sanabria is a doubt to start against Juventus due to muscle fatigue.

3:41 PMa year ago

Juventus: Team News

Matuidi is set to retain his spot at left-back due to both Alex Sandro and De Sciglio both on the side-lines still due to injury. Matuidi impressed in this position during their 4-0 win over Lecce. Khedira and Chiellini are both still unavailable due to their battles with injuries. There may be doubt as to whether Pjanic will start due to his transfer to Barcelona being confirmed earlier today!

3:41 PMa year ago

Juventus' quest for their ninth title in a row!

Juventus have started strong since the return of football, winning their two games with an aggregate score line of 6-0. Lazio bounced back with a win, following their loss and cut the game between first and second to four points. Juventus host Lazio in six games time, so any potential slip-up now would boost the Lazio players confidence. Juventus ran out 4-0 winners in the previous fixture against Lecce and will be hoping for all three-points and a similar score-line in this fixture!

3:40 PMa year ago

Genoa Fighting for Survival

Genoa lost their first game back since the stoppage of football and most recently they could only gain a point away from home against fellow relegation threatened side, Brescia. Genoa sit one point above the final relegation spot with ten games to go but still have to play three out of the four teams below them. If they can gain any points against the league leaders it would be a huge bonus but a loss against Juventus tomorrow would not be the end of their fight for survival as it would still be in their hands!

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Watch the Highlights from the Reverse Fixture

Insert YouTube Video​​​​​​​
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Dramatic Reverse Fixture

The reverse fixture this season saw three goals, a 96th minute winner and three red cards! Juventus took the lead in the 36th minute courtesy of a Bonucci header from a corner but their lead did not last long after a mistake at the back by Sandro, Kouamé’s scuffed shot wrong-footed Buffon and went in. Genoa had two players sent off within six minutes of each other in the second half and Rabiot was sent off three minutes before the final whistle. Just when Genoa thought they had secured a point, Ronaldo was brought down in the box in the 96th minute and he converted the penalty with ease, to steal the game in the final seconds!

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Kick-off Time

The Genoa vs Juventus match will be played at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris, in Genoa, Italy. The kick-off is scheduled at 3.45pm ET.
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