Goals and Highlights: Emelec 1-1 Barcelona Guayaquil in 2020 Clásico del Astillero
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10:03 PM10 months ago

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10:00 PM10 months ago

90+6' End of the game!

The game ends at the George Capwell Stadium. Tie in the shipyard's classic. Goals of Facundo Barceló in Emelec and Jonathan Álvez in Barcelona.
9:59 PM10 months ago

90+5' Barcelona is saved!

Good shot by Dixon Arroyo and the ball goes to the corner kick.
9:54 PM10 months ago

90+1' Double replacement in Barcelona

Emanuel Martínez and Bruno Piñatares left, Adonis Preciado and Matías Oyola entered.
9:53 PM10 months ago

90' Aditional time

SIX more minutes will be played in the game.
9:48 PM10 months ago

85' Barceló missed it!

Ahead of the Emelec striker and crashed it into the horizontal.
9:46 PM10 months ago

82' Penalty for Emelec!

Romario Caicedo went into the elevated area and in the duel with William Viveros knocked him down.
9:42 PM10 months ago

79' Barcelona tried it

A good quick start and very good was Pedro Ortíz to respond at the start.
9:41 PM10 months ago

78' Emelec circulates the ball

The local team tries to find the spaces in the defense of Barcelona.
9:38 PM10 months ago

62' Replacement in Barcelona

Cristian Colmán enters in place of Mario Pineira
9:32 PM10 months ago

69' Yellow Card

Jonathan Álvez is being warned in Barcelona.
9:28 PM10 months ago

63' Double replacement in Emelec

José Cevallos and Joel Quintero enter in place of Oscar Bagüí and Bryan Cabezas.
9:26 PM10 months ago

62' Replacement in Barcelona

Enter Jefferson Orejuela instead of Nixon Molina.
9:25 PM10 months ago

61' Yellow Card

Facundo Barceló is reprimanded at Emelec. The fourth in the local team.
9:24 PM10 months ago

60' Emelec continues to insist

The local team is going for the advantage but lacks clarity in the last part of the court.
9:19 PM10 months ago

56' Yellow Card

Carabalí warning at Emelec.
9:15 PM10 months ago

50' Emelec best start in the second half

The local leaves with the same attitude as at the beginning of the match. However, he must avoid falling into the same mistake, which he relaxed when he scored.
9:10 PM10 months ago

The second half begins

The second stage of the classic between Emelec and Barcelona begins.
8:18 PM10 months ago

Follow the game

8:16 PM10 months ago

Barceló's goal

Barceló on fire. He takes advantage of a mistake made by Molina, who head-fires the Uruguayan and he doesn't forgive in the first one he had inside the area.
8:15 PM10 months ago


GOOOOALL from forward Facundo Barceló to put Emelec ahead in the score board.
8:10 PM10 months ago

Posession for Barcelona

Barcelona owns the ball. Almost 80% of posession for the Guayaquil team so far.
8:09 PM10 months ago


Pedro Velasco gets fouled by an Emelec defender. Free kick for the visitors.
8:07 PM10 months ago


Game stops. There is an Emelec man lying on the field.
8:06 PM10 months ago


CLOSE! Leandro Martínez hits the post after a right-handed kick from outside the area.
8:02 PM10 months ago

Game starts

We are underway here at George Capwell stadium! The Clásico del Astillero starts.
7:54 PM10 months ago

Warm up done

We are just minutes away from the kickoff. This is how both teams are warming up.
7:48 PM10 months ago

Birthday boy

On a day like today, December 5, 1994, Jefferson Caicedo was born in Guayaquil. Happy birthday, Jefferson!
7:38 PM10 months ago
This is how Barcelona's players arrived to the stadium. Facemasks and Covid protection.
7:36 PM10 months ago

Emelec: starting 11

P.Ortiz, R.Caicedo, A.Leguizamón, M.Mejía, O.Bagui, S.Rodríguez, D.Arroyo, A.Bangoura, B.Cabezas, R.Ordonez, F.Barceló.
7:36 PM10 months ago

Barcelona's lineup

Burrai; Velasco, Riveros, Aimar, Pineida; Piñatares, Molina; Castillo, Martínez, Díaz; Álvez.
7:32 PM10 months ago

VAR for the first time in history!

Today the VAR is inaugurated in tournaments in Ecuador. And it will be premiered at George Capwell Stadium.
7:27 PM10 months ago

Lineups on the way

Lineups will be ready shortly. Stay here with us.
7:17 PM10 months ago

Tonight's officiating team!

This game will have VAR. The officiating team is the following:

Main Referee: Guillermo Enrique Guerrero

Assistant No. 1: Christian Daniel Lescano

Assistant No. 2: Byron Norberto Romero

Emergent: Roberto Paúl Sánchez

VAR: Carlos Aníbal Orbe.

AVAR: Luis Eduardo Quiroz

VAR Observer: Omar Andrés Ponce

7:15 PM10 months ago

Who will win today?

Whoever wins tonight's game will climb up to the second position of LigaPro Serie A as both teams are tied at 21 points after 10 games played.
7:12 PM10 months ago

Stay here with us!

Less than one hour away for the most importante game of Ecuadorian soccer.
4:04 PM10 months ago

Where, at what time and how to watch the Emelec vs Barcelona game live?

Championship :  LigaPro 2020.

Stadium :  George Capwell

Hours: 19:00 horas.

¿ Where to watch? :  DirecTV Sports and Gol TV

¿ Where to continue? :  VAVEL Ecuador.

3:59 PM10 months ago

How to follow the Emelec vs Barcelona game?

The transmission of this commitment will be through the GOL TV and DirecTV Sports channels. In VAVEL Ecuador   there will be a real-time transmission of the meeting.
3:54 PM10 months ago

Featured player - Barcelona

This time we will highlight Mat í as Oyola, main captain of the   canario team, who gives a very important hand to his team in midfield.
3:49 PM10 months ago

Featured Player - Emelec

This time, we will highlight the work of Sebasti á n Rodr í guez, main captain of the eléctrico team who brings all his experience to the squad.
3:44 PM10 months ago

History of the shipyard classic

In total, there have been 226 clashes between these two teams for the Ecuadorian Championship. The numbers favor Barcelona, ​​which won 73 times, while Emelec did it in 70, for a balance of 83 draws .
3:39 PM10 months ago

Last away game for Barcelona

The last time the   Canaries   played away from home, was on November 23, when they drew without goals against Orense.
3:34 PM10 months ago

Last local Emelec game

The last time the   electricos   played at home, was on November 22, when they defeated Delfin SC 3-2.
3:29 PM10 months ago

How does Barcelona get there?

The   colossus of America   comes to this game being the leader of his rival on duty, also undefeated, only that the goal difference is what gives the momentary leadership to the   electricians .
3:24 PM10 months ago

How does Emelec arrive?

The electric team reaches this leading meeting and   undefeated in the second round. 21 points out of 30 possible in this second round.
3:19 PM10 months ago


Hello everyone! Welcome to the broadcast of the Emelec vs Barcelona match, valid for the eleventh date of the second round of Serie A in Ecuador.