Goals and Highlights of Atlante 2-3 Tampico Madero in Final Liga Expansion MX 2020
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First champion

Tampico Madero becomes the first champion of the MX Expansion League.
12:48 AM9 months ago

Goal of Tampico 3-2

12:47 AM9 months ago

Great triumph

Twice they came from behind and got the victory in the Estadio Azulgrana 3-2 won by Tampico Madero.
12:46 AM9 months ago

End game

Atlante 2-3 Tampico

The Jaiba Brava is tournament champion.

12:45 AM9 months ago

Gol Tampico 2-2

12:42 AM9 months ago


Tampico Goal

Diego makes the 3-2 on a penalty kick.

12:40 AM9 months ago


Lajud and criminal offence in favour of Tampico.
12:39 AM9 months ago


Left-handed by Lajud that goes over the top.
12:38 AM9 months ago


Change of Atlante. Gonzalez left and Moragrega entered.
12:36 AM9 months ago


Goal of Tampico

Centre to first post that finishes off Rooms for 2-2.

12:33 AM9 months ago

Goal of Atlante 2-1

12:30 AM9 months ago


Goal of Atlante

Vega's shot deflects the goalkeeper and goes to the bottom of the nets.

12:28 AM9 months ago


The second extra time starts

Atlante 1-1 Tampico.

12:26 AM9 months ago


Final first extra time

Atlante 1-1 Tampico

12:25 AM9 months ago


Salas are laid out on the field and the assistants enter.
12:22 AM9 months ago


Shooting with Tejada power that goes over the top. Close to the Atlantis.
12:20 AM9 months ago


The goalkeeper sliced the ball and it remained in the small area that Atlante could not finish off.
12:18 AM9 months ago


Strong entry over Garcia and there will be a free kick for Atlante.
12:16 AM9 months ago


Robles combs the ball in a fixed tactical play that goes over the top.
12:14 AM9 months ago


Gerardo Espinoza and Mario García, both technicians, have been reprimanded.
12:11 AM9 months ago


The first extra time starts.

Change of Tampico. Robles enters and Hernández leaves.

12:05 AM9 months ago

Regular time end

Atlante 1-1 Tampico and there will be overtime.
12:02 AM9 months ago


Two more minutes will be added.
12:01 AM9 months ago


Head of Salas to second post that goes outside.
11:59 PM9 months ago


López leaves and Manuel López enters. Change of Tampico.
11:58 PM9 months ago


Gómez leaves and Tejeda enters. Change of Atlante.
11:57 PM9 months ago


Shooting centre of Garcia that passes through the whole area and passes close by.
11:55 PM9 months ago


Goalkeeper's foul on Vega on the outskirts of the area.
11:53 PM9 months ago


Medium distance Rivaldo shot that comes out deflected.
11:51 PM9 months ago


Shot by Luis García at the first post that saves García.
11:50 PM9 months ago

Goal of Tampico 1-1

11:48 PM9 months ago


Tampico Goal

Salas with the definition to second post to make the 1-1.

11:43 PM9 months ago


Change of Tampico, Lara leaves and enters Salas.
11:43 PM9 months ago


César Bernal's header that went over the top.
11:42 PM9 months ago

Goal of Atlante 1-0

11:41 PM9 months ago


Change of Atlante. Echeverría left and Vega entered.
11:40 PM9 months ago


Goooooooooal of Atlante

Cuba Sanchez with the 1-0 header

11:38 PM9 months ago


A foul on the edge of De Buen's area over Alaffita and there will be a direct free kick.
11:36 PM9 months ago


Direct free throw that goes sideways, but the Tampico Madero tries a little more.
11:33 PM9 months ago


Cuba cuts the play and concedes a corner kick in a tight game.
11:26 PM9 months ago


Pablo Gómez could not overflow and the ball goes long for a goal kick.
11:22 PM9 months ago


José Ávila's header in a corner that is deflected.
11:20 PM9 months ago


Lajud's shot with ease that catches the Goose.
11:18 PM9 months ago


Perez came out and Lajud went in. Change of Tampico.
11:17 PM9 months ago


The second half starts.
11:03 PM9 months ago

Atlante 0-0 Tampico

10:56 PM9 months ago

Half time

Atlante 0-0 Tampico
10:55 PM9 months ago


Perez has been left lying in the field.
10:53 PM9 months ago


One more minute is added.
10:51 PM9 months ago


Shot by Rivaldo de Tampico that goes over the goal.
10:49 PM9 months ago


Alafitta's head shot without force into the goalkeeper's hands.
10:48 PM9 months ago


Service that Echeverria does not manage to make a good contact in the area.
10:45 PM9 months ago


Garcia's service that was looking for Echeverria and that rejects the defensive.
10:44 PM9 months ago


Tampico free throw charged by Diego de Buen that goes way up.
10:41 PM9 months ago


Too long a service that Luis García cannot control.
10:36 PM9 months ago


Echeverría manages to deflect the ball with his head, although he goes long.
10:36 PM9 months ago


Carlos Lopez's centre shot that deflects the defence into a corner.
10:31 PM9 months ago


Bernal's service that goes all over the field and ends up in a goal kick.
10:31 PM9 months ago


Distinction in the right leg was the reason why Partida left the field
10:29 PM9 months ago


Service of Pablo Gómez to second post that rejected Tampico's defense.
10:27 PM9 months ago


Change of the Atlante. Partida left and Carlos López entered.
10:25 PM9 months ago


Tampico centre shot that goes over the goal, while Partida was left lying on the field.
10:22 PM9 months ago


Good coverage by Pablo Gómez over Manzanares and the ball goes by the baseline.
10:18 PM9 months ago


Without danger in the goals, Atlante takes the baton of the game and Tampico presses for the counter-attack.
10:14 PM9 months ago


Atlante tilts the court with more possession, although at the moment it has no depth.
10:10 PM9 months ago


Very cut and many inaccuracies at this time in the game.
10:08 PM9 months ago


Aguirre is quickly admonished by a strong midfield entry to Ronaldo Gonzalez.
10:08 PM9 months ago


The match starts.
10:04 PM9 months ago

One minute of silence

Both teams observe a minute's silence for the victims of this pandemic.
10:02 PM9 months ago

They are already in the field

Atlante and Tampico are already on the field in the MX Expansion League protocol. In addition, the Mexican national anthem is being sung.
9:59 PM9 months ago

We are minutes away

Atlante and Tampico Madero are seconds away from starting. The first champion in the history of the MX Expansion League is defined.
9:57 PM9 months ago

This is what the trophy and the stadium look like

9:56 PM9 months ago

They have not won in the league

Atlante was the second best team of the regular season with 32 points and the best offense with 25 goals, however, in the group they didn't have the same fortune with five draws and only scored three goals.
9:55 PM9 months ago

To remember

It should be noted that the winner of this tournament is not eligible for promotion, but will receive 10 million very good in this time of coronavirus pandemic.
9:48 PM9 months ago

This is how the Tampico Madero was heated

9:47 PM9 months ago

Atlante fans present

Despite the red traffic light, the Azulgrana fans gathered around the Azulgrana Stadium to support their beloved team.

9:43 PM9 months ago

This is the Cup

This is the first time the MX Expansion League trophy will be awarded, who will win tonight?


9:38 PM9 months ago

Present in the stadium

Arriola and Bonilla, future president and still president of the MX League, are in the stadium for the grand final.

9:33 PM9 months ago

Great performances

A fundamental part of Tampico's good group has been thanks to the goalkeeper Joel García, who has excelled with his saves.

9:27 PM9 months ago

XI Tampico

García; Bernal, Manzanares, Aguirre, Hernández; Lozano, De Buen, Ávila, Pérez, Lara; López.
9:26 PM9 months ago

Changes in alignment

Mario García has returned to the bases and has returned Pablo Gómez and Lizandro Echeverría to ownership with the aim of being more offensive.
9:24 PM9 months ago

XI Atlante

Hernández; Sánchez, Partida, González, García; Ronaldo González, Gómez, Alafitta, Venegas; Luis García, Echeverría.
9:23 PM9 months ago

The highlights

These have been Tampico Madero's most important players in the league.

9:18 PM9 months ago

Tied in the first leg

It should be remembered that in the first leg they finished 1-1, which is why whoever wants to be champion will have to win in regular time to avoid extra time.

9:13 PM9 months ago

For the first title

Since climbing the now defunct Ascenso MX, this is the first final of the Jaiba Brava, which seeks to win in the Mexican capital.
9:08 PM9 months ago

This is how the Potros arrived

9:03 PM9 months ago

Not attending the stadium

Yesterday, Atlante's management asked their fans not to come to the stadium to cheer on their team, because CDMX ran a red light due to the coronavirus pandemic.

8:58 PM9 months ago

To break the malaria

The last time Atlante was champion was in 2009 when they won the Concachampions against Cruz Azul; since then they have lost three finals (one in Copa MX against Cruz Azul and two in the Ascenso against Dorados and Bravos de Juárez).
8:53 PM9 months ago

We started

The first MX Expansion League champion is defined this Sunday between Atlante and Tampico Madero. That's why we start with the coverage of the big final.
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Tune in here

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Atlante vs Tampico Madero match.
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Latest encounters

The last five times they've met at Atlante's home, the home team has the advantage thanks to two wins, two draws and one defeat.

The first leg ended 1-1, so the future champions will have to win in regular time if they want to avoid overtime and/or penalties.

8:38 PM9 months ago

How to watch Atlante vs Tampico Madero Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options is: TUDN.

If you want to directly stream it: Streaming services.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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Key player Tampico Madero

Diego de Buen is the man with the experience in the midfield, emphasizing that he can cause damage through his technique from the fixed tactic.

8:28 PM9 months ago

Key player Atlante

Ronaldo Gonzalez is one of the dizzying men in the midfield of the Azulgrana and his overflow will be key to Mario Garcia's team.

8:23 PM9 months ago

Referee for Atlante vs Tampico Madero

Atlante vs Tampico Madero will be arbitrated by Edgar Allan Morales Olvera.
8:18 PM9 months ago

Last lineup Tampico Madero

García; Bernal, Manzanares, Aguirre, Hernández, Lozano; De Buen, Ávila, Medina, Pérez; López.
8:13 PM9 months ago

Last lineup Atlante

Hernández; Sánchez, Partida, González, José García, Diego García; Ronaldo González, Venegas, Alafitta; Vega, Luis García.
8:08 PM9 months ago

Tampico: having the ball

Gerardo Espinoza's team will have to steal the ball from their opponents in order to have a better chance of winning, because in the first leg, when they didn't have possession, they suffered a lot in the low sector.
8:03 PM9 months ago

Atlante: to be more forceful

Although Atlante has gone nine games unbeaten, the last five have been draws and, to a large extent, to the lack of forcefulness that they will have to fine-tune if they are to be champions.
7:58 PM9 months ago

Kick-off time

The Atlante vs Tampico Madero match will be played at the stadium Ciudad de los Deportes, in Mexico City. The kick-off is scheduled at 8pm ET.
7:53 PM9 months ago

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