Goals and Highlights of Mazatlan 3-2 Necaxa, Jornada 1 Liga MX 2021
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2:10 AM7 months ago

Here the goals of the match

1:42 AM7 months ago

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1:40 AM7 months ago

The three points stay at home

With their fans cheering in the stands, Mazatlan got their first victory from Guard1anes 2021.


1:30 AM7 months ago


The game ends. Mazatlan defeats Necaxa by a score of 3-2.
1:27 AM7 months ago


Foul outside the area. Opportunity for Necaxa.
1:26 AM7 months ago


The referee gives four minutes of compensation
1:24 AM7 months ago


Missing on Sanvezzo. Yerko Leiva takes the yellow cardboard.
1:22 AM7 months ago


Nico Vikonis' shortcut! The Uruguayan stops a great shot by Andrade.
1:20 AM7 months ago


Changes in the visiting team: David Cabrera and Ian Gonzalez leave the pitch and their place is taken by Alejandro Andrade and 'Maxi' Salas.
1:18 AM7 months ago


More modifications for the Gunners. Efraín Velarde and 'El Mono' Osuna leave and Néstor Vidrio and Jorge Padilla enter.
1:13 AM7 months ago


Yellow card for Julio González del Necaxa
1:13 AM7 months ago


Amarilla para Julio Gónzalez del Necaxa
1:11 AM7 months ago


"El Profe" Cruz sends modifications to the pitch. Alejandro Zendejas and Martín Barragán leave the field and Kevin Mercado and Daniel López enter in their place, respectively.
1:09 AM7 months ago


Local team change: 'Lolo' Reyes enters, Fernando Aristeguieta leaves.
1:06 AM7 months ago


GOOOL! Camilo Sanvezzo scores the third of the night by way of the maximum penalty.
1:04 AM7 months ago


Penalty! Hand in the area by Bilbao
1:01 AM7 months ago


Goal cancelled for Mazatlan due to forward position 
12:59 AM7 months ago


Goal by Necaxa! Osuna makes a hand out of the area, Alejandro Zendejas takes advantage of a rebound after the collection of the infraction and equalizes the score.
12:56 AM7 months ago


Cándido Ramírez leaves the field and Walter Sandoval takes his place for Mazatlan. 
12:49 AM7 months ago


Mazatlan regains control of the ball and Sanvezzo takes the opportunity to take a shot that passes over the goal.
12:46 AM7 months ago


Contact of Mario de Luna about Aristeguieta 
12:44 AM7 months ago


Necaxa presses in half court and manages to get possession of the ball
12:41 AM7 months ago


Start the complement!
12:38 AM7 months ago

Everything ready for the complementary part!

The teams are already on the court for the second half of the match.
12:24 AM7 months ago


Half time at "The Kraken"
12:22 AM7 months ago


Mazatlan is saved from the tie, in two consecutive plays, Los Rayos crashes the ball into the local goal.
12:19 AM7 months ago


Goooool! Necaxa shortens the distance and after a series of rebounds generated by a corner kick, Juan Antonio Delgado scores the first away goal.
12:17 AM7 months ago


Yellow card for Martín Barragán
12:14 AM7 months ago


Necaxa is saved from the third! Aristeguieta serves for Sanvezzo, Malagón stops the head butt and keeps the difference to two.
12:08 AM7 months ago


Carlos Vargas scores the second! After two consecutive corner kicks, the locals are 2-0 on the scoreboard, after a counter-attack by the number 5 jersey.
12:04 AM7 months ago


GOOOOOL! Fernando Aristeguieta heads after a service to the penalty spot by Luis Angel Mendoza and puts the advantage for the Cannoneros
12:01 AM7 months ago


Efraín Velarde manages to sneak into the small area of the visiting team but does not manage to finish the play of danger. The locals ask for a penalty
11:57 PM7 months ago


The local defense handles the ball in their own area of the field
11:49 PM7 months ago


Camilo Sanvezzo takes the foul and touches the right post of Vikonis
11:45 PM7 months ago


David Cabrera commits an infraction in the last quarter of the field. Free throw for Mazatlán. 
11:41 PM7 months ago


Dangerous header by Arce passing near the arch defended by Vikonis 
11:36 PM7 months ago


The ball is already rolling in Mazatlan Stadium  
11:34 PM7 months ago

Necaxa Initial Lineup

L. Malagón, I. Domínguez, U. Bilbao, M. de Luna, J. González, F. Arce, D. Cabrera, J. Delgado, A. Zendejas, M. Barragán, I. González
11:31 PM7 months ago

Mazatlan's starting lineup

34 N.Vikonis,25 I. Jiménez, 5 C.Vargas, 4 N.Díaz, 2 E.Velarde; 7 L.Mendoza, 8 M.Osuna, 20 R. Millar, 15 C.Ramírez; 17. C.Da Silva, 9 F.Aristeguieta
11:11 PM7 months ago

Necaxa goes for the Liguilla

 Rayos managed to sneak into the reclassification as the tenth general, however, their desire to advance to the final phase of the Guard1anes 2020 ended with the defeat by the slightest difference against Guadalajara.

The midfielder, David Cabrera, said that in this edition will seek to access the final instances.

11:06 PM7 months ago

"The Kraken" receives J1 with strict sanitary measures

11:01 PM7 months ago

Local dressing room is ready

10:56 PM7 months ago

Let's climb up the ladder!

The 'Bucaneros' finished their participation in Guard1anes 2020 in 14th place in the overall table. In this campaign, with the help of Tomás Boy, they hope to be better positioned.
10:51 PM7 months ago

We start our live broadcast

Mazatlan and Necaxa will be looking to get their participation in Guard1anes 2021 off on the right foot. Stay with us and we will give you all the details of the match.
10:46 PM7 months ago

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In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Mazatan vs Necaxa, as well as the latest information from Mazatlan Stadium. Don't miss out on the minute-by-minute match details and live online from VAVEL.
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Where and how to watch Mazatlan vs Necaxa online and live

The match will be broadcast on Channel 7 on the Television Azteca signal.

If you want to watch the game live on the Internet, VAVEL is your best option.

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Watch out for this Necaxa player!

David Cabrera arrived as a reinforcement for the Rayos at the beginning of the previous tournament and in a short time he became an immovable element of the midfield. In this Guard1anes 2021, the number 6  will try to consolidate in the team directed by "El Profe" Cruz.
10:31 PM7 months ago

Watch out for this player from Mazatlan!

Nicolas Vikonis was presented as the first reinforcement of the Cannoneros, Nico's experience in the arch will be a key piece in the structure of Tomas Boy to achieve solidity in the lower part of the team.
10:26 PM7 months ago

Meet the arbitral body

Victor Alfonso Caceres will be the central referee of the duel, Miguel Angel Hernandez and Karen Janett Diaz will serve as first and second line; Eduardo Galvan completes the appointment as fourth assistant.
10:21 PM7 months ago

Sinaloans go for revenge!

The most recent confrontation between these teams took place in the J4 of Guardianes 2020, the Rayos won at home by the slightest difference with a goal by Lucas Passerini.
10:16 PM7 months ago

The crowd returns to the "Kraken"

A few days ago, it was announced that this game could be played with people in the stands. At 40% of its capacity and following all the health protocols, The Kraken will be the only stadium that could reopen its doors to the public in this first journey.
10:11 PM7 months ago

Final duel of the day

Tonight, Bucaneros and Rayos will close the Friday activity of the first date of the start of Guard1anes 2021.
10:06 PM7 months ago

Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the Mazatlan vs Necaxa match, corresponding to Day 1 of the 2021 Liga MX . The match will take place at Mazatlan Stadium at 21:30.