Goal and highlights: England 1-0 Croatia in Euro 2020
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10:16 AM2 years ago

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10:16 AM2 years ago

Goal and highlights

10:11 AM2 years ago

England beats Croatia

At Wembley, the English beat the Croatians 1-0, with a goal by Raheem Sterling, in what was their debut at Euro 2020.

For the second day of the tournament, England will face Scotland, and Croatia, the Czech Republic.

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10:06 AM2 years ago


Game over!
10:01 AM2 years ago


Last England change: Calvert replaces Sterling.
9:56 AM2 years ago


Four minutes are added.
9:51 AM2 years ago


Croatia continues to move its pieces: Kovacic comes out and Pasalic enters.
9:46 AM2 years ago


England makes another move: Bellingham replaces Kane.
9:41 AM2 years ago


New change for Croatia: Petkovic comes in for Rebic.
9:36 AM2 years ago


This is how Sterling celebrated the goal he scored, the same one that is giving England the victory over Croatia. 
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(Photo: Getty)
9:31 AM2 years ago


England make their first change: Rashford comes in for Foden.
9:26 AM2 years ago


First moves for Croatia: Vlasic and Brekalo come in for Kramaric and Brozovic.
9:21 AM2 years ago


Close! Mount's free kick goes just over the Croatian crossbar.
9:16 AM2 years ago


Brozovic joins the cautioned.
9:11 AM2 years ago


Foden is the first Englishman of the match to be cautioned.
9:06 AM2 years ago


Almost there! Kane appears at the far post, but misses the target and misses a great chance to increase England's lead.
9:01 AM2 years ago


On a pass from Phillips, Sterling strikes inside the box to give his team the lead.
8:56 AM2 years ago


Modric's shot from outside the area is controlled by Pickford.
8:51 AM2 years ago


Kovacic is the second cautioned player of the match.
8:46 AM2 years ago


The complementary part begins!
8:41 AM2 years ago


End of the first half!
8:36 AM2 years ago


Caleta receives the first yellow card of the match for a handball.
8:31 AM2 years ago


In the final minutes, the intensity dropped and Croatia managed to take the ball away from England a bit.
8:26 AM2 years ago


After a third of the match, the score was unchanged.
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(Photo: Getty)
8:21 AM2 years ago


Perisic's shot goes wide. It was Croatia's first important warning of the game.
8:16 AM2 years ago


England are still not vastly superior to Croatia; their intensity and verticality has been key to dominate the match.
8:11 AM2 years ago


Livakovic! The Croatian goalkeeper holds back Phillips' low shot.
8:06 AM2 years ago


Great defensive work by Caleta to prevent Sterling from defending in front of goal. England continue to insist.
8:01 AM2 years ago


England's counter-attack ends with a cross-shot that hits the right post. Croatia is saved.
7:56 AM2 years ago


Game on!
7:51 AM2 years ago

Croatia: substitutes

Kalinic, Sluga; Brekalo, Vlasic, Budimir, Pasalic, Skoric, Badelj, Pektovic, Juranovic, Bradaric e Ivanusec.
7:46 AM2 years ago

England: substitutes

Henderson, Johnstone; Shaw, Grealish, Henderson, Rashford, Coady, Calvert, White, James, Saka y Bellingham.
7:41 AM2 years ago

For their part, English fans are slowly but surely arriving at their mythical stadium

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
7:36 AM2 years ago

Croatian fans already present in the building

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(Photo: Getty)
7:31 AM2 years ago

Croatia | Confirmed lineup

Livakovic; Gvardiol, Caleta, Vida, Vrsaljko, Brozovic, Kovacic, Modric (C), Perisic, Kramaric y Rebic.
7:26 AM2 years ago

England | Confirmed lineup

Pickford; Walker, Stones, Mings, Trippier, Philips, Rice, Sterling, Mount, Foden y Kane (C).
7:21 AM2 years ago

Croatia is already at Wembley, too

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
7:16 AM2 years ago

The England team is already at home

(Photo: England)
(Photo: England)
7:11 AM2 years ago

Tune in here England vs Croatia Live Score

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Croatia: last lineup

D. Livakovic; B. Barisic, D. Cáleta, D. Vida, S. Vrsaljko, M. Kovacic, M. Brozovic, L. Modric, I. Perisic, B. Petkovic y A. Rebic.
6:56 AM2 years ago

England: last lineup

S. Johnstone; B. Godfrey, B. White, T. Mings, L. Shaw, J. Ward, K. Philips, J. Sancho, J. Grealish, M. Rashford y D. Calvert.
6:51 AM2 years ago

The Arbitration Quartet

The referee for England vs. Croatia will be Daniele Orsato; Alessandro Giallatini, first assistant referee; Fabiano Preti, second assistant referee; and Bjorn Kuipers, fourth assistant referee.
6:46 AM2 years ago

Croatia in search of consistency

Although the last few months have not been the best, the Croatian national team has a strong foundation that will allow it to compete as well as it has done in recent tournaments.
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(Photo: Getty)
6:41 AM2 years ago

England, to confirm its present

Due to the quality of its squad, the English team is one of the favorites to lift the trophy; in addition, it will have the advantage of playing some matches at home.
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(Photo: Getty)
6:36 AM2 years ago

Group D of the European Championship

The English and Croatian teams are in the fourth section of the competition, along with the Czech Republic and Scotland.
6:31 AM2 years ago

England and Croatia make their Euro 2020 debuts

This morning in London, The Three Lions and Vatreni will play their first match of the European tournament.
6:26 AM2 years ago

Kick-off time England vs Croatia Live

The England vs Croatia match will be played at the Wembley Stadium, in London. The kick-off is scheduled at 9:00 am ET.
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(Photo: Getty)
6:21 AM2 years ago

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