Goals and Highlights: Brazil 2-1 Colombia in Copa América
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10:18 PMa month ago

Live ended

I thank you for following us in the game Brazil vs Colombia and we will be together later. See ya!
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10:12 PMa month ago

Next round for Group B

- Venezuela vs Peru - Mané Garrincha Stadium, Brasília

- Brazil vs Ecuador - Olympic Stadium, Goiânia

- The two games will be played at 5 PM ET next Sunday (27)

- Colombia off and just watches the end of the group stage

10:09 PMa month ago

Group B classification

Brazil - 9

Colombia - 4

Peru - 4

Ecuador - 2

Venezuela - 2

10:03 PMa month ago

Game over

Full time!
10:03 PMa month ago

Yellow card

90+11' Colombia midfielder Cuéllar for a hard foul on Neymar.
10:02 PMa month ago

Brazil goal

99' Neymar takes a corner from the right with a cross into the box and Casemiro appears free in the small area to head in a strong header and turn the match.
9:59 PMa month ago

Yellow card

90+8' Barrios, Colombia midfielder, for a hard tackle on Neymar.
9:54 PMa month ago

Yellow card

90+2' As the Colombia players complain intensely, goalkeeper Ospina is booked.
9:52 PMa month ago

Colombia substitution

90+1' Luis Díaz out, Murillo in.
9:52 PMa month ago

Added time

90' Ten minutes to go.
9:52 PMa month ago

Red card

87' Assistant coach of Colombia is sent off.
9:51 PMa month ago

Yellow card

86' Neymar, Brazil forward, for leaving his arm on Barrios.
9:51 PMa month ago

A lot of complaining

83' Colombian players complain intensely about the play.
9:51 PMa month ago

Goal confirmed

79' Video referee sees no interference and the goal is kept.
9:45 PMa month ago


78' Arbitragem de vídeo analisa lance. No início da jogada, Neymar tenta passe, a bola bate no árbitro Néstor Pitana e volta para Lucas Paquetá dar sequência ao lance que resultou no gol do Brasil.
9:44 PMa month ago

Brazil goal

77' Lucas Paquetá opens with Renan Lodi on the left, the fullback crosses and Roberto Firmino deflects with his head. Ospina fails to defend and Brazil equalizes.
9:40 PMa month ago

Brazil substitution

76' Richarlison out, Gabriel Barbosa 'Gabigoal' in.
9:39 PMa month ago

Brazil substitution

76' Gabriel Jesus out, Everton 'Little Onion' in.
9:34 PMa month ago

Over the goal

73' Lucas Paquetá takes a chance from midfield but finishes poorly.
9:32 PMa month ago

Yellow card

69' Cuadrado, Colombia midfielder, for leaving his arm on Marquinhos. In the next game, the player will serve an automatic suspension. As Colombia is off in the next round, Cuadrado is out of the quarterfinals.
9:30 PMa month ago

Brazil substitution

67' Fred out, Lucas Paquetá in.
9:29 PMa month ago

On the post

65' Roberto Firmino gives Neymar the ball on his heels. The striker dribbles around Ospina, but his shot hits the post.
9:24 PMa month ago

Colombia substitution

63' Borré out, Cuéllar in.
9:24 PMa month ago

Colombia substitution

63' Zapata out, Borja in.
9:22 PMa month ago

Brazil substitution

62' Alex Sandro out, Renan Lodi in.
9:19 PMa month ago

No one completes the shot

58' Richarlison comes forward from the left side of the box and crosses low. The ball passes through the box and no Brazilian is able to clear. Colombia takes a goal kick.
9:17 PMa month ago

Outside the goal

56' Neymar gets the ball on the left, brings it to the middle and takes a shot from the edge of the area, but sends it to the left of the goal saved by Ospina.
9:15 PMa month ago

Weak deviation

54' Thiago Silva makes a long throw-in from midfield to Neymar. The striker slides into the box, but can't get a strong deflection and Ospina saves.
9:13 PMa month ago

No direction

52' Gabriel Jesus tables with Roberto Firmino and takes a left-footed shot from the halfway line, but misses.
9:12 PMa month ago

Initial analysis

50' Since the beginning of the second half, Brazil controls the ball in the offensive field, but still has the same problem as in the first half: finishing.
9:06 PMa month ago

Second half is underway

Let's go to the final stage.
9:05 PMa month ago

Brazil substitution

Everton Ribeiro out, Roberto Firmino in.
9:04 PMa month ago


Athletes back on the field.
8:49 PMa month ago


End of the first half.
8:46 PMa month ago

Added time

45' Three minutes.
8:44 PMa month ago

The defense moves away

42' Neymar takes a short corner and passes to Everton Ribeiro. The midfielder crosses the ball and the Colombian defense takes it away.
8:43 PMa month ago


41' Brazil advances in a counterattack. Gabriel Jesus is picked out on the right wing and sends a pass to Richarlison. The striker has control of the ball and shoots, but the defender deflects.
8:42 PMa month ago

Ospina pulls the ball away

39' Alex Sandro crosses from the left and Ospina punches the ball away from the penalty area. Next, Cuadrado is fouled.
8:39 PMa month ago

Feels pain

37' Neymar feels pain in his head and receives medical attention on the field.
8:39 PMa month ago

Easy save

36' Danilo crosses from the right, Neymar corners and Richarlison completes with his shoulder. Ospina makes the save.
8:37 PMa month ago


35' The goal reassures Colombia, who increase their marking and wait for a quick counterattack to try to extend their lead. Brazil feel the weight of the goal and face a big test ahead. Ospina was not threatened at any time. He moves the ball but does not finish.
8:32 PMa month ago

Lack of attack

31' Cuadrado takes a corner from the left and Thiago Silva makes a partial cut. Next, Neymar is fouled in the attack.
8:30 PMa month ago

Yellow card

27' Everton Ribeiro, meia do Brasil. Falta cometida em Uribe.
8:28 PMa month ago

Very bad

25' Casemiro takes a long shot and it's a terrible shot.
8:28 PMa month ago

Into the hands of goalkeeper

25' Neymar takes a corner from the left side of the box.
8:27 PMa month ago

Defensive deflection

24' Richarlison receives a cross from Neymar, but Muñoz blocks it. Corner kick.
8:22 PMa month ago

Ospina saves

20' Richarlison receives the ball on the left side, goes forward to the back line and finishes without an angle, in the hands of Ospina.
8:19 PMa month ago

Sánchez pushes away

15' Neymar takes a free-kick from the left and Sánchez gets the ball out of the area.
8:16 PMa month ago

Yellow card

13' Alex Sandro, left-back of Brazil. His hand is on Cuadrado's face.
8:16 PMa month ago

Pain in the foot

12' Neymar falls to the pitch with pain in his foot and receives medical attention on the pitch.
8:13 PMa month ago

First time

11' It's the first goal Brazil conceded in Copa América 2021.
8:12 PMa month ago

Colombia goal

9' Beautiful goal by Luis Díaz. Cuadrado crosses from the right and the striker finishes with a bicycle kick. Weverton could do nothing. The score is open.
8:08 PMa month ago

Lack of attack

6' Everton Ribeiro takes a free-kick from the left with a cross in the box. Colombia's defense makes a partial cut and then is fouled.
8:08 PMa month ago

Startup view

4' Brazil controls possession, exchanges passes in the offensive field, but has yet to finish.
8:02 PMa month ago

Let's go!

Brazil vs Colombia kicks off.
8:01 PMa month ago

Are you ready?

The match will start in a few moments.
8:01 PMa month ago


Brazil will wear a yellow shirt, blue shorts and white socks.

Colombia will wear a blue shirt, yellow shorts and blue socks.

7:54 PMa month ago

Brazilian anthem

The Brazilian National Anthem is now playing.
7:53 PMa month ago

Colombian anthem

The Colombian National Anthem is now playing.
7:53 PMa month ago

On the pitch

Referees and players from both teams are on the pitch.
7:45 PMa month ago

Return to the locker room

Athletes and referees finish warming up and return to the locker room. The match starts in a few minutes.
7:33 PMa month ago

Warm up

Players from both teams and referees warm up on the pitch.
7:24 PMa month ago

Video assistant referees

VAR - Mauro Vigliano (ARG)

AVAR - Facundo Tello (ARG)

7:24 PMa month ago


Referee - Nestor Pitana (ARG)

Assistant referees - Ezequiel Brailovsky (ARG), José Antelo (ARG)

Fourth official - Leodan González (URU)

7:23 PMa month ago

Colombia substitutes

Vargas, Quintana; Medina, Murillo, Cuesta, Fabra, Cuéllar, Perlaza, Cardona, Muriel, Borja, Chará.

HC: Reinaldo Rueda.

7:22 PMa month ago

Brazil substitutes

Alisson Becker, Ederson; Emerson Royal, Eder Militão, Renan Lodi; Douglas Luiz, Fabinho, Lucas Paquetá; Everton "Little Onion", Roberto Firmino, Gabriel Barbosa (a.k.a. Gabigoal), Vinícius Júnior.

HC: Tite.

7:20 PMa month ago

Line-up Colombia

Ospina; Muñoz, Mina, Sánchez, Tesillo; Barrios, Uribe, Cuadrado, Díaz; Zapata, Borré.

Head coach: Reinaldo Rueda.

7:19 PMa month ago

Line-up Brazil

Weverton; Danilo, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Alex Sandro; Casemiro, Everton Ribeiro, Fred; Richarlison, Gabriel Jesus, Neymar.

Head coach: Adenor Bacchi. (a.k.a. Tite)

6:58 PMa month ago

Scaled teams

Squads defined by both teams a few minutes ago.
6:57 PMa month ago

Arrivals at the stadium

Both teams are already present at Nilton Santos Stadium, also known as Big Mill, the stage for the match between Brazil vs Colombia.
6:21 PMa month ago

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If you want to watch the game live on TV, your options are TUDN USA, UniMás, Fox Sports 1, Fox Deportes.

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What time is Brazil - Colombia match for Copa América?

Argentina - 9 PM in DirecTV Sports, TyC Sports

Bolivia - 8 PM in Tigo Sports

Brazil - 9 PM in SBT, ESPN Brasil

Chile - 8 PM in DirecTV Sports

Colombia - 7 PM in DirecTV Sports, Win Sports+, RCN TV, Caracol TV

Ecuador - 7 PM in DirecTV Sports

Mexico - 7 PM in Sky HD

Paraguay - 8 PM in Tigo Sports

Peru - 7 PM in DirecTV Sports

United States - 8 PM ET in TUDN USA, UniMás, Fox Deportes, Fox Sports 1

Uruguay - 9 PM in DirecTV Sports

Venezuela - 8 PM in DirecTV Sports

6:06 PMa month ago

Possible line-up for Colombia

Ospina; Muñoz, Mina, Sánchez, Tesillo; Cuadrado, Barrios, Pérez, Cardona; Muriel, Borja.
6:01 PMa month ago

Possible line-up for Brazil

Weverton; Danilo, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Renan Lodi; Casemiro, Lucas Paquetá, Everton Ribeiro; Gabriel Jesus, Neymar, Richarlison.
5:56 PMa month ago

Colombian National Team roster for Copa América

Goalkeepers - David Ospina, Camilo Vargas, Aldair Quintana.

Defenders - Stefan Medina, Óscar Murillo, Carlos Cuesta, William Tesillo, Yerry Mina, Daniel Muñoz, Davinson Sánchez, Jhon Lucumí, Frank Fabra.

Midfielders - Wilmar Barrios, Gustavo Cuéllar, Edwin Cardona, Juan Cuadrado, Matheus Uribe, Sebastián Pérez, Baldomero Perlaza, Leandro Campaz.

Forwards - Duván Zapata, Luis Muriel, Luis Díaz, Rafael Borré, Miguel Borja, Alfredo Morelos, Yimmi Chará.

Head coach - Reinaldo Rueda.

5:51 PMa month ago

Brazilian National Team roster for Copa América

Goalkeepers - Alisson Becker, Ederson, Weverton.

Defenders - Danilo, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Alex Sandro, Emerson Royal, Éder Militão, Renan Lodi, Felipe.

Midfielders - Casemiro, Fred, Everton Ribeiro, Fabinho, Lucas Paquetá, Douglas Luiz.

Forwards - Richarlison, Gabriel Jesus, Neymar, Vinícius Junior, Everton, Roberto Firmino, Gabriel Barbosa (also known as Gabigoal).

Head coach - Adenor Bacchi, also known as Tite.

5:46 PMa month ago

Colombia in search of recovery

Colombia faltered in the last round and was defeated by Peru after a decade. The team remains in second place in Group B but can even take the lead if they win and ensure an early berth in the knockout rounds of the Copa América.
5:41 PMa month ago

Brazil aims to go undefeated and maximum profit

With two victories over Venezuela and Peru in the two matches valid for Copa América, the Brazilian team seeks a third victory to become even more isolated in the leadership of Group B, which would enable early qualification to the quarterfinals.
5:36 PMa month ago

The match will be played at the Big Mill

The Brazil vs Colombia match will be played at the Nilton Santos Stadium, also known as Big Mill, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
5:31 PMa month ago

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