Goals and highlights: USA 6-1 Martinique in Gold Cup 2021


12:00 AMa year ago

Goals and highlights

11:51 PMa year ago


It's over! USMNT beats Martinique and keeps on scoring in the Gold Cup
11:48 PMa year ago


Goalkeeper! Thimon arrives dangerously and only in front of the goalkeeper shoots, but Turner saves correctly.
11:46 PMa year ago


U.S. goal! Gioacchini's sixth goal came after Busio's cross.


11:44 PMa year ago


Martinique seeks to deny all balls into its area, this time Camille prevents the offense from reaching his goal.
11:42 PMa year ago


Excellent sweep by Jougon, preventing Zardes from scoring the sixth goal.
11:34 PMa year ago


The game remained tight, with Martinique trying to score the second goal, but the United States was well positioned at the back.
11:30 PMa year ago

USMNT change

Zardes to replace Daryl Dike
11:28 PMa year ago


Uff! Gioacchini comes close to scoring the sixth, who ends up shooting after sweeping in, but Gilles prevents the goal.
11:27 PMa year ago


Goal, goal, goal for the United States! Zardes was all alone with the ball and Gilles couldn't reach the ball after the striker's shot.
11:25 PMa year ago

USMNT doble change

Gioacchini and Acosta replace Hoppe and Moore.
11:23 PMa year ago

Martinique change

Jougon replaces Babin
11:20 PMa year ago


Goal Martinique! Riviere scored from the penalty spot to give the French the lead.
11:19 PMa year ago


Penalty! Fortune goes down inside the box after Acosta is pulled inside the area.
11:16 PMa year ago


Goal by the United States! Excellent driving by Dike, who ends up defending to Gilles' goal and the ball ends up going over Martinique's goal.
11:10 PMa year ago


Close! Shot by Marajo, but Turner ends up laying down and keeps that ball.
11:06 PMa year ago


USMNT goal! Miles Robinson appears inside the box and with a lethal header, ends up scoring the third.
11:01 PMa year ago


Both teams will be looking for more excitement for the fans.
10:46 PMa year ago


Finaliza la primera parte, al medio tiempo Estados Unidos se va con ventaja al vestidor.
10:44 PMa year ago


Goalkeeper! Good save by Gilles, who ends up preventing Zimmerman's third goal.
10:40 PMa year ago


Good run by Turner, who makes a good follow up and keeps a ball that was shot from three-quarters of the field.


10:36 PMa year ago


¡Cerca! Gran disparo de Shao Moore, pero Gilles se queda con el esférico atento.
10:32 PMa year ago


Ball to the far post, but Roldán fails to make an impact with the ball.
10:25 PMa year ago


USMNT goal! What a play! Busio's flick, the ball bounces off the crossbar and the line, it goes out, Dike counter-attacks and the ball crashes into Camille who ends up putting the ball in his own net.
10:19 PMa year ago


Roldán's service and Dike fails to give direction to his shot and misses the second.
10:15 PMa year ago


USMNT goal! Daryl Dike gets up inside the box after a cross, and heads in an excellent finish, scoring the first of the night.
10:12 PMa year ago


A good save by Patrick prevents the U.S. from sending a shot on goal.
10:08 PMa year ago


Gianluca Busio's shot goes over the goal.
10:06 PMa year ago


Moore's cross ends up in the hands of Gilles.
10:00 PMa year ago


Meeting kicks off at Children's Mercy Park
9:48 PMa year ago

Martinique: LineUp |

M. Gilles; D. Gerald, J. Babin, K. Fortune, E. Riviera, J. Marajo, B. Patrick, S. Camille, D. Herelle, S. Abaul, S. Cretinoir.
9:44 PMa year ago

USMNT: LineUp |

M. Turner; W. Zimmerman, G. Busio, C. Roldan, D. Dike, M. Robinson, M. Hoppe, J. Sands, E. Williamson, S. Moore, G. Bello
9:39 PMa year ago

What a beauty!

Dressing room ready with the U.S., they will look for the victory and to stay undefeated.

9:29 PMa year ago

One of the youngest!

At 19 years and 48 days old, tonight Gianluca Bosio will make his debut and become the second youngest player to start in a Gold Cup.

9:24 PMa year ago

They are here!

Both teams are already at the stadium, ready for this second duel of the two teams in the Gold Cup, although with different realities.
9:19 PMa year ago

Tune in here USMNT vs Martinique Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for USMNT vs Martinique live, as well as the latest information from Children's Mercy Park Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match. 
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What time is the Martinique vs United States Gold Cup match?

This is the kickoff time for the Martinique vs United States match on July 15 in various countries:

United States: 7:00 pm PT / 10:00 pm ET  
Costa Rica: 8:00 pm
Honduras: 8:00 pm
Guatemala: 8:00 pm
Mexico: 9:00 pm
Panama: 9:00 pm

9:04 PMa year ago

USMNT: Last LineUp |

M. Turner; S. Moore, S. Vines, W. Zimmerman, M. Robinson, S. Lletget, K. Acosta, J. Lewis, P. Arriola, G. Zardes.
8:59 PMa year ago

Martinique: Last LineUp |

M. Gilles, K. Vitulin, Y. Thimon, S. Cretinoir, J. Babin, E. Riviére, S. Abaul, B. Patrick, D. Herelle, R. Barthelery, K. Fortune.
8:54 PMa year ago

The refereeing quartet

The center referee for Martinique vs. the United States will be Mario Escobar of Guatemala; Nicholas Anderson of Jamaica, first line; Jasset Kerr, second line; and Diego Montaño of Mexico, fourth assistant referee.

Ángel Monroy will be in charge of the VAR and Juan Rangel, both Mexicans, will be in charge of the AVAR.

8:49 PMa year ago

To continue the strike

The United States has now gone 14 games unbeaten in the Gold Cup, and if they win tomorrow's match, their unbeaten streak will extend to 15 consecutive matches.
8:44 PMa year ago

A lot of contrast

Despite their best efforts, Martinique have failed to win in their last six matches, drawing three of them, a situation that has made it more difficult for them and places them at the bottom of the table thanks to their lack of goals. On the other hand, the United States has only lost one of its last 10 matches.
8:39 PMa year ago


Martinique and the United States have met twice in official matches, both occasions were victories for the Stars and Stripes, the first in 2003 with a brace by Mcbride, while on the second occasion the score was 3-2, with a brace by Jordan Morris and a goal by Omar Gonzalez.
8:34 PMa year ago


After beating Haiti and prior to this game, Gregg Berhalter said, "We still have to get better. We didn't create enough chances and we didn't finish enough plays.

He also spoke about the departure of Paul Arriola, after the hamstring injury he suffered, arguing that it was a very sensitive loss, the intensity to look for more goals was lost and it became a slow game.

For Berhalter, the start of the game was very intense, "I liked the start of the game, it was good and intense. Then it became unpredictable with some good things and ended up not being good enough".

He also talked about the good level that Moore has shown, arguing that he was the one who had the best reading of the game: "He is not even in preseason, he has been training by himself".

8:29 PMa year ago

What a thing!

It is important to remember that Martinique is not registered with FIFA, so although it may be active in the Gold Cup, it cannot qualify for the World Cups.
8:24 PMa year ago

For the win

Despite not being able to score more goals thanks to the great performance of Haiti's goalkeeper, the Americans came out victorious in this match and for the next game they will be looking to get back to 3-3 to top Group B and qualify for the quarterfinals of this edition.

8:19 PMa year ago

Harsh setback

Martinique started the Gold Cup with a painful loss, despite starting the game winning with a goal by Riviere; Canada did not hesitate to turn the game around after 6 minutes with the lead and beat the French island, a situation that they could not reverse and ended up dropping their first three points.

8:14 PMa year ago

Second round

Martinique will host the United States in the second round of the Gold Cup. This match will be played at Children's Mercy Park Stadium, located in Kansas City, Missouri. The stadium has a capacity for 18,467 fans and is expected to be 100% occupied.

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