Goal and Highlights: Palmeiras 1-0 Universidad Catolica in Copa Libertadores
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Thank you for following the Palmeiras vs Universidad Catolica 2021 Copa Libertadores Round of 16 telecast.
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To the quarterfinals

Palmeiras won the tie and advanced 2-0 on aggregate against Universidad Católica, which means that another Brazilian team will advance to the next round.
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End game

Palmeiras 1-0 Universidad Católica.
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Five minutes are added.
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Dudu's left-footed shot goes wide of the net.
7:59 PMa year ago


Deyverson comes off and Verón enters, Palmeiras change.
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For stalling, Weverton is cautioned.
7:50 PMa year ago


Dudu's mid-range shot is deflected into the goalkeeper's hands.
7:47 PMa year ago


Dudu cuts off the counter-attack with a foul and is yellow carded.
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Danilo with a double hook, but the ball goes wide of the opponent's goal.
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Veiga, Rocha and Wesley come out.

Dudu, Maike and Lopes come in.

Palmeiras changes

7:37 PMa year ago


Three headers inside the box, but Universidad Católica was unable to finish their play.
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Weverton is injured and medical assistance is called to the field.
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Fernando Zampedri's header barely goes over the top of the goal.
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Enter: Buruaga, Silva and Núñez.

Leaving: Rebolledo, Leiva and Saveedra.

Universidad Católica Changes

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Renan's shot to the far post is saved by the goalkeeper with reflexes.
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Second Half begins: Palmeiras 1-0 Universidad Católica.
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Palmeiras 1-0 Universidad Católica.
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Goal Palmeiras 1-0

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Two more minutes are added.
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Palmeiras Goal

A shot hits the post, but Rocha sends the rebound into the back of the net to open the scoring.

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Gutiérrez with a direct free kick that goes over the top of the goal.
6:47 PMa year ago


Veiga with a header inside the six-yard box, and Palmeiras again missed the target.
6:46 PMa year ago


Parot is cautioned, the first of the game for the visitors.
6:45 PMa year ago


Scarpa's shot was saved by Perez with some problems between the three posts.
6:36 PMa year ago


A header inside the six-yard box was saved again by Sebastián Pérez, which was a factor in keeping the score at 0-0.
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Wesley with a one-on-one shot that smashed into the face of the goalkeeper, who heroically saved his goal.
6:32 PMa year ago


The goalkeeper covers the shot, but then Deyverson's scissors kick hits the crossbar.
6:31 PMa year ago


Deyverson's solo header goes wide and Palmeiras missed it.
6:30 PMa year ago


Direct free kick, which Melo shot into the side, even though there was an advanced position.
6:25 PMa year ago


Católica's attack was stopped because Valencia was in an advanced position.
6:23 PMa year ago


A penalty kick inside the area that Catolica could not define, and it was saved by Weverton.
6:19 PMa year ago


Felipe Melo smashes the ball down low, although a previous offside was penalized.
6:16 PMa year ago


The match between Palmeiras and Universidad Católica kicks off.
6:11 PMa year ago

They jump into the field

Palmeiras and Universidad Católica take the field under the Copa Libertadores ceremony.
6:05 PMa year ago

In case you missed it

These are the lineups of Palmeiras and Universidad Católica for this match:

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This is what the Allianz Parque looks like minutes before the ball rolls on its turf.

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It was modernized

They modernized the walls of the Allianz Parque with photos of last year's Copa Libertadores championship against Santos.

5:56 PMa year ago

Already warming up

Weverton and the goalkeeping team are already on the field warming up in order to get ready for the game against Universidad Católica.
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Substitutes Palmeiras

42 Jaílson

29 Willian

20 Lucas Lima

43 Dudu

12 Mayke

18 Danilo

26 Victor Luis

4 Benjamín Kuscevic

19 Breno

17 Matias Vina

27 Gabriel Veron

5 Patrick de Paula

5:43 PMa year ago

Substitutes Universidad Católica

15 Gastón Lezcano

4 Carlos Salomón

18 Diego Buonanotte

6 Francisco Silva

7 Tomas Astaburuaga

17 Branco Ampuero

16 Clemente Montes

27 Alexander Aravena

26 Marcelino Núñez

28 Vicente Bernedo

12 José Ballesteros

5:38 PMa year ago

XI Universidad Católica

25 Sebastián Pérez

5 Valber Huerta

2 Germán Lanaro

8 Ignacio Saavedra

24 Alfonso Parot

21 Raimundo Rebolledo

22 Juan Leiva

13 Felipe Gutiérrez

30 Diego Valencia

19 José Fuenzalida

9 Fernando Zampedri

5:37 PMa year ago

XI Palmeiras

21 Weverton

15 Gustavo Gómez

30 Felipe Melo

3 Renan

2 Marcos Rocha

14 Gustavo Scarpa

8 Zé Rafael

28 Danilo

9 Deyverson

11 Wesley

23 Raphael Veiga

5:21 PMa year ago

Attendance leader

Gustavo Scarpa could be the key player tonight as he leads Palmeiras with the most assists with a total of 15.

5:19 PMa year ago

¿Cómo va la serie?

Palmeiras took a slight advantage in the first leg and needs to win or draw to advance. Universidad Católica needs to win by any score, although a 1-0 win would force penalties.
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Palmeiras will be looking for a place in the quarterfinals against Universidad Católica, who will be looking for a surprise away game. We begin with the coverage.
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What time is Palmeiras vs Universidad Catolica match for Copa LIbertadores?

This is the start time of the game Palmeiras vs Universidad Catolica of 21st July in several countries:

Argentina: 7:15 PM in ESPN

Bolivia: 6:15 PM in ESPN

Brazil: 7:15 PM in ESPN

Chile: 6:15 PM in ESPN

Colombia: 5:15 PM in ESPN

Ecuador: 5:15 horas in ESPN

USA (ET): 6:15 PM in Bein Sports.

Spain: 12:15 AM in DAZN.

Mexico: 5:15 PM in Marca Claro.

Paraguay: 7:15 PM in ESPN

Peru: 5:15 PM in ESPN

Uruguay: 7:15 PM in ESPN

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Last games

The only previous international tournament record came last week in the first leg at the San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium, where Veiga scored a penalty before halftime to give Palmeiras a minimal advantage, remembering that they are the reigning champions of the competition.
5:38 AMa year ago

Key player Universidad Catolica

Edson Puch, with a long career in different leagues such as Mexico, could be the revulsive player that the Chilean team needs up front to be able to turn around a tie that looks complicated.

5:33 AMa year ago

Key player Palmeiras

If there is someone who is still on fire in front of the opponent's goal, it is Raphael Veiga, remembering that he scored the only goal in the first leg from the penalty spot.

5:28 AMa year ago

Last Team Universidad Católica

25 Sebastián Pérez, 5 Valber Huerta, 2 Germán Lanaro, 8 Ignacio Saavedra, 24 Alfonso Parot, 21 Raimundo Rebolledo, 22 Juan Leiva, 13 Felipe Gutiérrez, 30 Diego Valencia, 20 Gonzalo Tapia, 9 Fernando Zampedri.
5:23 AMa year ago

Last Team Palmeiras

21 Weverton, 15 Gustavo Gómez, 4 Benjamín Kuscevic, 17 Matias Vina, 2 Marcos Rocha, 14 Gustavo Scarpa, 8 Zé Rafael, 28 Danilo, 9 Deyverson, 19 Breno, 23 Raphael Veiga.
5:18 AMa year ago

What does Universidad Católica need?

After failing to take advantage of their home advantage in the first 90 minutes, Gus Poyet's team will need to do the feat in Sao Paulo and win by two goals to avoid problems or by one goal, as long as it is 2-1.
5:13 AMa year ago

What does Palmeiras need?

The Verdao need to win or draw by any score; defeat by the minimum difference would send the match to extra time, any other adverse result would leave them out.
5:08 AMa year ago

No spectators

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, fans have not yet been allowed access to this match, which, if full, would be an extraordinary atmosphere.
5:03 AMa year ago

Quarter-final berth to be decided

The winner of this tie between Palmeiras and Universidad Católica will face the winner of the match between Sao Paulo and Racing, so there could be a Brazilian clash in the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores.
4:58 AMa year ago

Kick-off time

The Palmeiras vs Universidad Catolica match will be played at the Allianz Parque Stadium, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The kick-off is scheduled at 6:15 pm ET.
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