Goals and Highlights: Independiente 1-1 Santos in Copa Sudamericana
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To the quarterfinals

Santos was very lucky and won the tie 2-1 to eliminate Independiente. They will now face Libertad in the next round.
8:09 PM9 days ago

End game

Independiente 1-1 Santos.
8:04 PM9 days ago


Barreto is sent off for a double yellow card and the series is over.
7:59 PM9 days ago


Joao Paulo once again played hero and prevented the second goal.
7:54 PM9 days ago


Seven more minutes will be added.
7:49 PM9 days ago


Allison and Leonardo

Camacho and Jorge come out

Santos changes.

7:44 PM9 days ago


Enter: Márquez and Martínez

Out: Palacios and Velasco.

Changes for Independiente.

7:39 PM9 days ago


Vinicius' shot from outside the area goes high.
7:34 PM9 days ago


Soñora enters and Rodriguez leaves, change of International.
7:29 PM9 days ago


Romero's shot from half distance goes over the top.
7:24 PM9 days ago


Kaiky is cautioned for cutting off a counterattacking play.
7:19 PM9 days ago


Pirani and Braga enter

Sanchez and Guilherme leave

Santos changes

7:14 PM9 days ago


Marinho's diving header goes high and is missed by Santos.
7:09 PM9 days ago


Marinho's shot from half distance goes over the top.
7:04 PM9 days ago


Mota leaves and Zanocelo enters. Santos substitution.
6:59 PM9 days ago


Mota takes a direct free kick that is deflected by the defense for a corner kick.
6:54 PM9 days ago


Insaurralde is sent off after the VAR review. Independiente is down to one man.
6:49 PM9 days ago


Marinho is fouled on the edge of the area and Insaurralde is cautioned.
6:44 PM9 days ago


Bustos gets into the box and takes the shot that goalkeeper Joao Paulo saves again.
6:39 PM9 days ago


Marcos Guilherme's first-time shot at the far post ends up flying over.
6:34 PM9 days ago


Romero missed another one and missed the 1-1 when there was no offside.
6:29 PM9 days ago


Lucas Romero's mid-range shot was saved by goalkeeper Joao Paulo and, on the rebound, Silvio Romero was caught offside.
6:24 PM9 days ago


Palacios's cross is headed away by Luis Felipe.
6:19 PM9 days ago


The second half begins between Independiente and Santos.
6:14 PM9 days ago


Gonzalez and Herrera enter

Blanco and Roa leave

Changes for Independiente.

6:09 PM9 days ago

Half time

Independiente 0-1 Santos.
6:04 PM9 days ago


Add one more minute.
5:59 PM9 days ago


Kaio Jorge with a volley shot that goes straight into the goalkeeper's hands.
5:54 PM9 days ago


Barreto's service inside the area is cut off and goes wide.
5:49 PM9 days ago


Sergio Barreto's strong tackle and the referee penalizes it.
5:44 PM9 days ago


Santos Goal

Immediately, Santos responded with a goal by Kaio Jorge, who scored against the goalkeeper to open the score 1-0.

5:39 PM9 days ago


He missed it... Palacios was unable to clear Joao Paulo in the area and Independiente again forgave.
5:34 PM9 days ago


Palacios's mid-range shot went over the goal, but Independiente came close again.
5:29 PM9 days ago


Lucas Romero is tackled hard in midfield and receives a yellow card.
5:24 PM9 days ago


Domingo Blanco receives the yellow card.
5:19 PM9 days ago


Romero's cross that was heading towards goal was saved by Joao Paulo after a defensive deflection.
5:14 PM9 days ago


Velasco's shot was blocked by the goalkeeper and the defense on the line. Independiente came very close to opening the scoring.
5:09 PM9 days ago


Jean Mota is painted yellow.
5:04 PM9 days ago


Another foul on Marinho in his own half that the referee has already sanctioned.
4:59 PM9 days ago


Marinho with a mid-range shot that covers Independiente's defense.
4:54 PM9 days ago


Santos has been more insistent, but so far there has not been any dangerous play.
4:49 PM10 days ago


Santos' first shot reaches Sebastián Sosa without much trouble.
4:44 PM10 days ago


The match between Independiente and Santos begins.
4:39 PM10 days ago

They jump into the field

Under Copa Sudamericana protocol, Independiente and Santos take the field.
4:34 PM10 days ago

In case you missed it

These are the lineups of both Independiente and Santos of Brazil.

4:29 PM10 days ago

Already prepared

So Santos went to the locker room to prepare and seek to retain the lead, remembering that a draw or win this afternoon gives them a ticket to the next round:

4:24 PM10 days ago

They go with the red

Independiente will take the field in their traditional uniform and this is what the shirt they will be wearing this afternoon looks like:
4:19 PM10 days ago

Excellent conditions

This is what the Libertadores de América Stadium looks like before the kick-off of the match between Independiente and Santos.

4:14 PM10 days ago

Substitutes Independiente

9 Jonathan Herrera

13 Milton Álvarez

4 Gonzalo Asis

14 Lucas González

32 Ayrton Costa

15 Alan Soñora

30 Braian Martínez

3 Thomas Ortega

27 Juan Pacchini

35 Tomás Pozzo

20 Rodrigo Marquez

31 Javier Osatchuk

4:09 PM10 days ago

Substitutes Santos


5 Alison

12 Raniel

1 John

22 Danilo Boza

30 Lucas Braga

25 Vinicius

15 Ivonei Junior Da Silva Rabelo

36 Marcos Leonardo Santos Almeida

10 Gabriel Pirani

17 Vinicius

27 Ângelo Gabriel

4:04 PM10 days ago

XI Santos

34 João Paulo

28 Kaiky

2 Luiz Felipe

3 Felipe Jonatan

13 Mádson

7 Carlos Sánchez

41 Jean Mota

20 Camacho

9 Kaio Jorge

23 Marcos Guilherme

11 Marinho

3:59 PM10 days ago

XI Independiente

 1 Sebastián Sosa

 33 Juan Insaurralde

 24 Sergio Barreto

 5 Lucas Rodríguez

 16 Fabricio Bustos

 10 Alan Velasco

 29 Lucas Romero

 23 Domingo Blanco

 18 Silvio Romero

 7 Andrés Roa

 34 Sebastián Palacios

3:54 PM10 days ago

The advantage

This was the advantage that Santos gained in the first leg against Independiente and that could take them to the next round.
3:49 PM10 days ago

Rival defined

The winner of the series between Santos and Independiente will face Libertad of Paraguay, who defeated Junior of Colombia, in the quarterfinals.
3:44 PM10 days ago


Independiente and Santos will play for their ticket to the next round when the last 90 minutes of the series are played. We begin our coverage of the match.
3:39 PM10 days ago

Tune in here Independiente vs Santos Live Score

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What time is Independiente vs Santos match for Copa Sudamericana?

This is the start time of the game Independiente vs Santos of 20th July in several countries:

Argentina: 7:15 PM in ESPN

Bolivia: 6:15 PM in ESPN

Brazil: 7:15 PM in ESPN

Chile: 6:15 PM in ESPN

Colombia: 5:15 PM in ESPN

Ecuador: 5:15 horas in ESPN

USA (ET): 6:15 PM in Bein Sports.

Spain: 12:15 AM in DAZN.

Mexico: 5:15 PM.

Paraguay: 7:15 PM in ESPN

Peru: 5:15 PM in ESPN

Uruguay: 7:15 PM in ESPN

3:29 PM10 days ago

Last games

Independiente and Santos have met three times in international tournaments, with one win each side and one draw, although the only time they have played in Argentina, the hosts won by a score of 3-0.
3:24 PM10 days ago

Key player Santos

Although he did not start the first 90 minutes, Carlos Sanchez has the ability to change the course of the game from his boots with an assist or through the mid-range shot that has always characterized him.

3:19 PM10 days ago

Key player Independiente

Sebastián Sosa is a sign of security and leadership under the three posts, highlighting that with his saves the Diablos Rojos are still alive in the playoffs and have made a good participation in the last few months.

3:14 PM10 days ago

Last Team Santos

34 João Paulo, 28 Kaiky, 2 Luiz Felipe, 42 Juninho, 21 Pará, 10 Gabriel Pirani, 41 Jean Mota, 20 Camacho, 9 Kaio Jorge, 23 Marcos Guilherme, 11 Marinho.
3:09 PM10 days ago

Last Team Independiente

1 Sebastián Sosa, 33 Juan Insaurralde, 31 Javier Osatchuk, 5 Lucas Rodríguez, 16 Fabricio Bustos, 10 Alan Velasco, 29 Lucas Romero, 23 Domingo Blanco, 18 Silvio Romero, 7 Andrés Roa, 34 Sebastián Palacios.
3:04 PM10 days ago

What do they need to advance?

Remembering that in the first leg the "Peixe" won by the minimum difference and that away goals count, Santos can win, draw or even lose by one goal as long as they score one away goal.

For its part, Independiente must win at all costs and if it concedes a goal, it will have to do so by two goals. The only result that would force extra time would be 1-0 in favor of the Red Devils.

2:59 PM10 days ago

Next opponent

The winner of the series between Santos and Independiente will face the winner of the series between Junior of Colombia and Libertad of Paraguay in the next round.
2:54 PM10 days ago

Quarter-final berth to be decided

What a great game that will define the last guests to the quarterfinals, where Independiente will try to take advantage of its locale to eliminate the historic Santos and current runner-up of the Copa Libertadores de América.
2:49 PM10 days ago

Kick-off time

The Independiente vs Santos match will be played at the Libertadores of America Stadium, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The kick-off is scheduled at 6:15 pm ET.
2:44 PM10 days ago

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