Highlights and Best Moments: Internacional 0(4)-(5)0 Olimpia in Copa Libertadores
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Thank you VAVEL friends for following this international match of Copa Libertadores,  Internacional vs Olimpia.

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Olimpia advances to the Quarterfinals

A game where Internacional had more possession and dominated the game, however, the Paraguayan team knew how to contain the rival and managed to advance in the definition by penalties.

Thiago Galhardo flew his shot and became the villain of the Brazilian team tonight.

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Derlis González (Olimpia) scores and Olimpia advances to the Quarterfinals.
10:38 PM2 years ago

Thiago misses his shot

Thiago Galhardo (Internacional) misses his shot.
10:36 PM2 years ago

Goal Olimpia

Richard Ortiz (Olimpia) scores.
10:35 PM2 years ago

Goal Inter

Mauricio (Internacional) scores.
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Braian Ojeda (Olimpia) scores.
10:34 PM2 years ago

Goal Inter

Moisés (Internacional) scores.
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Isidro Pitta (Olimpia) scores.
10:32 PM2 years ago

Goal Inter

Boschilia (Internacional) converted the penalty.
10:31 PM2 years ago

Goal Olimpia

Alejandro Silva (Olimpia) converted the penalty with a right-footed shot.
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Penalty kicks begins

Edenilson (International) scores first.
10:27 PM2 years ago

Internacional will kick first

The Brazilian team will kick first.
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Regular time ends

Internacional 0-0 Olimpia
We will go to the definition by penalties.
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4 more minutes are added.
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Shot by Richard Ortiz (Olimpia) who shoots with the left from outside the area.
10:15 PM2 years ago


Internacional Substitution:

Carlos Palacios enters the field replacing Yuri Alberto.

Vinicius Mello enters the field replacing Taison.

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Header shot missed by Alejandro Silva (Olimpia).
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Isidro Pitta (Olimpia) left footed shot from outside the box is high and wide to the left.
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Internacional Substitution:

Boschilia enters the field replacing Heitor Rodrigues.

10:03 PM2 years ago


Olimpia Substitution:

Luis Cáceres enters the field replacing Antolín Alcaraz.

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Edenilson shoots and misses the penalty. The goalkeeper Alfredo Aguilar makes a great save.
9:56 PM2 years ago


Penalty Kkick for the Internacional. They check in the VAR.
9:52 PM2 years ago


0-0 score at Beira-Rio Stadium.

Remember that in case of a tie there aren't overtime, it will be defined in penalty kicks.

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Corner kick for Internacional.
9:47 PM2 years ago


Yellow card

Victor Cuesta (Internacional) receives a yellow card.

9:45 PM2 years ago


Yellow card

Iván Torres (Olimpia) receives a yellow card.

9:43 PM2 years ago


Olimpia Substitution:

Alejandro Silva enters the field replacing Jorge Recalde.

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The Second Half begins. Internacional vs Olimpia.
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45' Half Time

Internacional 0-0 Olimpia
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Completed time. 2 more minutes are added.
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Once again the goalkeeper Aguilar (Olimpia) saves his goal, one more fault from Inter and one more success from the Guarani goalkeeper.
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Inter dominates the game, but fails in the definition to get an advantage on the scoreboard.
9:07 PM2 years ago


Rodrigo Dourado (Internacional) shoots with the left from the center of the area, the shot that goes too high of the goal.
9:05 PM2 years ago


International Substitution:

Mauricio enters the field replacing Patrick, who is injured.

9:01 PM2 years ago


Offside, International. Yuri Alberto tried a through ball but Thiago Galhardo was in an offside position. It was reviewed in the VAR.
8:55 PM2 years ago


Taison (Internacional) hits the left post with a left footed shot from the center of the box.
8:53 PM2 years ago


Rodrigo Dourado (Internacional) wins a free kick in the defensive zone.
8:51 PM2 years ago


Great save from goalkeeper Aguilar to Thiago. The play is reviewed in the VAR.
8:46 PM2 years ago


Very even match so far. Both try to impose their football on the field.
8:42 PM2 years ago


Corner kick for Inter
8:39 PM2 years ago


Yuri Alberto shoots and the goalkepper diverts.
8:32 PM2 years ago


The match begins. Internacional vs Olimpia.
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Ready to start

Both teams conclude their warm-up, remembering that there will be no fans in the stadium .

All ready to start this great game.

8:19 PM2 years ago

All ready

Both the Brazilian squad and the Paraguayan club are already on the pitch doing some warm-up exercises. We are just minutes away from tonight's game.
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Game without fans

Due to the health situation with the Covid19 coronavirus pandemic and due to the increase in cases in Brazil, this match will be held behind closed doors.
8:08 PM2 years ago

Great offensive

The Uruguayan coach Diego Aguirre, had as his main doubt whether he was keeping Yuri Alberto, one of the most outstanding players in the season, in the attack, or he placed Thiago Galhardo, author of the winning goal in the last game for the Brasileirao against Juventude.

He finally chose to play both of them on the attack.

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Lineups for International and Olimpia
for the match of the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores 2021:
7:49 PM2 years ago

Start coverage

Everything ready at the Beira-Rio stadium for the start of the actions between Internacional from Brazil and Olimpia from Paraguay.

Second leg of the Round of 16 in the Copa Libertadores 2021.

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Last lineup Olimpia

Alfredo Aguilar; Antolín Alcaraz, Iván Torres, Víctor Salazar, Saúl Salcedo; Edgardo Orzusa, Braian Ojeda, Richard Ortiz, Alejandro Silva; Derlis González e Isidro Pitta.

Coach: Sergio Órteman.

1:03 AM2 years ago

Last lineup Internacional

Daniel; Heitor, Bruno Méndez, Víctor Cuesta, Moisés; Rodrigo Dourado, Edenilson, Caio Vidal, Taison; Patrick y Yuri Alberto.

Coach: Diego Aguirre.

12:58 AM2 years ago

Key Player Internacional

An important piece in Uruguayan coach Diego Aguirre's offense is undoubtedly Yuri Alberto, one of the most outstanding players of the Copa Libertadores and Brasileirao.
The Brazilian forward has also been selected as a  Brazilian national team because he has great skills.
12:53 AM2 years ago

Key Player Olimpia

The "Decano" has his bet to advance in the Copa Libertadores, with the experienced scorer Derlis González.

A player who can perform as a forward or offensive midfielder in Sergio Órteman's team. He was player of the Paraguay national team and has a  great career in South America and Europe.

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The home of 'Inter'

The José Pinheiro Borda Stadium, better known as the Beira-Rio Stadium, is located in the city of Porto Alegre and is the home of Internacional. 
Its original capacity was 62,500 spectators, which was reduced to 50,128 spectators after the remodeling to be one of the venues for the Brazil 2014 Soccer World Cup.
12:43 AM2 years ago

Uruguayan duel

Inter, led by the Uruguayan Diego Aguirre, will be choose if it keeps Yuri Alberto, one of the most outstanding players, in the attack, or if it positions Thiago Galhardo, author of the winning goal in the last game for the League against to the Juventude de Caxías.

While the Decano, led by Uruguayan Sergio Órteman, ex soccer player of the Gremio, reserved this weekend his starting team to face this match in Porto Alegre.

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It's time to define who advances

During the first leg, the Brazilian team achieved a hard goalless draw at the Manuel Ferreira Stadium in Asunción.
Now on their home, the Colorado will seek to seal their pass to the Quarterfinals.
On the other hand, the Paraguayans have an important mission in that game, because if they advance they will be stronger for the next round.
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Kick-off Time

The Internacional vs Olimpia match will de played at the Beira-Rio Stadium, in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

The kick-off is scheduled at 8:30 pm ET.

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Welcome to VAVEL

Welcome to coverage of the 2021 Copa Libertadores: Internacional vs Olimpia.

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