Goals and Highlights: Germany 1-1 Ivory Coast in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
Photo: Germany


4:57 AM2 years ago

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4:56 AM2 years ago

50' Final time

Germany 1-1 Ivory Coast
4:54 AM2 years ago

45'+3 Substitution (Ivory Coast)

↑In: 17. Ouattara
↓Out: 11. Kouamé
4:51 AM2 years ago


+5 minutes
4:50 AM2 years ago

42' Substitution (Germany)

↑In: 16. Schlotterbeck
↓Out: 11. Amiri
4:45 AM2 years ago

37' Almost!

In a good move by Ivory Coast on a counterattack, Kouaé receives a throw-in inside the area and shoots a strong cross, the ball explodes into the net...but from the outside
4:40 AM2 years ago

33' Substitution (Germany)

↑In: 17. Stach
↓Out: 13. Maier
4:35 AM2 years ago

28' Goal Detail

In a free-kick from near the edge of the penalty area, Löwen positions himself on the ball and shoots straight at goal, the ball goes and dies in the angle, goalkeeper Tape didn't even move!
4:30 AM2 years ago


Löwen ties the game for the German National Team. 1 a 0!
4:25 AM2 years ago

24' Goal confirmed!

After the VAR analyzed the shot, the goal was validated: Germany 0, Ivory Coast 1.
4:20 AM2 years ago

22' VAR in action!

After the Ivorian goal, the video referee analyzes a possible offside.
4:15 AM2 years ago

21' Goal detail

The ball goes wide after the Germany defense makes a mistake and the ball goes to Dao, who tries to deflect it between the defenders. It falls to Dao, who tries to deflect it between the defenders and sees Henrichs push it into the back of his own net!
4:10 AM2 years ago


Kouamé opens the scoring for Ivory Coast. 1 a 0!
4:05 AM2 years ago

18' Substitution (Germany)

↑In: 9. Teuchert
↓Out: 7. Richter
4:00 AM2 years ago

15' Out!

In a good attack of Ivory Coast, Gradel starts at speed on the right side of the field and makes the cross into the area, Dao rises and gets the ball, but sends it over the goal
3:55 AM2 years ago

12' Substitution (Ivory Coast)

↑In: 10. Ismael Diallo
↓Out: 7. Idrissa Doumbia
3:50 AM2 years ago

10' Going out!

Doumbia falls on the field for the second time in this second half, and again receives due medical attention on the pitch.
3:45 AM2 years ago

5' Bad shooting!

In a dangerous throw in threatening the Ivory Coast area, Richter with freedom alone, takes to the second stick and finishes, but catches the ball crookedly and sends it away from the goal
3:40 AM2 years ago

2' Penalty?!

Dabila makes a tackle in the back of the box using his shoulder, and the German players call for a penalty kick. The referee orders play to continue.
3:35 AM2 years ago

0' Substitution (Germany)

↑Enter: 18. Löwen
↓Exits: 8. Arnold
3:30 AM2 years ago

0' Starts the game

The 2st half begins in Miyagi
3:25 AM2 years ago

Teams on the field

The teams enter the field to start the second half
3:20 AM2 years ago

47' End of the 1st half

Germany 0 x 0 Ivory Coast
3:15 AM2 years ago


+2 minutes
3:10 AM2 years ago

40' Close!

A cross from the right wing inside the German area, the ball goes high, Kouamé wins the header between the defenders and manages to deflect it, but the ball goes out
3:05 AM2 years ago

34' That hurt!

Kessié falls to the ground in pain after a high-powered challenge and receives proper medical attention.
3:00 AM2 years ago

29' Yellow Card (Germany)

Arnold is cautioned for a foul on Signo
2:55 AM2 years ago

25' Traverse!

Germany exchanges passes, the ball arrives on the left side, the cross is made inside the opponent's area, the ball travels high and goes to Ache, who heads well, but the ball explodes off the crossbar
2:50 AM2 years ago

22' Good chance!

Côte d'Ivoire goes on the counterattack, Kouamé goes forward on the left, face to face with the goalkeeper, and hits a shot from outside the box, over the goal!
2:45 AM2 years ago

21' Defend, Tepe!

In a low cross, the ball goes to Richter who receives inside the area and tries to shoot at the goal, but catches it badly, the ball goes weak and goalkeeper Tepe makes the save
2:40 AM2 years ago

10' What a chance!

After a corner kick, Kruser picks up the loose ball on the edge of the box and strikes it into the near side of Tape's goal
2:35 AM2 years ago

9' German pressure!

Richter appears with freedom stepping inside the area, tries the cross to the middle, but the ball explodes in the marking, the remainder is with him that splices the shot seeking the angle, but sends out
2:30 AM2 years ago

7' Over!

The full-back Raum arrives on the left side of the field, makes a cross inside the area, Ache reaches the top and splices the header, but sends the ball over the goal
2:25 AM2 years ago

2' No Good!

Kruse is able to reach the ball in front of the goal, dominates alone in front of the goal and shoots hard, but sends it away. The assistant then signals that the number 10 is offside.
2:20 AM2 years ago

1' Yellow Card (Ivory Coast)

Kouamé is cautioned for a foul on Torunarigha
2:15 AM2 years ago

0' Starts the game

The 1st half begins in Miyagi
2:10 AM2 years ago

Teams on the field

The teams enter the field to start the game
2:05 AM2 years ago

Everything is ready!

With about 10 minutes to go until kickoff, Germany and Ivory Coast have already finished warming up on the Miyagi Stadium pitch
2:00 AM2 years ago


Germany and Ivory Coast take to the pitch at the Miyagi Stadium in Japan to warm up in preparation for the match to be played soon - at 05:00am ET.
1:55 AM2 years ago

Ivory Coast substitutes 🇨🇮

22. Nicolas Tie (GK), 1. Oupoh Nagoli (GK), 2. Silas Gnaka, 19. Koffi Kouao, 17. Zié Ouattara, 18. Cheick Timité e 10. Amad Diallo
1:50 AM2 years ago

Ivory Coast lineup 🇨🇮

(4-2-3-1) 16. Tapé; 5. Ismael Diallo, 4. Kouadio Dabila, 3. Eric Bailly, 6. Willfried Singo; 13. Abdul Keita, 7. Idrissa Doumbia; 15. Max Gradel (C), 8. Franck Kessié, 11. Christian Kouamé; and 9. Youssiuf Dao

Coach: Soualiho Haidara

1:45 AM2 years ago

Germany's substitutes 🇩🇪

12. Svend Brodersen (GK), 22. Luca Plogmann, 5. Amos Pieper, 16. Keven Schlotterbeck, 18. Eduard Lowen, 17. Anton Stach and 9. Cedric Teuchert
1:40 AM2 years ago

Germany's lineup 🇩🇪

(4-3-3) 1. Florian Muller; 2. Benjamin Henrichs, 3. David Raum, 15. Jordan Torunarigha, 4. Felix Uduokhai, 11. Nadiem Amiri, 8. Maximilian Arnold (C), 13. Arne Maier, 7. Marco Ritcher, 6. Ragnar Ache and 10. Max Kruse

Coach: Stefan Kuntz

1:35 AM2 years ago

Game stage

1:30 AM2 years ago

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From now on you can follow the pre-match news and the live coverage of the Germany vs Ivory Coast match of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 here on VAVEL. The ball starts rolling at 04:00Am ET.
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Where and how to watch Germany vs Ivory Coast live on TV in real time?

League: Tokyo Olympic Games 2020

Venue: Miyagi

Time: 04:00 AM

Where to follow: VAVEL


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Where and how to watch the Germany vs Ivory Coast match LIVE online?

It is possible to watch the match exclusively on VAVEL, which will broadcast the match in real time.
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Probable lineup of Germany

Müller; Henrichs, Schlotterbeck (Torunarigha), Uduokha e Raum; Maier, Löwen e Amiri; Ache, Kruse e Teuchert;
1:10 AM2 years ago

Probable lineup of Ivory Coast

Tape; Ouattara (Kouao), Singo, Bailly, Dabila e Ismael Diallo; Kessié, Kader Keita (Idrissa Doumbia), Gradel e Diallo Traoré; Dao;
1:05 AM2 years ago


Referee: Leodán González (URU)

Assistant Referee 1: Richard Trinidad (URU)

Assistant Referee 2: Nicolas Taran (URU)

VAR: Anton Shechetinin (AUS)

1:00 AM2 years ago

Medal table

Germany - 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal

Ivory Coast - 0 medals

12:55 AM2 years ago

Classification - Group C

1nd Brazil - 4 points

2nd Ivory Coast - 4 points

3rd Germany - 3 points

4th Saudi Arabia - 0 points

12:50 AM2 years ago

Participating Countries - Men's Soccer

In all, there are 16 countries divided into groups with four participants each, ranging from the letter A to D. They are: Mexico, France, South Africa and Japan (Group A); Romania, South Korea, New Zealand and Honduras (Group B); Egypt, Spain, Argentina and Australia (Group C); Germany, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Ivory Coast (Group D).
12:45 AM2 years ago

Group D

Group D, besides Germany and Ivory Coast, includes Brazil and Saudi Arabia.
12:40 AM2 years ago


Hello fans! From now on you can follow live and in real time all the plays and news from the match between Germany vs. Ivory Coast live in the 3rd round of Group D of Men's Soccer at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. The duel takes place on Wednesday (28), at 05h (Brasília), in Miyagi.