Highlights: Chelsea 1 (6) vs 1 (5) Villarreal in the 2021 European Supercup final
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6:16 PMa month ago

End of transmission

We end the coverage of Chelsea's victory over Villarreal in the final of the European Super Cup in the 2021 edition, we invite you to stay connected to VAVEL with all the information from the world of sport. 
6:11 PMa month ago

Match statistics

Goals: 1 Chelsea - Villarreal 1
Penalties: 6 Chelsea - Villarreal 5
Possession: 62% Chelsea - Villarreal 38% 
Shots: 20 Chelsea - Villarreal 12
Shots on Goal: 7 Chelsea - Villarreal 5
Total Passes: 805 Chelsea - Villarreal 498
Corners: 9 Chelsea - Villarreal 5
Fouls: 10 Chelsea - Villarreal 15
5:41 PMa month ago

Chelsea European SuperCup Champion

After a penalty shootout, Chelsea won 6-5 against Villarreal, after a 1-1 draw in the 120' minutes.
5:39 PMa month ago

Penalty shootout

Chelsea: X O O O O O O. Villarreal: O X O O O O X.
5:33 PMa month ago

Overtime ends

In a few minutes the penalty kicks will be taken.
5:31 PMa month ago

Minute 119'

Change of goalkeeper in Chelsea thinking about the penalties, Edouard Mendy comes out and Kepa Arrizabalaga enters.
5:26 PMa month ago

Minute 115'

With Villarreal physically diminished, Chelsea were looking for a goal from all sides. 
5:22 PMa month ago

Minute 111'

Villarreal retreats and Chelsea tries to find the goal.
5:20 PMa month ago

Minute 108'

Asenjo's save prevents Chelsea from taking the lead. 
5:17 PMa month ago

Second overtime begins

The ball rolls after Chelsea's kick-off. 
5:15 PMa month ago

First overtime ends

The score is still 1-1
5:13 PMa month ago

Minute 105'

Play is resumed in the middle of the field by both teams.
5:09 PMa month ago

Minute 100'

Pulisic's shot goes narrowly wide.
5:06 PMa month ago

Minute 97'

At the moment at Windsor Park they are playing slow soccer with constant possession raids. 
5:03 PMa month ago

Minute 95'

Starting the first overtime, Chelsea takes the initiative of the game.
5:02 PMa month ago

Minute 91'

Aissa Mandi replaces Yeremi Pino with a substitution for Villarreal.
4:58 PMa month ago

First overtime begins

The ball rolls at Windsor Park 
4:55 PMa month ago

The 90' minutes are over

The regulation time is over and in a few minutes extra time will start.
4:50 PMa month ago

Minute 90'

Four minutes of addition in Windsor Park
4:47 PMa month ago

Minute 86'

Last changes in Villarreal, Alberto Moreno and Boulaye Dia come out, Manuel Morlanes and Dani Raba come in.
4:43 PMa month ago

Minute 83'

Last change for Chelsea, Azpilicueta enters and Hudson-Odoi comes out.
4:40 PMa month ago

Minute 79'

After the equalizer, the match is evened out and the ball is disputed in the middle of the field. 
4:36 PMa month ago

Minute 73'

Gooolll of Villarreal, made by Gerard Moreno. 
4:34 PMa month ago

Minute 71'

Substitution in Villarreal, Mario Gaspar and Moisés Gómez are substituted and Etienne Capoue and Manu Trigueros are substituted.
4:30 PMa month ago

Minute 69'

Villarreal takes the initiative again and approaches Chelsea's goal.
4:27 PMa month ago

Minute 66'

Three changes at Chelsea: 
Out: Timo Werner, N'Golo Kanté and Kurt Zouma.
In: Mason Mount, Jorginho and Andreas Christensen.
4:24 PMa month ago

Minute 63'

Free kick from the right for Chelsea 


4:21 PMa month ago

Minute 61'

Yellow card for Yeremi Pino in Villarreal for protesting to the referee.
4:19 PMa month ago

Minute 58'

Change in Villarreal, Pedraza comes out and Estupiñan enters in his place.
4:16 PMa month ago

Minute 55'

Villarreal are getting livelier and are making constant attempts on Chelsea's goal. 
4:13 PMa month ago

Minute 52'

Villarreal hit the post.
4:08 PMa month ago

Minute 49'

Chelsea's shot is deflected wide.
4:07 PMa month ago

Minute 47'

The second half begins and for the moment Villarreal takes the initiative. 
4:05 PMa month ago

Second part starts

No changes in any team.
4:01 PMa month ago

First half statistics

Goals: 1 Chelsea - Villarreal 0
Possession: 67.7% Chelsea - Villarreal 32.3%.
Shots: 6 Chelsea - Villarreal 5
Shots on Goal: 3 Chelsea - Villarreal 2
Total Passes: 302 Chelsea - Villarreal 141
Corners: 4 Chelsea - Villarreal 2
Fouls: 5 Chelsea - Villarreal 6
3:53 PMa month ago

End of the first part

Both teams go to their respective dressing rooms.
3:50 PMa month ago

Minute 45+3'

Villarreal's shot crashes against the post, and the score is almost leveled. 
3:48 PMa month ago

Minute 45+1'

Three-minute addition at Windsor Park. 
3:46 PMa month ago

Minute 45'

Yellow card for Rudiger at Chelsea 
3:44 PMa month ago

Minute 44'

Chelsea substitution due to injury, goal scorer Hakim Ziyech is replaced by Christian Pulisic.
3:41 PMa month ago

Minute 41'

The match was stopped due to a blow to Hakim Ziyech, scorer of the only goal of the match. 
3:38 PMa month ago

Minute 37'

Following the free kick from the left, Chelsea came very close to converting the second goal.
3:35 PMa month ago

Minute 34'

Villareal made a dangerous run, but Chelsea held them off. 
3:33 PMa month ago

Minute 32'

After taking the lead, Chelsea continued to take the initiative in the match. 
3:29 PMa month ago

Minute 26'

Chelsea goal scored by Hakim Ziyech. 
3:24 PMa month ago

Minute 23'

Villarreal made a mistake at the start of the game that Chelsea almost made. 
3:22 PMa month ago

Minute 21'

Free kick from the right for Villarreal.
3:19 PMa month ago

Minute 18'

Free kick from the right for Chelsea.
3:17 PMa month ago

Minute 17'

Chelsea try to attack but Villarreal close the spaces in their own half. 
3:15 PMa month ago

Minute 15'

The game is back in the middle of the pitch, but Chelsea keep possession of the ball. 
3:13 PMa month ago

Minute 12'

Villarreal tries to attack and the charges are evened out.
3:11 PMa month ago

Minute 10'

Chelsea manages the initiative of the match by playing in the opposition's half.
3:09 PMa month ago

Minute 9'

Villarreal defends with all its players waiting for a counter attack.
3:06 PMa month ago

Minute 7'

Villarreal pulls back and Chelsea play the ball in the opponent's half. 
3:04 PMa month ago

Minute 5'

The game is played in the middle of the court and fouls are used to cut the game short. 
3:03 PMa month ago

Minute 2'

Villarreal attacks but without danger
3:02 PMa month ago

Match starts

The ball rolls at Windsor Park 
2:59 PMa month ago

Field trip

Both teams, together with the refereeing team, take the field at Windsor Park Stadium.
2:43 PMa month ago

Pre-competitive movements

At this moment, both teams are warming up before the European SuperCup final game.
2:34 PMa month ago

Pre-season friendlies - Villarreal

2-3 loss against Valencia, 2-2 draw against Lyon, 0-0 draw against Levante, 1-2 loss against Marseille, 2-3 loss against Leicester, 2-2 draw against Leeds.
2:30 PMa month ago

Pre-season friendlies - Chelsea

6-1 win over Peterborough, 2-1 win over Bournemouth, 2-1 win over Arsenal, 2-2 draw with Tottenham.
2:27 PMa month ago

Substitutes - Villarreal

Rulli, Gaspar, Peña, Mandi, Cuenca, Estupiñan, Morlanes, Moi Gomez, Iborra, Raba, Paco Alcácer, Niño.
2:23 PMa month ago

Villarreal starters

Scheme: 1-4-3-3
Roster: Asenjo; Foyth, Albiol, Torres, Pedraza; Yeremy, Capoue, Trigueros; Alberto M, Gerard, Dia.

D.T.: Unai Emery

2:22 PMa month ago

Substitutes - Chelsea

Kepa, Azpilicueta, Chilwell, Emerson, James, Christensen, Silva, Jorginho, Loftus-Cheek, Mount, Pulisic, Abraham.
2:11 PMa month ago

Chelsea starters

Scheme: 1-3-4-2-1
Roster: Mendy; Zouma, Chalobah, Rudiger; Hudson-Odoi, Kante, Kovacic, Alonso; Ziyech, Havertz; Werner.
Coach: Tomas Tuchel.
1:57 PMa month ago

Get ready!

In a few minutes we will share the lineups and all the details of the match between Chelsea and Villarreal.
5:15 AMa month ago

Number of times Villarreal has played the European Sepercup

The 2021 edition of the SuperCup will be the first time Villarreal will participate in the competition.
5:10 AMa month ago

Number of times Chelsea have played in the European SeperCup.

1998: 1-0 victory over Real Madrid.
2012: 1-4 defeat against Atlético Madrid.
2013: 2-2 defeat (4-5 on penalties) against Bayern Munchen.
2019: Defeat by 2-2 (4-5 on penalties) against Liverpool.
5:05 AMa month ago

How to watch Chelsea vs Villarreal live on TV and online?

If you want to watch Chelsea vs Villarreal live on TV, your option is: CBS, TUDN Deportes
If you want to watch it online, VAVEL USA is your best option.
5:00 AMa month ago

What time is the Chelsea vs Villarreal match?

This is the kick-off time for the Chelsea vs Villarreal match on August 11, 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 16:00 hrs.
Bolivia: 15:00 hrs.
Brazil: 16:00 hrs.
Chile: 15:00 hrs.
Colombia: 14:00 hrs.
Ecuador: 14:00 hrs.
Spain: 21:00 hrs.
Mexico: 14:00 hrs.
Paraguay: 15:00 hrs.
Peru: 14:00 hrs.
Uruguay: 16:00 hrs.

4:55 AMa month ago

Referee's team

Referee: Sergei Karasev (RUS).

Assistant referees: Igor Demeshko (RUS) and Maksim Gavrilin (RUS).

Fourth official: Aleksei Kulbakov (BLR).

Video Assistant Referee: Marco Fritz (GER).

Assistant 1 to the Video Assistant Referee: Pawel Gil (POL).

Assistant 2 Video Assistant Referee: Massimiliano Irrati (ITA).

4:50 AMa month ago

Top player at Villareal

One of the players who is getting the attention in Villarreal is Raul Albiol, the 35 year old central defender was a key player for his team to win the Europa League, besides having experience in teams such as: Real Madrid, Napoli and Valencia.
4:45 AMa month ago

Top player at Chelsea

One of the most outstanding players in the English team is Thiago Silva, the 36 years old central defender, is one of the most prominent in the defense for his cuts of play and his good exit from the bottom, in addition, he has also played in important shirts such as: PSG, A.C. Milan and Porto.
4:40 AMa month ago

Chelsea vs Villarreal history

The European SuperCup will be the first meeting between the two teams, as they have not previously played each other.
4:35 AMa month ago

How did Villarreal qualify?

Villarreal of Spain qualified for the European SuperCup after being the UEFA Europa League champion in its 2020 - 2021 edition, on that occasion beating Manchester United from the penalty spot 11-10, after having tied in regulation time and in extra time 1-1.
4:30 AMa month ago

How did Chelsea qualify?

Chelsea of England qualified for the European SuperCup after being the champion of the UEFA Champions League in its 2020-2021 edition, beating Manchester City 1-0 in the final, through Kai Havertz's goal in the 42nd minute;
4:25 AMa month ago

The match will be played at the Windsor Park

The match between Chelsea and Villarreal, will take place at the Windsor Park Stadium in the city of Belfast (Northern Ireland), this stadium is where the Linfield F.C. Club and the national team of Northern Ireland play their home games, also has a capacity for 22,000 spectators.
4:20 AMa month ago

Transmission start

¡Hello everyone! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Chelsea vs Villarreal match, valid for the final of the European Super Cup 2021.
My name is Ismael Silva and I will be your host for this match. We will offer you pre-match analysis, score updates and live news, here on VAVEL.