Goals and Highlights: Mallorca 1-1 Real Betis in LaLiga
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Thank you for following the broadcast of the game between Mallorca and Real Betis in the 2021-22 LaLiga season.
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One point for both

Mallorca and Real Betis did not show their best version and barely shared a draw in their presentation in the LaLiga 2021 season.
3:26 PMa month ago

End game

Mallorca 1-1 Betis.
3:23 PMa month ago


Joaquín entered the area and fired a shot that went over the top of the goal.
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Three more minutes are added.
3:14 PMa month ago


They claimed a penalty in favor of Betis, but it had already been ruled out of bounds.
3:12 PMa month ago


In Sanchez and Guardado

Fekir and Paul come off

Betis changes.

3:10 PMa month ago


Febas of Mallorca and Jiménez of Betis are cautioned.
3:06 PMa month ago


Moment of rehydration in the second half.
3:05 PMa month ago


Kubo is encouraged to take the direct free kick that goes over the top of the goal.
3:02 PMa month ago


Febas and Junior

Dgarraleta and Mboula come out.

Mallorca changes.

2:56 PMa month ago


Fekir breaks down the left flank and fires a powerful shot that hits the outside of the net.
2:53 PMa month ago


Rodriguez's header into the hands of Rui Silva.
2:52 PMa month ago


In Ndiaye and Kubo

Rodríguez and Sevilla come out

Mallorca changes.

2:50 PMa month ago


Betis Goal

Jiménez with a header to the far post that, with the complicity of the goalkeeper, scores the equalizer.

2:45 PMa month ago


Jiménez and González enter

Sánchez and Ruibal leave.

Real Betis changes.

2:43 PMa month ago


Canales is encouraged with a mid-range shot that goes just wide of the post.
2:42 PMa month ago


Oliván's shot went just wide and the Mallorca team wasted their first chance of the second half.
2:39 PMa month ago


Canales with a very long service for Montoya, but the defense rejects the ball from the side.
2:35 PMa month ago


The second half begins.
2:20 PMa month ago

Half time

Mallorca 1-0 Betis.
2:19 PMa month ago


González is cautioned for a strong foul on the Mallorca center-back.
2:17 PMa month ago


Three more minutes are added.
2:12 PMa month ago


Rodri was looking to filter the pass but it was a bit long. There will be a corner kick.
2:08 PMa month ago


We recall the change that took place a few moments ago with the departure of Calderón and the entry of Moreno.
2:03 PMa month ago


Moment of rehydration, the game is stopped.
1:57 PMa month ago


Mallorca goal.

Olvián defines in a one-on-one inside the area to open the scoring.

1:51 PMa month ago


Montoya's service from the right flank falls short at the near post.
1:48 PMa month ago


Jordi with a long distance shot that goes wide of the goal.
1:45 PMa month ago


Long ball for Ángel that the Betis goalkeeper controls without any problem.
1:42 PMa month ago


Víctor Ruiz does not manage to hit it and Reina controls easily.
1:41 PMa month ago


Foul on Aitor and free kick in favor of Betis.
1:37 PMa month ago


Betis with control of the ball but, so far, without being able to generate danger.
1:32 PMa month ago


The match between Mallorca and Betis begins.
1:29 PMa month ago

In this moments

At this moment Mallorca and Real Betis take the field.
1:23 PMa month ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Mallorca and Betis. Don't miss our coverage of the game.
1:14 PMa month ago

Substitutes Betis

Jiménez, Carvalho, Morón, Rodríguez, Guardado, Fekir, Rodríguez, Bravo, Bayón, Delgado, Portillo, Hermoso.
1:08 PMa month ago

Substitutes Mallorca

Vanrell, Russo, Febas, Bastidas, Junior, Greif, Bataglia, Kubo, Sedlar, Ndiaye, Miranda, Mollejo.
1:06 PMa month ago

The activity

Yesterday's tournament kicked off with Valencia's 1-0 win over Getafe: while today's games are as follows:

Cadiz vs Levante

Alavés vs Real Madrid

Osasuna vs Espanyol.

1:03 PMa month ago

The message

Joaquín Sánchez sent a message through his social networks in which he expresses great enthusiasm for the season ahead for Real Betis, with the goal of achieving new things.

12:58 PMa month ago

This was the arrival

This is how the Mallorca team arrived to face its return to the First Division after a year in the Second Division.

12:53 PMa month ago

XI Mallorca

Reina, Maffeo, Raíllo, Valjent, Oliván, Baba, De Galarreta, Sevilla, Mboula, Dani Rodríguez, Ángel.
12:48 PMa month ago

XI Real Betis

13 Rui Silva, 2 Montoya, 3 Edgar, 6 Víctor Ruiz, 15 Alex Moreno, 4 Paul, 10 Canales, 28 Rodri, 24 Aitor Rubial, 8 Fekir, 9 Borja Iglesias.
12:43 PMa month ago

No Mexicans in the eleven

We can tell you that there will be no Mexicans in the starting lineup because Andres Guardado will start from the substitutes' bench with the possibility of entering the field for the second half.
12:38 PMa month ago

Not called up

Due to the fact that he recently participated in the Olympic Games where he won the bronze medal with the Mexican National Team and, in addition, was injured in the last match against Japan, Diego Lainez will not be active this afternoon.
12:33 PMa month ago


Mallorca returns to LaLiga and faces Real Betis, who will have a busy season after qualifying for the UEFA Europa League. We start with the coverage.
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Tune in here Mallorca vs Real Betis Live Score

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What time is Mallorca vs Real Betis match for LaLiga?

This is the start time of the game Mallorca vs Real Betis of 14th August in several countries:

Argentina: 2:30 PM

Bolivia: 1:30 PM

Brazil: 2:30 PM

Chile: 1:30 PM

Colombia: 12:30 PM

Ecuador: 12:30 PM

USA (ET): 1:30 PM in ESPN.

Spain: 7:30 PM

Mexico: 12:30 PM in Sky Sports.

Paraguay: 2:30 PM

Peru: 12:30 PM

Uruguay: 2:30 PM

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Last games

Of the last five games, the green-and-white team has the advantage with three wins to one draw and only one loss; the most recent occasion they met in this building was on November 30, 2019, with Betis winning by a score of 2-1.
12:13 PMa month ago

Key player Real Betis

The growth of Guido Rodríguez has been abysmal since he arrived from Mexican soccer and now he has become one of the important pieces in the midfield of the Sevillian team.

12:08 PMa month ago

Key player Mallorca

Kubo will be back in Mallorca after having an outstanding participation in the Olympic Games, although Japan finished fourth after losing the bronze medal to Mexico.

12:03 PMa month ago

Possible Real Betis lineup

13 Rui Silva, 32 Edgar, 6 Víctor Ruiz, 15 Alex Moreno, 2 Montoya, 21 Guido Rodríguez, 18 Andrés Guardado, 8 Fekir, 28 Rodri, 24 Aitor Ruibal, 9 Borja Iglesias.
11:58 AMa month ago

Last lineup Mallorca

Reina, Pablo Maffeo, Valjent, Russo, Jaume Costa, Baba, De Galarreta, Dani Rodríguez, Salva Sevilla, Mboula, Pablo Gálvez.
11:53 AMa month ago

Betis: with a lot of hope

After a fantastic season last year when they qualified for the UEFA Europa League, Betis will need to pick up as many points as possible when the tight schedule begins in the coming months.
11:48 AMa month ago

Mallorca: a homecoming

After playing last season in the Second Division, a team with a long tradition such as Mallorca is back in the First Division and will be looking for the best possible way to reunite with its fans.
11:43 AMa month ago

A new season

A new Spanish LaLiga season is getting underway, although without so many spotlights due to the departure of many of the stars they had. Real Betis is interested in the participation of Mexican players Andrés Guardado and Diego Lainez, recent Olympic medalist in Tokyo 2020.
11:38 AMa month ago

The Kick-off

The Mallorca vs Real Betis match will be played at the Son Moix Stadium, in Mallorca, Spain. The kick-off is scheduled at 1:30 pm ET.
11:33 AMa month ago

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