Highlights and Best Moments: Osasuna 0-0 Celta in LaLiga
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Nothing for nobody

Osasuna again drew goalless at their stadium, this time against Celta, who earned their first point of the season.
5:54 PMa month ago

End game

Osasuna 0-0 Celta.
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Another header was saved by Dituro under the three posts.
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Seven more minutes are added.
5:47 PMa month ago


Avila's header goes wide. Osasuna close.
5:46 PMa month ago


Mina slips inside the area, but the referee does not award a penalty kick.
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Entran Valdés y Martínez

Se van Sánchez y Brasanac

Cambios del Osasuna.

5:35 PMa month ago


Now Roberto Torres is painted yellow.
5:35 PMa month ago


Domínguez comes off and Aidoo enters, Celta de Vigo change.
5:34 PMa month ago


Manu Sánchez knocks down an opponent and is cautioned.
5:31 PMa month ago


Avila and Budimir

Ruben García and Kike García come out

Osasuna changes.

5:26 PMa month ago


Solari and Beltrán enter

Méndez and Suárez leave

Celta changes

5:25 PMa month ago


Denis Suárez hits a mid-range shot from outside the area, but it goes high.
5:21 PMa month ago


Borja comes off and Torres enters, Osasuna change.
5:18 PMa month ago


Sanchez's shot from outside the area, but the ball goes wide.
5:18 PMa month ago


Celta change. Cervi came on and Nolito came off.
5:17 PMa month ago


Mina with a shot from outside the area that goes high.
5:12 PMa month ago


Tapia is left lying on the field after a somewhat forced sweep of the field.
5:09 PMa month ago


Kike García with a header from a set piece that goes over the top.
5:04 PMa month ago


He missed it. García hits it down the middle and the goalkeeper saves the penalty with his feet. Still no goal.
5:03 PMa month ago


VAR rules penalty in favor of Osasuna.
5:03 PMa month ago


Carlos Domínguez is cautioned for slapping an Osasuna player and will be given a direct free kick with the help of the VAR.
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The second half begins between Osasuna and Celta.
4:47 PMa month ago

Half time

Osasuna 0-0 Celta.
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Add one more minute.
4:40 PMa month ago


García's header goes over the side.
4:38 PMa month ago


Now the shot came from Moncayola, but the goalkeeper was well positioned inside the three posts to save the ball.
4:36 PMa month ago


The cross goes all the way through the Celta area due to good defensive marking by Vidal.
4:33 PMa month ago


A Celta player is left lying on the field and medical assistance is called.
4:31 PMa month ago


García's mid-range shot was deflected aside by Dituro.
4:25 PMa month ago


Aspas with the service that is deflected by the defense and ends up in the hands of the goalkeeper.
4:23 PMa month ago


Suárez's shot from half distance goes over Herrera's goal.
4:17 PMa month ago


Zapatazo by Kike García to Dituro's location.
4:15 PMa month ago


García with the cutback and takes the shot that the goalkeeper saves at two times.
4:12 PMa month ago


Galván's delayed diagonal that doesn't go any further in the Osasuna area.
4:07 PMa month ago


Nolito was in an advanced position when he headed the ball over the top of the goal.
4:06 PMa month ago


A lot of intensity, but no clarity from both teams from three quarters forward.
4:00 PMa month ago


The match between Osasuna and Celta de Vigo begins.
3:53 PMa month ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the match between Celta and Osasuna, so stay tuned as we will bring you all the details.
3:48 PMa month ago

Long tablecloths

On this day Celta celebrates 98 years of foundation and wants to do it with the three points away.
3:37 PMa month ago

Celta substitutes

8 Fran Beltrán

11 Cervi

13 Blanco

15 Aldoo

21 Solari

32 González

34 Medrano

3:37 PMa month ago

Osasuna substitutes

4 García

6 Oler

9 Ávila

10 Torres

11 Pérez

15 Ramalho

16 Ángel

17 Budimir

21 Pérez

22 Ibáñez

28 Javi Martínez

32 Jesús Areso

3:30 PMa month ago


For the second consecutive game, Mexico's Néstor Araujo is in the starting lineup and this is good for the CONCACAF qualifiers in a few weeks.
3:24 PMa month ago

Thus they arrived

This is how Osasuna arrived at the Pamplona Stadium, cheered and supported by their fans.
3:21 PMa month ago

XI Celta

1 Dituro. 17 Javier Galván, 28 Carlos Domínguez, 4 Néstor Araujo, 20 Kevin Vázquez, 14 Tapia, 9 Nolito, 6 Suárez, 23 Brais Méndez, 22 Mina, 10 Aspas.
3:18 PMa month ago

XI Osasuna

1 Sergio Herrera, 2 Nacho Vidal, 23 Hernández, 5 García, 29 Manu Sánchez; 7 Moncayola, 24 Torro, 8 Brasanac, 11 Barja, 18 Kike García, 14 García.
3:15 PMa month ago

Celta's first result

Celta did not have a good showing at home against the champions and in the end lost 2-1 at home to Atlético de Madrid.
3:10 PMa month ago

Osasuna's first result

Osasuna will play its second home game after last week's goalless 0-0 draw with Espnayol.
3:05 PMa month ago


The second LaLiga matchday ends in Pamplona with the game between Osasuna and Celta de Vigo. We begin with the coverage of the match.
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What time is Osasuna vs Celta match for LaLiga?

This is the start time of the game Osasuna vs Celta of 23rd August in several countries:

Argentina: 5:00 PM in ESPN

Bolivia: 4:00 PM

Brazil: 5:00 PM

Chile: 4:00 PM

Colombia: 3:00 PM

Ecuador: 3:00 PM

USA (ET): 4:00 PM in ESPN

Spain: 10:00 PM

Mexico: 3:00 PM in Sky Sports

Paraguay: 5:00 PM in ESPN

Peru: 3:00 PM

Uruguay: 5:00 PM

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Last games

Osasuna and Celta have a very even balance in the last five games, with two wins on each side and one draw. The most recent occasion they played in Pamplona was in October 2020 with a 2-0 win for the hosts with goals from Facundo Roncaglia and Jonathan Calleri.
2:45 PMa month ago

Key player Celta

The seasons go by and Nolito continues to be in the team, establishing himself as one of the stars of the institution and is undoubtedly one of the most unbalanced players that Celta has from three quarters of the field to the front.

2:40 PMa month ago

Key player Osasuna

Security under the three posts, Sergio Herrera has established himself as a starter in recent seasons and has been one of the best goalkeepers in LaLiga in terms of shots saved.

2:35 PMa month ago

Last lineup Celta

1 Matías Ezequiel Dituro, 19 José Manuel Fontán, 4 Néstor Araujo, 14 Renato Tapia, 17 Javier Galán, 2 Hugo Mallo, 6 Denis Suárez, 9 Nolito, 23 Brais Méndez, 22 Santi Mina, 10 Iago Aspas.
2:30 PMa month ago

Last lineup Osasuna

1 Sergio Herrera, 5 David García, 4 Unai García, 14 Rubén García, 2 Nacho Vidal, 24 Lucas Torró, 7 Jon Moncayola, 18 Kike, 11 Enrique Barja, 8Darko Brasanac, 17 Ante Budimir.
2:25 PMa month ago

Celta: vindication

It was a complicated debut for the Vigo team as they opened against the reigning champions, Atletico Madrid, and lost at home by 2-1. It is worth remembering that last season they had relegation problems, so they have to start to add to their squad; in addition, they will have to make up for the absence of Hugo Mallo, who was sent off last Sunday, to adjust the line of four, led by Mexican defender Néstor Araujo in the center.
2:20 PMa month ago

Osasuna: take advantage of their home advantage

Osasuna will have to take advantage of their double home advantage to get their first victory of the tournament and not let points slip away from their fortress, since in the first game last week they were held to a goalless draw against Espanyol of Barcelona.
2:15 PMa month ago

The Kick-off

The Osasuna vs Celta match will be played at the El Sadar Stadium, in Pamplona, Spain. The kick-off is scheduled at 4 pm ET.
2:10 PMa month ago

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