Goals and Highlights Porto vs Arouca (3-0)
Foto: Divulgação/FC Porto


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That's it. Thanks to you who followed with us the match between Porto and Arouca for the Portugal bwin League. To check out the repercussions of the game, interviews and more news visit the VAVEL US. Thanks, see you next time.
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League table

With this victory Porto reached 10 points and temporarily took the lead of the championship, but can still be overtaken by Sporting and Benfica. Already the Arouca is in 14th and can even finish the round in the relegation zone.
4:08 PM20 days ago

Next matches

As we will have a FIFA Date ahead, Porto and Arouca return to the field only on September 12nd, also in the Liga Portugal bwin. The Dragons will play the classic against the defending champion Sporting, while Arouca will face Maritimo away from home.
4:03 PM20 days ago

Otávio, Porto's midfielder

"We dominated the whole game, we could have even scored more goals, but what matters is to get the three points."
Photo by FC Porto
Photo by FC Porto
3:56 PM20 days ago

Game overview

The attacking duo formed by Luis Díaz and Toni Martínez did not score, but Porto still won another one in the Liga Portugal bwin. Sergio Conceicao's team opened 2-0 in the first half with Uribe and Taremi, then managed the advantage, always with more presence in the field of attack, and got the third goal after a set piece with the participation of the brazilians Otavio, who charged the free-kick, and Pepe, who crossed for Marcano to close the account.
Photo by FC Porto
Photo by FC Porto
3:54 PM20 days ago

Match Stats: Porto 3-0 Arouca

Ball possession - Porto: 59%, Arouca: 41
Shots: 17-16
Shots on goal: 4-1
corners: 4-5
Offsides: 2-1
Throws: 25-19
Fouls: 14-16
Goalkeeper Saves: 1-1

3:44 PM20 days ago


49' The referee's final whistle sounds! Porto wins for the third time in the championship and once again without conceding a goal, building a 3-0 score with ease.
3:41 PM20 days ago


47' Porto goes on the attack again, after attempting a heel touch, Thales makes the protection and Fernando Castro makes the save
3:39 PM20 days ago

Too far out

45' Tiago Araujo shoots at goal, but misses the ball and it goes out without scaring goalkeeper Diogo Costa
3:11 PM20 days ago

Added time

45' Four minutes to end the game
3:10 PM20 days ago

Yellow card

43' Dabbagh, Arouca striker, for pulling Porto's player by the shoulder
3:08 PM20 days ago

Diogo Costa!

42' Oday Dabbagh receives from Or Dasa and sends to the goal almost without angle, but the goalkeeper follows the play and makes the save
3:04 PM20 days ago

Double substitution in Arouca

41' in: Or Dasa, Tiago Esgaio; out: Eugeni, Quaresma
3:03 PM20 days ago

Substitution in Porto

41' Wendell takes the place of Mbemba. It is the debut of the Brazilian left-back in the team of Porto! The main signing of the season, the former Bayer Leverkusen player is applauded by the crowd when he enters the field.
3:01 PM20 days ago


38' The pace of the game drops and the game becomes truncated, with more fouls and disputes in the midfield
3:00 PM20 days ago

Yellow card

36' Quaresma, Arouca left wing, for a foul on João Mário.
2:58 PM20 days ago

Substitution in Arouca

35' Bukia replaced by Oday Dabbagh 
2:51 PM20 days ago

Double substitution in Porto

35' Francisco Conceicao and Fabio Vieira in place of Luis Diaz and Otavio
2:47 PM20 days ago


31' Fernando Castro gets complicated when leaving the goal, the ball is left to Vitinha, who tries to score from midfield, but overdoes the force and it goes over the crossbar

2:46 PM20 days ago

He punched it out

30' Pepe advances on the right and plays in the area, the goalkeeper Fernando Castro moves away from the area
2:44 PM20 days ago

No danger

25' Eugeni triggers Pité, who tries another shot from outside the area, with his left foot, and the ball goes out
2:40 PM20 days ago

Goal disallowed

23' Taremi is given the ball at speed, he takes off and goes free towards the goal, but rolls it to Pepe who was getting to his side. Taremi's shot is cleared off the line, but the referee signals for offside at the origin of the play.
2:39 PM20 days ago

Helping the defense

23' Arouca goes forward, Diogo makes a partial save and Taremi completes the save
2:36 PM20 days ago

Yellow card

22' Mateus Uribe,  midfielder from Porto, for bringing down Quaresma
2:33 PM20 days ago


18' MARCANO! Otavio takes a free-kick from the right wing, Pepe receives it on the other end and plays it into the box, the Spanish defender deflects it towards goal and the ball deflects off the defender before crossing the line. VAR comes into action to analyze a possible irregularity in the play, but soon confirms that the goal was legal.
2:33 PM20 days ago

Double substitution in Porto

14' in: Vitinha and Pepe ; out: Bruno Costa and Martinez
2:32 PM20 days ago

Yellow card

13' Luis Díaz, Porto forward, for interrupting Arouca's counter attack by pulling Bukia's shirt.
2:29 PM20 days ago

From the top

12' Joao Mario escapes down the right, tries to dribble Quaresma and is obstructed. Porto wins a side-footed free-kick, Bruno Costa plays it into the middle of the box and Velazquez heads it away
2:24 PM20 days ago


10' João Mário accelerates on the right side and shoots with his right foot, but misses the target
2:19 PM20 days ago

Double substitution in Arouca

6' Pite and Tiago Araujo in place of Arsenio and Leandro
2:18 PM20 days ago

Yellow card

5' Bruno Costa, midfielder from Porto, for pulling the shirt of Bukia and interrupting Arouca's counterattack
2:17 PM20 days ago


5' After a table between Toni Martínez and Taremi on the left, the ball is crossed into the area, Luis Díaz slides and tries the cart at the second post, but the ball goes out
2:16 PM20 days ago

Good chance for Porto

3' Porto go forward again with Toni Martínez in the attack, but he doesn't catch the ball well
2:11 PM20 days ago

No direction

1' Bukia receives from André Silva and finishes for the first time in the final stage, but shoots straight away
2:09 PM20 days ago


00' The second half begins! Arouca take the ball out, with Bukia.
2:04 PM20 days ago

Subs from Arouca

Victor Braga, Tiago Esgaio, Joel, Marco Soares, Pite, Tiago Araujo, Adilio, Oday Dabbag.
2:03 PM20 days ago

Porto's bench

Claudio Ramos, Wilson Manafa, Wendell, Vitor Ferreira, Sergio Oliveira, Fabio Vieira, Pepe, Francisco Conceicao e Evanilson.
2:02 PM20 days ago

Stats Porto 2-0 Arouca

Ball possession - Porto: 55%, Arouca: 45
Shots: 9-3
Shots on goal: 3-0
corners: 3-2
Offsides: 1-1
Throws: 12-9
Fouls: 2-11
Goalkeeper Saves: 0-1
Foto: Divulgação/FC Porto
Photo by FC Porto
2:00 PM20 days ago

Half time

48' Helder Malheiro blows the whistle to signal the end of the first half
1:57 PM20 days ago


48' Bukia takes a corner kick, tests Diogo Costa with a left-footed shot from the edge of the area, the goalkeeper makes a glancing blow and the ball goes too high
1:54 PM20 days ago

Short time to go

46' After a free-kick in the middle of the area, Mateus Uribe rises higher than Arouca's player and gets his head in to play for a corner
1:52 PM20 days ago

Yellow card

45' Joao Mario, right winger for Porto. He tried to tackle Arsenio on the left side of the pitch, but couldn't get the ball out of the way and then pulled his rival by the arm. A dangerous free-kick for Arouca to hit.
1:49 PM20 days ago

Additional time

45' Two minutes to the end of the first half
1:47 PM20 days ago

By an inch

44' Luis Díaz goes forward on the left, sees Otávio arriving on the other side and rolls the ball to him. Even though he is marked by Quaresma, the Brazilian crosses the ball and goes to the right of the goal defended by Fernando Castro
1:46 PM20 days ago

Over the goal

39' Quaresma makes a deep pass to Eugeni in the middle, he gets in the middle and hits the goal, but without direction
1:43 PM20 days ago


34' TAREMI! Bukia moves forward on the right, falls for a foul and the referee orders the match to continue. Porto regains possession of the ball, Luis Díaz starts at speed and plays to the Iranian, who enters the area on the left and shoots into the right corner of the goalkeeper.
1:40 PM20 days ago

Almost the second

30' Uribe takes a corner from the right side, the ball goes past goalkeeper Fernando Castro, crosses the area and hits Marcano, who was in the small area, but it goes to the right of the goal
1:35 PM20 days ago

Almost the second

27' Toni Martínez escapes to the left, clears the marking, invades the area and crosses, but the ball touches Leandro and goes to the bottom line
1:32 PM20 days ago

Yellow card

25' Leandro, midfielder from Arouca, for committing a foul in Toni Martinez
1:29 PM20 days ago


24' URIBE! After a good move, the Colombian right-footed shot hits goalkeeper Fernando Castro's corner.
1:27 PM20 days ago


21' Otavio falls to the pitch with back pain after a ball dispute with Velázquez, but recovers and returns to the game.
1:27 PM20 days ago


20' Bukia passes the ball to Eugeni, who was going towards the goal to face Diogo Costa, Uribe arrives underneath and makes the cut, but the referee signals offside
1:25 PM20 days ago

Far away

16' Quaresma picks up the rebound after a corner kick, tries to shoot from outside the area, but the ball goes way above Diogo Costa's goal
1:24 PM20 days ago

Porto again

14' Pepe goes forward and is brought down by Bruno Costa. Otavio takes a free-kick from the intermediate, but instead of playing into the area he rolls to the side. receives on the right and crosses, Leandro head away for a corner.
1:23 PM20 days ago

Chance for Porto

9' Luis Díaz receives from Otávio, invades the area and tries to shoot with his right foot, looking for the angle, but Fernando Castro saves
1:13 PM20 days ago


5' Porto occupy more the field of attack, and have already arrived in two individual plays of Luis Diaz and a ball sent to Toni Martinez, who was in an offside position. It's the first time I've played in a game where I've had the chance to do so.
1:05 PM20 days ago


00' The first half begins
1:01 PM20 days ago


Teams on the field positioned at Estadio do Dragao for the starting whistle. FC Porto wears the main uniform, being a shirt with horizontal stripes in blue and white, blue shorts and white socks, FC Arouca with a pale blue shirt, shorts and gray socks.
12:52 PM20 days ago


Fernando Castro; Thales Oleques, Joao Basso, Sema Velazquez e Quaresma; Pedro Moreira e Leandro; Bukia, Eugeni, Arsenio; Andre Silva.
Coach: Armando Evangelista.

Substitutes: Victor Braga, Tiago Esgaio, Joel, Marco Soares, Pite, Tiago Araujo, Adilio, Oday Dabbag.

Photo by FC Arouca
Photo by FC Arouca
12:40 PM20 days ago


Diogo Costa; Joao Mario, Pepe, Mbemba, Marcano; Otavio, Bruno Costa, Matheus Uribe e Luis Diaz; Mehdi Taremi and Toni Martinez.
Coach: Sergio Conceicao. 

Substitutes: Claudio Ramos, Wilson Manafa, Wendell, Vitor Ferreira, Sergio Oliveira, Fabio Vieira, Pepe, Francisco Conceicao e Evanilson.

Photo by FC Porto
Photo by FC Porto
12:35 PM20 days ago

Top scorers

Toni Martinez is the leading scorer in the championship because he has scored three times, as has Pedro Goncalves (Sporting). Colombian Luis Diaz has two and is alive in the fight. FC Arouca has scored only two goals so far, with Joao Basso, from a penalty kick, and Leandro.
Photo by FC Porto
Photo by FC Porto
12:30 PM20 days ago

Porto 100% at home

This will be FC Porto's second home game of the 2021-22 season in the Liga Portugal bwin. In the first match, they won 2-0, with goals from Toni Martínez and Luis Díaz, and the expectation is for three more points and, who knows, with the defense without letting in a single goal. FC Arouca was defeated by the same score (2-0) in the only game as a visitor, against Benfica.
12:25 PM20 days ago


Hey! We're back to continue the broadcast of another Liga Portugal bwin match. In a few minutes we have Porto x Arouca on the field at Estadio do Dragao, so stay here and stay on top of everything that happens before, during and after the game in the city of Porto.
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Tune in here Porto vs Arouca Live Score

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How to watch Porto vs Arouca Live Stream on TV and Online?

Match: Porto v Arouca
Event: Liga Portugal Bwin
Round: #4
Date: August 28th
Kick-off: 1:00pm ET
Place: Estadio do Dragao in Porto (Portugal)
Where to watch: Sport TV (Portugal), GOLTV (Latin America and USA), Free Sports (United Kingdom), FOX Sports (Brazil)
Real time: VAVEL
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Where and how to watch Porto vs Arouca live online

Who wants to follow this game between Porto and Arouca will have to follow the transmission of Sport TV (Portugal), GOLTV (Latin America and USA), Free Sports (United Kingdom), ESPN (Brazil), etc. If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!
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Who will be the referee and the assistants?

Referee: Helder Malheiro
Assistant Referee 1: Rui Cidade
Assistant Referee 2: Goncalo Freire
Fourth official: Bruno Costa 
VAR (Video Assistant Referee): Luis Ferreira
AVAR (Assistant VAR): Nuno Manso
12:00 PM20 days ago

Possible line-up for Arouca

Fernando Castro; Thales Oleques, Sema Velázquez, João Basso, Mateus Quaresma; Pedro Moreira, Eugeni, Leandro Silva; André Bukia, André Silva, Arsenio Nunes.
Coach: Armando Evangelista.
11:55 AM20 days ago

Possible line-up of Porto

Diogo Costa; Joao Mário, Pepe, Chancel Mbemba, Wilson Manafa; Matheus Uribe and Bruno Costa; Luis Díaz, Mehdi Taremi, Toni Martínez and Pepe.
Coach: Sergio Conceicao.
11:50 AM20 days ago

Legion of Brazilians

Porto has the left-back Wendell, midfielder Otavio, and forwards Evanilson and Pepe. Arouca, in turn, has goalkeeper Fernando Castro, right-back Thales Oleques, defenders Brunao Goncalves and Joao Basso, left-back Mateus Quaresma and forwards Adílio SantosAndré Silva e Antony.
11:45 AM20 days ago


Second largest Portuguese champion, with 29 titles, behind only Benfica (37), the club hired for this season the Brazilians Wendell and Pepe and the Portuguese Fábio Cardoso and Bruno Costa. Arouca also strengthened in the return to the Portuguese first division. The new additions include the Brazilian Antony, the Spaniard Eugeni, the Ghanaian Godfred Donsah, the Israeli Or Dasa, the Palestinian Oday Dabbagh, and the Portuguese Tiago Esgaio.
11:40 AM20 days ago

FC Arouca: team information

This will be a confrontation between clubs from the same region. Newly promoted to the elite along with Estoril Praia and Vizela, the blue and yellow club is in the same region as the rival, in the district of Aveiro, northwestern Portugal. It is about 60 km between the cities of Arouca and Porto. So far there have been four participations in the elite of Portuguese soccer in the 69 years of the club's history.
11:35 AM20 days ago

Head to head

This will be the ninth meeting between the teams, the first since March 2017. Porto has won seven so far and lost only once, in the 2015-16 season, 2-1. On that occasion, paraguayan Walter Gonzalez was the face of the match, scoring two goals, and Aboubakar cashed in. At the time, the team was coached by angolan Lito Vidigal.
11:30 AM20 days ago

League table

4th - Porto: 7 points (two wins, one draw)
13rd - Arouca: 3 points (one win, two losses)

After three rounds, only four clubs remain undefeated in the Portuguese Championship. One of them is Porto. The others are Estoril, Benfica and the leader and current champion Sporting. Arouca, meanwhile, is struggling at the bottom of the table because they have won only one of the three matches they have played so far.​​​​​​​

11:25 AM20 days ago

Fixture and results

Matchweek 4:
Belenenses 1-1 Moreirense
Estoril Praia 2-1 Maritimo
Vizela x Boavista
Porto x Arouca
Famalicao x Sporting
Benfica x Tondela
Braga x Vitoria de Guimaraes
Santa Clara x Gil Vicente
Portimonense x Pacos de Ferreira
11:20 AM20 days ago


The match Porto vs Arouca will be played at Estadio do Dragao on August 28, 2021 in Porto, Portugal, at 1:00pm ET.
Foto: Divulgação/FC Porto
Foto: Divulgação/FC Porto
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Welcome to VAVEL.com’s LIVE coverage at Liga Portugal Bwin: Porto vs Arouca!

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