Goals and Highlights: Liechtenstein 0-2 Germany in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers


4:39 PM17 days ago

Next matches

Germany will be back on the pitch on Sunday (5) at 15:45 when they host Armenia. Liechtenstein will face Romania, on the same day and time!

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4:35 PM17 days ago


With goals from Werner and Sané, Germany beats Liechtenstein and takes the three points home!
4:30 PM17 days ago


The ball was deflected into the German box, and the ball went close to Leno's right post!
4:29 PM17 days ago


Gosens, injured, leaves the field at the moment. Germany, who have no more substitutions, will be left with 10 on the field in this final.
4:25 PM17 days ago


Double substitution in Liechtenstein: Sandro Wolfinger and Malin are out for Yildiz and Kollmann.
4:23 PM17 days ago


Substitution in Germany: Kimmich out, Wirtz in.
4:19 PM17 days ago


Sané managed a beautiful cross-shot, already inside the penalty area, on the left, to increase the score!
4:16 PM17 days ago


Sané came down the left and headed the ball over the goal!
4:14 PM17 days ago


Substitution in Germany: Gundogan out, Goretzka in.
4:13 PM17 days ago


Kehrer headed Sané's corner hard and sent it dangerously over the goal!
4:12 PM17 days ago


Double substitution in Liechtenstein: Noah Frick and Yanik Frick left for Kardesoglu and Grunefelder.
4:10 PM17 days ago


Gosens risked a strong shot from outside the area and sent it over the goal, with a deflection. At the corner the game was stopped for the home defender's assistance.
4:03 PM17 days ago


Substitution in Liechtenstein: Sele left and Wolfinger came in. The one on the field is his brother: Sandro.
4:01 PM17 days ago


Triple substitution in Germany: Gnabry, Baku, and Musiala left for Reus, Gnabry, and Hofmann.
4:00 PM17 days ago


Buchel, on a low cross, deflected the ball. On the rebound Gosens hit, he saved, and on the rebound Gundogan shot and the goalkeeper saved for a corner!
3:58 PM17 days ago


Confirming: Leichtenstein is the same team that entered the first half, without substitutions. Germany dominates, but without finishing so far.
3:47 PM17 days ago


Now Werner gets the first touch on the ball and it rolls into the second half of the match!
3:47 PM17 days ago

Teams on the field

The teams return to the pitch to start the second half. There appear to be changes in Liechtenstein, which we will confirm in a moment.
3:32 PM17 days ago


Without extra time, the first half ends with only one goal for Germany, from Werner, who leads 1-0!
3:27 PM17 days ago


Werner received in front, inside Musiala's area and hit a low shot between Buchel's legs, opening the score for Germany!
3:25 PM17 days ago


Buchel punched the ball out but couldn't get it away, and Gundogan got it on the edge of the box, but came in to finish and sent it SOON from the empty goal.
3:19 PM17 days ago


Gundogan, in another shot from outside the area, sent the ball through the right side of the goal.
3:05 PM17 days ago


On Kimmich's cross from the right, Gosens was in the box to head and send the ball in at the left post!
3:01 PM17 days ago


Now it was Gundogan's turn to strike hard, but from the right side of the goal.
2:53 PM17 days ago


In another ball in the box, Sané found Werner, who tabbed with Havertz, to finish, but Buchel sprawled far away!
2:50 PM17 days ago


Sané already created the first great chance of the match with a cross-shot, but the defense took it away!
2:46 PM17 days ago


Yanik Frick gets the first touch on the ball and it rolls into the first half for Lichtenstein and Germany!
2:44 PM17 days ago

National anthems

The national anthems of Germany and Liechtenstein are now played on the pitch.
2:44 PM17 days ago

Teeams on the field

The teams appear on the field to start the match!
2:25 PM17 days ago

Round 4 - part 5

Also today at the same time Lithuania - Northern Ireland, Northern Macedonia - Armenia, Estonia - Belgium, Sweden - Spain, Iceland - Romania and Hungary - England.
2:25 PM17 days ago

Round 4 - part 4

At the same time as this match you can also follow Czech Republic-Belarus, Andorra-San Marino, Poland-Albania and Italy-Bulgaria.
2:25 PM17 days ago

Round 4 - part 3

Closing yesterday, Turkey and Montenegro drew 2-2, Slovenia drew 1-1 with Slovakia and Malta beat Cyprus 3-0. Earlier today Kosovo beat Georgia 1-0.
2:22 PM17 days ago

Round 4 - part 2

Also yesterday, Faroe Islands lost 4-0 to Israel, Austria beat Moldova 2-0, and Denmark beat Scotland by the same score. Russia drew 0-0 with Croatia and Luxembourg beat Azerbaijan 2-1.
2:22 PM17 days ago

Round 4 - part 1

The round started yesterday, with a 2-2 draw between Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Then Portugal beat Ireland 2-1, while France drew 1-1 with Bosnia. Latvia beat Gibraltar 3-1 and Norway drew 1-1 with the Netherlands.
2:17 PM17 days ago


The players appear on the field to begin their warm-up work.
2:10 PM17 days ago

Retrospect - part 2

To make things worse for the hosts, today they have only three goals scored, with an average of 0.75, while Germany has 27 (!) goals scored, with an average of 6.75 per game.
2:10 PM17 days ago

Retrospect - part 1

The record is cruel with Liechtenstein. There are four matches, two qualifiers and two friendlies. And in these four games only Germany won, both home and away. German dominance is irrefutable.
1:54 PM17 days ago

Line up of Liechtenstein

The novelties in the selection of Liechtenstein are the entries of Wolfinger in defense, which came out of the middle for the entry of Sele. Sele will go to the attack, moving back one of the Frick brothers to the middle.
1:54 PM17 days ago

Liechtenstein lined-up!

Liechtenstein is lined up for the match and comes into the field with: Buchel, Wolfinger, Malin, Kaufmann, Hofer and Goppel; Frommelt, Hasler and Noah Frick; Sele and Yanick Frick.
1:50 PM17 days ago

Line-up of Germany

Germany comes with some new additions. In defense Baku and Kehrer start. In the middle Gundogan comes in, and Werner in attack.
1:50 PM17 days ago

Germany lined-up!

Germany has been selected for the match and will take the field like this:

1:47 PM17 days ago


Now the broadcast of the World Cup qualifying match between Liechtenstein and Germany begins!
11:44 PM17 days ago

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Possible Germany

Germany, meanwhile, is expected to field: Leno, Klostermann, Sule, Rudiger and Gosens; Kimmich, Goretzka, Sané, Musiala and Gnabry; Havertz.

11:29 PM17 days ago

Possible Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein should field the following lineup: Buchel, Wildiz, Malin, Kaufmann, Hofer and Goppel; Wolfinger, Frommelt and Hasler; Noah Frick and Yanick Frick.
11:24 PM17 days ago

Hansi Flick

Flick commented on the training sessions in the pre-match press conference: "We focused on what we should do, how we want to perform. In the first training sessions we saw exactly what we had in mind. The team was active".
11:19 PM17 days ago


Martin Stocklasa will be at full strength for the match, unlike Hansi Flick, who will not be able to use Manuel Neuer and Thomas Muller, both injured and out of action.
11:14 PM17 days ago

Group J

Germany is in qualifying group J, where they have six points, tied with second-placed North Macedonia and three points behind leaders Armenia, making them third. With three points just below are Romania and Iceland. At the bottom is Liechtenstein, with no points.
11:09 PM17 days ago

Sentence: Germany

Germany, on the other hand, is coming from a defeat to England in the round of 16 of the European Championship, 2-0, with goals from Sterling and Kane. Before that and before the Euro group stage, Germany played a friendly match against Latvia, beating them 7-1. Gosens, Gundogan, Muller, Ozols (against), Gnabry, Werner and Sané.
11:04 PM17 days ago

Sentence: Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is coming off two rather violent defeats. The first was to the Faroe Islands, 5-1. Klaemin Olsen (2), Brandur Olsen (2) and Davidsen scored for the home side, while Goppel scored the other goal. Against Switzerland it was even worse. The score was 7-0, with goals from Gravanovic (3), Fassnacht (2), Frick (against) and Edmilson Fernandes, completing the rout.
10:59 PM17 days ago

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