Highlights: Mozambique 0-0 Ivory Coast in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
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11:05 AM14 days ago

To continue competing

With this result, both countries earned their first point in the qualifiers; it should be recalled that they are in Sector D, along with Cameroon and Malawi, teams that will make their debut this afternoon.

On the second day of the Group Stage, Mozambique will face Malawi next Tuesday in Johannesburg, while Ivory Coast will host Cameroon next Monday in Abidjan.

10:56 AM14 days ago

Match ends!

In a match with very few chances created, Mozambique and Ivory Coast play to a goalless draw in their debut in the CAF Second Qualifying Round for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
10:52 AM14 days ago


Four minutes of compensation are added.
10:46 AM14 days ago


Ivory Coast makes one more change: Karim Konate comes off and Sebastien Haller comes on.
10:43 AM14 days ago


The score is still level; Mozambique has defended well and prevented Ivory Coast from attacking comfortably.
10:31 AM14 days ago


Close! A powerful shot from outside the box by Melque Alexandre goes just wide of the home goal. Côte d'Ivoire are still on top.
10:30 AM14 days ago


Mozambique makes a couple more moves: Bruno Langa and Luis Miquissone replace Estevao Novela and Geny Catamo.
10:29 AM14 days ago


Ivory Coast also changed its lineup: Jeremie Boga and Franck Boli were replaced by Habib Maiga and Jean Kouassi.
10:21 AM14 days ago


New change for Mozambique: Amancio Cahembe exits and Melque Alexandre enters.
10:21 AM14 days ago


Mozambique makes its first move: Candido Mathe replaces Nilton Ernesto.
10:07 AM14 days ago

The second half begins!

The match between Mozambique and Côte d'Ivoire is underway again.
10:00 AM14 days ago

Ivory Coast: substitutes

Karim Konaté, Tape Ira, Christian Kouamé, Jean Akpa, Lago Junior, Eboue Kouassi, Hamed Junior, Badra Ali, Franck Boli, Jeremie Boga, Ousmane Adama and Emmanuel Agbadou.
9:59 AM14 days ago

Mozambique: substitutes

Abel Nhantumbo, Victor Guambe, Amansio Canhembe, Nilton Ernesto, Fidel, Geny Catamo, Victor Tesoura, Danilo Muzé, Francisco Nelson, Nené and Estevao Novela.
9:49 AM14 days ago

The first half is over!

The teams of Mozambique and Ivory Coast are tied at 0-0, in a match that has lacked play generation.
9:48 AM14 days ago


One minute of reposition is added.
9:42 AM14 days ago


After more than half an hour, the match continues to lack excitement; both teams have not been able to progress their attacks in a good way.
9:30 AM14 days ago


The score remains tied; although Côte d'Ivoire continues to be superior, they are finding it difficult to reach Mozambique's goal with any clarity.
9:13 AM14 days ago


For the moment, Cameroon have taken the initiative and taken possession of the ball; however, they have not yet managed to generate any dangerous chances.
9:04 AM14 days ago

Game on!

Mozambique and Ivory Coast are already playing their first game of the second round of CAF qualifiers for Qatar 2022.
9:02 AM14 days ago

Everything is ready!

The 22 players are already on the field and the national anthems of each country are now being played.
8:46 AM14 days ago

Ivory Coast: confirmed lineup

Sylvain Gbohouo; Hassane Kamara, Odilon, Kossounou, Ghislain Konan, Max Gradel, Serey Die, Ibrahim Sangaré, Sinaly Diomande, Habib Maiga, Sebastian Haller y Jean Evrard.
8:43 AM14 days ago

Mozambique: confirmed lineup

Hernani Siluane; Bruno Langa, Reinildo Mandava, Ocozias Emilio, Martinho Alberto, Zainadine Junior, Norberto Marcelino, Melque Alexandre, Shaquille Momad, Cándido Osvaldo and Luis Miquissone.
8:29 AM14 days ago

Movements in the Cameroon squad

Similarly, due to various issues, the Elephants replaced the absences of Wilfried Singo and Amad Diallo with Ghislain Konan and Lago Junior, and Ousmane Ouattara also joined the squad.
8:29 AM14 days ago

Changes in Mozambique's call-up list

Due to the injuries of Cesar Machava and Witi Quembo and the personal problem of Agenor Sande, the Mambas called up Ivan Francisco, Jose Casimiro and Danilo Muze at the last minute.
8:24 AM14 days ago

Referees for the match between Mozambique and Ivory Coast

The central referee for this match will be Pacifique Wenimana; Emery Niyongabo, first assistant; Pascal Ndimuzigo, second official; Georges Gatogato, fourth official; and Ahmed Ngoyi, commissioner.
8:19 AM14 days ago

Tune in here Mozambique vs Ivory Coast Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Mozambique vs Ivory Coast live, as well as the latest information from Zimpeto Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.
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Ivory Coast: last lineup

S. Gbohouo; W. Boly, K. Odilon, E. Bailly, S. Aurier, W. Kanon, F. Kessie, I. Sangaré, J. Boga, S. Haller and W. Singo.
8:04 AM14 days ago

Mozambique: last lineup

V. Guambe; O. Nhaca, F. Macaime, M. Thauzene, D. Muzé, C. Mathe, J. Pelembe, S. Nangy, N. Ernesto, E. Novela, V. Tesoura.
7:59 AM14 days ago

How did Ivory Coast gain access?

Meanwhile, Patrice Beaumelle's side qualified directly as one of the top 26 CAF teams in the FIFA rankings.
(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
7:54 AM14 days ago

How did Mozambique advance?

To get this far, the squad led by Horácio Gonçalves had to play in the first round, where they beat Mauritius 3-0 on aggregate in 2019.
(Photo: Mozambique)
(Photo: Mozambique)
7:49 AM14 days ago

What is the format of this stage?

The 40 teams are divided into 10 sectors of four members; each country will play six matches, facing their three rivals on a reciprocal basis. At the end, the leaders of each group will advance to the third and final phase of these CAF qualifiers.
7:44 AM14 days ago

What is the second round of CAF Qualification for Qatar 2022?

It is the penultimate phase played by African countries seeking access to the World Cup next year; it runs from September 1 to November 16. From this stage will come out 10 teams that will try to get one of the five tickets that this confederation has for the World Cup.
7:39 AM14 days ago

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