Goals and Highlights: Ukraine 1-1 France in European Qualifiers
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4:41 PM2 years ago

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4:40 PM2 years ago

51' Final Time

Ukraine 1-1 France
4:40 PM2 years ago

45'+1 Substitution (Ukraine)

↑In: 11. Zubkov
↓Out: 7. Yarmolenko
4:35 PM2 years ago


+6 minutes
4:30 PM2 years ago

44' Yellow Card (Ukraine)

Yarmolenko and Malinovskyi are warned
4:25 PM2 years ago

43' Yellow Card (France)

Kimpembe is cautioned
4:20 PM2 years ago

41' Catch, Pyatov!

Rabiot receives from Griezmann, adjusts and releases the strong shot in the Ukraine goal, the goalkeeper Pyatov, well positioned, stretches all the way to the right corner and saves
4:15 PM2 years ago

38' Substitution (France)

↑In: 17. Veretout
↓Out: 14. Tchouaméni
4:10 PM2 years ago

37' Substitution (Ukraine)

↑In: 8. Malinovskyi, 20. Sikan
↓Out: 15. Tsygankov, 9. Yaremchuk
4:05 PM2 years ago

35' Hold on, Pyatov!

The midfielder Pogba receives from very far away, back to the middle and risks a strong shot at the Ukraine goal, the ball comes hot, but goalkeeper Pyatov manages to fit in the center of the goal
4:00 PM2 years ago


Dubois' throw-in into the opponent's area, Benzema receives, pivots well with his back to the goal, passes to Diaby who can dribble and shoot hard, but the ball explodes off the post!
3:55 PM2 years ago

30' Invasion!

A fan invades the Kiev Stadium pitch, and the match is stopped - it remains 1-1.
3:50 PM2 years ago

27' What a chance!

After Tymchyk's strong cross from the right inside the French box, the ball explodes off Yaremchuk's chest and is cleared for Lloris to make the save
3:45 PM2 years ago

23' Take it off!

Mykolenko arrives supporting well on the left side of the field, goes to the back line, and makes the cross in the area, but Kimpembe arrives, dives with his head and keeps it away
3:40 PM2 years ago

21' Out!

Griezmann receives on the right side of the field, manages to get a good cross in the area, the ball arrives at the measure for the head of defender Zouma, but he sends it over the goal
3:35 PM2 years ago

18' Substitution (France)

↑In: 19. Benzema, 11. Diaby
↓Out: 9. Martial, 20. Coman
3:30 PM2 years ago

16' Hold!

Pogba from outside the box makes a long throw into the Ukraine box, targeting center forward Martial, but goalkeeper Pyatov comes out of his goal and holds
3:25 PM2 years ago

12' Get the defense off!

Mykolenko tries to play on the left wing, crosses into the box, but defender Zouma cuts the ball away. Then, Tymchyk receives from Yarmolenko and puts the ball in the box, but Kimpembe plays it over the line
3:20 PM2 years ago

6' That hurt!

The match was stopped for Tymchyk, who had his head cut off when he shared the ball with Rabiot, during the tie goal
3:15 PM2 years ago

4' Goal Detail

Coman receives a pass on the right wing, goes to the back line and makes a cross inside the area, Rabiot jumps and heads, but sticks to Zabarnyi's marker. On the left, Martial pushes to the goal in the small area
3:10 PM2 years ago


Martial ties the game for the French National Team. 1 a 1!
3:05 PM2 years ago


Second half begins in Kiev
3:00 PM2 years ago

Teams on the field

The teams enter the field to start the second half
2:55 PM2 years ago

47' Half-Time!

Ukraine 1-0 France
2:50 PM2 years ago


+2 minutes
2:45 PM2 years ago

44' Goal Detail

In a fast counter-attack by Ukraine, Tymchyk receives on the right side of the field, makes a good move and finds the cross inside the French penalty area, the opposing defense deflects badly, Shaparenko arrives finishing strong hitting the angle and scoring a GOAL!!!
2:40 PM2 years ago


Shaparenko opens the scoring for the Ukrainian National Team. 1 a 0!
2:35 PM2 years ago

43' Pyatov!!

Pogba tears through the Ukraine defense with a beautiful pass, the center forward Martial appears in the back of the defense and is in the face of the goal, he shoots at the goalkeeper, but Pyatov can catch
2:30 PM2 years ago

38' He sent it far!

The midfielder Pogba receives the ball from a long distance, arranges it, hooks it and shoots hard, the ball goes hot, but dangerously over the goal
2:25 PM2 years ago

37' Catch, Lloris!

A free-kick from distance, Mykolenko positions himself and crosses the ball into the box, Yarmolenko comes up high and heads it firmly into the center of the goal, goalkeeper Lloris holds on[
2:20 PM2 years ago


After a corner from the left, Yarmolenko received alone in the area and shot beautifully to Lloris' defense. Zabarnyi misses an incredible goal in the small area
2:15 PM2 years ago

27' How dangerous!

Pogba receives and makes the throw-in inside the area, the center forward Martial nods and Griezmann arrives with a first-time shot from the edge of the area, the ball skims the post
2:10 PM2 years ago

24' Locked!

Dubois receives the ball on the right side, makes a cross inside the opponent's area, the goalkeeper Pyatov comes out of the goal and punches it away. On the left, Martial tries to finish, but Kryvtsov stops
2:05 PM2 years ago

20' Over!

Pogba plays a good combination with Rabiot, gets back in the middle, finds space and shoots from outside the area. But he catches the ball too low and sends it over the top!
2:00 PM2 years ago

18' No danger!

The striker Yarmolenko receives on the right, makes a great move, finds space and makes the cross into the area, Yaremchuk with little space arrives finishing, but picks up bad and sends out, no danger
1:55 PM2 years ago

16' Very bad catch!

The center forward Martial receives on the left side of the field, brings it inside, finishes, but catches it very crookedly and the ball stays untouched by the goalkeeper Pyatov
1:50 PM2 years ago

10' Fits!

From a corner on the right side of the field, Griezmann crosses the ball into the box, the ball travels high and Pogba rises higher than the defense to head it firmly, but goalkeeper Pyatov makes a save
1:45 PM2 years ago

6' Get the defense off!

The full-back Digne receives on the left side of the field, drives the ball and makes the cross inside the Ukraine area, but defender Kryvtsov plays to head away
1:40 PM2 years ago

4' Get out of the goal!

Pogba on the left side, saw the positioning inside the area and tried to throw it to Martial inside the opponent's area, but goalkeeper Pyatov came out of his goal and saved from the top
1:35 PM2 years ago

3' He sent it far!

Striker Yarmolenko recovered the ball in the attack field, the defense did not close spaces and he risked the shot from outside the area, but sent it far from the goal, isolating!
1:30 PM2 years ago


First Half Begins in Kiev
1:25 PM2 years ago

Teams on the field

The teams enter the field to start the game
1:20 PM2 years ago

All set!

With about 10 minutes to go before the start of the match, Ukraine and France have already finished warming up on the Kiev Stadium pitch
1:15 PM2 years ago


Ukraine and France take to the pitch at the Kiev Stadium to warm up in preparation for the match later today - at 3:45 pm ET.
1:10 PM2 years ago

Ukraine Reserves

1. Boyko (GK), 23. Riznyk (GK), 21. Karavaev, 2. Sobol, 18. Kacharaba, 17. Korniienko, 3. Syrota, 14. Makarenko, 5. Sydorchuk, 8. Malinovskyi, 20. Sikan and 11. Zubkov
1:05 PM2 years ago

Ukraine's lineup

(3-4-2-1) 12. Pyatov (C); 13. Zabarnyi, 4. Kryvtsov, 22. Matviyenko; 16. Mykolenko, 10. Shaparenko, 6. Stepanenko, 19. Tymchyk; 15. Tsygankov, 7. Yarmolenko; and 9. Yaremchuk

Coach: Oleksandr Petrakov

1:00 PM2 years ago

France Reserves

16. Mandanda (GK), 23. Maignan (GK), 4. Varane, 22. Theo Hernández, 21. Lenglet, 5. Mukiele, 12. Guendouzi, 17. Veretout, 19. Benzema and 11. Diaby
12:55 PM2 years ago

France's lineup

(4-2-3-1) 1. Lloris (C); 18. Digne, 3. Kimpembe, 15. Zouma, 2. Dubois; 14. Tchouaméni, 6. Pogba; 13. Rabiot, 7. Griezmann, 20. Coman; and 9. Martial

Coach: Didier Deschamps

12:50 PM2 years ago

Game Stage

12:45 PM2 years ago

Good afternoon, fans!

From now on you can follow the pre-match news and the live coverage of Ukraine vs France in the European Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup here on VAVEL. The match starts at 03:45 pm ET.
12:40 PM2 years ago

How to watch Ukraine - France live on TV in real time?

Match: Ukraine vs France

Tournament: European Qualifiers 2022

Venue: Kiev Stadium

Time: 03:45 PM

Where to follow: VAVEL

12:35 PM2 years ago

Where to watch the Ukraine - France match?

It is possible to watch the match exclusively on VAVEL, which will broadcast the match in real time.
12:30 PM2 years ago

Probable lineup for France

Lloris; Léo Dubois, Varane, Kimpembe and Digne; Pogba, Rabiot, Coman, Griezmann and Lemar; Benzema.
12:25 PM2 years ago

Probable lineup for Ukraine

Pyatov; Mykolenko, Matvienko e Zabarnyi; Karavaev, Shaparenko, Sydorchuk e Sobol; Yarmolenko, Malinovskiy and Yaremchuk.
12:20 PM2 years ago

History of the duel

11 matches

6 French victories

4 draws

1 Ukraine win

12:15 PM2 years ago

Last Matches

24-03-2021| France 1-1 Ukraine - Qualifiers

07-10-2020| France 7-1 Ukraine - Friendly match

19-11-2013| France 3-0 Ukraine - Qualifying

15-06-2012| Ukraine 2-0 France - Qualifying

12:10 PM2 years ago

Participations - World Cup

Ukraine - 1 participation (2006) *1930 to 1990 - Did not participate in the Qualifiers. Was part of the Soviet Union

France - 14 participations (1930, 1934, 1938, 1954, 1958, 1966, 1978, 1982, 1986, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018)

12:05 PM2 years ago

Group D - Classification

1nd France - 8 pts - 2V, 2E, 0D

2nd Ukraine - 4 pts - 0V, 4E, 0D

3nd Finland - 2 pts - 0V, 2E, 0D

4nd Bosnia - 2 pts - 0V, 2E, 1D

5nd Kazakhstan - 2 pts - 0V, 2E, 1D

12:00 PM2 years ago

Group D

Group D, in addition to France and Ukraine, features the teams of Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kazakhstan.
11:55 AM2 years ago


Hello fans! From now on you can follow live and in real time all the plays and news from the match between Ukraine x France live in the 5th round of Group D of the Qualifiers for the World Cup 2022. The duel takes place this Saturday (04), at 15:45 (Brasília), in Kiev Stadium.