Goals and highlights: Atletico Morelia 2-2 Cimarrones Sonora in Liga Expansion MX 2021
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5:09 PM11 days ago

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Goals and highlights

3:09 PM11 days ago

Game over!

In an entertaining match with several goals, Atlético Morelia and Cimarrones Sonora played to a 2-2 draw at the Estadio Morelos.

Martín Barragán scored twice for the home side, while Daniel Cisneros and Daniel López scored for the visitors. 

With this result, the yellow-and-reds have 12 points, while the oranges have 9.

On the eighth date of the Apertura 2021 Liga Expansión MX tournament, the Michoacán side will visit Venados FC and the Sonoran side will host Raya2.

3:00 PM11 days ago


Daniel López takes the penalty correctly and ties the score.
3:00 PM11 days ago


Penalty for Cimarrones! Carlos Guzmán is flagged for a handball. The Sonorans will have another chance from the penalty spot to equalize.
3:00 PM11 days ago


Ulises Zurita of Atlético Morelia and José Gurrola of Cimarrones de Sonora are cautioned for a brawl.
2:59 PM11 days ago


Six minutes of stoppage time are added.
2:53 PM11 days ago


Atlético Morelia make their final change: Diego Gallegos replaces Sergio Vergara.
2:52 PM11 days ago


Atlético Morelia makes another change: Gael Acosta comes off and Javier Ibarra goes on.
2:52 PM11 days ago


Finally, the winning goal for Atlético Morelia was scored by Martín Barragán.
2:52 PM11 days ago


Atlético Morelia also makes a change: Diego Martínez takes the place of Martín Barragán.
2:52 PM11 days ago


Cimarrones Sonora make their final changes: Daniel López and Oscar Millán come on for José Peralta and Rubén Rodríguez.
2:36 PM11 days ago


He misses! Raí Villa doesn't take advantage of the penalty kick when he takes a shot that is too high from the home goal. Cimarrones let a very important opportunity go.
2:34 PM11 days ago


Penalty for Cimarrones de Sonora! The referee signals an infraction for an alleged handball by Luis Pérez.
2:32 PM11 days ago


Aldair Mengual, of Cimarrones de Sonora, is the second player to receive a yellow card.
2:26 PM11 days ago


Cimarrones de Sonora moves its lineup again: José Gurrola comes in for Edson Torres.
2:24 PM11 days ago


Cimarrones Sonora makes its first move of the match: Jesús Saavedra comes off due to injury and Aldair Mengual enters.
2:21 PM11 days ago


Juan Carlos García, of Cimarrones Sonora, becomes the first caution of the match.
2:20 PM11 days ago


That was the first goal of the game for the home team.  
2:18 PM11 days ago


Carlos Guzmán shot from outside the box and, after a deflection, beat Gabino Espinoza to put the Canarios ahead.
2:11 PM11 days ago

The second half begins!

The match between Morelia and Cimarrones at the Estadio Morelos is underway.
1:51 PM11 days ago

The first half ends!

Atletico Morelia and Cimarrones Sonora are tied at one goal; the visitors took the lead through Daniel Cisneros, but Martín Barragán stepped up for the home side to level the score.
1:51 PM11 days ago


Three minutes of extra time are added.
1:46 PM11 days ago


Martín Barragán takes a low, corner kick to level the score.
1:46 PM11 days ago


Penalty kick for Atlético Morelia! Ulises Torres brings down Sergio Vergara, and the infraction is called. The home side have a great chance to level the score.
1:40 PM11 days ago


After the goal against, Morelia insisted more, but continued to fall short; on the other hand, with more vertical attacks, Cimarrones looked more dangerous.
1:32 PM11 days ago


With this goal by Daniel Cisneros, Cimarrones beat Morelia by the narrowest of margins. 
1:28 PM11 days ago


Metal! José Peralta takes a low shot that Santiago Ramírez doesn't control correctly, and it almost ends in a goal, as it crashes against the post. The home side are saved from a second goal.
1:20 PM11 days ago


Daniel Cisneros joined the play from the midfield and inside the box with his head to put the visitors ahead on the scoreboard.
1:16 PM11 days ago


Atlético Morelia has taken the initiative and, therefore, has possession of the ball; however, it has not yet looked so clear in the opponent's half.
1:10 PM11 days ago


Close! Gabino Espinoza leans back and blocks Luis Pérez's powerful cross-shot with both hands. The first warning of the match went to Atlético Morelia.
1:02 PM11 days ago

The match begins!

Atletico Morelia and Cimarrones Sonora are already facing each other at the Coloso del Quinceo.
12:53 PM11 days ago

Leaders of Cimarrones Sonora

For now, Edson Torres and Daniel Cisneros have been two of the elements on which the visiting team's soccer generation has relied; both Mexicans stand out for their passing range and creativity.
(Foto: Liga Expansión MX)
(Foto: Liga Expansión MX)
12:52 PM11 days ago

Leaders of Atletico Morelia

Without a doubt, Martín Barragán has been one of the most outstanding elements of the Canarios in the current tournament; with five goals, he is not only the top scorer of his team, but also of the competition, along with Víctor Mañón, from Tepatitlán FC.
(Foto: Liga Expansión MX)
(Foto: Liga Expansión MX)
12:36 PM11 days ago

Cimarrones Sonora: substitutes

Ricardo Rodríguez; Antonio Cortés, Adrián Caballero, Aldair Mengual, Jair Cortés, Oscar Millán, Bryant Navarro, José Gurrola, Daniel López y Juan Cortez.
12:31 PM11 days ago

Atletico Morelia: substitutes

Sebastián Huerta; Diego Cortés, Melchor López, Diego Gallegos, Rodrigo Melgarejo, Diego Martínez, Javier Ibarra, Kevin Magaña, Alan Sosa and Diego Abella.
12:29 PM11 days ago

Cimarrones Sonora: confirmed lineup

Gabino Espinoza; Juan García, José Saavedra, Ulises Torres, Francisco Acuña, Edson Torres, Irving Zurita, Rubén Domínguez, Daniel Cisneros, José Peralta and Raí Villa.
12:27 PM11 days ago

Atletico Morelia: confirmed lineup

Santiago Ramírez; Carlos Guzmán, Arturo Ledesma (C), Mario Trejo, Ulises Zurita, Luis Pérez, Eduardo del Ángel, Gael Acosta, Sergio Vergara, Jesús Ramírez and Martín Barragán.
12:16 PM11 days ago

Cimarrones is already at the stadium

A few minutes ago, the team from Sonora arrived at the Michoacán stadium, where this afternoon they will try to achieve their third victory in the tournament. 
12:11 PM11 days ago

Referees for the Atlético Morelia vs Cimarrones Sonora match

The referee will be Gustavo Padilla; Erick Durón, first assistant referee; José Robles, second assistant referee; and Juan Sánchez, fourth official.
12:06 PM11 days ago

Let's get started!

In less than an hour, the Morelia and Cimarrones clubs will face each other at the Morelos, in what will be the last game of the seventh date of the Liga Expansión MX, Grita México A21 edition.
12:01 PM11 days ago

Tune in here Atletico Morelia vs Cimarrones Sonora Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Atletico Morelia vs Cimarrones Sonora live, as well as the latest information from Morelos Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.
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Cimarrones Sonora: last lineup

Gabino Espinoza; Aldair Mengual, José Saavedra (C), Adrián Caballero, Aldo Arellano, Francisco Acuña, Daniel Cisneros, Edson Torres, Irving Zurita, José Peralta and Rai Villa.
11:46 AM11 days ago

Atletico Morelia: last lineup

Santiago Ramírez; Carlos Guzmán, Arturo Ledesma (C), Mario Trejo, Ulises Zurita, Luis Pérez, Eduardo del Ángel, Gael Acosta, Sergio Vergara, Jesús Ramírez and Martín Barragán.
11:41 AM11 days ago

How are Cimarrones Sonora coming along?

On the other hand, last Tuesday (August 31), in their visit to the Carlos Iturralde Rivero Stadium, they did not have their best display and ended up being defeated 2-0 by Venados FC.
11:36 AM11 days ago

How is Atlético Morelia doing?

They did not play last matchday as they had to rest; their last game was on Thursday, August 26, when they took advantage of their local status to beat Correcaminos UAT 2-1, with goals from Martín Barragán and Arturo Ledesma, who scored at the last minute.
11:31 AM11 days ago

Cimarrones Sonora, in search of consistency

Meanwhile, the team led by Gabriel Pereyra has not done a bad job, but its results have been below expectations; for the moment, it is in eleventh place in the general table with 8 points, after accumulating two wins, a draw and two defeats. They have scored four goals and conceded six; away from home, they have already won in the competition.
(Photo: Cimarrones)
(Photo: Cimarrones)
11:26 AM11 days ago

Atletico Morelia, climbing positions

The squad coached by Ricardo Valiño has had a good performance; at the moment, it is in sixth place in the standings with 11 points, the result of three wins, one draw and one defeat. They have scored ten goals for and seven against; on the other hand, playing at home, they have not lost in three games.
(Photo: @Golesycifras)
(Photo: @Golesycifras)
11:21 AM11 days ago

Canarios and Sonorans close the seventh matchday

This Sunday afternoon, in the state of Michoacán, the teams from Morelia and Cimarrones will face each other, concluding this week's activities in the competition. It is important to remember that both teams have already had a rest, so this will be the sixth match they will play.
11:16 AM11 days ago

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