Goals and Highlights: Banfield 0-1 River Plate in Argentine League 2021
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7:07 PM7 days ago

End of transmission

We end the coverage of River Plate's 0-1 victory over Banfield in the framework of the 15th round of the Argentine League 2021, we invite you to stay connected to VAVEL with all the information from the world of sports. 
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Statistics of the match

Goals: 0 Banfield - River 1

Possession: 48% Banfield - River 52% 

Total Shots: 9 Banfield - River 18

Shots on goal: 3 Banfield - River 8

Total passes: 327 Banfield - River 374

Fouls: 14 Banfield - River 18

6:51 PM7 days ago

Match ends

River Plate won against Banfield 0-1, the goal of the match was Gustavo Canto's own goal. 
6:48 PM7 days ago

Minute 90'

Five more minutes will be played in the match. 
6:41 PM7 days ago

MInute 86'

Free kick for River for a foul on Rafael Carrascal on the edge of the area. 
6:39 PM7 days ago

Minute 82'

Triple substitution in River Plate: Ponzio, Paradela and Fontana enter the field; Fernández, Girotti and Palavecino come out. 
6:35 PM7 days ago

MInute 79'

Although Banfield had a different attitude in the second half, it was unable to reach the opponent's goal due to River's good positioning in all its lines. 
6:30 PM7 days ago

Minute 74'

Banfield tries to look for the equalizer but after River's pressure, they can't get a clear goal. 
6:26 PM7 days ago

Minute 68'

Double change in Banfield, Cruz and Urzi leave the field; Soñora and Pons enter.
6:20 PM7 days ago

Minute 63'

Substitution in River, Jorge Carracal enters and Benjamin Rollheiser leaves the field. 
6:13 PM7 days ago

Minute 58'

Tiro libre para Banfield por una falta de Milton Casco sobre Mauricio Cuero. 
6:11 PM7 days ago

Minute 56'

Dangerous arrival for Banfield after Mauricio Cuero's cross into the area. 
6:09 PM7 days ago

Minute 52'

Banfield has control of the ball but does not generate any danger in River's goal. 
6:05 PM7 days ago

Minute 48'

Banfield comes out with a different attitude in the second half and has more presence in River's field. 
6:01 PM7 days ago

Second half starts

At the moment River leads 0-1 over Banfield. 
5:51 PM7 days ago

First half statistics

Goals: 0 Banfield - River 1

Possession: 42,9% Banfield - River 57,1%

Total Shots: 5 Banfield - River 10

Shots on goal: 1 Banfield - River 6

Total passes: 132 Banfield - River 189

Fouls: 4 Banfield - River 11

5:46 PM7 days ago

First half ends

Both teams head to their respective dressing rooms.
5:45 PM7 days ago

Minute 45'

One more minute will be played in the first half.
5:43 PM7 days ago

Minute 42'

Banfield is encouraged, passing touching the midfield but River cuts off the game with fouls. 
5:39 PM7 days ago

Minute 39'

Yellow card for Javier Pinola in River for a foul near River's area. 
5:34 PM7 days ago

Minute 35'

Free kick for Banfield for a handball on the edge of the area. 
5:31 PM7 days ago

MInute 31'

Banfield did not have a good time in the match in the face of River's dominance, especially on the flanks.
5:26 PM7 days ago

Minute 26'

Finalmente, el gol de River no lo hizo Girotti, sino que fue un autogol de Gustavo Canto. 
5:22 PM7 days ago

Minute 22'

River sigue atacando después de marcar el primer gol y consigue un tiro de esquina en la banda derecha. 
5:19 PM7 days ago

Minute 18' | GOAL

GOAL of River, scored by Federico Girotti after the rebound left by the goalkeeper of Banfiel in the area.
5:12 PM7 days ago

Minute 13'

Banfield is saved after Girotti's shot. 
5:10 PM7 days ago

Minute 10'

River keeps attacking and gets a corner kick on the left side.
5:06 PM7 days ago

Minute 7'

River starts with the initiative of the match and tries to attack through the flanks. 
5:02 PM7 days ago

Minute 3'

Dangerous arrival for River after Rollheiser's shot. 
4:59 PM7 days ago

The match starts!

The ball is rolling at the Florencio Sola Stadium.
4:56 PM7 days ago

Exit to the field

Both teams and the refereeing team take the field at the Florencio Sola Stadium. 
4:47 PM7 days ago

Warm-up - River Plate

4:46 PM7 days ago

Arrival at the Stadium - River Plate

4:44 PM7 days ago

Warm-up - Banfield

4:43 PM7 days ago

People arrive at Florencio Sola stadium

4:38 PM7 days ago

Substitutes - River Plate

Lux, Vigo, Lecanda, Carrascal, Ponzio, Paradela, Fontana.
4:36 PM7 days ago

River Plate starters

Roster: Bologna; Casco, Peña Fiore, Pinola, Angileri, Simón; Zuculini, Palavecino, Fernández; Rollheiser, Girotti. 
Coach: Marcelo Gallardo. 
4:32 PM7 days ago

Substitutes - Banfield

 Cambeses, Tanco, Sosa, Flores, Quinteros, Linares, Ríos, Berbero, González, Soñora, Cuero, Pons.
4:28 PM7 days ago

Starters at Banfield

Roster: Altamirano; Coronel, Maldonado, Lollo, Canto; Alvarez, Domingo, Galoppo; Urzi, Cruz, Enrique.
Coach: Javier Sanguinatti. 
4:07 PM7 days ago

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We are ready to bring you the broadcast of the match between Banfield and River Plate of the 15th date of the Argentine League 2021.
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In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Banfield vs River Plate live, as well as the latest information from Florencio Sola Stadium. Don't miss a detail of the match Banfield vs River Plate live updates and commentaries of VAVEL.
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How to watch Banfield vs River Plate live on TV and online?

If you want to watch the game Banfield vs River Plate live on TV, your options is: TyC sports international. 
If you want to directly stream it: Paramount +.
If you want to watch it online, VAVEL USA is your best option.
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What time is Banfield vs River Plate?

This is the kick-off time for the Banfield vs River Plate match on October 9, 2021 in several countries:
Argentina: 18:00 hrs. - TNT Sports 
Bolivia: 17:00 hrs. 
Brazil: 18:00 hrs. 
Chile: 17:00 hrs. 
Colombia: 16:00 hrs. - Star +
Ecuador: 16:00 hrs. 
Spain: 11:00 hrs. 
Mexico: 16:00 hrs. - Fanatiz
Paraguay: 17:00 hrs. 
Peru: 16:00 hrs. 
Uruguay: 18:00 hrs.
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Last match - River Plate

River's last match was against Boca Juniors in the 14th round of the Argentine League, River won 2-1 thanks to two goals by Julian Álvarez at 25' and 43'.
River's formation was:
Armani; Casco, Rojas, Díaz, Angileri; Simón, Pérez, De La Cruz, Palavecino; Romero, Álvarez. 
9:14 PM8 days ago

Last match - Banfield

Banfield's last match was against Colón de Santa Fe in the framework of the Argentine League, on that occasion both teams drew 0-0.
Banfield's formation was: 
Altamirano; Coronel, Maldonado, Lollo, Canto; Domingo, Galoppo, Álvarez, Datolo, Urzi; Cruz.
9:09 PM8 days ago

Referee's team

Referee: Yael Falcón Pérez
Assistant Referee 1: Facundo Rodríguez
Assistant Referee 2: Diego Verlotta
Fourth official: Germán Bermúdez
9:04 PM8 days ago

Key player in RIver Plate

One of the most outstanding players in River Plate is Julian Álvarez, the 21 year-old attacker has played a total of 14 games this season between League and Argentine Cup, in which he scored 8 goals and provided four assists. 
8:59 PM8 days ago

Key player in Banfield

One of the most outstanding players in Banfield is Juan Cruz, the 22-year-old center forward has played 15 games this season in the league and the Argentine Cup, scoring five goals against Unión, Platense, Rosario Central and Atlético Tucumán on two occasions. 
8:54 PM8 days ago

History Banfield vs River Plate

In total, both teams have faced each other 42 times, leaving a balance in favor of River Plate with 21 wins, 11 draws have been recorded and Banfield has 10 wins.
In terms of goals, the record is dominated by River with 65 against Banfield's 50.
8:49 PM8 days ago

The match will be played at the Florencio Sola Stadium

The match between Banfield and River Plate will take place at the Florencio Sola Stadium in the city of Banfield (Argentina), this stadium is where Banfield plays its home matches, it was built in 1940 and has a capacity for approximately 34,900 spectators. 
Image: clubabanfield.org
Image: clubabanfield.org
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Hello everyone! Welcome to the live broadcast of the match Banfield vs River Plate, valid for the 15th date of the Argentine League 2021.
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