Goals and Highlights: Gabon 2-0 Angola in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
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11:10 AM12 days ago

Highlights and Goals

11:08 AM13 days ago

End of transmission

We end the coverage of Gabon's 2-0 victory over Angola in the fourth match of group F of the African Qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar 2022. We invite you to stay connected to VAVEL with all the information from the world of sports. 
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Statistics of the match

Goals: 2 Gabon - Angola 0

Possession: 52% Gabon - Angola 48% 

Total Shots: 9 Gabon - Angola 3

Shots on goal: 4 Gabon - Angola 1

11:02 AM13 days ago

Match ends

Gabon won 2-0 at home over Angola, the goals came from Pierre Aubameyang at minute 74' and Moussounda at minute 84'.
10:56 AM13 days ago

Minute 90'

Four more minutes will be played in the match. 
10:55 AM13 days ago

Minute 87'

Despite leading, Gabon continued to attack, this time on the right flank.
10:52 AM13 days ago

Minute 84' | GOAL

GOAL for Gabon, scored by Moussounda after a header from Aubameyang's cross from the left.
10:45 AM13 days ago

Minute 79'

Angola pushes forward its lines in search of a draw the match.  
10:41 AM13 days ago

Minute 74' | GOAL

GOAL for Gabon, scored by Pierre Aubameyang after a left-footed shot inside the box. 
10:40 AM13 days ago

Minute 73'

Dangerous arrival for Gabon after a cross into the box from the left flank. 
10:33 AM13 days ago

Minute 69'

Gabon makes passes between their defenders looking for space to score the first goal of the match. 
10:28 AM13 days ago

Minute 64'

Gabon pushes forward its lines and stops all its team in Angola's field in search of the first goal of the match. 
10:22 AM13 days ago

Minute 58'

Gabon had a very little danger arrival after a cross into the box from the right flank. 
10:18 AM13 days ago

Minute 55'

After Angola's initiative, Gabon appealed to the counterattack to reach Angola's goal.
10:15 AM13 days ago

Minute 51'

Angola attacks on the flanks and gets one more arrival to Gabon's goal.
10:12 AM13 days ago

Minute 48'

Dangerous arrival for Angola after a cross across the floor into the area.
10:10 AM13 days ago

Second half starts

At the moment, Gabon and Angola are tied 0-0.
9:57 AM13 days ago

First half statistics

Goals: 0 Gabon - Angola 0

Possession: 49% Gabon - Angola 51% 

Total Shots: 5 Gabon - Angola 1

Shots on goal: 4 Gabon - Angola 0

9:51 AM13 days ago

First half ends

Both teams head to their respective dressing rooms.
9:50 AM13 days ago

Minute 45'

Two more minutes will be played in the first half.
9:47 AM13 days ago

Minute 42'

Angola has a slightly dangerous attack that is controlled by Gabon's defense.
9:44 AM13 days ago

Minute 39'

Gabon earns a corner kick after an attempted attack on the right flank.
9:39 AM13 days ago

Minute 34'

Gabon tries to come out on the flanks but Angola is very attentive to the doubles on the mark. 
9:35 AM13 days ago

Minute 29'

Angola had a very little  danger after a header inside the area. 
9:29 AM13 days ago

Minute 25'

Approach with little danger for Gabon after a filtered pass into the box. 
9:25 AM13 days ago

Minute 21'

Angola moves forward its lines and tries to have more presence in the opponent's field.
9:24 AM13 days ago

Minute 17'

Second successive Gabon arrival, this time after Aubameyang's shot. 
9:21 AM13 days ago

Minute 15'

Gabon had a dangerous chance after a shot from outside the area.
9:15 AM13 days ago

Minute 11'

Gabon is pressing high and Angola is unable to get out clearly.
9:12 AM13 days ago

Minute 7'

Angola tries to attack but Gabon stands up very well and does not give them any space. 
9:07 AM13 days ago

Minute 4'

Angola tries to attack but Gabon cuts the game with continuous fouls. 
9:04 AM13 days ago

The match starts!

The ball is rolling at the Estade de Franceville.
9:01 AM13 days ago


Gabon comes out with its traditional uniform; yellow shirt, blue shorts and blue socks. 
Angola comes out with its main uniform; red T-shirt, black shorts and black socks. 
9:00 AM13 days ago

Protocol acts

The anthem of Angola was sung, now the anthem of Angola is sung.
8:56 AM13 days ago

Field trip

Both teams and the refereeing team take the field at the "Stade de Franceville".
8:35 AM13 days ago

Last match between the two teams

The last time Gabon and Angola met was in the third round of the African Qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. On that occasion, Angola won by a score of 3-1.
8:10 AM13 days ago

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We are ready to bring you the broadcast of the match between Gabon and Angola on matchday four of the African Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. 
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In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Gabón vs Angola live, as well as the latest information from "Stade de Franceville" Stadium. Don't miss a detail of the match Gabón vs Angola live updates and commentaries of VAVEL.
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How to watch Gabón vs Angola live on TV and online?

If you want to directly stream it the game Gabón vs Angola your option is: ESPN+ and FIFA.com.
If you want to watch it online, VAVEL USA is your best option.
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What time is the Gabon vs Angola match?

This is the kickoff time for the Gabon vs Angola match on October 11, 2021 in several countries:
Argentina: 10:00 hrs. - FIFA.com
Bolivia: 9:00 hrs. - FIFA.com
Brazil: 10:00 hrs. - FIFA.com
Chile: 9:00 hrs. - FIFA.com
Colombia: 8:00 hrs. - FIFA.com
Ecuador: 8:00 hrs. - FIFA.com
Spain: 15:00 hrs. - FIFA.com
Mexico: 8:00 hrs. - FIFA.com
Paraguay: 9:00 hrs. - FIFA.com
Peru: 8:00 hrs. - FIFA.com
Uruguay: 10:00 hrs. - FIFA.com
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Key player in Angola

One of the most outstanding players in Angola is Manuel Cafumana "Show", the 22-year-old central midfielder is currently playing for Ludogorets of Bulgaria and so far in the African Qualifiers, he has played three games in which he has scored one goal. 
11:41 AM14 days ago

Key player in Gabon

The most outstanding player in Gabon is Pierre Aubameyang, the 32-year-old center forward is a player of Arsenal of England and so far in the Qualifiers, has played three games but has failed to score any goal. 
11:36 AM14 days ago

Position in the Qualifier - Angola

Angola is in third place in Group F of the African Qualifiers for the World Cup Qatar 2022, after having played three matches, has three points, having lost two matches and won one, and has a goal difference of 0. 
11:31 AM14 days ago

Position in the Qualifier - Gabon

Gabon is in fourth place in Group F of the African Qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, after three matches with only one point, after losing two matches and drawing one, and a goal difference of -3. 
11:26 AM14 days ago

History Gabon vs Angola

Both teams have met 20 times in all competitions, Angola dominates the record with ten wins, there have been five draws and Gabon has won four.
In terms of goals, the record is also dominated by Angola with 33 goals to Gabon's 16.
11:21 AM14 days ago

The match will be played at the Stade De Franceville

The match between Gabon and Angola will take place at the "Stade De Franceville" stadium in the city of Franceville (Gabon), where the Gabon national team plays its home matches. The stadium was built in 2011 and has a capacity for approximately 22,000 spectators.
Image: ceroacero.es
Image: ceroacero.es
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Hello everyone! Welcome to the live broadcast of the match Gabon vs Angola, valid for matchday four of group F of the African Qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar 2022.
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