Goals and Highlights: Villarreal 2-0 Young Boys in Champions League
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6:03 PM7 months ago

This is how Villarreal scored their second goal

5:57 PM7 months ago


Thank you for following the Champions league game between Villarreal and Young Boys.
5:52 PM7 months ago

Winning again

It took more than a decade for Villarreal to win at home by defeating Young Boys.
5:47 PM7 months ago

End game

Villarreal 4-0 Young Boys.
5:42 PM7 months ago


Elia is cautioned for Young Boys.
5:37 PM7 months ago


Five more minutes are added.

Parejo is replaced by Gómez, Villarreal substitution.

5:32 PM7 months ago


Villarreal Goal

Defensive error and inside the box Danjuma took a well-placed shot to make it 2-0.

5:27 PM7 months ago


A double shot from Elia with just a couple of seconds left went wide, but Young Boys is looking for an equalizer.
5:22 PM7 months ago


Chukweze with the shot that is deflected and Villarreal will have a corner kick.
5:17 PM7 months ago


Estupiñán and Moreno came in

Pedraza and Coquelin came off

Villarreal changes


Mambimbi, Lefort and Maceiras came in.

Sierro, García and Rieder came off.

Young Boy changes

5:12 PM7 months ago


Trigueros takes a corner kick that is saved by the goalkeeper.
5:07 PM7 months ago


A shot at the near post is blocked by Young Boys goalkeeper Guillaume Faivre.
5:02 PM7 months ago


Young Boys' goal was a close call when Meschack Elia's shot from the post went wide of the goal, but the defense saved on the line.
4:57 PM7 months ago


Chukwueze enters and Pino leaves; Trigueros enters and Dia leaves, Villarreal changes.
4:52 PM7 months ago


Fabian Rieder had a one-on-one opportunity in front of goal and sent the ball wide of the net.
4:47 PM7 months ago


The VAR and the referee disallowed the goal for offside and it did not go up on the scoreboard.
4:42 PM7 months ago


Young Boys goal

On a free kick and after a save by the goalkeeper, Christian Fassnacht heads the ball into the net to make it 1-1.

4:37 PM7 months ago


Mario Gaspar knocks down his opponent and also receives a yellow card.
4:32 PM7 months ago


Nicolas Ngamaleu is now cautioned for the visitors.
4:27 PM7 months ago


Michel Aebischer's header is deflected upwards by Rulli and a corner kick is awarded.
4:22 PM7 months ago


Michel Aebischer's header is deflected upwards by Rulli and a corner kick is awarded.
4:17 PM7 months ago


The second half begins between Villarreal and Young Boys.
4:12 PM7 months ago

Half time

Villarreal 1-0 Young Boys.
4:07 PM7 months ago


Yeremi Pino was encouraged with a shot from outside the area that went just wide of the goalkeeper's hands.
4:02 PM7 months ago

Goal Villarreal 1-0

3:57 PM7 months ago


Alfonso Pedraza has been cautioned.
3:52 PM7 months ago


Villarreal Goal

After a shot was blocked by the goalkeeper, Étienne Capoue took advantage of the rebound and sent it into the back of the net to make it 1-0.

3:47 PM7 months ago


Meschack Elia made a mistake on a delayed diagonal and then, on the counterattack, Pedraza's shot inside the area went slightly wide.
3:42 PM7 months ago


Elia with the service and Christian Fassnacht with the volley shot that passes close to the goal.
3:37 PM7 months ago


Dani Parejo with the service too long that escapes Pino.
3:32 PM7 months ago


The teams began to neutralize each other in midfield and the approaches no longer came as they did in the first few minutes.
3:27 PM7 months ago


Arnaut Danjuma's delayed diagonal shot is sent off for a corner kick by the goalkeeper.
3:22 PM7 months ago


Vincent Sierro's mid-range shot is blocked by the goalkeeper.
3:17 PM7 months ago


The match between Villarreal and Young Boys kicks off.
3:12 PM7 months ago


The teams take the field under the Champions League anthem.
3:07 PM7 months ago

Luxury plays

This is how Danjuma prepares to show off on the field.
3:02 PM7 months ago

End of warm-up

The players of the Yellow Submarine finished their warm-up phase and are more than motivated to get their second win of the group stage.

2:57 PM7 months ago

Villarreal substitutes

1 Sergio Asenjo

10 Vicente Iborra

22 Aïssa Mandi

9 Paco Alcácer

14 Manu Trigueros

23 Moi Gómez

18 Alberto Moreno

20 Rubén Peña

12 Pervis Estupiñán

11 Samu Chukwueze

17 Raba

2:52 PM7 months ago

Young Boys Substitutes

10 Miralem Sulejmani

35 Christopher Martins Pereira

25 Jordan Lefort

17 Jordan Pefok

24 Quentin Maceiras

7 Marvin Spielmann

29 Yannick Toure

11 Alexandre Jankewitz

19 Felix Mambimbi

22 Nico Maier

61 Leandro Zbinden

68 Abdullah Laidani

2:47 PM7 months ago

XI Young Boys

91 Guillaume Faivre, 30 Sandro Lauper, 14 Nicolas Bürgy, 21 Ulisses Garcia, 36 Silvan Hefti, 8 Vincent Sierro, 20 Michel Aebischer, 32 Fabian Rieder, 16 Christian Fassnacht, 13 Nicolas Ngamaleu, 15 Meschack Elia.
2:42 PM7 months ago

XI Villarreal

13 Gerónimo Rulli 4 Pau Torres, 3 Raúl Albiol, 24 Alfonso Pedraza, 2 Mario, 6 Étienne Capoue, 19 Francis Coquelin, 5 Dani Parejo, 16 Boulaye Dia, 15 Arnaut Danjuma, 21 Yeremi Pino.
2:37 PM7 months ago

Yesterday's practice

Young Boys have been getting to know the El Madrigal pitch since yesterday in order to fine tune the final details for this vital match.
2:32 PM7 months ago

The other game

At the same time as this game, the clash between Atalanta and Manchester United will be played, where the Red Devils are currently leaders with 6 points in this sector.
2:27 PM7 months ago

They have arrived

Villarreal arrived at their home stadium with the mission of taking the three points.
2:22 PM7 months ago

Getting out of the slump

Villarreal has entered a negative inertia where their only away win came a couple of weeks ago against Young Boys, so they will be looking for a repeat victory, but now at home.
2:17 PM7 months ago


In such a tight group, this match is crucial for both Villarreal and Young Boys' qualification hopes. We begin with coverage of the match.
2:12 PM7 months ago

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What time is Villarreal vs Young Boys match for UEFA Champions League?

This is the start time of the game Villarreal vs Young Boys of 2nd November in several countries:

Argentina: 5:00 PM in ESPN

Bolivia: 4:00 PM in ESPN

Brazil: 5:00 PM in ESPN

Chile: 4:00 PM in ESPN

Colombia: 3:00 PM in ESPN

Ecuador: 3:00 PM in ESPN

USA (ET): 3:00 PM in TUDN

Spain: 9:00 PM

Mexico: 2:00 PM in TNT Sports

Paraguay: 5:00 PM in ESPN

Peru: 3:00 PM in ESPN

Uruguay: 5:00 PM in ESPN

2:02 PM7 months ago

Last games

The only previous meeting between these two teams took place on October 20, when Villarreal won 4-1 away with goals from Pino, Gerard Moreno, Alberto Moreno and Chukwueze; Elia scored for the home team.
1:57 PM7 months ago

Key player Young Boys

Even though he has been one of the most goalkeepers in the competition, David Von Ballmoos has stood out for his saves under the three posts and Young Boys will need them to appear again in order to be able to win away.

1:52 PM7 months ago

Key player Villarreal

One of the elements that has become a reference and goal scorer in the attack has been Paco Alcácer, so his team will have to supply him with balls and let him be in front of the opponent's goal to have more chances.

1:47 PM7 months ago

Last lineup Young Boys

26 David Von Ballmoos, 30 Sandro Lauper, 25 Jordan Lefort, 4 Mohamed Ali, 21 Ulisses Garcia, 13 Nicolas Ngamaleu, 35 Christopher Martins Pereira, 16 Christian Fassnacht, 20 Michel Aebischer, 15 Meschack Elia, 17 Jordan Pefok.
1:42 PM7 months ago

Last lineup Villarreal

13 Geronimo Rulli, 4 Pau Torres, 3 Raul Albiol, 12 Pervis Estupiñan, 25 Serge Aurier, 6 Etienne Capoue, 5 Dani Parejo, 19 Francis Coquelin, 21 Yeremi Pino, 15 Arnaut Danjuma, 23 Moi Gomez.
1:37 PM7 months ago

Young Boys: being tidy

One of the issues that the Swiss side suffered the first time they faced Villarreal were defensive problems, which is why they will have to adjust and prioritize so that, from there, they can create counterattacks that will allow them to get a positive result.
1:32 PM7 months ago

Villarreal: regain confidence

With one win in the last five matches, it is time for the Yellow Submarine to react and against the weakest rival in the group, they need to take advantage of their home advantage to score points that will help them think about qualifying for the next round.
1:27 PM7 months ago

How is Group F of the Champions League going?

After the first round, Manchester United dominates the sector with six points, while Villarreal is right on their heels with four points; at the bottom are Atalanta with the same four points and Young Boys with three, so the tickets for the next round are open to anyone.
1:22 PM7 months ago

The Kick-off

The Villarreal vs Young Boys match will be played at the El Madrigal Stadium, in Villarreal, Spain. The kick-off is scheduled at 3:00 pm ET.
1:17 PM7 months ago

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