Goal and Highlights: Pumas 0-1 Atlas in Liga MX 2021


12:23 AM2 months ago

Goal and Highlights

12:03 AM2 months ago


It's over! The first leg ends with a narrow victory for Atlas.
11:58 PM2 months ago


Goalkeeper! A great save by Vargas to prevent Meritao's shot from entering the goal.
11:56 PM2 months ago


Diogo makes a great steal, but when he sends in a cross, the defense cuts it off correctly.
11:54 PM2 months ago


Excellent sweep by Freire, preventing Atlas from shooting at goal.
11:52 PM2 months ago


Close, but Dinenno fails to make contact and falls inside the area.
11:47 PM2 months ago


Excellent intervention by Freire, preventing Furch from creating danger.


11:45 PM2 months ago


Pumas change. Higor Meritao replaces Leo López.
11:39 PM2 months ago


Change per team. Atlas substitutes Jeremy Márquez for Edgar Zaldívar. Pumas substitute José Rogério for Washington Corozo.
11:36 PM2 months ago


Barbosa's powerful shot, but Talavera prevents the second from falling
11:31 PM2 months ago


The game is back and forth, with Pumas unable to penetrate the visitors' defense.
11:23 PM2 months ago


Álvarez's shot, but the ball ends up in the stands.
11:19 PM2 months ago


Jairo Torres' shot, but the ball ends up hitting the outside of the net.
11:17 PM2 months ago


Excellent offensive center by Oliveira, but Dinenno can't make contact inside the area.
11:10 PM2 months ago


The game restarts for the second half.
11:09 PM2 months ago


Exchange of Pumas. Ingresa Diogo Oliveira por Sebastián Saucedo.
10:52 PM2 months ago


The first half ends with the visitors up by the minimum.
10:50 PM2 months ago


It is cancelled! The referee disallows the penalty kick.
10:49 PM2 months ago


VAR! The referee will review the penalty kick in video refereeing.
10:47 PM2 months ago


Penalty for Pumas! Saucedo falls inside the box after a foul by Márquez
10:45 PM2 months ago


Goal, goal, goal for Atlas! Furch's shot and Talavera can't do anything.
10:40 PM2 months ago


Excellent defensive cross that prevents Saucedo, after arriving in the area, from sending a cross into the box. 
10:34 PM2 months ago


Nothing! After checking, the referee indicates that there is nothing.
10:33 PM2 months ago


VAR! Possible penalty on Velarde to be reviewed on video
10:29 PM2 months ago


A shot from outside the area by Mozo, but the ball ends up in the hands of Vargas.
10:26 PM2 months ago


Quiñones scissors a shot inside the box, but Talavera is on hand to prevent the score from opening the scoring.
10:22 PM2 months ago


Velarde's cross to the near post, Dinenno manages to deflect, but Vargas ends up keeping the ball.
10:21 PM2 months ago


Santamaría's defensive cross before Álvarez's shot.
10:19 PM2 months ago


A dangerous ball into Barbosa's area, but Talavera keeps the ball.
10:15 PM2 months ago


The match is quite disputed by both teams, they are looking for the opponent's goal, but they can't find any definition.
10:06 PM2 months ago


Great intervention by Nico Freire, preventing Atlas from creating danger in his goal.
10:02 PM2 months ago


The actions kick off at the Olímpico Universitario
9:55 PM2 months ago

Atlas: LineUp

C. Vargas; H. Nervo, A. Santamaría, L. Reyes, D. Barbosa, J. Angulo, J. Márquez, J. Torres, A. Rocha; J. Furch, J. Quiñones.
9:54 PM2 months ago

Pumas: LineUp

A. Talavera; A. Mozo, E. Velarde, N. Freiré, A. Ortíz; E. Lira, S. Saucedo, F. Álvarez, L. López, W. Corozo; J. Dinenno
9:50 PM2 months ago

Watch out for this player

Pumas must pay close attention to Julio Furch, the red-and-black's 9 will be looking to generate damage in Talavera's goal.
9:49 PM2 months ago


The team coached by Andrés Lillini is already at home and will be looking to continue with its good streak to come out of this match with an advantage.
9:49 PM2 months ago

They arrived

With Diego Cocca at the helm, Atlas is already at the Olímpico Universitario ready to face Pumas.

9:33 PM2 months ago

Already present!

Both Pumas and Atlas fans are already in the vicinity and inside the stadium ready to witness and make their presence felt in this important duel.
9:31 PM2 months ago

What a beauty!

The home dressing room is ready to receive the university team, the team will be looking to take the lead.

9:25 PM2 months ago

A great meeting is coming!

The last time these teams met in the semifinals was in the 2004 Apertura, when Pumas beat Atlas 4-3 at home.
9:15 PM2 months ago

Watch out for this player!

Alan Mozo is the player who showed the best performance in the second leg against América, with his great play, excellent ball distribution and accurate passes, he generated a lot of danger and Atlas will have to pay a lot of attention.
9:13 PM2 months ago

Full house!

The Pumas' stadium has been authorized to be at maximum capacity for this semifinal that generates great expectations for both fans.
9:09 PM2 months ago

Good evening!

Welcome to the minute-by-minute coverage of the match between Pumas and Atlas in the first leg of the Semifinal at the Olímpico Universitario. We will be sharing the most relevant information as well as the line-ups shortly.
11:02 PM2 months ago

Stay tuned for the Pumas vs Atlas live stream.

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Pumas Statements

Andrés Lillini spoke after categorically beating Atlas: "Pumas beat América, it wasn't Lillini to Solari. The truth is that Santiago is light years ahead of me. We had little time to train, I only stopped the team for a little while, the day before the match, because we had played two days before, I convinced (Washington) Corozo of something we had done against Atlante, to play inside. I thought it was going to work for us, it worked out well."

"I accepted this, I accepted the project. I don't want that if an important team or a team from abroad comes looking for a player, we cut his career short to get a result. The club is made for this, you realize that the club's resources are to trust, compete and make them better, I will not protest".

He also took the time to talk about the great performance of his youth player: "Alan Mozo's performance has been highlighted for a long time. Unfortunately, like so many mistakes that are made at a group level, his have ended up in scoring goals, but he is very outstanding, he has grown a lot in commitment and is a homegrown player".

10:47 PM2 months ago

Atlas Statements

José Riestra, Atlas' sports president, spoke prior to the match against Pumas: "I feel very proud of what has been achieved with this transformation in the internal culture, but at the same time with a very big ambition to achieve more things. Seventeen years ago we did not reach a semi-final and today we have that and we are on the verge of being able, for the first time, to play a final at the Jalisco. It is true that in 1999, the first leg of the final was at the Jalisco, but now it would be the second leg and I believe it would be something very positive for the organization, but above all for the fans who have been waiting a long time for a title".

"The process issue is very important. We did not qualify the first tournament in which I assumed the presidency. We didn't win the first five games and there were positions on whether Diego should continue or not, and I saw the team growing and improving. With everything that happened with Covid, there was no access to the media or we could not transmit everything that I saw on a daily basis and that conviction, that clarity of knowing that the team needed order in order to progress, and little by little things happened thanks to the work that Diego has done".


10:42 PM2 months ago

Pumas Statements

Prior to the start of the semifinals, there was a mixed zone with Pumas players, Sebastián Saucedo said: "We have to continue enjoying ourselves, as we have been doing. There was pressure when we didn't win or when we didn't score goals, but we have to keep our feet on the ground. We haven't achieved anything and we want to fight for another championship".

"We are for champions, that's all there is. Anything can happen here. They thought we were dead and now it turns out that we are doing very well. We are both motivated, they because of their history and we because of what we have been through. It is something very incredible for us, not everyone gets up after what we have been through. We are very happy to be playing in another semi-final".

Alan Mozo also spoke to the media: "The truth is that we are very happy, we are very happy, but with our feet on the ground, knowing that the América match is over and the most important match is the next one".

"We are going to go all out on Thursday at home, we are going to take advantage of this to get a good result and be able to advance to the final".

10:37 PM2 months ago

With illusion

Atlas reaches this stage after 17 years of not playing in a semifinal; a situation that excites fans and those within the red-and-black team; Cocca's team will seek to continue making history and return home with the advantage.


10:32 PM2 months ago

They advanced with great determination

Pumas arrives at this match after defeating Santiago Solari's team by three goals to one, a match in which several Pumas players showed a high level of performance and struck a determined blow in front of fans and outsiders who did not trust the Pedregal team to advance.

10:27 PM2 months ago

The match will be played at the Estadio Olímpico Universitario.

The Pumas vs Atlas match will be played at the Estadio Olímpico Universitario, located in Mexico City. The stadium has a capacity of 72,000 people.
10:22 PM2 months ago

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