Highlights and goal: Morocco 1-0 Saudi Arabia in FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021
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Our coverage of the Morocco vs Saudi Arabia Group C matchday 3 of the Arab Cup 2021 comes to an end.

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Group C - Final Standings

Pos. Team Pts. GP W D L GA GC GD
1 Morocco 9 3 3 0 0 9 0 9
2 Jordan 6 3 2 0 1 6 5 1
3 Saudi Arabia 1 3 0 1 2 1 2 -2
4 Palestine 1 3 0 1 2 2 10 -8
11:58 AMa month ago

90+5' End of the match!

The match ends at Al Thumama Stadium. Morocco has won and secured first place in Group C of the Arab Cup 2021.
11:52 AMa month ago

90+1' BALL TO THE POST! Saudi Arabia was saved!

A cross from the right was headed in by Achraf Dari, but the ball hit the left post.
11:51 AMa month ago

90' Additional time

Five more minutes will be played in the match.
11:50 AMa month ago

89' Yellow card

Abdullah Alhamddan was cautioned in Saudi Arabia.
11:46 AMa month ago

85' Last minutes

Morocco is looking for the second goal with insistence, but lacks calmness to make good decisions in the last part of the field.
11:43 AMa month ago

82' Double change for Saudi Arabia

Sulaiman Hazazi and Hamed Alghamdi replace Feras Albrikan and Aiman Ahmed.
11:40 AMa month ago

79' Red card!

Ali Majrashi receives a second yellow card for a foul near the box. Saudi Arabia are reduced to ten men.
11:38 AMa month ago

75' Double substitution in Morocco

Ismail El Haddad y Mohammed Chibi entran en lugar de Mohammed Fouzair y Mohammed Nahiri.
11:34 AMa month ago

73' Yellow card

Feras Albrikan was cautioned in Saudi Arabia.
11:31 AMa month ago

70' 20 minutes to go

There are only 20 minutes left in the game. The second half has had fewer scoring chances.
11:24 AMa month ago

65' Double change for Saudi Arabia

Haitham Asiri and Abdullah Radif replace Turki Alammar and Moteb Alharbi.
11:22 AMa month ago

60' VAR Decision: No penalty!

After review by Andres Matonte, he decides that there was no penalty. In addition, he also reversed the decision on the free kick.
11:20 AMa month ago

59 There is a VAR review!

The referee whistled for a foul very close to the area and was called to review a possible penalty kick in favor of Saudi Arabia.
11:16 AMa month ago

55' Yellow card

Saud Abdulhamid was cautioned in Saudi Arabia.
11:14 AMa month ago

53' Yellow card

Ali Majrashi is cautioned for Saudi Arabia.
11:11 AMa month ago

50' Not much happens in the second half

The second half has started with the same physical demand with which the first half ended, there are many interruptions in the game.
11:07 AMa month ago

Second half begins

The second half of the match is underway.

10:50 AMa month ago

45+4' End of the first half

The first half of the match ends with a partial victory for Morocco over Saudi Arabia.
10:50 AMa month ago

45+4' GOOOAL for Morocco!

Karim El Berkaoui's powerful cross-shot to the right was unthinkable for Albawardi, who managed to get a touch on the ball.
10:48 AMa month ago


Saudi goalkeeper Zaid Albawardi committed a foul inside the box when an opponent was running for the ball.
10:47 AMa month ago

45+1' Yellow card

Hamza El Moussaoui was cautioned for Morocco.
10:46 AMa month ago

45' Additional time

Four more minutes will be played in the first half.
10:41 AMa month ago

40' Final stretch of the first half

The game has evened out somewhat, with the Saudis trying to push forward and the Moroccans playing with more talent and generating partnerships. The match was hotly contested in the middle of the pitch.
10:39 AMa month ago

38' Saudi Arabia tries

The Saudi team looks to control the game in the final minutes, but lacks precision in the opponent's half.
10:33 AMa month ago


Driss Fettouhi's shot was well struck, but the Saudi goalkeeper's reaction was spectacular to keep out the Moroccan goal.
10:31 AMa month ago

30' Half an hour into the match

The match is still goalless. It has become very physically demanding.
10:26 AMa month ago

25' Still goalless

The match has entered a moment where it stops a lot because of fouls. Even so, Morocco continues to try to propose.
10:19 AMa month ago

18' Morocco had it!

A cross from the left by Mohammed Bemammer was headed by Achraf Dari, but the ball went wide.

10:16 AMa month ago

15' First quarter of the match

Morocco has dominated much of the match. Saudi Arabia tries to play long, but Morocco wins the ball back very easily.
10:14 AMa month ago

12' BALL TO THE POST! Saudi Arabia was saved!

Soufiane Rahimi entered the area from the left and shot at the near post, but the ball hit the right upright.
10:13 AMa month ago

11' Morocco tried

Aymane El Hassouni's shot went wide.
10:07 AMa month ago

6' Saudi Arabia had it!

Turki Alammar entered the box and shot with his left foot, but Moroccan goalkeeper Abdelaali Mhamdi made a good save to prevent the first goal of the match.
10:04 AMa month ago

3' First minutes

The teams are just settling on the field, although Morocco's intention to take the ball is already evident.
10:01 AMa month ago

Match starts!

The game between Morocco and Saudi Arabia is underway.
9:59 AMa month ago

Match Officials

Referee: Andres Matonte - Uruguay
Assistant No.1: Martin Soppi - Uruguay
Assistant No.2: Carlos Barreiro - Uruguay
Fourth official: Said Martinez - Honduras
VAR: Leodan Gonzalez - Uruguay
VAR Assistant 1: Eber Aquino - Paraguay
VAR Assistant 2: Jerson dos Santos - Angola
VAR Assistant 3: Shaun Evans - Australia

9:57 AMa month ago

Teams take the field

The players of Morocco and Saudi Arabia take the field.
9:49 AMa month ago

Substitutes - Saudi Arabia

01. Mohammed Alyami (GK), 21. Nawaf Alaqidi (GK), 03. Khalifah Aldawsari, 04. Waleed Alahmad, 06. Nawaf Bu Washl, 11. Bader Munshi, 15. Abdullah Radif, 16. Sulaiman Hazazi, 17. Meshal Khairallah, 18. Haitam Asiri, 19. Hamed Alghamdi, 20. Ibrahim Mahnashi.

9:47 AMa month ago

Starting XI - Saudi Arabia

| 01. Zaid Albawardi |
| 05. Naif Almas | 12. Saud Abdulhamid |
| 02. Muhannad Alshanqiti |                                | 13. Moteb Alharbi |
| 08. Aiman Ahmed | 07. Turki Alammar |
| 23. Mohammed Alqahtani |                                    | 14. Ali Majrashi |
| 09. Feras Albrikan | 10. Abdullah Alhamddan |

Coach: Laurent Bonadei

9:43 AMa month ago

Substitutes - Morocco

01. Anas Zniti (GK), 22. Mohamed Amsif (GK), 02. Ayoub El Amloud, 04. Marwane Saadane, 05. Yahya Jabrane, 08. Walid El Karti, 09. Oualid Azaro, 11. Ismail El Haddad, 13. Badr Benoun, 17. Achraf Bencharki, 18. Abdelilah Hafidi, 19. Mohamed Chibi.

9:38 AMa month ago

Starting XI - Morocco

| 12. Abdelaali Mhamdi |
| 16. Mohammed Nahiri | 03. Achraf Dar | 15. Soufiane Bouftini | 07. Hamza El Moussaoui |
| 23. Driss Fettouhi |
| 06. Mohammed Bemammer | 10. Aymane El Hassouni |
| 20. Mohammed Fouzair | 14. Karim El Berkaoui | 21. Soufiane Rahimi |

Coach: Lhoussaine Ammouta

9:34 AMa month ago

All set at Al Thumama Stadium

9:30 AMa month ago

Group C - Standings

Pos. Team Pts. GP W D L GA GC GD
1 Morocco 6 2 2 0 0 8 0 8
2 Jordan 3 2 1 0 1 1 4 -3
3 Saudi Arabia 1 2 0 1 1 1 2 -1
4 Palestine 1 2 0 1 1 1 5 -4
9:20 AMa month ago

Last five matches - Saudi Arabia

December 4 - Arab Cup: 1-1 vs. Palestine

December 1 - Arab Cup: 0-1 vs Jordan (Lost)

November 16 - WC Qualifiers: 0-1 vs Vietnam (Won)

November 11 - WC Qualifiers: 0-0 vs Australia

October 12 - WC Qualifiers: 3-2 vs China (Won)

9:15 AMa month ago

Last five matches - Morocco

December 4 - Arab Cup: 0-4 vs Jordan (Won)

December 1 - Arab Cup: 4-0 vs Palestine (Won)

November 16 - WC Qualifiers: 3-0 vs Guinea (Won)

November 12 - WC Qualifiers: 0-3 vs Sudan (Won)

October 12 - WC Qualifiers: 1-4 vs Guinea (Won)

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What time is Morocco vs Saudi Arabia match for Qatar 2021 Arab Cup?

This is the start time of the game Morocco vs Saudi Arabia of 7th December 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 10:00 AM
Bolivia: 9:00 AM
Brazil: 10:00 AM
Chile: 10:00 AM
Colombia: 8:00 AM
Ecuador: 8:00 AM
USA (ET): 8:00 AM on Fox Sports 2, Foxsports.com, FOX Sports App
Spain: 3:00 PM
Mexico: 7:00 AM
Paraguay: 9:00 AM
Peru: 8:00 AM
Uruguay: 10:00 AM

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Key player - Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the presence of Abdullah Al-Hamdan stands out. The 22-year-old striker has scored the team's only goal so far in the tournament, which is precisely what keeps his team's chances of qualifying alive.

8:45 AMa month ago

Key player - Morocco

Morocco's Abdelilah Hafidi stands out. The 29-year-old striker is one of the top scorers so far in the tournament with two goals.
8:40 AMa month ago

Morocco vs Saudi Arabia history

The two teams have met 11 times, mostly in friendly matches. The statistics are in favor of the Saudis, who have emerged victorious on six occasions, while the Moroccans have won on two, leaving a balance of three draws.

The only time they officially met was on June 25, 1994 at the World Cup in United States, with Saudi Arabia winning 2-1 over Morocco.

8:35 AMa month ago

Saudi Arabia wants to qualify

The Saudis are not in a good position, as they have yet to win so far in the tournament, so they must win and hope for a Jordanian defeat to advance to the next stage.
8:30 AMa month ago

Morocco wants to secure first place

The Moroccans come into this match already qualified for the next round of the competition. However, this match will serve to try to secure first place in the group.
8:25 AMa month ago

The match will be played at Al Thumama Stadium

The Morocco vs Saudi Arabia match will be played at the Al Thumama Stadium. This stadium, located in Doha, the capital of Qatar and inaugurated only in October 2021, has a capacity of 40,000 spectators.

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