Goals and Highlights: NEC Nijmegen 1-2 PSV in Eredisivie 2021-22
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4:11 PMa month ago

End of transmission

This concludes our broadcast of the match between NEC Nijmegen and PSV Eindhoven, we look forward to seeing you next time.
4:00 PMa month ago

Minute 97

At the end of the match, PSV managed to turn the score around in the last 10 minutes and won a very important match that leaves them as leaders of the tournament.
3:55 PMa month ago

Minute 93

Carlos Vinicius leaves PSV and Erick Gutiérrez joins the team.
3:54 PMa month ago

Minute 90

Seven more minutes will be played at the NEC Nijmegen stadium.
3:52 PMa month ago

Minute 89

Carlos Vinicius takes advantage of the double cross that reaches the NEC area, Maxi Romero's last pass and was left alone in front of the goalkeeper to give PSV the lead and with the victory they become leaders of the championship.
3:49 PMa month ago

Minute 88

Both teams are trying to get the ball, so as not to take any risks in their own area.
3:46 PMa month ago

Minute 86

The scorer of the equalizer Jordan Tese had the chance to score his and his team's second goal, but the NEC defender and goalkeeper prevented him from doing so.
3:43 PMa month ago

Minute 82

In the last minutes, the two teams studied each other again, knowing that they could lose all the work they had done.
3:42 PMa month ago

Minute 80

Goooooooooooool! Once again, PSV scored from a corner kick, this time it was valid and the score was tied.
3:38 PMa month ago

Minute 78

We are entering the final stretch of the match and PSV are going all out to try and score.
3:37 PMa month ago

Minute 76

In the last few minutes, both teams came very close to each other's penalty areas and the goalkeepers did a great job.
3:36 PMa month ago

Minute 74

Jordy Bruijn (out) and Javier Vet (in).
3:32 PMa month ago

Minute 73

Another corner kick for PSV Eindhoven.
3:30 PMa month ago

Minute 70

Mario Gotze had a great shot, but the ball took a deflection and goalkeeper Mattijs Branderhorst managed to keep the shot out.
3:29 PMa month ago

Minute 67

First yellow card of the match, it goes to Lasse Shone for NEC Nijmegen.
3:25 PMa month ago

Minute 65

Another corner kick in favor of the visitors.
3:24 PMa month ago

Minute 63

PSV's equalizer came from an equine shot, but it was disallowed for offside by Ibrahim Sangare.
3:22 PMa month ago

Minute 61

Both teams try to attack, but lack the clarity to reach the opposing goal.
3:19 PMa month ago

Minute 59

Dangerous free kick for PSV Eindhoven.
3:16 PMa month ago

Minute 56

The visitors begin to have better possession of the ball, but the NEC defense is very well stopped and they are forced to take long-range shots.
3:12 PMa month ago

Minute 53

The PSV team can't quite wake up and lacks a lot of clarity if they want to get the equalizer.
3:11 PMa month ago

Minute 49

A great wall was set up by the home team that ended in a shot on goal and goalkeeper Joel Drommel prevented NEC from increasing the lead.
3:09 PMa month ago

Minute 48

The second half began with a lot of study by both teams and no risky plays in the goals.
3:08 PMa month ago

Second half begins

The second half is played at the Goffertstadion stadium, where it will be known if the home team can hold on to the lead they took into the locker room.
2:54 PMa month ago

Minute 45

At the end of the first half, it was time for the coaches to remind them of the good and bad things they did in the first 45 minutes, and also to think of solutions to secure the game or turn the score around.
2:52 PMa month ago

Minute 43

Everything seems to indicate that we will go to the break with the surprise that NEC Nijmegen is winning against PSV and is taking away the possibility of being first in the championship.
2:50 PMa month ago

Minute 39

The visiting team has a very important play to get the equalizer from a free kick, but goalkeeper Mattijs Branderhorst responded well to save his goal.
2:40 PMa month ago

Minute 36

The goal scoring options have decreased in the goals and the goalkeepers are calm.
2:38 PMa month ago

Minute 34

Corner kick for PSV Eindhoven.
2:37 PMa month ago

Minute 31

One of PSV's best moves on the counter came with a shot from Bruma, after a cross from Cody Gakpo, but the visiting striker could not get the right direction on the ball to equalize.
2:34 PMa month ago

Minute 29

The NEC team continues to attack despite being ahead, the home team has had better chances to increase the score, than PSV's equalizer.
2:32 PMa month ago

Minute 27

Another foul in favor of the home team, this time in the middle of the field.
2:30 PMa month ago

Minute 25

In the last minutes, the ball did not play much because of too much rubbing and fouls between players of both teams.
2:28 PMa month ago

Minute 23

A great shot by the home team's El Karouani in the box and Joel Drommel sent the ball to the corner kick.
2:25 PMa month ago

Minute 22

The intensity of the game drops again in the last minutes.
2:24 PMa month ago

Minute 19

Foul in the middle of the field in favor of the home team.
2:22 PMa month ago

Minute 17

Mauro Junior dares to take a long-range shot, it was on target but Mattijs Branderhorst manages to save his goal.
2:19 PMa month ago

Minute 15

Ajax starts to handle the ball and move the opposing team, but they lack clarity to equalize the scoreboard.
2:18 PMa month ago

Minute 13

After the home team's goal, the play of both teams dropped significantly and NEC started to manage the result.
2:15 PMa month ago

Minute 11

Corner kick for PSV.
2:14 PMa month ago

Minute 8

The home team came out of pressure and took the lead with a free kick taken by Joel Drommel and Magnus Mattson took advantage to open the scoring.
2:11 PMa month ago

Minute 6

The NEC Nijmegen team wants to wake up with a dangerous free kick and start to put up a fight against the visitors.
2:07 PMa month ago

Minute 3

Corner kick in favor of the visiting team
2:07 PMa month ago

Minute 2

The PSV team starts attacking with everything and knowing that Ajax lost their match and can take the lead of the Eredivisie.
2:04 PMa month ago

The meeting begins

Dutch league match between NEC Nijmegen and PSV Eindhoven kicks off on the 16th matchday of the Dutch championship
1:59 PMa month ago

Formation - PSV

The visiting team starts with: Joel Drommel; Jordan Teze, Andre Ramalho, Olivier Boscagli, Mauro Junior; Ibrahim Sangare, Marco van Ginkel, Cody Gakpo, Mario Gotze, Bruma; Carlos Vinicius.
1:54 PMa month ago

Formation - NEC

The home team takes the field with: Mattijs Branderhorst; Bart van Rooij, Cas Odenthal, Rodrigo Guth, Calvin Verdonk, Souffian El Karouani; Lasse Shone, Jordy Bruijn, Dirk Proper; Magnus Mattson, Elayis Taysan.
1:47 PMa month ago


Both teams have scored at least one goal in their last three league matches.
1:45 PMa month ago

Latest results - PSV

El equipo que hasta el momento se encuentra en la tercera posición de la Liga Holandesa ha sacado 7 de los últimos 9 puntos posibles, estos fueron los resultados:
  • PSV 4-1 Utrecht.
  • Herenveen 1-1 PSV.
  • PSV 2-0 Strum Graz
1:41 PMa month ago

Latest results - NEC Nijmegen

The NEC team has only taken 1 point from the last 9 they have played for the championship, these were the results:
  • Waalwijk 2-1 Nijmegen.
  • Nijmegen 2-3 Cambuur.
  • AZ alkmar 1-1 Nijmegen
1:28 PMa month ago

Last match

The last match played between these two teams with Nijmegen home ended with a score of 0-4 in favor of PSV and it happened on September 9, 2016.
1:19 PMa month ago














NEC Nijmegen










PSV Eindhoven









1:15 PMa month ago

News PSV

PSV has 7 injured players out for the match against NEC Nijmegen, among them: Mees Kreekels, Noni Madueke, Davy Propper, Shurandy Sambo, Ryan Thomas and Eran Zahavi.
1:10 PMa month ago

News - NEC

The home team is missing: Spanish defender Iván Márquez Álvarez due to yellow card accumulation and injured players Jonathan Okita and Rens Van Eijden.
11:41 AMa month ago

prior to the game

11:33 PMa month ago

Stay tuned to follow NEC PSV

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the NEC vs PSV live match, as well as the latest information from the Goffertstadion stadium. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
11:28 PMa month ago

How to watch the NEC vs PSV match?

If you want to watch NEC vs PSV live on TV, your option is: Star+ South America.
If you want to watch it via streaming, your option is: ESPN 2 and Star + in South America.
If you want to watch it online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
11:23 PMa month ago

What time is NEC vs PSV?

This is the kick-off time for the NEC vs PSV match on December 12, 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 16:00 hrs on Star+.

Bolivia: 15:00 hrs on Star+.

Brazil: 16:00 hrs on Star+.

Chile: 16:00 hrs on Star+.

Colombia: 14:00 hrs on Star+.

Ecuador: 14:00 hrs. on Star+.

USA (ET): 15:00 hrs. on ESPN+.

Spain: 21:00 hrs.

Mexico: 15:00 hrs on ESPN 2.  

Paraguay: 15:00 hrs on Star+.

Peru: 14:00 hrs on Star+.

Uruguay: 16:00 hrs on Star+.

11:18 PMa month ago


In the standings they are quite far apart in the standings, but with PSV playing against this team away from home they have not had very good results, so we could see a game with several goals.
11:13 PMa month ago


NEC's last 3 home games have ended with a win for the home team and showed that they could match the best teams in the local championship.
11:08 PMa month ago


Serdar Gözübüyük will be the referee for this match corresponding to the 16th date of the Eredivisie.
The Dutch referee will be in charge of a match that promises excitement.
11:03 PMa month ago

Top player - PSV

Portuguese striker Bruma is a player who has just turned 27 years old and has had the chance to play in some of the best leagues in the world, such as the Spanish and German leagues.
10:58 PMa month ago

Top Player - NEC Nijmegen

Turkish player Ali Akman is a young player who at only 19 years old has played 14 games in the Eredisivie in which he has scored a total of 5 goals in the whole championship, this game is very important for Akman to face one of the biggest teams in Holland.
10:53 PMa month ago


In the last 5 matches played between these two teams NEC has surprised PSV in the game and on the scoreboard with three wins and two defeats in what has marked the last meetings in the history.
10:48 PMa month ago

PSV: to stay in the top three

PSV is always in the top three of the Dutch League and on this occasion they continue to comply with the rule.
They are in third place in the Eredivisie with 34 points and with a distance of 2 and 3 points behind Ajax and Feyenoord respectively, the match against NEC could be a great opportunity not to let the leaders go.
10:43 PMa month ago

Nec: game to distance itself from relegation

The home team will have a tough match tomorrow, but it can become an opportunity to improve the bad start of the season they had in the Eredisivie, they have 19 points in 15 games played and are 7 points ahead of the relegation places.
10:38 PMa month ago


The match will be played at the Goffertstadion stadium, where the NEC Nijmegen team plays its home ground. The stadium was inaugurated in 1993 and has a capacity for 12500 spectators.
10:33 PMa month ago

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